Yoga Poses For Beginners – Where To Start?

What’s up everyone? Welcome to the Yoga with
Adriene blog. I am Adriene. Today, we are talking about yoga for beginners;
people who want try to yoga or maybe have tried yoga it back in the 1980s
or 1990s and want to come back to it again. Reaching out to all people
here; yoga for everyone. Truly, I just want to get a little specific.
It’s hard to maybe write all of this, so I thought I would do a vlog because
this comes up all the time, this question: Where do I begin? I’ll just start by saying first of all, you
begin here now. Just the thought, the desire to want to do something
that brings more light into your life that’s good for your body, good
for your internal organs, and overall health: Mind, body, soul; starts truly
now with just the thought. We’re already halfway there. Just rolling
out the mat and showing up is really part of the battle. Like I said, I want to get a little specific
for you today. Where do I begin? We have some great postures on the
‘Foundations of Yoga’ series. To get really specific, start with, actually,
the first pose we ever did, which is called Sukhasana, or the Easy Pose.
Start there. Another one that I would recommend checking out is Tadasana,
or the Mountain Pose. It’s a standing posture that, I in my opinion, think
will change your life, whether you go to yoga class or not. Just
learning this posture and gaining full body awareness I think is worth the price
of this video, which is free, so I don’t know what that means, but
it’s definitely worth it. Another one is Downward Dog. We all know this
posture. We associate Hatha yoga with Downward Dog, but it can be a (beep).
You know it can. Take time with the ‘Foundations of Yoga’ video with
Downward Dog and grow that posture. I think I’ve said this before on the channel,
but I really fell in love with Hatha Yoga with the Asana the day I fell
in love with Downward Dog. That was not right away, it took a lot of
practice. Take or leave it, whatever that means for you. Runner’s Lunge; I have a lot of friends, particularly
men, just do not like this posture, but it is in my top . . . what
am I mentioning . . . 3-4-5 poses to tackle as a beginner, because you
will notice it grows fast if you stick to the practice. Also, it’s just very
calming in regular Hatha Yoga class. If you want to go to public classes,
prepare yourself for class by spending some time with me and the ‘Yoga with
Adriene’ channel. Another cool thing that I add to this ‘Where
do I start?’ thing is that we just rolled out a ‘Yoga for Complete Beginners’
video. It’s a quick sequence
that’s rather simple. It may not be easier
for you right away, but it’s simple, just allowing you to get on the
mat without too much pressure or too many yoga pretzel poses; without too
much talking from me. You can get that in the ‘Foundations of Yoga’ series.
It’s to give you a little taste of the experience. Check out that ‘Yoga
for the Complete Beginner’, and you can tackle that as complete beginner
or maybe someone returning to the practice. Maybe challenge yourself to
practicing that once every day for a week and just see what happens and if
you notice anything. I think you will, but who knows. Those are some specifics.
Try those poses in the ‘Foundations of Yoga’ series. Check out the
‘Yoga for Complete Beginners’. Part 2 of this ‘Where do I start?’ is again,
going back to right here, right now. Get involved. Leave me questions,
comments. Send in pictures if you like. Scroll through other Yogi’s pictures
and comments, and get inspired. Join the Instagram family. My name
on Instagram is adrienelouise, and Twitter and all that. Even if you’re not
on Twitter, maybe that’s not for you, but the point I’m trying to make
is get involved, help us grow this yoga family. Join us. I think you’ll
be surprised how actually inspiring it is. You’re like, “I think I do
want to try this today. My yoga family’s doing it, Adriene is doing it.” I
think you might find a place there. It feels good for me. I know my life
has changed ever since this channel rolled out. I’m inspired every day.
I fall on my ass still, every day. I learn new things every day, and I’m
definitely inspired by my fellow viewers and my fellow yogis. I almost went
into an accent there. I think that’s it for now. One other thing
I could maybe put on this video is that everyone keeps asking what kind of
Yoga mat do you use. I think that might be good for beginners, too. The
answer is whatever you can find that looks good and feels good for you, honestly.
I am not privileged enough to have experienced a bunch of fancy
yoga mats. Maybe one day this channel will grow and we’ll all get to experience
fancy yoga mats, or I can tell you. I have some friends who like JadeMats
for nonslip. I have some friends that like Manduka mats for more cushion.
Really truly for me, it’s whatever mat comes to meet me and greet me,
that’s affordable and feels good. Don’t stress so much about your mat.
Find what feels good, mix and match. If you do want to spend money on a
mat then make sure it’s worth it to you. If not, just go with the flow. I think that’s all for now. I love you guys
so much. Hopefully we have some new yogis listening. Send in your questions,
comments on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and we’ll see
you on YouTube and on the mat. Namaste my friends. Much love.


