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My yoga retreat was Amazing Phenomenal Unforgettable The first yoga retreat I’ve done was in Portugal and it was with “Golden Waves” I didn’t know what to expect It was my first time booking a yoga type holiday I’m usually someone that books a holiday and sits on the beach for a week and does nothing When I was booking it and I was asking my friend. “What do you think?” I’d shortlisted about five and then she was like: “Oh actually well that looks quite nice…I’m coming too!” Being able to see all the different types of yoga holidays that were out there. Meeting everybody’s needs; I thought it was really good. So I’ve recommended it to several people already. I think I was expecting to meet a dynamic group of people but I didn’t really expect to meet friends. I just met so many people who were really into yoga and it was a lot of fun Everyone was really friendly and up for meeting new people You can see like real pictures and people get to explain their experiences and you can tell from the website that that’s the right place for you to go. I wanted to go somewhere I could relax So I found Croatia you had your own space you had a swimming pool and you could go to the beach So at the beginning of the trip we had to visualize in our mind what we wanted to achieve and what we wanted to maybe bring to a close and I would say by the end of that I had achieved my goal of what the reason why I went there The variety that you have on the website is great Just my experience of having my yoga retreat from there and was amazing and I would definitely do it again The effect of doing this one week long intense yoga retreat was the fact that it does sort of instill it into your daily routine I think I just got a bit more focused in what I was doing and a little bit more patient a little bit more calm just within myself. I just I can’t get over and I would definitely want to do it again If you are hesitant about booking, it’s the best place to go because they’ve got a really great reputation They’ve got all the information that you can read through and make a safe and informed decision


  1. Love the video!

  2. So inspiring <3

  3. Amazing stories! Can't wait to book my next retreat 🙂

  4. This is so nice..I've been looking for a yoga retreat lately and this seems to be the right place to find a great experience!

  5. Amazing video, amazing company!!

  6. Truly inspiring <3

  7. I’ve been on the fence about going on a yoga retreat..After watching this, can’t help but be inspired & convinced!

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