Yoga For Your Butt and Thighs

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
Today we are in the park and we have a salacious, a salacious? I didn’t
mean to say that, I meant sizzling but I’m keep it. We have a salacious and sizzling, strengthening
practice for you. You asked for it. This is focusing on the lower body
today. We got yoga for your butt and yoga for your thighs. That’s right boys
and girls. You want it. You got it. You want it. So now we’re in the park
and you’re going to get it. Yoga for your butt and your thighs today. Let’s
hop on the mat and get moving. [music] All- righty my friends. Today we’re going
to begin at the head of our mat. Let’s bring feet hip width apart, toes pointing
forward and just nice and easy breezy, soft knees. We’re going to inhale.
Reach with the finger tips all the way up and overhead stretching through
the front body, stretching through the side body, stretching through
the back body, the finger tips can kiss here like so. And we reach, reach, reach and then exhale.
Keep the heart, torso lifting as we float the finger tips down. Same thing,
just like that. Inhale. Reach it up. Fingertips kiss overhead. We keep reaching.
Maybe climb a little through the side body here. Take a deep breath
in and then exhale. Float the finger tips away. One more time
just like that. Soft knees. Inhale. We come into our bodies. We come to
check in with our breath and this time we’re going to interlace the finger
tips. Palms come together here and just check in with the side body. So just take it one way first and then through
center and the opposite direction. Oh yeah, baby. Stretching through
the side body. One more time, one each side, taking it side to side. Maybe
this time opening the chest, the heart up towards the ceiling or the sky
in my case, looking at a cloud that looks like a sea horse or a baby dragon. Should give a shout out to Mark here in the
[inaudible 00:02:10] program. Every time I think of dragons, I think of
“Game of Thrones” now, Mother of Dragons. Anyway, and back to center we go.
Inhale. Reach it up and exhale floating the finger tips down and away. Great. Take a second here to loop the shoulders forward,
up and back and then we’ll come into a nice open palm tadasana
here. Take a second to close your eyes. Maybe shift your weight front and back,
side to side on the feet. We’ll come into a place where we’ll feel like
we’re spreading the weight equally through the ball joint of the big
toe, that big toe mound, the ball toe of the pinky toe and the back two corners
of the heels. Stack your head over your heart, heart over your pelvis and
let’s take three nice long, smooth deep breaths here. Engaging the thighs, drawing energy up from
the arches of the feet. One more breath. Great. Then bend the knees. Soft
knees here as once again we inhale, reach it all the way up. Finger tips
kiss up and overhead and this time we bow forward. Coming into forward full
fold, uttanasana. Take a second to grab the elbows here. Rock
a little side to side. Bend the knees as generously as feels good. Feel the
skin at the back. Stretch the muscles. Lengthen. We allow the weight of
the head and torso to just fall over here and again we can check in with our
weight distribution on the feet, rocking little front to back, side to
side and then spreading awareness through all four corners. Keep deepening your breath. Then on an exhale,
release the finger tips and we’ll inhale, lift halfway. So coming to a
flat back position, finger tips are either on the mat, palms on the shin,
four palms all the way up on the thighs as we loop the shoulders and pull those
elbows back. Great. Draw the lower belly in. Find that [inaudible
00:04:25] connection here. Imagine a long, beautiful neck here, as we
extend the crown of the head forward and extend the tail towards the back
edge of your mat. Take a deep breath in here, inflate. Sweet. And then exhale.
Follow your breath down. Great. Tuck the chin into the chest. Swiftly roll
it up coming back to that open palm Tadasana. We take a deep breath in. Then
exhale. Blow it out through the lips. Sweet. Here we go again. Inhale.
Reach it all the way up. Exhale diving forward. Follow your breath. As you inhale lift to flat back position.