  1. Runners lunge is my least fave pose at the moment. I feel to close between my knee and my chest. I can't open up enough yet. I'm also not stable enough in my core and hips so I struggle doing runners lunges into another pose at the moment.

  2. So quiet … aside from that. deeply appreciate your explanation.

  3. Start here, now.

  4. New Yogi here & was shown by my gf. She loves yoga & loves your videos, so I feel like I'm in good hands. Thank you for who you are & for spreading peace, awareness of self-love & positive healthcare ! Namaste.

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  6. I love this video. I laughed so many times. The yoga mat advice was great.

  7. You are beautiful

  8. i loved this video, i felt like increasing my daily time of practice and i had many questions on my mind that were answered to in this sequence.
    you are so inspiring Adriene and i thank you a lot for being there.
    LOVE and Peace

  9. I am brand spankin new to yoga and LOVE your channel. I am doing this to improve my posture, help with pain and help with losing weight. Starting with the yoga for complete beginners for one week and hoping to get my Mom on board, too!

  10. Really inspiring to go back and watch young Adriene and see how you've grown into this confident woman

  11. thank you Adriane! I'm already a follower of your videos and I fell really good after each of your practice. I watched this videos to gain some advices for few climbers I know, that always ask me these kind of question… and usually I tell them to watch you! ahah keep going you're inspiring

  12. I have been following the beginning videos for the last 2 weeks and can feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. I enjoy learning how I can challenge myself even as someone new to yoga. Adriene makes it easy and fun I look forward to it each day!

  13. Adriene, I just found your page 2 weeks ago and I love them all! Thanks for all the tips along the way.

  14. Hey I been doing your challenges and my 3 year old been trying to join me do you think you can do video that you can do with kids? I dk what would be good for him.

  15. There are newcomers Adriene 😊 thank you so much for films, knowledge and energy you sharing. For now I have real problems with those postures but every time it gets better. Greetings from frozen Poland 🤗😚

  16. Nice channel Adriene!👌🏼
    Here’s a beginner 🧘🏼‍♀️
    When the mat has arrived, I will start with your videos.
    I’m so excited for this 👏🏼
    I have read a lot and I think this will help me well, I have a bad back and neck with a few operations.
    (This was my first week, practice in the gym with a lot of people, and now I’m in love with yoga)
    It feels good afterwards and that's how it should be, I think..
    Tips are very welcome.
    Marijke from Belgium

  17. Adriene will u pls sum all the yoga postures neccessary for beginners into one entire video….?

  18. So charming ..
    I like you !

  19. I have been wanting to start learning yoga for a long time, a work colleague recommended your videos and after watching a few of your beginners tutorials, I am really excited to get started!

  20. hey guys i have now done the yoga for complete beginners video every day for a week and i'm hooked. Where should i go next? i dont have more than 20 mins ish a day but want to build up slowly.

  21. My mat is my rug, lol. If my feet hurt (neuropathy–>cold feet–>painful in stretched positions) I add slippers. I haven't had problems with this combination and it's amusing to think of my slippers as yoga socks and huggable mats.

  22. That is a beautiful flannel shirt.

  23. Thank you! I suffer from multiple health problems and my yoga skills went very backwards and Trying to get motivated again being so stiff and in immense pain makes it difficult to get going but this video gives me hope! Bout to watch your complete beginner then give it a whirl ❤
    Thank you!

