Youngevity Nutritional Supplements Review: Do Supplements Work & What's The Best Value?

I am licensed naturopathic physician I have 26 years of clinical experience and I am two free agents contrary to popular belief I'm not a member of youngevity corporate I do not have a youngevity nutritional supplement line I don't represent youngevity in any way shape or form but I'm a gigantic cheerleader for youngevity and its founder as far as I'm concerned dr. Joel Wallach deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor and if dr. Wallach was the Surgeon General of the United States we would have a multitude in an infinite number of less health problems and the budget would not be stretched the way that it is by inordinate healthcare now because I am a free agent because I'm a licensed naturopathic physician I have the freedom and the ability to get up on the public stage and tell people whatever it is that's on my mind and I'm going to tell you what's on my mind every day that I'm on the radio today we're going to talk about nutritional supplements and the differences from one to another because when we're talking about nutritional supplementation the supplementation of vitamins minerals amino acids essential fatty acids it's important that we have the right recipe in last year in the United States we spent tens of billions of dollars on nutritional supplements and everybody is still sick how can this be when my supposition is and dr. Wallach supposition is and the clinical clinical experience of hundreds of licensed nature Pathak physicians acupuncturists herbalists chiropractic physicians all around the world is that nutritional supplementation works nutritional supplementation helps people to get on the other side of chronic illness nutritional supplement heals chronic diseases it does when it is properly applied if you had a fire in your backyard and you were attempting to put it out with a squirt gun you would probably meet with little success however if you turn to garden hose onto it or a fire hose you would undoubtedly meet with success what's the difference while the volume is the difference you're using but water in both circumstances but it makes a gigantic difference as to how much it's the same with nutritional supplementation you have to take the right stuff in the right amounts appropriate for your body weight somebody who's 300 pounds is going to need a significant amount more nutritional supplementation than somebody who's a hundred pounds they do that with dogs have you ever noticed the difference between the large breed dog food and the small breed dog food it's the amount of the nutrients that are in the formulation it's the same with humans or animals right well if you are going to spend hard-earned money on nutritional supplements it would perhaps behoove you to take the right stuff in the right amounts and once you've done that we also need to talk about the absorbability index it's not what you swallow it's what you absorb and not all nutritional supplements are created equally as far as absorption and goes so we see in nature Pathak profession remarkable changes healings the curative ability of properly applied medical nutrition and I've been doing this for 26 years in clinical settings 26 years in clinical settings and I'm telling you that for over-the-counter nutritional supplements dr. Wallach s– nutritional supplements youngevity as delivered by the youngevity corporation produce more consistent results than anything that I've seen in 26 years of clinical work if you're going to spend hard-earned money on nutritional supplements attempting to fix a chronic health condition or just to get a leg up to optimize the structure and function in the health of the human body then you're a knucklehead if you don't give young jeopardy a try let's look at the numbers youngevity Healthy Start Pack one youngevity Healthy Start pack is what we recommend what I recommend per 100 pounds of body weight per month for general all-around all-purpose nutritional support one youngevity Healthy Start pack per 100 pounds of body weight per month if you were to go online to or Puritans pride or or go to the local health food store go to GNC go to Whole Foods go to a local health food store and attempt to meet the amounts to secure the amounts of the vitamins minerals amino acids antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are found in one youngevity Healthy Start pack here is what you would have to do you would need more vitamin A you would need more vitamin C so let's say you went and just got a multivitamin right so you go to the health food store you go to you go to wherever you're gonna go and you get a bottle of multivitamins appropriate for your age you get a really really good over-the-counter multiple vitamin when you compare what's in it to what's in the youngevity Healthy Start pack you come up short with vitamin A you come up short with vitamin C you come up short with thiamine you come up short with riboflavin you come up short with niacin with vitamin b6 with vitamin b12 you come up short with biotin you come up short with pantothenic acid there are no trace minerals that are present in an over-the-counter multivitamin you don't have any Omega threes you don't have any omega sixes you don't have any EPA you don't have any DHA and you don't have any calcium or magnesium you don't have any fruit and vegetable concentrates you don't have any antioxidants and you certainly don't have a full range of balanced amino acid so all of these things you need to acquire in addition to your multiple vitamin in addition to the multiple vitamin now we're trying to compare apples to apples here right I'm telling you that youngevity healthy start pack produces more consistent effective results across the board than anything I've seen in 26 years and it's available over-the-counter you don't need a prescription to get it it's a remarkable product now if you were gonna go price shop go to Costco go to Sam's Club go somewhere to try to secure what you can get in the Healthy Start pack with other things here's why I've looked at this and here are the numbers that I came up with you would need extra vitamin A extra vitamin C extra Simon extra riboflavin extra niacin extra B six extra b12 extra biotin extra piano scenic acid you would need extra trace minerals extra omega-3 extra omega-6 extra EPA DHA cal-mag fruit and vegetable concentrates antioxidants and amino acids if you were to cobble all of these things together in over-the-counter stuff you would need to take say a seventy three capsules a day by the way that I calculated the number seventy three capsules a day you would need to swallow seventy three capsules a day I suppose you could parse that out twenty-five three times a day twenty five capsules three times a day you think you could do that I don't think I could do that and I take a lot of nutritional supplements by the way when you add all of the numbers up it comes to approximately five hundred and fifty seven dollars to get the equivalent of what a hundred and twenty-five dollars of youngevity nutritional supplements can give you which is better a hundred and twenty five dollars or five hundred and fifty seven I think 125 is better we which is better swallowing three capsules a day or swallowing seventy three capsules a day well I think I'll take three capsules a day Johnny thank you very much well yes seventy-three capsules a day is just a little ridiculous the majority of young Japanese nutritional supplements of course are liquid beyond tangy tangerine powder you dissolve in water it's a delicious and you have to drink it you don't have to pop pills all day long beyond osteo FX which is arguably the best calcium supplement in the world right now arguably the best calcium supplement in the world right now it's one ounce a day mix it with a little bit of orange juice tastes exactly like a creamsicle one ounce a day make a popsicle out of it give it to your kids you don't have to swallow 30 to 40 capsules of a calcium supplement a day which is what you would have to do if you were attempting to get the same amount of absorbable absorbable absorbable calcium into your body every day as you get with the youngevity beyond osteo FX liquid absorbability is the key here if you want more of a heads up on that please go to my website dr. Glidden comm become a doctor Glidden insider and watch the webinars that I've done on calcium they're not all calcium's are created equally I've also walked you right through how to best absorb the nutrients and I walk people through how to take nutritional supplements to support their body's ability to recover from different chronic health conditions you're suffering from asthma you're suffering from arthritis you're suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I've told you what to do I've put together informational instructional webinars that line up what we think about it and what conventional medical doctors think about it how they treat it how nature paths treat it you get to decide what you want to do if you're happy with how your health is under the care of conventionally trained medical doctors then god bless you have at it continue to pay your medical insurance premiums every single month and get the care that you think is best but if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired if you're frustrated with the way that your health has gone which is the way of the dodo bird you're getting worse and worse and worse and worse every year all of your friends are as well then perhaps it's time to do something different so you can do youngevity z' nutritional supplement line which was formulated by the physician who literally wrote the book on medical nutrition which is in the Smithsonian Institution now or you can go to GNC and asks the clerk at the counter who really doesn't have a clue about what you should do so who are you gonna go to you're gonna lean on the expert with decades of clinical experience you're gonna lean on the expert with decades of clinical experience or are you gonna try to figure it out yourself are you going to attempt to swallow 73 capsules a day pay 557 dollars or are you going to swallow 3 capsules a day and take a few ounces of liquid supplements every day for 125 dollars Oh