Inflate and follow your exhale down. Awesome. Finger tips come to the mat. Here we’re going
to slide the right toes back into a low lunge or runner’s lunge here. Stack
the front knee over the front ankle and let’s just give it a little
moment. So to each his own here. Find a little organic movement as you
maybe move the hips. Maybe walk that left foot out a little bit so you’re
not on a tight rope. Make sure you’re not crashing down into your fingers
or your knuckles. So engage your core and then everyone loop
your shoulders, shine your heart forward. Inhale in spiking that right heel
back and then plant the palms step it back to downward facing dog. Pedal
it out. Tops of the shoulders draw away from the ears. Tops of the thighs
spiral in and out towards the back edge of your mat. Take two more deep
breaths here. Sweet. Then step the right foot up into your lunge
and same thing on the other side. Little fancy free here. So just checking
it out. Wiggling one way and then the other. You can always lower that
back knee here if that feels more supportive today. And then after a little movement on your own,
together, let’s take a nice deep breath in. Let our hearts shine forward.
Find extension through the crown of your head as you spike that left
heel back. So really engaging that back leg here. Take a deep breath in and this time on the
exhale plant your palms and step that right foot back to plank. Top of a push-up
here as we rock front and back engaging the backs of the legs, hugging
the inner thighs together. Now careful not to just clench through the buttocks
here. So find that sit bone to heel connection, press away from the earth. All right, one last breath here as we draw
the navel up towards the spine, press away from the earth and on your exhale
slowly lower the knees down. Lift the toes and we’ll practise Chaturanga,
little strength building in the arms here in the core as we look forward
inhale and exhale. Slowly, lower down. Keep the elbows hugging into the
side body my friends. Nice and slow. Nice and slow ,and then we’ll release
all the way to the belly. I’m going to move this out of the way because
apparently it looks weird, Chris tells me. I’m going to move it all the
way over there. Okay. And then the palms underneath the shoulders here. We
loop the shoulders back. Shoulder blades glide down the back body as
we press through the pubic bone pressing the pelvis and nice and easy inhale.
Lift up baby cobra. Let’s go hands free here. Careful not to clench
in the buttocks here but press down through the tops of the feet. Press
into the pubic bone here as we open the palms. Pull the elbows back. Extension
through the crown of the head. If you feel any fussiness in the lower
back body, go for length rather than lift. So maybe tuck your chin into your chest and
we take one more breath here, hang with me and then we exhale, release palms
come back underneath the shoulders and we press up to table top position.
Great. Wrists underneath the shoulders. Knees directly
underneath the hips. We take a second here to press away from the
mat. Find integrity from the crown of the head to the tip of the tail bone.
Draw that lower belly in. Keep the neck nice and long. All right you
with me? Here we go. Inhale. Send the right toes out
long. Turn the right toes towards the left side of the mat. So we’re
leveling the tip here. So we’re going from here to levelling out engaging
lower belly, hugging the inner thighs towards the midline as we inhale left
finger tips reach forward. Now plug that left shoulder blade in and again,
keep those hips leveled here. Breathe into the back body. Inhale and exhale,
slowly, rounding everything forward. Nose to knee. Navel draws up. Hold
here for two rep cycles. Pressing into the top of that back foot for
stability and press away from the mat with that right palm. One more breath
here, and then we release. Jumping right into the other side. Left toes
extend out. We level the hips here. You might play with this little trick
of just turning the left toes towards the right side of your mat. Again,
just so you can see I am going from stacking the hips here, to really leveling
them or at least trying, as I draw the shoulders away from the ears. Whenever you’re ready, right finger tips reach
forward. Lower belly draws in. Great. Plug that right shoulder in. Keep
the gaze down. Of course if you have to look at the video, take a look,
see and then come back to your alignment. Breathe in, and on an exhale, nice
and slow, carve a line in towards the center, nose to knee. We use the
top of that right foot for stability here. We press away from the earth
with the left palm and two breaths
and gently release. Awesome. Take a second to rest in Child’s Pose. Forehead
to the mat. Deepening the breath. Great. Then we’ll draw the navel to
the spine to activate your center energetically here as we transition
back up to all fours. Walk the palms out. I’m going to return my water bottle. And when you’re ready, curl the toes under,
ascended up downwards facing dog. Smile. Take a deep breath in and on your
exhale let it out through the mouth. Again, just like that. Surprise yourself.