  24. Desde México disfruto cada práctica =) ¡Felicidades Adriene! I´m so happy to practice yoga with you

  25. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you so much for your videos and positive energy. I started with a yoga practice a week ago and the pain in my knees disappeared. I knew that physical activity helps but I didn't have the motivation to re-start my body again. I do have it (motivation) now. Also, my dog is next to me when I am exercising. 😀 Thanks again. Namaste! & Greetings from Novi Sad.

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  28. You got a very cheerful and sympathetic charisma – nice video.

  29. Greetings from Alaska! I just want to thank you for your awesome videos. I have been telling myself I need to start doing Yoga. Today was my first class I did your Yoga for complete beginners video. I love it!! Thank you so much for taking your time to share some knowledge and moves with those of us that are just beginning. You are very inspiring! Great job!!! Thank you!!

  30. It gave me joy to listen to you in your videos so I'm beginning tomorrow morning. I hope I enjoy yoga as much as I enjoyed watching it. You're really nice, keep going, inspire us.

  31. i noticed by the background that you are in Austin Texas. Do you have local classes? if so, when and where?

  32. Great video!! I have just started my yoga journey!

  33. hello… can u give a yoga for backpain…..

  34. I stumbled on your channel in a yoga search and loved your energy! I have thought about 1 yoga for a few years now. My fear is that well I know yoga is very good for the body, I may have started way too late. I am 56 years old and have had chronic back issues my whole life including back surgery. I see a chiropractor and for the most part have been pain-free since my surgery. Even in my youth I was not very coordinated as far as these types of movements. Is this really something that anyone can do? Even someone of advanced age and extra weight?

  35. I am a older Gent and finding it hard to stretch Completely …is there any secrete to getting to that point? I stretch as far as I can following your Yoga for complete beginners Three weeks now and showing some progress…Any input would be appreciated.

  36. Amazing yoga workouts, please help me on how to deal with physical injury happened while exercise.

  37. Every day I am thankful that the world has Yoga With Adrienne. Every video you have produced must have improved somebody's life a bit somehow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ because here I have found kindness and humour, and the ability to like and value the body I have.

  38. I don't know if you still answer those videos but I'll try. Do you think we could do yoga without going to an actual public yoga class but with just doing your videos?

  39. Adrienne, I have looked into Yoga several times, and went to a couple hot yoga classes. All of which made me think Yoga was NOT for me. Recently a friend told me about your channel, and I went through the Yoga for Beginners sequence for a week. I enjoyed it a lot!! Thank you for posting this information vlog – I'm off to look at the foundational series!

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  42. Can you please refer to yoga asanas by their real Indian original names rather than translated English versions?

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  46. I'm looking to learn Yoga at the wee age of 49… I've been intimidated to go to a class because I don't know the poses and a bit overweight and out of shape. I have been feeling really stiff and sore lately, even though I do workout occasionally – sore neck & back all the time.
    So, I asked my daughter who is very much into fitness & she's vegan, etc to help me with Yoga… she told me to watch some videos… so here I am… Thank you for putting these out here for folks like me sitting at home needing to learn and wanting to do Yoga in the privacy of my home without feeling silly… I'm so happy I found these.
    I am going to begin the foundation series to learn and then continue with the Beginners; I'm mostly looking to get better stretches daily, more flexibility and would definitely love to lose some weight. Happy New Year. 🙂 Namaste.

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    Pls sit down, do not do what I did
    I am male 74
    Tomorrow is pension day, I must survive
    hate ERs. like a cattle farm, they treat you like crap

  49. Thank you for your videos. I just had my 45 birthday, and just started yoga at home. You make yoga so easy to learn. Doing yoga has helped my diabetes and body aches. Keep up the great job.

  50. I love to see how far you have come Adriene, it fills my heart with joy and inspiration x

  51. my doctor recommended yoga for me yesterday…for mental and physical well being. i just completed the beginners yoga video. however, i have lower back issues, (degenerative discs, arthritis and one surgery under my belt so far) so a couple positions were troubling for me physically. However, i LOVED the rest of the video. I will do it every day this week (I hope). ( I have a 2 yr old so i dont always get to call the shots) Thanks Again!

