Yuk Latihan Menurunkan Berat Badan 30 Menit Dance Cardio Workout

hi Sonia it's Anita and today we're gonna do a very fun cardio dance workout I'm going to give you a 30 minute full dance card you're in the hospital Bella look how intense the Italian form and then we'll come on up what are you waiting for let's do it okay keep a time start that is stretching and warm-up better develop some empirical answer about okay that's fresh you know yeah buy my time Oh let's defend the job five six seven eight nine seven your apps and one by anybody okay fuck you boy now bend your knees oh they're good five six seven giving a drug for everyone their family to Japan but I'm idea Oh right okay so open closed open closed but the elegant and one four five six seven okay hip-hip good move your head city five six nine and a little fun huh good thumbs on the run go down with me that's right that's the one hey maybe two but I want you to crunch your belly okay at the same time yeah blow up something something nice come on man pick up that blower up and down and down five six slap let's go don't know what Oh well your home moving Thank You bender oh my god Betty hi okay finger finger finger finger double salut okay good I get ready have receive a little bigger first five six seven hey no good more push your money back okay five six seven eight touch roll your head inside for thumping good okay okay arch any fun alright thank you goes to five six seven eight like this touch high arch and I anything for something arch arch arch and I faster and work it like a pie man thank you boys right you're the I'm ready Akuma look appear bellow Coty's five steaks has been up yes because I get five six seven hey was your hip if I get five six seven hey any other words and go there are more bids Star City kids okay up and down five six seven sucking it up at habit in the book that I got you get okay boop boop I go to look at five six seven eight one please hold it four five six try about something one two three thank you the science behind you Hey okay watch it out studies it on my own but it's my leg okay five six seven eight kitty kitty who like it we're gonna land on like a plus one what like come on hey sit back okay come on my here make it fun map and go keep going I believe combination nawa very metrical foot area just the top five six seven eight one one tip for theft right good favorite ah thank you yup that's one defend something nice okay we can been done till your pass sadly I'd be like ah here Lydia ethic gently Hey don't justify Baba fanbase mama shoulders back throw it throw it up up raggy good five six thousand names in we have an idea single gado-gado never say I'm at the fun good hey Mikey what's up man don't in Belem yet and good hey Maddy row one two three four five six hey get up to three bring your hands up four five six seven hey Jess I'll change crunch in your family buddy good don't let me buy ha ha hi this Trevor one two shake it – then take back one two four and six five six seven eight better price yay then the Czech Jews feel balanced there let's rock out cool I wanna bother putting it back on – how are you guys nice and say nothing you step back from things okay okay but I never vivo [Applause] the thunder from the past good that's booyah you and the babies it if I can she making me what's up okay Papa talk yeah five six seven Jimmy what's up what's up can't be started the Panda okay if I make you a fun pony give your best this my dear left for this workout five six seven and five and four five six fucking here cross back one two three four five six seven what if you're ready five six seven other side one two three four five six hey hey hey or yes thank you shake it up bro spice okay how do you feel left out the end Medina cooling down yet and down and thank Allison defect clap your hands there's a buzz respond by be precise and fast the spell five six seven something the time the plan the plan the plan look up okay huh and pull and pull and pull by stick together sake thank you pull your arms go down okay and we repeat caribou cup give me back so five six seven hey I got my baby and eat fresh and good I get pull it up you don't got any better Lilla but there's no better Aloha stay here jumper go down cut me out so let's go I got it okay listen gotta be four five six seven now drop it okay and such like in commissary make your ass so I can constantly tries to little better nice steady demand the healthy relaxed and five four five six seven eight and go up okay time to the more relaxed our neck move it back get that I gotta okay with that one on there me ripping up a couple girl whoo five six seven eight first kappa in the crossfire begin chopping block are you gonna smash TV kappa really hip that's all you get wrapped up a fan and kappa v j7 hey alright guys that's it we already done it for 30 minutes I hope you guys like it you are so sweaty like I am and I'll see you oh come on man get out this was 5 max on a time T approvement net fun dance cardio with me and then don't forget if you like this video subscribe like to Squad Fitness channel and I'll see you in the other videos bye


  1. Keren kak nisa…sy sgt terinsiprasi n mulai skrg sy lagi ikuti senam ini…keringat nya wow lgsung basahh….semoga tercapai pengen turunin berat badan.trimss

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  3. aku workout pake ini+zumba+plank+jogging.1 hari 2x pagi-sore,dtambah pola makan,clean food.1 minggu BB 70 kg turun 5 kg.skrg masih berlanjut…mudah2'an capai target.yakin sih bisa.intinya disiplin.

  4. Kerennn….kk mirip aku siy cuma bedanya aku gendutan heheh skg BB ku 65 kg berharap bisa turun jadi 55kg. Semangkaaaaa kakakakaakak!

  5. Baru prtama x praktekin..padahal gerakannya simple tapi langsung keluar keringet banyak bgt.anehnya malah ga bkin capek.. Semoga bisa ngecilin perut yang agak cipluk ini πŸ˜…πŸ˜

  6. bb ku si 52kg tp perutku buncit sehabis melahirkan, aku proses persalinan caesar jd gk pake korset. bisa gk ya ngecilin perut tanpa nurunin bb aku yg skrg ini?