Inhale in through the nose and make some noise. Awesome. We’re going to slide the sole of the right
foot up now. Anchor through that left heel. So three-legged dog here. Take
a second to point and flex that right foot. Rotate that right ankle. Now,
level the hips here. Press away from the palms. Normally we don’t stay here too long. So we’re
going to stay here for a couple of breaths here today. So keep that
right foot active. You might flex it. You might point it. Again, hugging
the inner thighs to the midline. One more breath here. Then we’ll bend that right knee. Draw a line
with the right knee all the way up and over to kiss the right elbow. Take
one breath here. Then we’ll step that right foot up into our lunge and
send the finger tips back as we lift. So high lunge here, really squeezing
the inner thighs towards the midline but also tugging back with that right
hip crease. So almost as if we were trying to pull the
front of the mat and the back of the mat together here. So nice and strong.
Now find that sit bone to heel connection in that left leg and if you’re
new to the practice and you’re just going for gold here in this video, you
might bring the hands to the waistline for a little more stability just
to go around the body as we work these lower body muscles. Otherwise you can experiment with sending
the finger tips all the way up. Finger tips with kiss up and overhead and
we breathe here. Again, strong sit bone to heel connection in the back leg.
We sink a little deeper to that front leg. Stack that front knee with
a front ankle. Breathe here. One more breath. Great. Then inhale. If you’re feeling adventurous
look up and exhale. Float the finger tips down and away. Belly comes to
the top of the thigh. Finger tips reach back. Imagine we’re pressing away from
the earth here as we send that left heel all the way back. Peel the right
hip crease. Take nice long, smooth deep breaths. Then inhale. Look forward. Smile. Engage lower
belly as you exhale release, palms come to the mat and we step into plank
for a vinyasa. So you can do a full vinyasa here if you like.
Chaturanga to upward dog or you can do what we did before, lowering the
knees practising, building that strength as you hug the elbows into the side
body and then lift up to cobra. So we have a couple of options here [together
we’ll meet back], downward facing dog. Other side. Dropping the right
heel, slide the sole of the left leg up. Take a deep breath in and then level
those hips out. Three nice long smooth deep breaths here. Hug the inner
thighs together. Engaging the glutes here as we anchor down through that
right heel. Keep going through your check list. Notice
if you’re waiting. See if you can stay curious in each posture. Stay curious
with each breath. In and out. Great. Bend that left knee. Draw a line
with it all the way up and over. Left knee kisses left elbow as we look
forward. Hover here for one breath. Great. And then step it up into your lunge. Finger
tips reach back as we find strong legs. Strong inner thighs and we either
bring hands to the waistline here. Going through our checklist here or
we send the finger tips all the way up. Fingertips kiss up and overhead from my experiment
with pulling the thumbs back here. And again, strong sit bone to heel
connection here. Breathe. One more breath. Great. Keep the inner thighs hugging towards the
midline as we release fingertips back belly comes to hover above that thigh.
Press the palms into an imaginary glass surface here. So imaging the
earth has maybe risen up to your palms here. So find a little traction
there, a little resistance. Strong back leg. Breathe. Long beautiful neck.
Great. Inhale. Look forward. Smile. Exhale. Release
finger tips come to the mat. We’re going to step that back foot up to meet
the front. Forward fold. Great. Let the weight of the head hang over.
Inhale. Halfway lift. Flat back position. Ardha Uttanasana and then exhale
fold. Follow your breath. Cool. From here we’re going to bring finger tips
to the earth and heel to heel to the feet so that the feet are together say
for about a thumb print of space between the heels. Now bend the knees generously.
Belly comes to the tops of the thighs here. Let your sit bones get down nice and low my
friends. Let’s be adventurous. Sending the finger tips forward, up and back
we come into chair pose, Utkatasana. So here we can imaging the sit
bones just hovering above the heels. So get down nice and low. Hug the inner
thighs together. Maybe lift the toes once again. Remember how we spread awareness through all
four corners of the feet. This might be a great pose to you know practice
that awareness here. So lifting the toes sometimes helps. If the shoulders feel tight we can bend the
elbows or we can also bring the palms together here at the heart. Okay. We’re
here for three more breaths. Don’t give up. Lower belly draws in. We sink
a little lower, breathing deep. Gaze is just down in front. Nice long,
beautiful neck. Two more breaths. Last breath. Inhale in. Enjoy this next move as we exhale. Press through
all four corners of the feet. Stand up nice and tall. Volcano and
then exhale release. Awesome everyone. Take a second. Bring your palms
together at the heart and just notice your breath. Great. Open your eyes. Soften the knees and inhale.
