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– What’s up, everyone? Welcome to the Yoga with Adriene vlog. We are in my breakfast nook today and we’re just taking a second
to answer some questions. So, we have all this great conversation going on on the channel,
which I’m super grateful for. I know I’ve said it before, so I won’t babble on about it now, but I’m really excited,
inspired and grateful for the nature and the very fact that we’re actually having
an exchange, you know? Chris and I aren’t just
putting out yoga videos and we’re not just practicing them. We’re actually talking really in-depth and having fun in our private yoga groups, which are on Facebook and they have to do with the REBOOT group
and the EMPOWER group, which I’ll talk more about later. But also on Twitter, also on
Instagram, who’da thought? Actually, we got removed from Facebook. I don’t know what happened,
but it was an exciting time. Everyone’s heart started, you know, blood started pumping and
our hearts started racing and we all questioned
life for a second there. But anyway, we’re back. Also via the letter, the newsletter. So, if you’re not
subscribed to the letter, you might check that out. You can go to and subscribe to the
weekly letter from me. And we actually, you
know, I try to respond to the e-mails there as much as I can. And anyway, just starting off
this vlog by saying thank you. The reason we’re answering
questions here is because we’re actually talking and I think that is super awesome. So, that said, I put a call
out for questions this week. I put it up at like 10:30pm
and, the next morning, woke up with a bleep-ton of questions. Saved you from having to
bleep that out, Chris. Okay. (laughs) Anyway, so, I got so many great questions, I actually sat down, I
transcribed them all, not even on my computer,
like old-fashioned style with a pen and paper. And I organized them so that
we will have whole videos based on frequently asked questions. So, I’m gonna do another
video on nutrition. I’m gonna do another video just for yoga teachers or
aspiring yoga teachers. I’m gonna do a whole
video on my yoga history and talk about how I got into yoga. So, if your question
doesn’t get answered today, I just wanted to say that it was definitely
noticed and transcribed, and it might even have
inspired a whole other video. So, for today, we’re just
gonna keep it simple. I’m gonna go through
a couple of fun things and then, as time goes on, we’ll maybe keep this as a regular thing. So, the first one that I
wanted to tackle today, really simple but it’s so important, tips for setting intentions and maintaining them, keeping them. And some people just went, “Oh, yeah.” And some people just went, “(groans).” And I mean, I think that this
is a good conversation to have because the point is that
we’re actually talking about setting intentions,
that we’re actually going into this world of awareness, which,
again, for some, is like, “Yeah, I do that everyday. “I set intentions every morning.” And some days, you’ll forget
or some people are new to this kind of awareness jungle. Sounds sexy, just kidding. And so, I think that’s a great
place to start on this vlog. Tips for setting intentions
and maintaining them. You know, of course, everyone’s different, so everyone has their own mode. But for me, I like to write them down. I write them in my journal, I
write them on my to-do list. Man, if I’m really having a week, I write them on a dang sticky note and I put it on the mirror or
on the computer and the desk. I also kind of have a ritual
of setting intentions in my bed or just kind of looking at the day ahead in my bed before I get up, before I pick up my phone,
before I take care of the dog. You know, just kind of
having a conscious moment before I actually put
my feet on the ground where I’m like, “Okay, what is it “that we’re gonna do today?” That way I don’t just get
wrapped up in my to-go mind, to-go doggie bag mind,
whatever that means. That really means the thinking mind, which is what we talk
about in yoga all the time, something I talk about
in my public classes that are a little
different from the videos. We are there in the flesh together and it’s been so nice meeting people who come into Austin to practice. But kind of not ignoring
the thinking mind, but actually the opposite,
just kind of acknowledging it and then bringing it more awareness. So, setting intentions
at the begin of practice to kind of maybe take a
break from the thinking mind. There’s a awesome thing
in Yogananda’s book, his Autobiography of a
Yogi, where he talks about or his mentions his teacher saying, “What if you were to
take a break from that? “What if you were to just live
life with more awareness?” He said something like, “What if you were to do this experiment “where every thought that
you had were to come true? “What if every thought
you had were to come true? “How would you kind of reshape
your strategy on thinking? “Or how would your awareness grow?” And so, I think, when you start to think about the big picture and you can apply this to
