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I welcome you to yoga and you I'm a partner Ganesh and I have the delight and pleasure of being with Ansari the director of the Yoga Institute Hansa G when I was young when I was growing up the only time I got chips was when there was a birthday party I carry but today all the kids are binging on ships and you know lots of junk like on an everyday basis there's chocolates every day silly that's not how I was you know growing up but so the concern that a lot of parents have is how do you really get the kids to eat healthy the market is flooded with very attractive junk and the advertisements don't help either what is your advice to the parents how do you get through you know the children to eat healthy well I agree that world is throwing us into such an area where we know it is wrong yet we have to carry on and the whole peer pressure is also there along with but then I feel that at least our own house should have only healthy food and junk food in the house should not come so when child is in the house he will not see any bottle of coca-cola in the house or bottle of packets of chips and all such stuffs which usually people eat in the house it is not available but what is available in the house is very other tasty things and among these tasty things first of all all these things like ground nuts nuts they are very tasty you just cook cook ground nut and salted ground that it is there in the house so when per child comes he can much something like that almond he can much he can munch some puffed wheat puffed rice puffed corns and such things popcorns are also famous you make it in the house such things they are available in bottles in house homemade sweets and dishes are available salted stuffs like people make chuckle ease people make poor ease and people make mitrice these already healthy food compared to these junks they may be fried but they are really good at least you get protein you get fat out of that protein out of that and middles are there in that so they are good food not dead food so such things no prepackaged and artificially vitamin ice color so such food should be there in the bottles and it is kept so and then slowly you can find out the taste of a child whether he likes salt and more or sweet more accordingly you should family member should make these things available sucker Paris and many such things I think so we are very good at also thief seasoned puffed rice bag are a hue curve mores and all that the loophole that the world outside has got they put in a little toy in a bag of chips and so now for that toy all the kids run and they really want that particular you know packet of chips or you know okay so if they run and some friend has given you because his birthday so everybody is getting chips so you can't just say that throw it out not having he brings chips let us all share and finish it so you to give another loot little bit all of us will eat very fine one meal of junk is fine but other three males could be of a good food we will have to become a little bit more moderate middle paths not too extreme other aspect like with chocolates say chocolates are there no they know very well that when the tooth goes bad how bad they feel sometimes you can take them to a dentist to show how a child is suffering because he ate chocolate and brushed also yet they had a caries so giving little exposure into the world to a child and you care who you can do that and so tell them fine chocolates are good but either we fix a day that every Saturday you will definitely get a chocolate and see to it that your child gets chocolate and after eating chocolate having little chana or having one slice of apple so that your teeth in your throat is clean should be taken care of ice creams and all such things are fine but I always say that cold drinks avoid totally because it affects gut and everything but ice cream you can chew it in your mouth and then put it into your gym teach them how to eat and then after that drinking little warm water so such things can be handled sharing and looking and you know caring would be the best thing when such things are there but I'm getting to the chana Singh Lamas kumaradas popcorns and all homemade varieties if they are kept in the house child would be happy in the house no doubt about it but if child is bent upon eating something wrong share and say fine let's all eat together and educate child slowly slowly very small babies so you have to divert their mind like one one year to four years five years are those kids where you have to somehow fill them lovingly caringly diverting giving some toys so they are playing and you are feeding them that little tiny tots but then all such things because you also I think the culture in you know generally is that when you go to a home where there are kids most often people take chocolates yes I always beg and plead people that get trouble get pencil don't get chocolates or get chickies so guru ki cheeky you say if you want these chickpeas are very good and children would love it we'll have to find out some healthy good things crispy things and healthy things roasted crispy things are available they are very healthy so we'll have to do little work on this but at the time don't be too fanatic about it that he should eat only good food and let child take his own decision that no I am NOT going this when you educate your child and you make it in your house itself the atmosphere with childhood love then child in the terror cells I have to follow their knotty junk and try and absolutely it's not injunction very true it's a very joint activity with a child and parents have to be available have to give him what he wants but with a difference so I'm sure that would help to all the parents it's quite clear let's make more homemade Krispies and cookies and you know all sorts of things that the kids would enjoy so that they don't feel the lack of having fun food that they normally get from outside and I hope you all have a healthier future ahead of us thank you I'm sure you find great value in the videos where answers you shared so many tips for a healthier life please do share this with your friends liked this video and subscribe on this channel for many such videos and hitting on the notification bell will keep you updated of all the recent posts thank you

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