  1. Why is there only 1mg of iron in the BTT? People require at least 12mg a day. I had blood tests done after a year of taking the start pack and my iron was extremely low.

  2. Is it contains iodine? that ok to take people with hyper-thyroid?

  3. the animal pellets are real cheap, as the margin is much less, no MLM

  4. You have made me enthausiastic for one of the most beautiful and best products in the field of food supplements, why should a honorable company with such a beautiful product use such scandalous sales methods? multilevel marketing strategies are seen in my country (the Netherlands) as a scam and therefore forbidden for 30 years already. Its a shame that i cant go to a healthstore and buy what i need, for a reasonable price and come back for more or go to for information or go to when i have a complaint, your story is good and I believe in the product too, but now that I see how sales tactics work, this is detrimental to your credibility.

  5. Is youngevity able to heal gait disorder, and nystagmus?

  6. so acording to this doctors words.meniscus can also regenarate??

  7. Fixed my joint problems without meds. Fixed my diabetes also no meds


  9. Salesman alert

  10. Whats the name of the liquid supplements?

  11. Anybody else see this Han Solo Harrison Ford looking wannabe?

  12. For fucks sake mate just give us the bottom line. YAWN !!
    Great stuff if you can afford Wallachs products 😯😯😯😯😯😯
    Very odd that Wallach used to preach that only natural liquid collated minerals can be obsorbed effectively by the body. (He was advertising another product at the time 😮) Now he's selling minerals among his other ingredients in pill and powder form interestingly from a company he now owns himself. How the goal posts have moved.

  13. You should read this

  14. So it is nearly $600 for a bodybuilder???????? Per month???

  15. It is not a scam. I know this because I spent last year reversing a chronic condition. Most of what he says is what another doctor in my own state said that would support his case. I also changed my nutrition and omitted gluten based foods based on what he says. I do have supplements that my own doctor provides me. I went to another place that has close to what this Doctor recommends, I have started feeling much better. Now need to get more in my system for eyesight. This has reduced my healthcare visits to the MD doctor, save more money compared to what is being charged here. You might have to pay more with more body weight. I'm glad my weight is down enough that I won't need as much in the amount.

  16. Just made a massive order, hopefully it is as good as he says it is

  17. The secret to longevity is often SHOCKING. Look below .


  19. This is NOT a scam. My body feels great. Medication free.

  20. It is not a scram

  21. If Dr Wallach was not a fat fuck I might give him some time in instructing me on nutrition.

  22. This is a scam.

  23. he might be right but who can afford 2 healthy start paks a month? close to $300.00

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