Yoga Workout ♥ Better Than The Gym | Abs & Core

welcome to another one of my yoga workout classes and i have an amazing workout for you thats going to focus on really target your core really define those abs for you were also going to be a yoga flow so you get a stretch at the same time these exercises are amazing because were going to strengthening your core your also going to be shrinking and fighting your waistline and with a clean eating diet i promise you you will see results with this video so if you’re ready grab a mat your water and lets do it ok guys so were going to begin today in your childspose sitting over to your heels reaching your arms forward inhale and exhale lets roll up to our first position taking our first exercise extending the left leg out your going to reach your right arm forward 50 50 plank drive your bellybutton into your spine feeling those ads engaged inhale when you exhale lets start to take baby pulses pulsing your arm and leg 4 3 2 1 were going to take our one knee pushup were going to do is keep your back leg straight release the body and push back up 4 times lets go last one 4 holding here tuck your back toe under your going to bring yourself up to the one legged downward dog the next exercise were going to do is first your going to bed that top knee from here round through and bring the knee to chest and then extending it right up ready guys 4 times come forward touch knee to chest last one from here pulse it forward 5 6 7 8 reach up extend the leg and then release to downward dog ligt the heels up and press them down all were doing is getting deeper into the calfs lift up to tippy toes and then release come down as low as you can to the floor rounding forward hold it taking chattering dandasana you can modify it if you like ready deep breath in exhale come down upward facing dog exhale downwarddog coming back down to your knees lets take it to the other side right leg comes out left arm comes forward drawing the naval to your spine try not to have movement here inhale and then exhale were going to do the baby pulses exhale pulse it out and releasing the hand down lets take our one kneed pushup 4 times ready here we go tuck your back toes under left into your one legged dog nice stretch first from here going into knee to chest planks 4 times here we go freeze and pulse that knee in 1 2 3 4 extend your leg release it down downward facing dog come forward chaturanga upward dog downward facing dog releasing forward hold your plank find that balance the next exercise is called your horsey kicks your going to bring the knee to chest and kick the back leg from the glute ready here we go knee and kick remember were alternating legs chaturanga upward dog downward dog releasing forward next exercise similar to the previous except the leg will be suspended in this one ready and lets go chest and kick were not alternating knee and kick great job switch legs chest and up freeze chaturanga dandasana downward facing dog exhale releasing forward coming into side plank stacking your feet if you need to or modifying onto your knee star kicks and up next exercise the guitar hero arm all your going to do is play that guitar with a straight arm circle to the front come down to plank take a flow downward dog come forward onto your left hand side plank extend the right arm star kicks almost done guys lets do the guitar hero arm big circles with that arm right arm forward 2 1 come back to plank chaturanga upward dog downward facing dog reaching the left leg up to the sky called your spiderman crunch touching theleft knee to left elbow in plank 5 times then stepping forward with that left for between the hands drop the back knee down low lunge tuck your back toes and lift the back knee off the ground hover lunge stay in that position start to pulse 2 3 4 open to high lunge spinderman crunch touching the right elbow to right knee and extend back 1 big step forward with right foot releasing the back foot down releasing the arms up holding low lunge tuck your back toed and hover the knee and now pulsing 10 extend back knee high lumge opening your body then releasing forward step back to chaturanga flow come forward to plank lets give those wrists a break elbow plabk holding here breathing drawing naval to spine next exercise called the dolphin plank all your going to do is lift your hips up in the air and then drop it down to plank and down and two lift and three each time you come back to plank exhale and drop awesome hold it here almost donw come up tp your hands chaturanga upward dog and downward dog come on down to your childspose and then slowly from here come up to your knees taking our camel posture hands either on your back or going all the way down to your heels release pushing the hips forward head back great stretch hips to your back first to come out bring your spine to neutral sit down on your heels and then slowly take childless again awesome job today guys! for completing the wonderful plank yoga workout be proud of yourself roll upslowly thank you guys so much, lots of love namaste


