Yoga Hosers TRAILER (2016) – Johnny Depp, Justin Long Movie HD

MISS WICKLUND:I’m talking aboot
your entire generation.
Generation, “Why me?”, I call it.You live on your phones.
You have no idea how to function like normal people
in the real world. Miss Wicklund,
this isn’t the real world. This is Canada. -Oh, it’s LuLu and Lemon.
-Condescending riot girls. Colleen coalition.
I would like to invite you both -to my party.
-A senior party? A nenior narty? Senior boys only invite
sophomore girls to parties -for one thing.
-God knows what else, eh? (KEYBOARD CLICKING) YOGI BAYER: All you need to handle
any situation in life are the warrior one and warrior two positions, girls.
Master those, and you will master -anyone who gives you s***.
-Ew. Why did your dad text me -like 37 times?
COLLEEN:Oh, my God.-He’s making us work tonight.
-(BOTH SCREAMING) (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) Y’all think history is so boring.
Well, what if I told you during World War Two,
there were Nazis right herein Winnipeg under the self-proclaimed
Canadian führer?
-COLLEEN: So, like, Canadian Hitler?
-Nein. Nein. Nein. Nein.
So muchnein, it’s almost ten. (BOTH LAUGHING) GUY: Canadian Nazis were the original
owners of your store. -It was the Bratzis.
-What is a Bratzi?-Nein. Nein. Nein.
-It’s like a foot-tall Nazi, -and it’s made of bratwurst.
-Are you guys tripping on the pot? -(SCREAMING)
-GUY:I need both of youto help me solve this
quite clear case. (SCREAMING)
Sorry. Destroy everything that threatens
anyone or anything that you love. -That’s the yoga way.
-We can do this. We do tons of stupid stuff
without adults all the time. On Warrior Three, we beat the s***
out of these bratwurst bitches, okay? -BOTH: Okay.
-Warrior Three! -(SCREAMING)
-(SQUISHING) -BOTH: Sorry aboot that.
-(SCREAMING) BOTH: Sorry aboot that. -(SCREAMING)
-(MICROWAVE BEEPING) -BOTH: Sorry aboot that.
-(BELCHING) –Nein.
-(SQUISHING) -BOTH: Sorry aboot that.
-(SCREAMING) I’m not even supposed to be here today.
(SCREAMING) (SQUISHING) Hello, we’re being attacked
by little sausage men with concentrated sauerkraut
for blood that look like -Adolf Hitler.
-G** damn yoga hosers. (SCREAMING)
-OFFICERS: Freeze! Don’t you move, -you yoga hosers.
-This is so basic. This is beyond basic.


  1. ok

  2. Stan Lee is good but wtf is this

  3. wat

  4. This looks awesome.

  5. This must be Americans making this movie because it is so cringeworthy, not to mention nobody actually speaks like that in Canada.

  6. The people who made this movie obviously have never been to Canada.

  7. I demand a RLM – Best of the worst with this.

  8. before nazis, it looks nice teen comedy .. after .. stupid .. i dont know what … but stupid ..

  9. And Jason mewes gaaah!

  10. Im a die hard kevin smith fan but this is horrible

  11. Canada must want KS dead after this shit comes out

  12. Crap

  13. This actually made me feel sick…..

  14. Is this some kind of evil time dilation experiment? i'm sure i watched for at least 7 minutes, and then i find I was only 1.30 through a 2.44 clip. The longer i watch the longer time stretches. I fear if I watch til the end time may stop all together.

  15. this is the stupidest thing ive ever seen

  16. a NeNiOr NaRtY

  17. Im guessing by Stan Lee's appearance, this is the MCU universe?

    It wishes.

  18. when they talk "about"..sounds like……….

  19. Tyler Posey ?

  20. I'm sorry but I'm a Kevin Smith fan and a stoner and I think I shall watch this hahaha!!!

  21. Please stop casting actor's children. Just please, please stop.


  23. Red state was cool and then everything started to get worse.

  24. This film set Canada back ten years.

  25. Good old Kevin Smith movie lol

  26. I watched this whole trailer and still don’t know what this movie is about and I think if I were to watch the whole movie myself I’d feel no different because I think that’s the whole point of the movie

  27. Kevin Smith totally tripping on the pot.

  28. criiiinge

  29. it not funny

  30. We don't fuckin say aboot!!!!!!

  31. The True North trilogy is going to be the most underrated and hated movies ever

  32. Looking up a redlettermedia funny, did not find it, just junk.


  34. Wtf just happened?

  35. if you watch tusk, the colleens make more sense. im assuming this is still the tusk universe?

  36. Tusk

  37. 'Let's not have a narrative in the movie!'

    OK, that'll work…

  38. Its aboot 2 hours away

  39. Kevin Smith got married…..had a child……and for some reason…….he makes movies only with them anymore. Really bad ones. This is why being a single manchild is not a waste of life.

