Zicon Healthy Eating and Meditation with Greg Cipes and Olivia Olson

you got a beautiful voice yeah it's all about the peace the love and the animals you know that we're both vegans yeah how come you're a vegan I want to know many reasons we lack some woman mm-hmm fun facts I adopted and my brother one of the vegan my adoptive parents didn't know that around age three four when it started in your kids me it would just think he's so sick I would run away from Thanksgiving dinner because my grandma would like to see me eat turkey and I would just throw up so they got older my stomach actually in and I was able to eat it but I always had that negative association with it and a different really liked it and then of course I hopped on the internet and started watching videos and what kind of videos videos baby cows getting thrown into wood chippers and that kind of stuff no I I heard I was another big meat-eater already and okay and that was just like the nail in the coffin and then I saw cowspiracy and the whole environmental aspect of it – is this good for you no oh yeah why are you hitting well for me I just love animals so much and I don't want anybody to be hurt and especially animals and they have feelings and they have souls and they have parents and they love and they want to be loved and they want to drink good clean water and have sunshine and and I don't want to ever take that from them and that's actually why Beach Boys are vegan is because I'm a vegan so they made Beast Boy a vegan and it just made sense because Beast Boy turns into every animal that's walked the face of the earth and the other reasons are is because you feel better you feel better mentally physically and spiritually you feel lighter you feel healthier you feel more energized but more so importantly it's just about you know not hurting animals and all of a sudden it's just benefits benefits benefits from being healthy happy and holy it's well people always asked me they like it what do I eat and I was also I was a very unhealthy vegetarian at first because I didn't know what to eat I was just eating like french fries and pizza and tofu and unfortunately those things taste good but they're not very good for you and I started to realize because I was taught by some health gurus how to make amazing tasting vegan food like my superfood salad that I made today that I posted on my Instagram story yeah I've taught many people how to make that salad and it tastes so good that is the best tasting salad you'll ever have your whole life and it's full of so much nutrition that you won't be hungry after you'll be satisfied the problem with people who don't know how to eat and think oh well I need meat is because if you just have a plain salad that's not a superfood salad it's not going to be very filling and there's not enough nutrition in it like if you get a salad from McDonald's or you just have a regular salad from a restaurant it's not you know iceberg lettuce and some tomatoes and stuff it's not enough nutrition to satisfy you you have to learn how to make superfood salads that are full of nutrition and then all of a sudden once you start to make those superfood salads for yourself you then are able to like be sustained then you're satisfied and it tastes so good and then you can start to inch your way away from consuming dead animals yes well no it's not that easy especially if you don't know what to eat because you're gonna be hungry for me I get it I love I used to love sushi I used to love I ate so many chicken wings when I was a kid but all of those things now I can't even I don't even I can't conceive eating it ever again now because once you switch then all of a sudden you start to realize those things are not appetizing anymore because the question again don't you miss it I'm like no no especially if you think of the process in a man a woman yeah [Laughter] speaking of cartoons yeah yeah I think cartoons well speaking of the real issues in the world cartoons are probably the most powerful thing in the universe to change reality because as kids which are the most cartoon receptive cartoons make us who we are right our childhood is is programmed by cartoons so cartoons are very important that's why the Ninja Turtles or shows like I think Adventure Time has a lot of great messages in it too like all these shows give you life lessons and teach you things so cartoons are very important it's a great responsibility being a part of you know making cartoons and I think I grow I said there they get frustrated why don't we all meditate want to meditate together I'll show you a quick meditation what do you say okay come over here Olivia come sit down yeah well my favorite way to meditate is chaotic meditation I actually sometimes sit on the side of a busy freeway and I meditate because the crazier it is outside the easier it is to separate yourself from the chaos and go inside so chaos and weird situations actually become a benefit to you so we utilize this but this meditation and there's infinite ways to meditate has anybody ever owned before oh oh you know what the word ohm's is when it comes from ohm is the sound of the universe all of the sounds combined our own so all your fart sounds are the dogs all the planets did you know planets have sounds baby they've actually they've recorded them from space like do you know what Mara sounds like you sound much better than the way the recording of outer space Mars and Jupiter do you all know Jupiter sounds like do you know it Earth sounds like though Earth sounds like dolphins and birds yeah isn't that beautiful yeah it does from outer space Earth sounds like like like that's literally what our sounds like dolphins well a lot of these planets were talking about like Mars or Jupiter there's no life on there so you can imagine it's just kind of like a kind of a weird ominous tone there's not a lot of life whereas Earth is an abundance of life for now and hopefully we can you know yeah or earth will sound like so anyways what we're gonna do in the reason why homing is so cool is because when you tap into all that is it brings it brings peace and tranquility into your life and ultimately that's what meditation is all about meditation is all about finding you know quietness of the mind and ohm is a mantra and mantras are very simple ways to meditate so let's do home together what y'all doing home with me a couple homes I want you to sit up straight in your chairs take a deep breath in through your nose blow it out another deep breath in blow it out close your eyes another deep breath in hold it blow it out breathe in it's not cool it's instant it just works and that's really important because we live in such a hectic chaotic society that were always on our phones and we're always moving we're always kind of you know being prodded we have to stop and oming is such an easy thing you could do anywhere and you could also do it silently in your head you can just you can hear the word own without even doing it but Dooley saying it helps to quiet the mind

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