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  2. 엎드린 모든 자세를 할 때 팔꿈치를 바깥을 향해서 !! 손바닥에 힘 고르게 주면서하기

  3. Definately an arm workout I was NOT prepared for lol but still awesome

  4. I like the overlays with the demo and the number of reps.

  5. Sweet lord how can someone be this beautiful? But to the exercise – this could greatly improve my capoeira training.

  6. Love all your videos, fantastic for learning, do you have any that are all seated moves? Thanks in advance. Bless it be. Xx

  7. This workout is insane :0

  8. Isn't it amazing how i can sweat like a rainfall just in less 15 minutes?

  9. Absolutely awesome. Fast, makes it perfect before going to work exercise, intense, and efficient. Thanks thanks thanks

  10. i'm already doing better than when i first tried this a couple days ago! now i just need an actual mat

  11. As a newbie to Yoga, I love this ♡

  12. I felt all this does is work my arms and my back even though I tried keeping my core engaged. Felt nothing for my abs

  13. I really hope my arms are toning and not gon buff from these planks and plank holds. Lol I feel like Hercules 🏋️‍♀️ 😂

  14. If you didn't feel like this was a core-intensive workout then you probably aren't holding a correct planking posture. Loved the intensity of this flow, super wholesome

  15. I just did this workout alongside of your video. It definitely strengthens my core and arms. I will keep this up for a month everyday and will get back to you with results!

  16. Great video and amazing core workout! The only thing is my wrists ache when I do a lot of plank and downward dog, is there any tips to stop this/should i be feeling this pain or is it just something you get used to the more yoga you do? Thanks! ❤️x

  17. How am I supposed to concentrate on pushing in the abs if my arms are burning and trembling like crazy 😂

  18. I felt this a lot more in my arms than my abs, am I doing something wrong? If so what should I do to fix it?

  19. This video is insanely fast! I feel like the lady in the video is living in another time dimension.

  20. Sooo…this isn't for beginners?

  21. i loved the little black dog at the end!

  22. Man that was tough! Thanks for the workout!

  23. I noticed in the comments people saying its more of a shoulder and arm workout, so what i do is i try and tuck my stomach in and dont forget to breathe while doing it and then u can feel it burn

  24. Died at minute 5

  25. My gosh I do HIIT and Tabata style workouts, this was tough.

  26. Amazing workout😍thank you🙏

  27. Hello, thanks for sharing your skills in such beautiful places. I was wondering if you have any yoga for abs that doesn't use the wrists as much. It's hard with carpel tunnel.

  28. You are so cute and beautiful

  29. Holy cow! My shoulders need some strengthening.

  30. omg this is so hard but i am gonna try every day until i make it! i hope my abs will change!

  31. Good video

  32. Awesome . Short but powerful! Thanks.

  33. Your so beautiful.body of a goddess.

  34. This burns!💪🔥

  35. Yeah!!! That was alot of fun. Very Energizing! Thank You! ♡

  36. Did this after the ultimate workout challenge… Im smashed

  37. Even though I like the relaxing aura that you created in your videos, I found all your work-out including yoga hurting shoulders badly. I always feel sore all over my shoulders and arms on the halfway. :/ Not recommended.

  38. This was exactly the challenge level I was looking for, thanks for a great quick workout, always giving us awesome content! Happy New Year, praying blessings over us all.

  39. 😍too hard on the palms

  40. Great video workout!!!

  41. Imma have toned arms after all the yoga I’ve been doing. I also would like to know how they can afford to travel all these place because ya girl wants to go too.

  42. didn't feel it in my abs at all, my shoulders however were burning way too much, I had to take break cuz it would hurt in wrists too

  43. That was hard and I loved it. I’m out of shape. Thanks for the challenge.

  44. I just did.. And even if I walk and training this make me k.o..ahha it's great I love your exercise 😍

  45. I'm a kid

  46. Mast yoga

  47. I have been going to the gym for a year, made a lot of process and i feel pretty confident about my body. This is the first time after a while i suffer from something not leg day.