your yoga asana practice, letting the thinking mind take a break and really, I know I
always say it, but get your money’s worth when it comes
to setting intentions, then you’re gonna maintain them baby. It’s not gonna just become this… “Drink more water today,” which is great, but you’re really gonna start to dig deep and think about what I think and the intentions that I
set are gonna come true. And if they are gonna come true, how am I gonna really
commit to that practice? So again, I can give you tips on, like, write the intentions down, that’s fun. Repeat mantras in the shower. But really, just anchor
your mind in this reality or entertain this idea
that every thought you have has the power to come true. And if, when you start
thinking about that, maybe your intention
practice is gonna shift and you’re just gonna start
to maintain them naturally. Which kind of leads me
to the next question, which is, how do you stick
with your yoga practice, even when you’re feeling sad or shitty? Great question, especially for me as I continue to grow my practice
in this business of yoga. You know, how do you (laughs), how do you get on your mat when you feel like just going
to a movie and eating a pizza? Well, my honest to god answer is go to the movie and eat
the pizza, you know? That is yoga, too, for me. Again, most people just lit up and half the people
just rolled their eyes. But for me, I’m a younger person (laughs), but I’ve been privileged
to practice for a while and from the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the last five to 10 years
is you gotta be yourself. You got to understood that yoga is more than the Yoga For Weight Loss video that you’re trying to get through or the 30 Days of Yoga even. It’s starts to bleed into your daily life. Those are invitations
into a bigger practice, which is being yourself. And so, for me, sometimes that is not getting on my mat at all and totally going to the Alamo Drafthouse and having a pizza and a
party. (laughs turn into sobs) Just kidding. Or some days, it’s a walk and
then a margarita, you know? Or it doesn’t even have to be pizza or alcohol, these extremes. You know, sometimes it’s
just a couple of stretches in my bedroom, naked
(laughs) after a shower. Just got 10 million subscribers! Just kidding. I’m not flattering
myself, just being funny. But yeah, sometimes it’s not the yoga practice that you think. And so, that’s how you get into
your yoga practice everyday, even when you’re sad or
feeling low on energy. You gotta be true to the moment and you gotta give yourself a free pass and understand that that’s the yoga, too. So for me, when I practice, I’m cultivating this insane amount of self-love the more I practice. And that’s not just yoga
talk, that is for real. I’m looking into the camera and telling you that is for real. And so, then, when I begin
to cultivate this self-love, I begin to get joy out of
giving myself those free passes, forgiving myself when I don’t go to class when I intended to, and I find other ways to feel good, okay? So, that’s neck rolls in the shower. That’s doing something nice for someone, having a glass of wine with a loved one and a real conversation. Maybe instead of tending
to yourself that day, you tend to someone
else and that feeds you. So, it just depends on
where you’re at that day and the real yoga moment is the listening. So, that’s how I do my yoga practice, even when I’m feeling sad. I stay present, I listen,
and then the next day, I come back even stronger. I was just talking about that. I had kind of a bad
week last week (laughs). maybe two weeks. And then this week, I just kind of, Monday hit and I reset and I was like, “Okay, I’m done with that, “time to shift my energy
into something new.” And I’m gonna help you with
that in the next couple weeks and we’re gonna talk
about what we’re gonna do in June on the channel,
which might help you too. Favorite position when you’re stressed? This is a great thing after
the last question too because as I said, your yoga practice doesn’t always have to be the same. You can change it up. My favorite position is to
widen my feet, hip width apart, and go into a forward fold. Anywhere. Do it at Target. Who cares? Great for the nervous system. Great to just kind of
“(groans)” rag doll it out and then you can slowly roll
up, hit the refresh button and giddy on up and go. That’s it. Seriously. It’s not a fancy yoga pose. Uttanasana is probably
my fave pose to go to when I’m stressed. Somebody asked me if I
have a daily routine. I feel like that kind of goes
with these questions today, or do I change it up? Totally change it up. As I said, for me, the yoga,
the uniting of my mind, my body and my spirit and my heart is
really all about listening. Yesterday, I went to
the YMCA with my friend to learn a core workout. Oh! And I ran into a
Yoga with Adriene friend. If you are watching this, “Hello to you fit man,
handsome fit man, and thank you “for saying hello and that
