Yoga Workout Tone & Burn ♥ Tools For A New You | PATIENCE

i believe patience is one of the biggest things that yoga teaches you because when we start in our yoga practice we truly have to find patience for yourself patience for your body to enjoy your practice its not going to be easy i mean your body is going to to be resistant to certain postures its going to be uncomfortable at times but once we truly learn to be pateint with ourselves, with our bodies with the uncomfort and understand that through patience this is how we are going to grow that is something that can translate into your everyday life there is no such things as how good you are at yoga its the patience and the understanding that where you are in your practice is actually where you need to be and theres no being the worst in the class because everyone just is at times there are moment in our lives where we want to be somewhere were not or we expect to have the results that we dont have and if we focus on that negative aspect of it that is when we start to feel depressed anxious or just unhappy in general but if you really focus on that idea of pateince and you translate it to into your everyday life you learn that everything that you have in your life is exactly what you need meaning everything is happening in divine order in order for you to be here now and you can only move forward so once we learn to accept where we are we create that space to move on there is going to be a lot of there is going to be a lot of frustration its that acceptance that you know because for every wall you hit its just a matter of time before you’re around it and then on to the next one but its never going to stop its just going to continue to come at you just like life its just going to be relentless that practice that moment is all there because its teaching you how to deal with that were all exactly where we need to be, its a journey and yoga, the reason it is a practice is because you are on that jounrey just like in life


  1. Love this! <3

  2. Beautiful atmosphere! With a beautiful art! Keep up the great content!

  3. Thank you 🙏Namaste

  4. We love your videos! Thank you Juliana and Mark! In fact, you even inspired us to write a song celebrating how good your workouts make us feel. We have two questions – where can we send the song to share with you? Secondly, we love the shirt you’re wearing in this video! Where did you get it? Love and thanks and many blessings to you sweet souls!!!

  5. Excellent stretch today! Thank you for your hard work

  6. Thanks for the tools to fix up the body. Your thoughts could be considered inner wisdom, or intuition and speak to all whole search their souls for well being. You two are beautiful beings.
    Love from Saltspring Island, BC

  7. Love this workout! Where did you get your shirt!? It's amazing!

  8. Super lovely

  9. Thank you for yet another inspiring video ❤️

  10. Small world. We live nearby. Thank you for your wonderful practice. Namaste ❤

  11. Thank you for duing these videos, they really help me relax and get exercise at the same time. Perfect for a busy student during the exam time.

  12. I've been doing yoga classes with you almost every morning for more than 2 years, I remember how you lived in Canada, and how you sold everything and left it to travel the world. And I feel like I've been growing and going on these adventures with you. Thank you for everything <3

  13. I love your videos! 💕

  14. Yo, too much of an advert at the start. Just get right into the yoga routine that everyone desires. x

  15. Enjoyed this practice very Much!

  16. thank you 🙂

  17. Your progress with your videos is amazing. I used to only do your workouts because your yoga videos always were to fast and rushed for me, but now there the only ones I'm actually doing and also everyday. Thank you so much! Sending love and light.

  18. awesome video! love the exercises in combination with the camera work

  19. love love love your workouts juliana! Youre absolutely amazing!!

  20. Beautiful!!

  21. I want that shirt!! Can't find it anywhere. Help?? Loved the work out 🙂

  22. Thank you for sharing your practice 💖

  23. Thank you for this practice 💖

  24. Thank you sooo very much for another great class!! Namaste`

  25. you are great Yoga instructor but the music makes me nervous …

  26. Thank you Juliana! Love it! ✨❤️✨

  27. beautiful 🙂 really good 🙂

  28. your class is the best!!

  29. This workout is fantastic.

  30. I really loved this workout – it was energizing and challenging in certain parts. I got a nice sweat and felt great after. Thanks!

  31. i think i am officially addicted to your videos; they are all very effective and satisfying (peaceful & fulfilling all at once). Can you tell me where you got your shirt? i love it! THANK YOU for you dedication and inspiration!

  32. You are sooo freakin´ amazing!!! Thank you for these awesome workouts you give us <3

  33. Yoga

  34. you are Amazing <3 Namaste

  35. Beautiful videos! Deff helping me right now dealing with stuff.

  36. Thanks as always. Great one for this afternoon… you two have a great day..!!

  37. Love ur T-shirt where did u buy it?😎

  38. And ur yoga lessons ofcourse

  39. Thank you for all of your great videos.Me&my partner used to do them everyday but then we were separated by unfortunate life event. It caused great depression in me and I stopped caring for myself. All I did was work to try to save money to meet basic needs and survive amidst the flawed systems set in place in my country. For the first time in a very long time, I got up this morning and decided I was going to do one of your videos. I cried at the end. I am rarely able to cry. But I let myself cry and release. I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication and let you know that even though I dont know you, I am sending you all my love..

  40. How fun joining you where I am, in Sedona. I hope you had a chance to explore while you were here.

  41. Thank you for today morning yoga:)

  42. I've tried this video some months ago and I found it PERFECT to do in the early morning. It's perfect to me because it wakes up every muscle and also there's a lot of stretch poses. Perfect morning sequence.
    Thank you Juliana, Thank you Mark!!!!!

