Yoga Lane Studios

When I first saw this place it was a big,
empty space. With an amazing but really neglected ceiling. So the first thing that we did, before we’d
even signed anything – was get some friends in and somone who knew what they were doing
to help us strip all the paint off the ceiling and then we repainted it ourselves. The skylights are a thing. We spent days peeling off years worth of paint. We got to the bottom and it revealed beautiful
natural Kauri. In yoga there’s a lot of time spent looking
at the floor and looking at the ceiling. Those were the two main things that we wanted to
get right. We levelled out the concrete ourselves and
we laid down the flooring ourselves. It’s compressed bamboo it’s beautiful it’s
expensive, but it was a fun day. So the space was actually so big that we could
fit two studios so we decided to build a wall and create the Hot Room. We’ve got seven infra-red heaters that keep
the room pretty hot but over winter we’re going to need to install a heat pump to make
sure that we’re at the right temperature for the hot classes. Theres heaps of yoga practitioners and teachers
in Waiuku but there hasn’t been one space for us all to come together and practise. So we created this space wanting it to be somewhere for the community to come together to practise yoga. We want it to be accessible for everyone. We’re Yoga Lane Studios, we’re right in the
middle of town. We really appreciate your support.

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  1. Looks awesome!

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