Yoga Nidra – Meditation & Guided Relaxation Training Script


  1. Thank you This was great.

  2. Lovely to listen to, perfect voice for this! However your written translation is extremely incorrect in many places. I can send you a correction if you wish? (No payment wanted, would just like to help)

  3. I'm using this to help with diazepam withdrawal. I think this will help save my life.Thank you!

  4. Thanks for creating this.

  5. Hi Lily, this came up as a recommended video, so I was surprised when I saw it was by my old roommate from Vancouver! Thanks for the practice, David

  6. Gratitude for you

  7. Thank you for this!

  8. great idea, thank you!

  9. <3

  10. Thank you. I would like a couple of spaces for our Sankalpa

  11. Better than any nap! I always feel so refreshed finishing this one.

  12. Excellent. Voice is soothing.

  13. amazing experience! thank you!

  14. love this healing and beautiful work.. deeply relaxing.

  15. love

  16. hi. you have this same audio but in spanish versión?

  17. I was intrigued with how fast the 25 minutes flew by.

  18. I just love your voice! Thank you x Sonja, Belgium

  19. Beautiful Work!! Soo Effective,Quick,Peaceful!!

  20. i feel so relaxed thank you

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  22. Hi…this is very good. Thanks for posting.
    After about 5 mins, I felt intense itching on my hands and legs, making it hard to stay relaxed. This happens during meditation too. Do you think you can suggest something?

  23. Amazing! Thank you so much. You just made my day, week, month… year. Thank you!!!

  24. I just found this yoga nidra that gave me a glimpse of what the buddhists call nirvana. It is on a channel called naked reality. If anyone is looking for that sort of thing. definitely recommend it.

  25. Thank You

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  27. Perfect Loving Voice! Great Timing 🙏🏽

  28. o

  29. Namaste. Love from Australia 🙂


  31. Really nice shavasana piece.

  32. Natural high…i loved it!

  33. I love your voice, pace, script, and calm, heartfelt energy.

    This is the first recorded yoga nidra I did after a live one hour session that introduced me to the practice. I've discovered others, but continue to return.

    Thank you! 🙏🏼

  34. Great voice for it. I only wish it was longer! And that you had more vids posted.

  35. I used this thruout my 8 months prep of my homebirth. We had a calm n peaceful one in d bedroom. Even now,6 mth postnatal i still use it. The voice is frm her heart. Thanks babe for this video.

  36. This really helps

  37. hola Lilly

  38. Amazing!! Magical!!🙏

  39. LOVED this!

  40. I wake up pain free every time.

  41. gigs & I do this… it lying down…..bring us into the room with you…pretend we are there to support you….

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  43. I totally couldn't focus, I was too busy listening to the dog going crazy in the background. The dog sounded like it was being tormented, and I kept wondering how anyone could try to impart peace when there was an animal suffering nearby.

  44. I got a boner…

  45. This helps me every night. Thank you.

  46. Thank you for all that quiet at the end of the video. My lotus pose was quite restful for that ten minutes.

  47. That was amazing! Thank you!!

  48. Very relaxing voice and video..I had no problem feel relax and that is normally a big issue for me…love this one.

  49. Starting the video with sounds of explosion and dramatic music evocative of war is, perhaps, not a great choice for a yoga nidra video. Many people watching will have traumatic histories, and will be affected considerably by these sounds.

  50. “Hypnogonic”? Ms. Gonçalves has misspelled “hypnagogic.”

  51. Wonderful and calming sound of her voice !

  52. Thank you for sharing, lovely calm soothing voice xx

  53. I fell asleep halfway through & woke myself up & rewinded the video to continue. Also wondering can I do this more than once during the day & how often

  54. Love this. Towards the end I felt as though I was really dizzy and the room was spinning, is this normal?

  55. perfect.

  56. True. voice is beautiful.

  57. beautiful.

  58. i have a hard time not falling asleep

  59. Lovely voice

  60. excellent

  61. always wonderful

  62. So relaxing

  63. super.

  64. very good.

  65. Loved this, thank you

  66. super

  67. This really helps to relax deeply, and is very easy to follow. Thank you!

  68. very good

  69. I don't want to steer way from this one, since it's the only one i've tried. Usually I'd explore around with such things but I was able to noticeably relax muscles on demand the first time I watched this video. I get better at it every time I listen to it, for now I'm comfortable with the practice, the instructors voice and the experience as a whole. +Yoga Nidra Guide My deepest Gratitude and love

  70. I just discovered this yesterday. I am going to do this daily.

  71. very good effective.

  72. Love this! I was introduced to yoga nidra last night and was blown away by the session. I love the benefits of this practice and will incorporate this into my daily life. Thanks so much! Isabella 💕

  73. so nice.

  74. sooo nice.

  75. Fine.

  76. So nice.

  77. So nice. Short and sweet.

  78. My favourite yoga Indra on yt. Most of them have too much waffling information where clearly the instructor is drunk on the sound of their own voice! This is minimal and the voice deeply calming. Thank you.

  79. Love this Yoga Nidra Meditation…Always so relaxing to listen to this….I love that there is no music in the background so that we can all relax in peace & quiet….I usually do my own yoga Nidra at bedtime & I go to sleep before I finish the whole body relaxation….Yoga Nidra is the best ever relaxation on Earth….The only thing that helps me to really truly relax all the muscles is this yoga Nidra process ….Thank you 🙂

  80. Very good.

  81. Amazing guided meditation

  82. Plz made in hindi language

  83. very good.

  84. Lovely, thank you. Appreciated this short and sweet practice.Namaste.

  85. so nice.

  86. hi

  87. Read Full Article >>>
    Summary of Yoga Nidra Benefits for Mental and Physical Health

  88. short so sweet and so effective.thank u.

  89. I'd rather buy a GUN.

  90. Always fall.asleep!

  91. Great soothing voice. So pleased I came across this video. The only one I have liked. I had a Yoga Nidra cassette tape many years ago when I did yoga but unfortunately I lost it.

  92. Not yoga nidra

  93. Love it..

  94. I began doing a Yoga Nidra daily after my husband was very ill. For years it sustained me. Then I got out of the practice. This lovely, deep relaxation is now helping restore my inner strength again, as my son recovers from serious surgery.

  95. good stuff. thank you for posting

  96. I am french and I do not understand what is said at 8.25. Could anyone write in english what is said please? (about the both eyes) and at 12.52 les four or five pronounced words ?

  97. Super

  98. Superb

  99. Very good

  100. The closed captions are hilarious.

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