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– Hey everyone, and welcome
to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and we’re in
the beautiful park today, and we have a video called
Yoga Stretch for you. This practice is awesome
if you’re just feeling a little bit lazy or heavy
and you want to get moving, but you don’t know what to do and you don’t want to
commit to something big. I got your back. Let me guide you through
some yummy stretches. You can use this
video in conjunction with our Yoga Tone video, and work with them together
to create balance on your mat so that you can have balance
off your mat as well. Alright, hop into something
comfy, and let’s get started. (bouncy, lively strumming and drumming) Alright, welcome my friends. Let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat. Go ahead and cross at the ankles. Sit up nice and tall. Give yourself permission here to put the day thus far aside. Anything on the agenda
ahead, put that away, and we have a little bit of
time to find what feels good. So give it your all. Focus on your breath. Big inhale as you sit up nice and tall. Big exhale as you relax
the shoulders down. Hmmm, sometimes that’s all it takes. Big inhale in. Big exhale, relax your shoulders. Big inhale. And exhale, tag a little
weight in your elbows. Find length. Sit up nice and tall. Close your eyes here for
a breath cycle or two. And just notice how you feel today. So if you’re really sore, I got your back. We’re gonna move nice and slow. This should be a really yummy practice. Leave ya feelin’ awesome, and ready for whatever’s next, but for now, stay present, and we’ll do that by breathing deep. See if you can even out your breaths. Make the inhalation and the
exhalation the same length. Then we’ll start our movement
with some big circles with the nose, so keep
it nice and slow here as you begin to draw big
circles with the nose one way and then the other. Stretching up through the neck. And then just notice
if taking on this task has caused the spine to round. See if you can maintain this length up through the spine
sitting up nice and tall. Then again, we have a little
bit of time to play here, to find what feels good, so make the most of it. Drop the baggage. Stay present. So, present with the sensation. Stretching. And then when you feel satisfied, bring your head back to center, and we’ll draw the palms
together at the heart. Go ahead and interlace
the fingertips here. Sit up nice and tall. Breathe. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze
the hands together. And then slowly, pressing
the palms forward, up, and back, big stretch here. Ground down through
the tops of the thighs, lift up through the front body. Think long, puppy belly
here through the front body, and then really ground down
through the shoulder blades, so create space. Press up through the palms
or through the thumbs. Take one more breath here, and then exhale, release. Beautiful. Alright, we’re gonna
send the right leg out while keeping the left leg in, so left heel’s gonna come into the center, Janushirasana, Head to Knee Pose. So find your foundation here. Flex the right toes up towards the sky, and then reach up as if you
were climbing up on a rope, so you’re really reaching, reaching, as tall as you can go, creating that length that we
just had in the front body. Reach up and then maintain that length. Think up and over as you take
your nose toward your knee. Now you could just rest here. And then we’ll just in time
work to create space and length to come into the full expression. Maybe, maybe not. We have lots of different options here. Focus on the sensation, the stretch. Enjoy it. Don’t worry about the shape. Active foot here, breathe deep. Tuck the chin to the chest. Slowly roll it up. I’m laughing ’cause I
kind of snorted a little. And we’ll switch to the other side. Right heel in. Left leg out. Nice and slow and steady. Active foot, again climb up
your imaginary rope here. Breathe in, and then exhale, take it up and over, Head to Knee Pose, Janushirasan, so we’re working on length. Stretching the legs, the hips, rounding forward through
the spine if it feels right. (deep breathing) Great, and then tuck
the chin into the chest. Slowly roll it up. And we’ll take the right foot down. Bring the left foot up to meet it. And then, I’m just gonna
center myself on the mat. And then go ahead and swim
the fingertips around. Fingertips pointing towards your hips. I’m gonna slowly draw my heels in. We loop the shoulders. Press into all ten knuckles firmly. Here we go, lengthening, lifting up. Sending the knees forward. We’re gonna come into a
little crab shape here. Opening up through the chest. A little tabletop here as you lengthen, sitting bones towards
the backs of the knees. Inhale in, find length. And then exhale, slowly release. Gorgeous. Great, from here, I’m
gonna cross the ankles, and come forward onto all fours. If you want to take a little
Thriller arm in between to counter in the wrists, in the forearms, this is kind of nice. Otherwise, straight through you go. We’ll come to tabletop position. Take a couple Cat-Cows here, listening to the sound of your breath. (deep breathing) As you inhale, drop the belly. Stretch the front body. Great after core workout. Exhale, rounding through, chin to chest. Stretching the back body. A little love for the spine, do one more. Great, then we’ll press into the top of the back foot firmly,