  7. Thank youuuu

  8. BB skg 55 aku pengen BB kaya dulu 48, mudah2n berhasil.

  9. Bb ku 58 . target ku pengen nuruni jdi 50 .. Doain yah teman" biar dalam sebulan ini berhasil nurunin berat badan ku.. 😊

  10. Makasih ka Anissa & Skwad semua video nya asyik dan mudah di praktekin, ga capek tapi keringetan banget😁 Berkat ngikutin gerakan ini tiap hari + Diet, BB aku turun dari 98 sekarang udah jadi 75, btw tinggi aku 171 dan sekarang masih berjuang nurunin lagi smpe target 60 an 😊πŸ’ͺ

  11. Bismillah mulai bsok… Badan semakin lebar😁😁

  12. xperlu jogging…menari cardio mcm ni..dah berpeluh-peluh banyak…good utk yg bz nk keluar.

  13. ask dong ka Nisa.. seminggu mesti lakuin brp x?

  14. Yang bagus praktekinnya pagi atau sore sih? Komen ya yg tau

  15. Aku juga mau ikutan ah.. mulai besok mau rutin senam ini sehari 1-2x. Smoga sukses turun BB 32kg huhuhu. Target desember 2019 ini bisa tercapai. Amin

  16. kalo kurus tanpa olahraga apakah bisa kak?

  17. Matul kak 30 menit keringat bercucuran 🀣 akan saya coba 1minggu rutin . Dengam Bb yang sekarang 62Kg target ke 58Kg semoga bermanfaat

  18. Thanks ..Bismillah moga bisa turunin berat badan

  19. Bissmillah semoga aku bisa nurunin berat badan aku dari 59 ke 50

  20. aku bb 47 tapi tb ku cmn 155 niat nya mau ngurusin sampe 42 semoga kesampean

  21. Bismilah ,skrg 50 target 47 semangat

  22. baru nemuin ini lgsg keringatan walau terbatas gerakan kelututku, krn lutut kananku pernh operasi ACL, besok lagi ah suka bgt olahraga ini 😁 serasa penari professional hahaa

  23. Parah setelah liat video ini terus liat komentar jadi penasaran bgt nyoba alhasil keringat ngucur banyar bgt jadi niat pengen nurunin berat badan jadi semangat setelah liat video ini dan bakalan langganan liat chanel ini gak bikin bosen gerakannya kekinian

  24. Workout favoritkuu❀

  25. Org pd pinginn nurunin,,kalo q pingin nambahin 😀

  26. Alhamdulillah tiap hari lakuin olahraga in BB ku trun, dri 74 skrng 70 blm ada 1 bulan lho, , , yg penting atur pola makan, , , 😊😊

  27. Dari komen kok rasanya gampang.. pas jalanin kaya susaaahhh hahahaha repetisinya agak ngga beraturan

    Sepertinya sy yg kurang koordinasi dengan badan sendiri wkwk

  28. Bismillah, mau coba. Target 55 dari 80kg. DOAINN!!!!

  29. Boleh coba nie…asik kyaknya

  30. bismillah niat diet kali iniiii
    videonyaa asiik pembawaannya santai jadi ngga kerasa 30 menit, gerakannya juga asiik bener-bener ga bikin bosen sukaakkk 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. Lagi diet bbku 59 target 50kg eh mampir ke chanel ini Boleh nih buat latihan tiap hari.. Kerennn

  32. bismillah sekarang aku kelas 7 smp bb aku 47 semoga bisa berhasil ke 39 aminn,doain ya

  33. Mantap jiwa ini workout, baru hari ini nyoba keringat bercucuran dr kepala sampe kaki.. Videonya asikk semoga bisa turun berat badan

  34. Bismilah bb sekarang 70 mo nurunin ke 55 klo berhasil aku blk lg ke sini doain ya πŸ€—

  35. Ya allah smoga diet ku kali ini berhasil trun 20kgπŸ™ doa in ya tman2πŸ˜˜πŸ’

  36. Mantap.. πŸ˜€

  37. terimakasih ka sampai ngocor keringatnya berguna mantap

  38. Bismillaah. Aku start 4 april kemarin untuk aerobik ini, BB aku 80 lebih πŸ˜₯ targetnya 60kg. Doakan yaa kawan2 semoga berhasli. Kalau uda berhasil sy bakalan update lagi. Oiya, sy lakuinnya cuam satu kali sehari, biar pelan asal berhasil, jangan dipaksakan juga hehehe. Doakan yaa πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  39. Aku olahraga lain kalau udah ga olahraga naik nya ampun ampunan, ini saya ngelakuin olahrahga udah sebulan, trus ga senam lagi sebulan. Bb aku awal nya 92 turun ke 86, karna ga senam jadi 88. Stuck nya stu ajah. Beneran ga bohong ini recomended sebulan buat kalian yang susah diet nya.

  40. bismillahhh bb 65 mau turunin 55 udah alhamudillah normall bismilahhh!! semangattt

  41. Thank you sooo mich for this video β™‘β™‘β™‘ 10kg lagi γ… γ… 

  42. I am sweating ready,Thank You

  43. Aku 57 pengen 50kg ajaa susah bgt:(

  44. Pingin nyobainn mudah2ann bisa turun bb sekarang 66 pingin 58 semangattt

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