Yoga Pose For Bow Legs – Bow Leg Correction Exercise

Do you have bow legs, but would’nt you want
to learn a simple exercise that you can do every single day and that will help
you get straighter legs? Then keep watching. I have a short sequence for you
that will clearly help you feel better. My name is Chi and you’re welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here we work in not out! if you want me to make more
content on how to correct your bow legs naturally, then right ‘yes’
further below in the comment section. All you need today is a book and be seated. So
take this book or a file and just place it between your thighs and squeeze. It’s
as simple as that. We are activating the hip adductors, ADD,
I know you have heard about this and we are going to do this for a while. Pin down the big toes, plant the big toes down. If this sounds new to you, then you
need to watch the video with my three tips on how to correct the bow legs. You’ll find it right here in the cards or further below in the description. So plant down the big toes and keep breathing in and out. Lift the chest up, right shoulder pointing to the right, left shoulder to the left and keep a smile on the lips. So
we’ll stay here for a little while, you can really keep this going for 20 seconds, 30
seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, a minute. As long as you like and then you release. And what do we feel? It’s quite challenging and at the same time
you notice that we’ve used our lower abdomen. So, that’s a bonus. So, keep doing that day
in, day out, whenever you remember. And we keep activating the inner thigh
muscles, the hip adductors. Have a fantastic day! If you want
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