Yoga Warm Up for Musicians

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Music
Body Mind YouTube channel. My name is Amelia, and I’m a trombonist and yoga
teacher. I am super passionate about bringing yoga into the music world and
helping musicians relieve any tension, strain, or pain that they may be
experiencing while practicing and performing. I myself have worked through
a trombone related injury and I incorporate yoga into my trombone
practicing every single day to make sure that my body stays healthy and balanced.
In this video I will guide you through a short, easy yoga flow that you can do
before you pick up your instrument each day. This yoga sequence is designed to
gently warm up your muscles, wake up your joints, and just make your body feel good
and ready to start practicing. Let’s get started! To get started, find a comfortable seat. I
am sitting on a piano bench, maybe that’s accessible to you in a practice room. If
not, just find any old chair, or you can even sit on the ground with your legs
crossed or your legs straight out in front of you. Whatever is most
comfortable for you! Once you’ve found your seat, we’re going to start with some
gentle shoulder rolls, so start to roll your shoulders forward. We’ll do this
a few times. As we start this movement, tune in to your breath. Notice your
inhales and exhales. Do this a couple more times, and then we’ll roll in the
opposite direction. So shoulders roll back and down. You’ll start to feel your
chest opening up a little bit more. Start to make your breath a little bit deeper. Let’s do one more of those, and then let
your shoulders drop back and down. Your whole chest is open forward. Inhale reach
your right arm up towards the ceiling, exhale drop it to the left side of your
head and tilt your right ear towards your right shoulder. Take a deep breath
in. As you exhale, drop both of your shoulders down. Inhale come back up to
the top. Release your right hand down. Left side. Inhale, lift your left arm up.
Take it to the opposite side of your head, and gently drop your left ear
towards your left shoulder. Take a deep breath in, and again, exhale release
down into this gentle neck stretch. Inhale come back up
to the top, and exhale release. Drop your chin all the way in towards your chest,
and start to feel the back of your neck releasing, maybe even the tops of your
shoulder. On your next inhale, look up towards the ceiling. Lift your chin, feel
your throat open. Exhale, gently release. Let’s do a couple more neck stretches.
Take an inhale right here in the center. As you exhale, rotate your chin so it’s
right over your right shoulder. Take a deep breath in and deep breath out. Inhale come back forward and as you exhale, look over your left shoulder. One
more inhale, and exhale. Come back forward to the front, and release. Let it go. On
your next inhale, reach both of your arms up over your head. Interlace your fingers
and then press the palms up towards the ceiling. Big inhale to reach. As you
exhale, lean up and over to the right side. Inhale come back up to the top and
exhale over to the left. One more time each side.
Inhale reach up and exhale. Inhale to extend and exhale over to the left.
Inhale come all the way back up. This time we’ll drop both of our hands over
to the right side, a nice little twist to the right. Right hand can come behind you,
left hand to the outside of your right leg. Inhale to lift up tall. As you exhale,
twist, look behind you. So we want to think
about with each inhale lifting a little bit through the body. As
you exhale, maybe twist a little bit deeper. Let’s take one more deep breath in, maybe go a little bit deeper on that exhale one more inhale and then
exhale gently release forward. Left side. Inhale reach your arms up. As you exhale,
twist open to the left side. Left hand behind you, right hand to the outside of
that left leg. Inhale reach up tall through your spine. As you exhale, twist
behind you. Take a couple of breaths here. Each inhale think about the crown of
your head reaching a little bit taller, each exhale challenge your gaze a little
bit farther back on the wall behind you. Take one more deep breath in, deep breath
out, and then inhale to lengthen. Exhale return back to the front. Take your hands
to your thighs. Let’s warm up our spine a little bit more. As you exhale, round
through your spine, tuck your chin in towards your chest, and then inhale roll
forward. Shoulders roll back and down, heart opens, chin lifts towards the
ceiling. Exhale roll through your spine, drop your tailbone down. Inhale press
your chest forward and up look up towards the ceiling. Exhale curl
everything in. And inhale open forward. Let’s do one more of those. Exhale round
through your body, and inhale roll back up to the top. As you exhale, come to a
neutral position. So for this next pose, you have a couple options here. The first
is to take your hands behind your back and interlace your fingers, and then
stretch your palms back. Now that might not be available to all of you, so you
can take a yoga strap and/or a towel or anything that you can grab behind you,
and grab onto that with two hands. From here, press your hands or your
fists back. Big inhale. As you exhale, start to fold forward, releasing through your
spine. You can just gently let your head hang. Take a couple breaths here.
Maybe press your fists a little bit higher up towards the ceiling, and on
your next exhale, gently release that. Come all the way back up to the top. So
if you’re a musician, you might use your wrists or your fingers a lot, especially
if you’re a pianist, percussionist, string player, or woodwind player. And it’s
important that you warm up your hands and your fingers and your wrists before
you start playing each day. So this is my favorite go-to wrist warm-up, and I’m
going to guide you through it. Start with your hands back-to-back straight out in
front of you, and then start to roll your hands in towards your body. As you take
your hands out and away, palms face up. And then flip your hands back-to-back,
and we’ll roll through again. Do this a few times, and make this movement as
fluid as possible in your body. And as you can see, we’re not just warming up
the hands and the wrists, but we’re also working into our elbows and into our
shoulders. It’s really an entire arm exercise. Let’s do one more of those. End
with your palms facing up, and then we’ll take our hands the opposite direction.
Now as you come in backs of the hands touch. Roll through, and when you come
forward, palms will face down. Flip your palms up, turn the backs of your hands in,
down, and around. Good. Do that a few more times. Again,
making this fluid. Find your breath in this movement. Do one more of those, and
then gently release. You’re almost ready to start practicing. Let’s do one short
guided breath exercise before you get started. Take one hand to your heart and
one hand to your belly, and I invite you to close your eyes or find a soft gaze
on the floor in front of you. Start to take deep breaths in and deep breaths
out. And with your hands on your heart and your belly, connect in with your body
and your breath. Notice how your breath feels in your
body, and as we’re breathing deeply, start to imagine how you want to feel while
you are practicing today. Set an intention for what you want to
accomplish in your practice session. Notice how you feel right now, and if you
can carry this throughout your practicing. If you ever start to feel any
tension creep up while you’re playing, you can come back to any of these gentle
yoga exercises that I just guided you through. Take one more deep breath in with me and
deep breath out. Gently release your hands down, and open your eyes. Thank you
so much for joining me today. I hope you feel ready to get practicing. Thank you
for supporting my mission to bring yoga into the music world. Stay tuned for more
videos to come! Namaste


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