  43. Where did you get the top? I love it

  44. Thank you for sharing all this beauty. I enjoy exercising with you so much. MUCH LOVE

  45. You're such a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration. Namaste.

  46. Thank you! <3

  47. So amazing. Just done two classes and cant wait to do other 2 tomorrow. ❤️ namasté

  48. wonderful practice. thank you!:)

  49. excellent practice and really appreciate the work done. One may also consider for more….

  50. Your yoga routines are so beautiful. I love doing them!

  51. Wonderful! Love all of your practices, especially those longer ones!! <3

  52. What an amazon practice my first time and i love it still making progress after all practice makes profesional

  53. Such a beautiful body!! Perfect legs!

  54. Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻🌱❤️

  55. Namaste – peace to you. This practice put a smile on my face this morning. Feeling incredibly ready for todays gifts. <3

  56. Love the perfect combination of stretch and strength in this one!

  57. Thank you for all your classes, my lower back improved and I am more stronger and fitter and less sick days at work! I follow your Pilates 21 challenge combined with Best leg Toning and Tone & Burn daily. At times I combine it with some easier classes. Thank you again, lots of hugs!

  58. Thank you

  59. 😘😘😘😘😘😘love Frm india

  60. I do your workout every other day and I love it. Thanks so much! I love looking at the scenic views too.

  61. I usually hate doing exercise on my period but I tried this video and it actually was really nice 🙂

  62. I love all your videos, is any new coming???

  63. You are amazing❤

  64. Best one yet 👌🏼 love these longer vids and I feel like I got a good workout in after.. keep up the good work 😄

  65. Gratitude !🙂

  66. I simply love you guys….I was always critical towards yoga (although I tried few times) until I discovered BOHO Beautiful. It has become
    my everyday routine for a year now. Thank you so much!

  67. Love your classes and I also like the idea of teaching values for life through your classes, through yoga!

  68. 22:05 absolutelly beautiful

  69. I love seeing the places you go to do yoga. I do my morning yoga on my camping trips. It's a great way to start the day.

  70. Thank you for making these awesome videos… They really ease my anxiety❤

  71. I've done this practice countless times, it was just TODAY that I FELT the meaning of your pre-practice words. Much needed and true🤗💚✌ working on being patient with oneself when life keeps testing it is so hard. But to focus on the positive, makes it cake. Thank you both!!

  72. The passions is just right with this yoga,I would say it's not gonna be perfect but do what you can at least,and try your hardest to keep up and not give up in the middle.thankfully iv lost enough weight to do modifications which is okay better then nothing..still have trouble putting my hands next my foot,but hopefully I'll get some help with that.

  73. I enjoy all your location videos. So happy you are filming In Sedona. It’s just so beautiful. I thoroughly enjoy the great variety of your videos. They help my body so much. Thank you. 🙏🏽🧘‍♀️💕👏

  74. Hi Julianna, thanks for all your videos, I have been doing them for a while. But now I feel my wrist sore and little pain. How can I make your exercises without using the wrists?
    Thank you so much

  75. Great yoga series!

  76. Great Yoga practice… Namastè

  77. Love these BOHO videos! Started out 7 months ago only knowing a few poses and techniques; fast forward to present day and I'm stronger both mentally and physically than I've ever been! Doing my practice and meditation each day has opened my eyes and heart to see the world in a different light. Thank you for empowering women in such a positive way and challenging us to the best versions of ourselves! Namaste

  78. Another wonderful workout. I adore your yoga videos, they have truly inspired and healed me. Thank you for your work <3

  79. Your Yoga is the best ever ! NAMASTE from France

  80. Talk about an amazing stretch! I can’t wait to be able to balance without assistance☺️☺️

  81. Really love your intro, its help me everytime when I feel that my resaults must been seen on my body fast, so thank you ❤️🖖🙏

  82. Great workout today. April 8th 2019

  83. The best yoga ever! Thank you for this video, I felt the burning just like I do in the gym but without the hassle, and at home…couldn't ask for more. Txs 😊❤👍🙂✌

  84. One of the most beautiful intro talks. Thank you!

  85. Great total body yoga workout.

  86. Exactly . Try to be patient and have a space to talk with your self.

  87. This might be one of my favorites! I love any sequence with wide leg squats or stretches. I spend way to much time searching through videos to find a sequence with them.

  88. Great Practice ! Thanks a lot for that one 🙂 btw, where did you get that shirt ? I like it

  89. Amazing, always amazing… <3

  90. Thank you so much for this beatiful flow. Namaste!

  91. Thank you for all this. 🙂

  92. Mam I am a great fan of u and used to try ur video daily one and feel very relaxed and flexible thank you

  93. I am so grateful for your videos, they are helping me so much with my anxiety and depression. All of your videos are truly healing ❤❤❤😊

  94. Thank you for this incredible video🤗

  95. Always good again! ❤️

  96. I am sweating,really!!!!

  97. Thank you ❤️😘

  98. Thank you so much, you wonderful beings. Thank god you went for your dreams. I wish for everyone in this world to one day arrive to manifesting their dreams in reality…imagine what a beautiful world this would be. You truly changed my life. Thank you <3 I wish you to grow and grow and grow so that your light shines brighter everyday. Namaste.

  99. Can we loose weight with these exercices .? Can we become more thin ?

  100. LOVE YOU!

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