  40. I'm Canadian and this trailer alone offends me. We don't all say 'Heh?' And certainly not 'Aboot'

  41. 2:29 dafuc stan lee

  42. those two girls are cute! OWO

  43. Is that Lilly Rose Depp?Jhonny Depp's daughter?

  44. Uhhhh aren't these two exact characters as well as johnny depp's character in the film Tusk? Is this supposed to be in the same universe?

  45. I’m so confused

  46. That movie was lame and boring

  47. Filme loko

  48. lily-rose depp looks like annasophia robb

  49. This movie kind of looks really funny and I hope it is cause it has Tyler Posey in it. I saw it on boxxy software. Nice app.

  50. This looks awful.

  51. As if seeing his ONLY expression in all those IMDB ads/promos, looking so embarrassingly goofy, wearing that hat……wasn't enough? Even those few fans he had, think he's a clown now. WTF is he thinking???

  52. A neenier narty!?

  53. I’m only here for the excelsior

  54. Johnny Depp's daughter looks like AnnaSophia Robb

  55. Absolute drek. Kevin Smith, what the hell happened to you?

  56. With what he had here, he could have remade drugstore cowboy. Probably cheaper, would have made Lily a cult classic. Weird business Barton fink.

  57. For someone who bashes a whole lot of movies, he sure is starring in a real stinker.

  58. red letter media brought me here

  59. I don't understand why it takes place in Canada and why it is so important that it takes place in Canada, why does Kevin Smith's daughter looks way older than Johnny Depp's? I must admit there's something satisfying about little Kevin Smith's being smashed into a pulp I must admit, though

  60. Is it supposed to be bad

  61. canadians do not talk like this

  62. This movie only made 40k in the box office lmao, budget was 5 million too btw

  63. Worst movie ever

  64. i would not want to work on a movie with my dad

  65. Depps daughter has her moms face, but the shape of his head lol

  66. I am so confused what did i just watch? why is stan lee in this? This just don't make any sense at all.

  67. That clerks reference killed me on the inside

  68. Okay…

  69. What is that? Tusk or what

  70. so just found this after watching tusk wtf is this

  71. Okay, I have absolutely no idea what is going on here but I really liked the "…so much nein it's almost ten" part 😂😂

  72. Yeah. What?

  73. So this is the spin off to tusk. Eve tho its a silly movie. It looks dumb. And not the good dumb… Guess why hardly anyone has even heard about or seen ot. Ay

  74. Looks fun "Sorry aboot that" lmao

  75. Aren’t they the same actors from Tusk?!

  76. The movie's purpose is supposed to be a really bad movie lol. But wow i just love a whole family starred in one single movie.

  77. its supost to be bad so dont worry hah x

  78. dis looks really bad.

  79. What the …

  80. wtf did I just watch. I'm not even asking.

  81. I gave up on this movie after 10 minutes. Kevin Smith has lost it

  82. The first time I watched the trailer, I knew this was going to suck. Marriage and parenthood really pushed Kevin Smith in a bad career direction. Why he sees his wife and daughter as talented actresses I will never understand. Johnny Depp; a brilliant veteran of Hollywood, should be ashamed of himself. Tusk was weird, but relatable. This was just an 88 minute film portraying how pathetic teens of today really are. The Bratzis and everything else was just Kevin Smith smoking too much weed as he was writing the screenplay.

  83. So it is a real trilogy with Continuity, these girls and tge detective showed up in Tusk

  84. I actually can’t wait to watch this!!

  85. Reading these comments now after listening to him on podcast explain this. So many LOLS

  86. OK I just saw lily and Tyler.

  87. Why was stan lee in this?

  88. Why so many big names here? It’s actually embarrassing.

  89. No one is mentioning in the comments about how this movie is part of the Tusk Universe and second film in the “True North” Trilogy.

  90. Did anyone see lapointes moles move?

  91. this is the reason jay and silent bob reboot exists so at least it’s good for something, if you’re curious when Kevin Smith had a heart attack he didn’t wanna end on this film so he started jay and silent bob reboot

  92. You don’t put the Stan lee cameo in the trailer

  93. This may be the worst thing I've ever seen.

  94. Looks like a present from Kevin Smith to his daughter. Like that WIll Smith movie for his son. Maybe this is just something you do in Hollywood when your kids has a birthday.

  95. Nepotism and stupidity mistaken for talent run a muck

  96. this looks terrible

  97. Same Tusk skin

  98. this looks really bad, and I just bought this for a dollar at the dollar store…. guess ill watch it??

  99. For me Tusk is the worst Kevin Smith movie I have ever seen but I have yet to watch Yoga Hosers, so that might change…. I saw a DVD copy of this in a $1 bin and decided to pass on it and look up this trailer when I got home, I'm glad that I passed on it.

  100. Kevin Conroy has a cameo? Lol

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