curl the right toes under, and slide ’em back for
a big calf stretch here. Rock front to back. Careful you’re not locking
out through the elbows so a little buoyancy here is good. Breathing deep. Great. Then we’ll lift the right
leg up whenever you’re ready. Stay connected to your back foot. Inhale in. Exhale, nose to knee, rounding through, and then step your right foot up, nice low lunge. Big stretch here. Work it out. Breathe deep, especially if you’re sore. Finding length, but also
building strength to support. (squawking, quacking) Inhale, lift the chest. Open your heart. Exhale, I’m gonna use my
fingertips to brace here. I’m gonna spin the left
toes over towards the right side of the mat. I’m heading into a gate variation. Big, big stretch here. Really nice opening. Use your fingertips to walk it all the way towards the back edge of your mat. Plant the left palm, and then press away from your yoga mat, and as you kind of, maybe take this bow and
arrow effect we do sometimes, and open right fingertips towards the sky. Front leg is straight. Can either have the foot
down or the toes lifted. Now again, breathe into the front body. Find length. Activate through the back body. Cultivate strength. Notice if the neck is hanging down low. Take one more conscious breath here. Maybe take the arm all the way back. To come out of the posture, anchor navel to spine, use your fingertips to walk it back. Nice stretch here in the
transition too, really nice. We come back to our nice, low lunge. Inhale, sweep the arms up and overhead. Exhale, press into the top of that thigh. Lift up just a hair. Great, and you’re gonna
keep your right hand on the thigh, and just
take the left fingertips out to the left and draw
a big rainbow up and over. Big stretch. Should feel awesome. Inhale in, lift the chin. If you’re lookin’ for more fire today. You started this video
and you didn’t realize there’s not enough fire,
you can lift that back knee. Otherwise, keep it nice and low. Inhale. And exhale. To come out of this posture, same thing, draw the navel in, Uddiyana Bandha. Find that lock. And then we’ll take it
all the way back down. Beautiful, just plant the palms. Come back to all fours. We’ll do the same little
dance on the other side. Curl the left toes under, slide ’em back. Stretching through the calf. Find a little sawing effect front to back. Keeping awareness in the shoulders here so we’re not collapsed. Stretch it out. Keep breathing. Life is good, explore your body. Here we go, lift the left leg up. Press away from your yoga mat. And then here we go, nose to knee, rounding through. Step it up whenever you’re ready. Find front knee over front ankle, and we just stretch here. Maybe you walk the right
knee back a little. Breathing deep. So we’re tryin’ to come
out of our turtle shell a little bit here. This is really great if you work at a desk or you spend a lot of
time with the shoulders or the arms rounding forward. Open it up. And then here we go, inhale. Everyone open the chest,
wide in the collar bone. And exhale, taking the right toes towards the left side of the mat, and using your fingertips
to guide you once again all the way towards the
back edge of your mat. Enjoy the transition here. Great stretch in the transitions. Nice and slow, right
hand comes to the earth, and we find our gate
variation on the other side. Maybe a little bow and arrow action here as you peel up and open towards the sky. Lots of integrity through
the crown, the neck, hugging the lower ribs in. Breathing deep. Take one more breath here. Maybe you reach the left fingertips all the way up towards
the back edge of your mat. And then draw the navel in. Hug the lower ribs in. Soften through that front knee. Use your palms or your fingertips to walk it all the way back. Great, find your foundation. Once again, deep stretch, interlace the fingertips, pressing up, finding length. Scissor the legs a little bit, so find that lift through
your pelvic floor. Breathing deep. And then this time, keeping
the left hand on the thigh and taking the right fingertips,
really take up space here. So stretching through
the peck if it’s sore. Right, to each his own, really drawing big rainbow up and over. Not dumping into this hip, but keeping the hips together. Big stretch. (deep breathing) In time, you can work
to take the fingertips down to a block or to the earth. Big inhale in here. Exhale lifts you back up. Big inhale in, and then
exhale to release back down. Plant the palms, come back to all fours. Awesome, bring the knees now
as wide as your yoga mat. Big toes to touch. Inhale, reach the right
fingertips forward. Exhale, thread the needle. Right fingertips go in and underneath the bridge of the left arm. We breathe deep here. Should feel awesome. A little rinse for the upper back body. Use the left hand. Press the left elbow up towards the sky or all the way up towards
the front edge of your mat. Find what feels good here. Draw the navel up and in. Then gently, releasing back to center. Taking this same little
