Zaire Wade Is Putting In WORK This Spring – Full Workout Highlights


  1. Man, I really hope to see him get drafted to the heat but I’d still support him if he doesn’t. This kid is going to be as good as his father, I guarantee it! AND he has a consistent jumper! That thang is smooth as butter.

  2. He get that euro and he gone be a monster

  3. Black privilege smh

  4. Must be nice to have your own home court

  5. Damn KD taught him his free throw release, wonder what else he taught him?

  6. zaire gotta pretend like he actually love his gay little brother . he probably hates his guts for being a fruit cake.

  7. Someone save this young savage from the wade household, motherfuckas taking like a 10 year old kid to gay pride parade to watch dudes get fucked up the ass… demonic shit

  8. Dude is exactly like his pops!

  9. My god, you're going to hype these star kids right up till they turn out to be busts and then drop them like hot potatoes, aren't you, BR?

  10. Those shoes are sick

  11. Straight up Copy of his dad. Damn thought D-Wade had aged back

  12. Buuuuuuuuuust

  13. Pat beverly

  14. Brandon Ingram

  15. He has handles. All he need to workout is he's shooting. Hoping to see this kid on NBA soon

  16. Only if I had that height.

  17. Is this kid wearing a shirt of himself?

  18. B. Jennings

  19. this 17 kid shoot way better than brick simmons

  20. Zaire and Bronny should team up

  21. See Juwan howard in the thumbnail?

  22. cone drills suck

  23. I think these kids have unfair advantages vs the kids out there in the streets every single day having to work hard and make it. These spoiled entitled brats have legendary fathers to teach them the game, alomg with all the money and resources, while others have nothing but their wit and the streets

  24. zaire vs bronny

  25. Someone needs to tell him he needs 3+ people guarding him this is a joke, he is nba bound that defend is weak af and you can tell he knows it too

  26. Gonna be honest. I’m not sure he could even be elite in college let alone the NBA. People need to chill out a little bit.

  27. Damn I wish I had a gym in my house

  28. What kind of shoes are those?

  29. Dwayne need to get his son DNA tested. Cause he look more like Patrick Beverly than WADE.

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