Yoga To Move In A Way That Feels Good

Yoga to move in a way that feels good okay so in this class there are no hard and fast rules about how to practice your yoga it early is all about nourishing your soul nourishing your body and moving in a way that your body wants to and you was great in that way because you get into postures and you really wipe out what your body really needs and what your mind really needs to and if you get halfway through and you’ve been working really hard and you decide that you need to rest in child pose then I invite you to do that so if you like what you see today please like and subscribe to tap the yoga okay let’s get going looks like I’ve got a little yoga meet here it’s a very good half dog would eat okay where we’ll start kissing sitting cross-legged and get yourself into a nice butt it’s decided it’s time for play so it’s just calm down get yourself in a nice easy position with your hands on your knees hands on your knees and just take a look over your shoulder and come back to the center they can look over your other shoulder drop your chin have a little shape from side to side and then you’re gonna lean all the way back bring your chin up you’re looking ahead and drop your ear so all we’re doing is loosening up our neck and shoulders so we don’t injure and then we’re going to invite a little release through our shoulders so take a few rolls and you know be creative with this so you could be moving in a nice sassy way this is a total reflection of what’s going on in your body so if your body needs to move then you could bring your arms in or you might just want to stick to these gentle gentle rolls relax your shoulders away from your ears have your hands resting on your knees and then you were rounding your back drawing and expanding across your shoulders and then easing to the side and lifting the shoulder a little rolling forward and easing to the side lifting this shoulder and drill them back and what I’m doing is loosening up my hips loosening up my spine is getting a nice movement and my shoulders so depending on how you feel becoming really far down and to the side and pulling back already nice big schmoozing move and then take it the other way as well so you know to me what feels good maybe one side feels totally different to the other little whirlwind of energy in your hips and your belly or solar plexus so keep that going loosening up any knots or Grampy’s that stop the energy flowing smoothly through your body and then you’re coming forward and you’re gonna take a little sway and this way and again this way and bring your hands down maybe using blocks or grabbing a cushion bring yourself down and softly and this can be a smooth sway using into your hips walking your hands back up and then you’re going to cross your legs the other way because you have to do it balanced nice balanced way and we’re going to circle creating that little whirlwind of energy in our hips [Music] and you know this feels different for me this side and that’s fine I’m gonna look after my body and take it easy and come forward as my body gets used to it I can get deeper and then Here I am taking that love this way feel it in my hips nice and deep really satisfying stretch hip stretches feels so liberating come forward rest full sway you get my back and my waist and my ribs and then bring myself back up check that feel okay and then take your legs out in front of you my feet flat to the ground and knees together and lift your chest and I’m going to just rock out just checking there is no tension in my hips and this also incorporates a little bit of lower back movement which feels really nice I’m getting a little gentle twist rocking from side to side making it big really rockin all rocking out gently from side to side [Music] lovely choppin round your back forehead in checking you alright here comes my friend again and then I’m gonna tuck in and I’m gonna roll over onto all fours from here I’ve got space and rolling excuse me little man roll over but you bring yourself onto all fours in every way whatever way is good for you just tucking in my clothes because they always end up on my neck and I’m bringing myself into your nice easy tabletop position with my hands spread shoulders above my wrists knees above my hips and I gonna round my back pull the tummy in and then ease my hips to my heels stretch my hands away now we’re coming into a nice easy flow from child pose to all fours and then coming forward into updog but what I’d like you to do is move from the solar plexus area okay so from this core let’s create some fire create some inner Agni a cleansing energy and work on our area of confidence so is back spread your fingers forward walk them away all the belly bone into the back bone the belly bone the belly button into the back bone and let that drive you up rock that area forward slowly bring myself down and come up and then ease back again all initiating from this lovely solar plexus energy point ease back pull up and notice how it makes you flow really smoothly and so you’ve got the hang of this nice easy flow and this is where I invite you to add bits take bits away so maybe coming up and a little rolling roll out rolling roll ups and maybe a swear of the hips ease back to child maybe whilst you’re in child you’d like to walk your hands to one side to the center and then the other so you’ve got your basic framework you can add to it be creative blowing up bringing the weight forward scooping up up dog and curl your toes under