Yoga Warm Up Sequence for Beginners (Sukshma Vyayama) by Yogi Sandeep – Siddhi Yoga

Namaste my name is sandeep friends today we are here to learn yoga warm up yoga warm up is series of practice that allows the body to open up part by part
focusing on certain parts of the body also it helps in stretching the muscles
and preventing us from injury especially if we want to enter into yoga practices yoga asanas if we can warm up the body the body gets ready to
enter into the asanas easily so let’s watch the yoga warm up sequence first
starting with the neck now take a deep breath in whenever you take a deep
breath in that is not forceful it’s a very gentle breath you breathe in slowly
and gently you breathe out also slowly and gently so breathe in and breathe out
slowly now this time breathe in and as you breathe out turn your face to the
right without lifting the shoulders without twisting inhale again back to
the center exhale go to the left side we are now
focusing on the neck inhale Center exhale right inhale Center and exhale left inhale Center now exhale up inhale all the way forwarding down with ease inhale up exhale forward and down with ease inhale
up this time exhale until to head to the left inhale exhale feel the stretch coming
below here inhale exhale tilt to the left
inhale exhale now inhale to the center we will do a complete rotation of the
neck exhale bring the chin down now inhale turn the head to one side and
then behind exhale down to the opposite and forward one more time inhale without
lifting or turning the shoulder and exhale anticlockwise inhale and exhale inhale and exhale inhale to the center
after focusing the neck let’s come on the shoulders so inhale bring the
shoulders closer like a shoulder shrugs exhale drop the shoulders down and
relax inhale shoulder shrug exhale down and relax completely last time inhale up
exhale down now we will stretch the shoulders by
doing the shoulder rotation or elbow rotation this allows the chest and the
upper back to have a nice extension nice stretching nice opening so keeping the
fingers on the shoulder elbows down inhale bring the elbows forward and up
exhale bring the elbows slowly behind and down inhale forward and up exhale
behind and down for the last time inhale forward and up exhale behind down let’s
do anticlockwise inhale from behind and up exhale forward and down feel the
upper back and the chest region inhale behind and her exhale forward and down
for the last time inhale behind and up exhale forward and down after stretching
the shoulder let’s stretch little of the tricep so raise your left hand bend your left hand at the elbow now hold the left elbow with the right palm keeping
the right palm up now start pushing the left elbow behind as much as you can with ease the breath is moving simple pushing the
elbow behind the left elbow behind with the help of the right hand and now
keeping it behind is it possible for us to pull the left elbow to the right side
with the help of right hand so pulling the elbow if possible chin at front stretch nicely
feel the stretch coming on the side of the chest also slowly release now stretch the other side this brings a nice stretch to the tricep the side of the flanks
lifting the right hand up bending the right hand at the elbow catch the right
elbow with the left hand push the elbow behind
feel the stretch coming in the tricep the Flans in the armpit and the shoulder after keeping it behind pull the elbow to the left side feel the intense
stretch coming make your show your breathing after exhalation release the hand and back after stretching the shoulder now we will stretch the hands so interlock
the fingers inhale stretch the hands out and up pull your hands up exhale come down one more time inhale raise your hands up stretch exhale come down for the last
time inhale up stretch your hands exhale down and release your hands now we will stretch and awaken the spine a little warming up the spine so both the hands in front just
walk forward keeping the back straight as much as you can stretch your hands in
front and after stretching behinds and maximum use your hands to push your
buttocks behind so that we can stretch the lower back now hold here for about
two to three breaths maintaining the lower back stretch also stretching the
arms after exhalation walk back slowly both the palms by the side of the left
knee and walk forward in that direction keeping the left knee in the center and
stretch your hands maximum after stretching the hands use both the hands to press
the left buttock down keep breathing keep breathing
feel the stretch coming on the side of the spine especially on the right side after exhalation come back slowly then go to the opposite side keeping the right knee between the palms walk in that direction
keeping the knee in the centered Wow stretch your hands maximum and then
slowly use your palms to press the left buttock down feel the stretch breath after exhalation slowly come back
this was lengthening or stretching the spine awakening the spine warming of the spine now let’s do twisting so interesting we will catch the left knee
with the right hand and we will keep the left hand behind the line of the spine
without dropping the spine and keeping the back straight now inhale as you
exhale turn from the waist region to the left side inhale let the left chest open
behind inhale let the left shoulder open behind and the last time inhale exhale
twist hold for about two breath after
exhalation come back slowly to the opposite side catch the right knee with the left
hand right hand behind the line of the spine inhale and exhale turn from the
right waist to the right side inhale down from the right side of the chest to the
right side further during exhalation inhale exhale turn from the shoulder
inhale turning your head further hold for about two breaths maintaining the
twist in the spine after exhalation slowly come back after
doing this twisting action in the spine let’s do a lateral stretch so bring the
left elbow at the center of the thigh on the floor and raise your right hand
up bring it close to the ear make sure that you are not sinking not dropping your head head is nice and tall stretch your arms reach out from the arm right
hand going to the left side completely maintain the stretch and if possible
press the right knee down keep it follow and also intense after exhalation
release the right hand release the left hand place the right elbow at the center of the right thigh on the floor the shoulder and the
elbow are in one line now inhale and as you exhale stretch maintain the stretch
and after stretching press the left knee down maintain the stretch maintain
the stretch maintain the stretch after exhalation releases after stretching the spine now let’s
come to the standing position so slowly stand now friends we are going to again move the spine so let the feet be little apart open your hands now inhale exhale
forward to the left side lifting the right hand watching the upper hand
inhale Center exhale down inhale Center exhale down inhale Center exhale drop
down last time inhale Center exhale down last one inhale Center and exhale down
inhale exhale release your hands now we focus on the hip so keeping the feet closer about
hip width apart and we will do first three small circles
from the hip allowing the hip area to open up the
pelvis to open up and then we will do anticlockwise three times now we increase the distance a little
feet little more apart than the hip width and we will do a bigger circle allowing to
go to all the four sides and anticlockwise and release after focusing on the hip let’s come to
the ankle so hands by the side of the waist feet closer to each other
maybe two inch apart now press one heel down lift other heel up and then alternatively
keep on lifting the heel up and down make sure that when you bring the heel
down it is not touching the floor its little above the floor so your balancing
also and at the same time stretching the ankle also do it slowly for about
ten times from each side feel the stretch coming into the front
of the ankle and now is it possible for us to do it faster little fast
alternately lifting the heels and now for the last time can we do it together
go up and come down go up lifting the heels higher coming down lifting the
heels higher coming down for the last time lifting the heels higher and hold
here keep breathing keep breathing and slowly come down Friends this particular warming-up allows
joins to opener making other practices of yoga easier it will help us to
prevent injury because the body is stretched and asanas can become easier
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that in the near future thank you for watching


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