was fun to kind of connect.” Cause I never go to the gym anymore so it was fun to see a Yoga
with Adriene friend there. So that was my yoga yesterday. We did some stretching on the mats and then I learned a
friend’s core yoga routine, which totally inspired me. And then, I didn’t end up
going to the class that I was going to go to that evening. I stayed home and worked
and that was that. So I absolutely switch it up. Again, stay present with
the listening, and… be open to letting your
practice evolve too. Sometimes if you just hit
the same practice every time, and I’m really into this
as a teacher lately, you gotta be you in the moment. You got to listen to the
birds, listen to the weather, the quality of air in the room. Pay attention to how you
feel in the present moment and then you’re going to get
the best out of your practice. So yeah, totally change it up. When you’re at home in
Austin, what’re your hobbies? I don’t really wanna talk about myself, but this came up a lot, so I’ll answer it. What kinds of things you do for fun? (quietly laughs) I like to go to the movies. I like to go to Barton Springs. It’s almost that time of year here. Also, I like to swim. I definitely like to do
anything with the dog. Mostly to wear him out but
also because I love him. Walking (sighs) I need to do, you know how we have Tennis elbow, I need to do a yoga for the Chuckit! Thumbs up on this video if you
know what I’m talking about. If you have a Chuckit. Shout out to Chuckit users everywhere. Oh my God, so good if
you have a active dog. I like to hang out with friends. I like to go to theater
shows, puppet shows, I mentioned the movies. Here in Austin we have
a summer film series, at the beautiful historic
Paramount Theatre. I can’t wait for that to happen. Where they show all kind
of like old classic movies, my favorite. It’s really fun. It’s also really well air
conditioned so in the Texas summer heat, it’s a nice place to go. What else do I do? I like margaritas. I like to drink margaritas
and eat Mexican food with people I love. I like to go to the park. I like to… go to yoga. I mean I love to teach and
I love to share this message of find what feels good
here in Austin too, because a lot of my
friends don’t even realize kind of what we have
going on the internet. So I kind of like to kind
of welcome them into that. What else? I guess that’s it. I spend a lot of time at home these days, which is different, years past,
so it’s nice to be at home. Honestly, I’m going to
be traveling a lot more, so I look forward to what
that brings to my kind of daily routine and so
far every time I leave, it just makes me love you know, home more. Can Benji be in more videos? That came up a couple times
and I think it’s cute. Again, not too serious
questions here today. But the answer is yes! We will bring Benji into
more videos, starting now. Benji! Can you believe this is a six
month old Blue Heeler puppy just chillin like a villan? Hey, can you said hi to the camera? Wanna come up here? (pats leg) No. Benji! Come here. You’re such a good dog. Yes you are. Thumbs up to dog lovers and animal lovers out there, every where. If anyone is concerned about my voice, I think its just because I had coffee, an Americano this morning. I don’t think anything’s wrong with it but, I anticipate that
someone’s gonna bring that up. Subscribe to the newsletter
if you haven’t already. Subscribe to the channel,
duh! If you haven’t already. Invite your friends. Thank you so much for sharing the channel with your loved ones. We have definitely heard your requests. We’re gonna go into more
in-depth questions in the future. We have free yoga videos
coming at you every Wednesday. May is almost up. (blows out) Woo! In June, we’re gonna
kinda embrace fitness. So, I definitely love to talk
about the integrity of yoga and honor the history and
the philosophy of yoga, but, I just want to let you
know right now that in June, we’re gettin fit. We’re kinda doing a fitness
focus and so we have some ideas on how to do that with you. We’re definitely going
to bring EMPOWER back and we want to invite you to do that with us. Even if you’ve done it
already, we’re gonna talk more about that later. We’ll work together as a kula, as a group. So don’t make any other yoga challenge or fitness plans for June. I invite you to get fit
with us and we’re basically just going to kind of heed the
call or answer the request to get fit for the summer and
I want to do it with you. So in June, we’re going to get sexy basically is what I’m trying to say. Just kidding. Thank you so much for all your questions. I look forward to having
more conversations with you. We have so much going on. I just invite you to stay connected, keep checking in with me and
I’ll keep cheeking…(laughs) Keep checking in with you. That’s it for the vlog today. We have a new video that
I’m really excited about coming up next week. And, I’ll see you on the mat. I guess that’s it for now,
love you guys so much! Take good care. Namaste. (light guitar music)


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