maybe you want to lift your hips to downward dog then again initiating from your solar plexus drop your knees ease back roll up drop forward adding bits maybe take a look over your shoulder and all this really is giving you the ability to create your own home practice to have the confidence to just jump on the mat and a move in a way that feels so good for your body rock forward ease back walk your hands forward dropping the head a really nice stretch bringing the palms together and drawing the fingertips down the back of the body so all these wonderful creative ideas are yours to use maybe threading underneath and reaching up other side too so threading underneath and reaching up and bring your hands down curl your toes and then we’re going to make the transition to Tadasana so down dog is always really nice a little paddle and a sway of your hips and then slowly walk your feet to your hands would fold down them down and again moving smoothly a little gentle sway in your body good come back to the center initiating from that little powerhouse in your tummy and roll up roll all the way up and relax your shoulders and you feel quite tall and mighty and free in your body so come to the front of your mats and we’re starting off our standing flow in Tadasana so I’d like you to spread the feet ground them down to the floor and feel a nice connection with the earth energy let it draw up through your body draw the thighs up to the hip bones pull your belly and lift your pelvic floor and relax your shoulders and I’d like you to feel free and like this space and air in your body relax good you sweep up open I’ll then take your hands down to the floor look Jimmy’s lovely step back into a plank if that’s okay and you know knees down plank is always an option so in your plank again you’re soft in the elbows soft in your body and you’re gonna breathe smoothly and this is your asana to be creative with maybe a sway from side to side add bits take bits away drop in your knees easing back pulling the belly up coming up all fours and then taking your hips up nice and high you know me from here maybe the right leg feels good to come up circling your ankle may you be bending your knee whatever feels good really stretch deepen into it if that feels nice and then you’re gonna step through so rounding your back that’s solar plexus pulls up to the sky arch it pull the belly in and then step through nobody bring your hand to your knee and you’re nice and upright feel steady this is a wobbly one so if you feel a little scattered today you might rather flatten that back but but I’d like you to be around them breathe and then I’d like you to drop that back foot bring yourself into warrior one and you could have a little sway I need to bring my warrior one a hill little narrower for my hips here it doesn’t feel so nice the other way and maybe you could have a little stretch reach or maybe dropping the elbows down and reaching squeezing elbows together behind and reach I’m just getting into each posture and then trying to tap into what feels nice you reach up curl the back toe under and brewing myself down I love this know a nice hip stretch drop him on to the little toe side of your foot and I think if you can see that but that just enables this to rock in and out moving a little freely in my hips and then when it rocks out it just gives me the chance to come down a little deeper so maybe onto one forearm maybe onto both and just move little rock little sway schmoozing into those hip joints nice and deep hello from here we’re going to make the transition to tricking us now I’m going to try and make it as smooth as possible so on to my fingertips back foot flat little toe rooted straightening my front leg replacing the hand on my leg and from here then it’s like I’ve got a bow in my hand and I’m going to draw the string of my bow up and reach up I’m gonna do that again so rolling down and pull it up find him strength here reach up coming down good pull up and look up lovely this shoulder its sinking down the back it’s not scratched by my ear sinking down the back of my body reaching up inhale exhaling warrior two drawing my shoulder blades and my shoulders away from my ears nice and deep in the hips lovely reverse it look behind come up so again here you’ve got the nice framework from a reverse warrior to a part of a Canasta and it’s up to you what you do with these moves now I’ve seen people do beautiful ballet stretches okay and also I’ve seen people doing full-on hardcore you choose where you want to be are you the ballerina today all right either hardcore iov you choose reach out find your warrior two and then bring both hands back down curl the back toe under and you’re gonna bring your feet together roll your shoulders at the top heel toe your feet back in come back to you two – snap as we do the same on the other side so again just gonna readjust my clothing because it keeps you like shoulders feel that connection through the earth once again standing nice and tall reaching up folding forward enjoying a nice forward stretch putting my thighs up pulling my belly in my solar plexus pulling in and hold learning from him here sorry step back to plank have a little sway be soft if you can in plank remember you can have your knees down and then you take if you want flowing on to your side plank coming back drop your knees ease back just take a little check out in child pose but keep your toes curled under just checking you’re okay clocking in how’s your body how’s your spirit