twist on the other side, finding that length. And then threading the needle. Left fingertips underneath
the bridge of the right arm. Come to rest on the left
ear and make the most of it. Right elbow up towards the sky, or right fingertips
reaching all the way towards the front of your mat. Breathe deep. Then slowly melting back to center. We’ll come back to all fours, nist– Wrists underneath the knees, got excited. Toes in line with the ankles. Go ahead and turn the left fingertips in towards the knee. Just one arm at a time
here, breathing deep. Then release. And right fingertips turn
around and in, don’t collapse. Breathe, maybe send your
gaze a little bit forward to help you with the no collapse. Great, and then release. Walk the palms in front. Curl the toes under. Only one Downward Dog here. Inhale, and then exhale, send the hips up and back. Hmmmm. So I was gonna say you can
actually repeat this video after it’s done if you want more. It might be nice to do the whole thing twice in a row if you’re craving more, or let it inspire you to do more. Maybe you put on your
favorite song after this, and spend a couple more minutes tending to whatever is sore on your mat. Great and then slowly
lower the knees back down. And we’re gonna end with a
one-legged King Pigeon today. So we’ll slide the right toes out just like we did before. And this time, reeling it in. Sending the left toes back. Walking the right foot out. We have a Foundations of Yoga video for this if you like. And then just deciding
what feels best today, staying up tall, or
taking it down to a fold. And we’re gonna be here
for a couple breaths, so find what feels good. Our practice is almost over. The ritual that we share
together is almost done so stay in the moment if you can. Focus on your breath. So good for the body. Excellent for the mind. And a real treat for the heart when you can just give yourself this time. Stay here. If you’d like an added quad stretch, we’ll gently lift up onto the palms. Right palm comes to the mat. Again, feel free to stay there. And we’ll take a look back, maybe bend that left knee. Nice quad stretch here,
so to each his own. If you’re in the quad stretch, take one more breath in and out. Gently release. If you’re in a sleeping pigeon, slowly wake it up, make it back. And we’ll come back to all fours. Before you move to the other side just take a second to
maybe draw a big circle with the right knee one way, and then the other. Hmmmm. Yeah, that’s what’s up! Send the left toes back. And same thing on the other side. Got some crazy hair today. So stay present in the sensations, what’s going on on this side, how is it different from the other side? I know it seems so obvious, but we can never be
reminded too much in yoga asana practice to
remember to pay attention to how does it feel? ♫ How does it feel ♫ That’s a song we can sing. That’s a cool song. ♫ How does it feel ♫ Stay in your sweet, sleeping pigeon. Or if you want the quad
stretch on the other side, go ahead and lift it up. Press firmly into the left palm. Don’t collapse here, so find length. Lots of integrity always. Because you’re worth it. Big stretch here. If you’re in the quad stretch, take a deep breath in. Use your exhale to release with control. If you’re in a sleeping pigeon, go ahead and press it up. And then we’ll all come back to all fours. Take a moment to draw
circles with the left knee one way, and then the other. Then walk the knees up to center. Take the feet to one side, and we’re gonna come all the way down to flat back. Extend the left leg out long. Bring the right knee in. Squeeze right knee up
and in towards your heart or your chest. Inhale in. Exhale, take right knee over to the left. Supine twist. Extend out through the right arm. Try to draw your right shoulder
blade down to the earth. Big breath in. Big exhale out. Relax your face. Relax your body. And then slowly melting
it back, take your time. Same thing on the other side. Stretch it out. Inhale in. Big exhale, guiding it over towards the right side of your mat. Opening up through the left fingertips. This time try to draw your left shoulder to your yoga mat. Supine twist. Inhale in. Exhale, come back to center. Draw the feet together and the knees as wide as your yoga mat. Cobbler’s Pose, reclined. Reclined Cobbler’s Pose
or Supta Baddha Konasana. So great if you just have
a little bit of time, or maybe before you wake up for your day, or as you’re headed to bed. It’s just a nice, restorative posture. Bring the hands to the belly. Take a couple full deep breaths, appreciating yourself,
appreciating your body. And giving yourself a couple last, sweet, private moments of you time. Even if there are distractions around you, just tap into that inner smile, and know that you’ve done something awesome for yourself, stretching it out. Finding length, creating space. Understanding the importance
of tending to the mind and the body as one. Yoga is awesome and you rock. That’s how we’re gonna end today. Draw maybe your left hand to your heart. Right hand can stay on the belly. The light in me honors the
light rock star in you. I’ll see you next time. Free yoga videos every Wednesday. Take good care. Namaste. (lively strumming and drumming music)


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