  48. Wow, this trying to do these exercises showed me how out of shape I really am. XD It's okay, practice makes perfect.
    On a side note, do you do this for a living?

  49. Everyone is saying this is more of an arm workout than an ab workout but mine are killing me after doing this last night lol I liked it a lot <3

  50. Almost finished ur 14 day challange cant wait to try all your other challenges!!

  51. 0:43 that was so honest and blunt 😂😂. "With a clean diet", people love to fall for the nonsense of fad diets or "quick" results

  52. I made it! It was hard!

  53. You are so inspiring and your videos are really helping me get back into shape. I do these workouts everyday and love them. Thank you so much for everything along with all of the healthy foods that you showed. Thanks xo. 😌🤗

  54. This is my first ever video that I have watched on your channel, honestly I don’t know how you stay so calm during this haha I absolutely loved this subscribed and liked absolutely love your vibe 💙🍃

  55. OMG the demos are so helpful.Please keep using them in fast paced workouts.Love all your content and keep going :)))

  56. THE best core workout routine on youtube ❤

  57. just what i needed before work to put me in a positive vibration, thank you! 💚

  58. I love these cat ❤️💕😍😻

  59. Great Video – Thank you – NAMASTE

  60. I dont have this much upper body strength!!!

  61. Wooooooo I’m dieded 😭😁😛

  62. What a great yoga workout! Thanks for helping me start my morning right🤩💕

  63. waaw that was very challenging! At first, I found it easy but it became more and more difficult hahaha
    I am doing the ALB challenge so wish me luck, lots of kisses to you and Mark, love you so much

  64. thanks!

  65. I do this after your other workout video aaand I modified almost everything haha thank you Boho Beautiful~ I feel so refreshed… Lots of love from Indonesia 💕

  66. This is by far one of my favorites 😉

  67. You forgot to add that it's a killer tricep workout!! 🙂 Another amazing video! I've been your yoga videos every morning for a little over a month and I can't believe how much stronger I am! And only 20 minutes a day! Thank you Juliana and Mark!! <3

  68. Oh my gawd I can't do this without stopping at every other exercise

  69. Thank you,Juliana! It took me about a month or two to complete this full practise because I would just stop throughout half of it and would never finish it. But I learnt to be kind with my body and not force anything. I let myself take my time. And today I finally finished this practise!! I cannot thank you enough ❤

  70. I don't know how your wrists take it…

  71. Great stuff
    ive been doing some core traing
    its helped me relax so much. I didnt realise how much energy was stored our lower back and bum
    great stuff very helpful

  72. This has quickly become a favorite part of my daily workout routine! Both relaxing and challenging. Thanks so much for making!

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  75. Eres mi invitación de todos los días mamy

  76. i searched for a yoga workout this was more like cardio boi i’m dead

  77. What a workout

  78. i love your videos and the good vibes make me motivated but girl…slow down! you're killing us! LOL

  79. Loved this one!

  80. can i still do this if i have a knee injurie ? or if my knee hurts a bit?

  81. It's not abs workout. It's arm workout

  82. Nice

  83. AWESOME! Loved it.

  84. Do you do yoga at retreats ?

  85. All the people complaining about their arms: You have to build a Yoga foundation. Your wrist and arms will condition to hold you up with no effort. Concentrate on engaging your core. The yoga journey is not a straight road. Im no expert. I just know from my own struggles. I also enjoy eating animals so Im not as woke as these 2 kids

  86. Love that you say "whenever you're ready" for every transition. It's honestly super encouraging and makes it so I don't feel rushed. Love the video and love your vibes! ✌☀️

  87. to all you guys on a wooden floor, i salute you

  88. Great workout! As a new mum, this is what I need to make it through the day and night while keeping a smile inside and outside!

  89. Im a beginner….

  90. I can't believe I've made it through. 👍❤

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  92. One of my favorite ever!

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  99. Holy crap. I died but I did it. Holy crap.

  100. The perfect body , thank you princes God bless you..

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