Young Mother Undergoes Highly Advanced Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

mommy has breast cancer you think about a lot of things I think mostly for me I mean at least give me a few more years to finish raising my son we asked every subcontractor how many of you have had a family member have cancer and up the hands go to feel hopeless about that not the hands go would you like to be part of healing cancer patients and up every hand in the room goes everyone has cancer like everyone I'm going through it physically but my mom my aunt's my cousin's my brothers they all feel my pain this project was thought of through the eye of a cancer patient you don't know if you're gonna go through another holiday with your families you don't know if you're gonna be there for your son's graduation when it gets married I want the spaces we build to take the fear out of healing Wow Wow unbelievable we would like folks that are suffering to have some hope to raise their spirits even medically they have found that taking care of the aesthetic or spiritual side of a person is every bit as important as the physical side of a person I'm absolutely part of the process of healing this is where my heart belongs you ready yes today started my radiation for six and a half weeks I'm not fearful I know that the treatment that I'm getting is it's gonna work I feel confident you lie next to a machine that is behind you to serve you not to intimidate you if you have a cancerous tumor these are the rumors you want to be in the level of accuracy on this system is is extremely accurate it's submillimeter accuracy we can see at a whole different level exactly what we're doing you have such a storm inside your mind when you walk into a place that was built for you in mind I think that's reassuring it's a healing from the moment you walk in and you feel that you know that you're in the right place if you feel loved if you feel comfort if you feel like there's an entire team that's behind you that's helping you with your new cancer diagnosis that in itself it's part of healing I see the future it's not so great anymore it's always hope

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