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this Facebook live separates from quite a few other Facebook lives in the past we've talked about herbal medicine different alternatives to cancer therapy and overall complementary preventative health tips three easy to implement things number one is lifestyle how do you do that community we are communal creatures we need to be an environment where we get to work with social animals like ourselves this is something that you're not going to find on the news you're not gonna find it on most YouTube videos community is everything one of the things that you're gonna find in almost every self-help book is you can do it yourself the problem with that is very misleading if you're gonna adopt a healthy lifestyle rule number one you can't do it by yourself yes maybe you can climb up hill and and raise a child by yourself and go to school and do all these things without no communal support no environmental protection but the reality is we as human beings we're social creatures if you're gonna adopt a healthy lifestyle you need to be practical and have a community every person starts off via community and we all come from different families and granite we're all human beings but we're social human beings and so if you're gonna adopt a healthy lifestyle remember rule number one you should not you can try but you should not try to do by yourself alright number two so why do some medicines work better than others mmm it's almost a fad now for us to be anti pharmaceutical it's like oh it's a pill and Zen's tea house really is the industry is really driven by people who are taking steps away from pharmaceutical drugs but the reality is some medicines work better than others in us really on a case-by-case basis everyone's body is different and we always like to say I'm different well really that's how medication works on people's body physiologically what works for some person golden milk awesome great house cooker um like so many people are changing their lives but just implementing healthy diet in their body golden um beam up some people have some health problems it's not their choice they have natural allergies to where they can take in ginger they can't consume too much they can't even touch cinnamon and so why do some medicines work better than others consider this everyone's body is different physiologically you have to do your own homework preferably get a doctor Hank get a nutritionist get someone who they are registered or licensed to be a dietician and put you on that program to understand why some medicines work better than others number 3 health tips health tips there are so many of them one of the biggest things that I find people struggle with is they can't turn their brain off if you're watching this YouTube video you're watching this Facebook live video it's like two o'clock in the morning and you're struggling because you can't go to sleep turn this off do some meditation read a book go for a walk and maybe actually talk to some people about what it is you're struggling with remember rule number one don't do by yourself community is so important Zenzi house our mission statements helping people through the power of T a lot of people think oh that just means let me sell you let me just sell you a tea and you are gonna feel better no that's not how our bodies work sometimes you have to take something off your plate if you think that adding everything onto your plate is going to make you feel better the reality is that's what our culture is telling us we're saying this is what you deserve don't worry about changing your diet don't worry about changing your health habits don't worry about changing that unhealthy relationship get something new or rather look at yourself health health habits their personal and their personal relational remember we are social beings that's one of the things that these videos when you're looking at YouTube and then Facebook in and doing journal articles you're going to find so much information saying implement this and it will change your life theoretically yeah that's how it works and I'm a big fan of these these youtubers who are promoting a more holistic approach to medicine and healthcare but consider this your body just didn't get like this overnight don't think by changing a few things I'm just going to go back overnight okay three how to house number one don't do it by yourself we are social creatures we need community you might say well I'm introvert I don't like doing that it's actually better for you I mean the statistics show but you know you could try to tell someone hey you're starting with depression but they don't want to believe it we're not going to believe it number two is why some medications work better than others depression medication there's so many reasons why there are different types of depression medication it's not because Big Pharma wants to get us hooked no it's because everyone's body is different mentally you can be suffering from depression bipolar eating disorders post-traumatic stress even just anxiety all those require different types of medications different types of medicine some of its holistic some of its herbal some of it is actually just talking so getting back to us being social creatures and number three easy to implement health tips find them there are whole bunch on the web but one of the biggest things you're probably not going to find is turn off your television turn off turn off electricity stop watching these videos and actually just engage in a conversation our culture is so isolated this one-on-one and communications we're really actually struggling and we're social beings I guess probably one of the big things about this this video here about health habits and being healthy is where it's social it's communal so I hope you enjoyed this if you want some more information please look at our website wwlp.com this is going to be on youtube and for those who are already supporting us we really appreciate it thanks for the love on Yelp thanks for the pluses on Google and I'll talk to you guys later all right thank you very much have a wonderful day

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