  52. Trying yoga for the first time. Thank you for so much information, it’s very helpful!

  53. I just started Yoga this week and thanks to your Youtube channel I can have something to practice. Thank you so much for offering this 30 days practice lessons, deeply appreciated. I'm 48, overweight and not flexible so it's pretty challenging now but I am determined to practice Yoga all my life from now;) Thank you Adriene.

  54. I do have a question. I broke my wrist a few years ago and I have very little flexibility in it. So poses like downward dog are tough for me. Would I be able to vary it?

  55. I am 60, female and have been doing different forms of yoga on and off for years. I am a little overweight and have a slight scoliosis in my lower back. I feel I need the stretching and strengthening yoga provides daily. Last year I had a problem with my plantar flascia of my left foot (from running) and a weak right ankle which has put my walking out of wack. I have had a couple of sessions with an osteopath for realignement. I have just completed the 30 day Dedicate series which was a bit of a challenge. I enjoyed the progression of the sessions but now have a persistant soreness in my right hip which makes some movements difficult. I don't know if I should back off and return to basics or not.

  56. Hey Adriene and other yogis out there. I'd like to dig deeper into yoga but I don't know where to begin? I'd like to take a yoga teacher training program but they are pretty pricey. Does anyone have any suggestions or are willing to share their yoga journey and what options are out there? I love doing your videos and they have really inspired me to branch out and expand my practice!

  57. I’m starting my self-care journey with yoga! I’ve been struggling with self confidence my whole life. My hope for starting yoga is to spend time with my body. Working on my flexibility, strength & balance will (hopefully) show me what I truly possess. Build my own reassurance in myself again. Cause I know I tend to let my head get the better of me. Eek 😊 So wish me luck. Thank you Adriene for making awesome content and sharing your knowledge 🤙🏽

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  70. This video was just what I needed. Thank you!

  71. When you find yourself you tend to pull your soul toward yoga ,keep in mind just moving with Adrienne keeps your body from getting stagnant !good luck people I found Adrienne’s yoga at my lowest and she has brought me to another human level! We are a community love thy neighbour.Peace love and goodwill from Maitland Nova Scotia p.s it’s been so nice to see this lovely lady grow !namaste

  72. Remember earth to ground !

  73. There is something about your voice that attracts people. I have tried other yoga videos on YouTube however I always feel so calm and relax when I hear you.


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  84. Just started a week ago and I feel so, so much better. Stronger, calmer, and more in tune with my body. Learning that I dont have to run and do HIIT and kill myself with cardio in order to get an amazing body and mind workout.

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  91. Thank you for this! Do you have any specific videos about runners lunge? I'm having problems getting into that pose and I just end up on a high knee and the knee ends up hurting from the weight or maybe alignment. Not sure. But thanks for this again! XO

  92. Im new to yoga. Im over 55 and so tired of yo yo diets and feeling like I have to kill myself in the gym 4-5 days a week to feel better and look better!! I so wished I would have found yoga when I was your age. A couple questions: 1. Do you find eating a clean vegetarian diet works best on your body while starting yoga and what book or diet plan do you recommend for weight loss? 2. Any tips for people starting yoga over 50? 3. How many minutes a day would be a good starter goal? New to your channel and feel like you will be a huge go to for information already!! Thank you Adriene.

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  99. Hi Adrien, I did your New Year's 30 day yoga for beginners 3 years ago and I loved it! I haven't been back for a while because life gets in the way. I've been to the gym, but it's too expensive. So here I am, years later, and I'm suffering from joint pain, osteoarthritis, which my mother left me in her will. I have not tried other yoga vlogs or videos, I only came here, to you. I like the way you "teach" and instruct. Since I've been watching your videos, I'm feeling so much better and managing the pain without medicating. Thank you so much for keeping it free and available to the lazy folks such as myself who let life get in the way of well being.
    Namaste 🙏🏽❤

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