Reach it up. Fingertips kiss up and overhead. Exhale diving forward. Follow
your breath. Inhale halfway lift. Long, beautiful neck and exhale slide
it down. Great. Plant the palms. Stepper, hopper back to plank.
Top of a pushup or you can lower the knees to half of a push-up here
as we inhale. Send the gaze forward. Hug the elbows into the side body.
Engage the inner thighs and slowly lower down all the way to the belly
or Chaturanga to upward facing dog. Take a deep breath in. On your exhale, anchor navel to spine and
we send it back up, downward facing dog. Follow me here, my friends. Inhale.
Slide the right leg up. Exhale. Bend that right knee. Bring it all
the way through into center. Once again, high lunge. We hug the inner thighs
together. Reach the finger tips all the way up. Strong
inner thighs. Pull that right hip crease back. Fingertips kiss up and overhead
but again, if the shoulders feel tight, you can always keep
the elbows nice and bent or even palms at the heart or hands on the waist.
So find what feels good. Here we are. High lunge. Great. Take a deep
breath in. If you’re feeling adventurous you might find a little back bend
here as you send that tail bone and really engage left sit bone to left
heel engaging that glute. Great. Then press into that front big toe mound.
Stack head over heart. Heart over pelvis. Release the fingertips back once again
and this time so you can come to where we were before. Otherwise, we’re
going to do a little airplane. So we’re going to hop that back foot up half
way by softening that left knee and stepping it up halfway. Find a Drishti
or a nice focal point in front and soft knees here. I inhale and exhale.
Lift the back foot up. So again, I’m hugging inner thighs towards
the midline. I’m engaging my core kind of spiraling that lower rib cage
in. Press away. Use your palms to press away, engage. Shoulders draw away
from the ears and we can play here. Finding balance. Using the muscles.
The awareness to wrap around the joints. Creating a full body experience is what I’m
trying to say here as we level the hips and then send it to warrior, three
fingertips reaching forward. Right hip crease peels back. Shoulders plug
in. Breathe here and the mother of all poses here as we shine our hearts forward,
nice and wide in the chest. One more breath and then exhale send
it all the way back to your high lunge. Inhale in and exhale. Release it all down.
Great. Take a vinyasa here or we’ll meet in Child’s Pose and if I do a Vinyasa
I will kill this little beetle. So here we go. I’ve a ‘no kill’ policy
on the show and in life. Navel draws up and back and then we all take
a rest and extend a Child’s pose or a Dhild’s pose. So I should say, if
downward dog is your resting pose today, rock out that downward facing
dog. We’ll take three breaths here. In and out. Find your breath. Now’s
a good time to really drop into that sweet, sweet breath. Great. Slowly draw a line with your nose. Look forward.
Spread the fingertips or find some claws here, some nice articulation
in the palms as we come back through to all fours. Walk the knees underneath
the hips. Send her up. Downward facing dog. All right. We’re almost
there my friends. This time we are going to step the left foot
up into our lunge. Find your footing first. Take your time. Then when you’re
ready send the fingertips all the way up high lunge. Going through your
checklist here. Strong legs. Tail bone lengthening down. This time, really
strong sit bone to heel connection in that right leg. Sorry. It’s
the heat. It’s getting to me. Fingertips kiss together. We take a deep breath
in. Then exhale. Float the fingertips down and away. Soften that back
knee. Pop it halfway. Again, if we’re not quite doing airplane or warrior
3, we can just practice here just where we were before spiraling the inner thighs
in towards each other hugging towards the midline. If you are feeling adventurous and ready to
take it a step further, inhale in, soft buoyancy here and exhale with thigh.
Now, we work to level the hips. Find that upward current of energy.