then lifting your knees and bringing yourself into downward facing dog from here take your left leg up and join me really sink in and look to your hands that you’re gonna take a little bit of core work and step through lovely find myself and nice and high in a high lunge turn to my knee curl the back toe under relax shoulders and maybe this time on this side I want to do something a little bit different and that’s okay it’s not gonna affect you too much little roll of the shoulders bring my arms up and draw down good inhale exhale enhance I make the transition well not to worry too just yet but to orient one reach arms up get those feet parallel so you’re like on skis rather than a tightrope and reach up and again you might want to ease up stretch ease up reach reach and reach reach both lift up out of the hips curl the back toe under and here you are oh nice three of transition into this lovely hip opener little dragon pose drop the knee out and we can drop it in and drop it out and just play with it nourishing the soul nourishing your body nourishing your mind is it okay to come down for you if it is come down sink your hips middle toe side maybe this sides a little deeper and that’s cool to rant from here come up smooth transition to trick an arson air so I’m going to be facing the other way but I’m gonna guide you through dropping the back foot and straighten both legs and you’ve got that nice string to your bow and this just gives you energy in your pose so draw breathing deeply breathing focus on your breath it will keep you grounded keep you mindful good pull up reach drop down up reach up and make this your final one draw up come all the way up until you I am worried – excuse my behind view reach out soften your shoulders and here’s where you can be a little creative relax breathing in reach and side stretch reach lovely reverse come up inhale inhale remember tap into your inner ballet dancer or you’re in a hardcore yogi what does your body want to do today breathing it cartwheeling those hands forward have a little rock back and forth and then bring your feet together forward fold rolling all the way up arms up palms together and hands to your heart in Tadasana with Anjali mudra salutations nice top shoulders and use this time just to check in how you feel now any different now you’ve nurtured yourself do you feel more balanced more focused softer if you tapped into your inner peace body is balanced mind her space and then release your wrists those damn dogs can play havoc on your wrists build up some strength and then we’re going to come down onto the mat and take some few nice seated stretches so coming down sitting comfortably in dandasana there’s little toes pointing to the ceiling and take the fleshy part of your bottom out of the way so you’re in a nice upright position and just hold that everything’s initiating from this core Center this fiery solar plexus and then univita reach and wriggle forward take hold of something whether it be your toes your feet or your ankles and allow your body to soften here damn you know in this you can hold and really stretch what I’m gonna do actually is just let my hair dry and just enjoy release how often do we get just slop into a posture always you’re thinking core pelvic floor mullah bandha now I’m just inviting you to do what feels good okay you’re gonna take your right leg in squeeze it right in and cross it over your leg this one wants to stay active all the way through remember that like still in the game sit up nice and tall and hug in and you’re gonna twist look over your shoulder breathe in lengthen and breathe out twist and these wonderful twists give you energy ignite your inner fire and cleanse your body too so breathe in lengthen breathe out twist lovely coming back to the center this leg is going to come all the way around one leg one knee on top of the other let the feet settle now this is just too much keep that left leg straight enjoy that another hip crack at this one really lovely for your hips let your body adjust sit up nice and tall and then you’re gonna fold forward [Music] joyeux Chinna and fold bring yourself up sitting up back into down basement have a little shake out and then draw your left leg in cross it over make it nice and tight hug in find your height and then twist look over your shoulder hand behind you lengthen and twist good comeback unravel the spine should feel good make you feel nice in the arm and then bring the foot to the side there’s a half of cow face pose it’s wonderful because lively lifts let the breathing ground you for Center through your hips nice air and space in your spine draw your chin in for the crown of your head reaching to the sky and fold forward folding forward again leading with the crown everyone should wear a crown draw your chin and fold [Music] lovely unravel let’s do that hips way one more time before we compete just roll from side to side check your hips feel okay I’m sure they feel amazing wealthy and across your life and there you go you’ve completed your yoga session to make you feel good namaste [Music]

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  1. Yoga does not ask you to be more than you are but it does ask you to be all that you are – A quote by Bryan Kest and it is so relevant in – Yoga To move In A Way That Feels Good. In this class I'm not asking you to do more than can but to to do just what is right for you today and what feels good for you today, enjoy🙏🏻🌸💕

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