So good for the glutes, good for the thighs. Also really great for the core
here, as we open the chest and use the palms to press away and find length
as we build strength. Great. Flex that foot. Bring it into that right glute
and we can stay here or we can reach the fingertips forward, warrior
3. Careful not to lock that standing leg. Create a full body experience.
Open the chest and heart. One more breath here. Lift that right thigh up
and then exhale all the way back to that high lunge. Inhale in and this time exhale and release
the fingertips behind the tail bone. Soften that back knee and then step,
hop or slide that right foot back up to Tadasana. Great. Inhale. Open the chest so you can bring the
palms together here or keep the hands nice and square. You decide. Take a
deep breath in bending the knee as we come to Utkatasana variation. Bend the
knees generously. Open your chest and heart. Inhale and exhale. Break
free. Titanic. Bring the palms together. Great. Inhale in, exhale coming into a twist to finish
it off here. Outer edge of that left arms comes to the outer edge of
that right thigh. Press the palms together. Find extension through the crown.
Bend deeply here bringing it into that lower body, my friends. A little
two-for-one here. Lower body strength, core strength and some detox as
we find space between the crown of the head and the tail. One more breath
and exhale. Keep the knees bent. We’re challenging ourselves
today. Lower body come back to center. Lift the sternum to the thumbs
and take it to the other side right away. We got this. See if you can
bring the knees together here. So that might require pulling the left hip
crease back. Again, extend crown of the head forward, tail
bone towards the back. Sit a little deeper. Sink a little deeper. One more
breath. Then without strings or legs come back to center. One more breath
here. Lift your heart and then forward fold. Great. Fingertips come to the mat here and we step
or hop it back to the plank. You can squeeze in one last vinyasa here,
and then we’ll bring the knees wide and send it back. Extended Child’s pose.
Take a nice deep breath in and on an exhale, let it out through the mouth.
Nice work, everyone. Slowly withdraw the chin into the chest. Come
back to all fours. Walk the knees underneath the hip points. Wrist underneath
the shoulders. Here we go. Final thing. We send the right toes out
just like we did before and this time, we’re going to bend that right
knee and carve a line with it up and over, almost as if we were a puppy dog
at a fire hydrant here. We’re going to press up and out of the palms
here and then you can stay here lifting the outer edge of that right
leg towards the sky or the ceiling or you can add the left arm in. So
we’ll reach left fingertips forward and then bending at that left elbow. So same thing we did before here, although
we’re taking our straight lines and now we’re carving them out left to right
bending at the elbow, bending at the knee. We breathe here. Final stretch.
Home stretch here. Point and flex that right foot. Spread the
left palm and on an exhale, release. Great. Here we go. Other side and
then we’re done. Sending left toes out. So we can always just
start with the lower body. Bending the left knee. You can stay here or
if you’re feeling frisking or maybe this is not your first time with this
video and now you’re trying it maybe for a second, third, fourth time, you
might reach the right arm forward and again, bending at the joints now. Breathe here. Don’t give up. Welcome that
heat, that Prana, that shake. Good energetic cleanse here. Good for our
cellular body, not just our muscles, not just our booties and our thighs
and our core but our cellular being here. One more breath brought in through
the back of the neck, and exhale release. Awesome. Bring the knees together. Swim the fingertips
forward, up and back and come to rest on one ear, Child’s pose. Take a couple
of nice long relaxing breaths here. Letting your heart rate return
back to a softer beat. And turning onto the opposite ear here, again,
just nice, calm, smooth breaths. And then, we’ll bring that forehead
back to center. Tuck the chin into the chest and slowly begin to roll it
up. Bring the palms together at the heart. Nice work, my friends. All right my friends, wonderful work. If you’re
like me right now, you’re probably a little hot. Duh, just kidding.
So drink lots of water after this practice. I’ll return to the practice over
and over again to build strength. And remember to always find what feels good,
which is what I’m about to go do. Hey-yo. Crackle. It’s Austin Texas, here
in the park. So let’s go find what feels good. Have a great rest of your
day. Let’s go see what these guys are up to over
here. Hey little fellows! Namaste. How goes it? Oh shit. Oh shit. Ahh.
That was sweet. Namaste. Friends. He’s got a big third eye there. Oh
Gosh! They really do. They all have big third eyes.


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