Yoga For Wrist Pain

– What’s up party people? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene. Today we have yoga for wrist pain. So we have a yoga for
healthy wrists video that will go great and in
alignment with this guy, so you can work on them together, but I think this one’s really
great for those who are experiencing fussiness in their wrists. This is gonna help anyone who
wants to deepen their practice so be sure to favorite
this video so that you can return to it easy and
make sure to share it with your friends who also practice yoga who could maybe benefit. So, we’re going to treat wrist pain, we’re gonna work on
strengthening, stretching, and most importantly, building awareness from the ground up. Let’s get started. (upbeat acoustic guitar music) Alright, so the first
thing we’re going to do is bring the palms together at the heart. Take a look at your hands,
see if you can really line them up kind of meticulously, so we’re really kind of
paying attention to the detail right away today and I
think that’s kind of part of today’s lesson, if you will,
is just paying attention to the detail and the
sensations in the muscles, in the joints, so we’re gonna
press the palms together right here at the heart
with the elbows actively moving left to right, so there’s a real press here that you’re
probably gonna feel right away, especially if this is new to
you, you might already feel a little bit of a screaming
sensation in the forearms, so in which case you might
ease up a little bit, so we’ll all be at
different places here today. Just starting here. And it is hard work and I think that I don’t know how else to
say it, but I think that one of the issues with
wrist pain is we kind of lose a little bit of patience
working with the arms, the wrists, you know, holding
our body weight (giggles) on our arms, our wrists, our hands, so we need to maybe soften up a little bit and, you know, practice, work hard, and then ease up (exhales breath) and then practice, meet
your edge, work hard and then ease up (exhales breath). So as you play a little
bit here with this, so again, it might seem quite simple, but lift the sternum to the thumbs, actively press into all of your knuckles, elbows left to right, lots of
space between the shoulders. I’m sitting up on a block, just to kind of help me with this lift. You can sit up on a blanket,
or a pillow or a block or a couple of books
works great to just give yourself a little lift in the hips so that you can practice here with a little more ease (inhales slowly) Okay, a couple more breaths,
here again we’re easing up whenever we need to, taking a break. And the last but not least of course, we’ll connect the breath
because if we’re going to be working on anything,
we should be breathing, connecting that as a way
of building our practice, as a way of expanding our awareness and absolutely as a way of tending to any pain in the body (inhales deeply). I love my mom and my dad,
but when I was little, you know, when I would get hurt, my mom was never one to kind
of rush and be like ahh, you know, she would always just, you know, say, “take a deep breath,
take a deep breath,” and so now even when I,
you know, stub my toe or really hurt myself or if
something happens in my life that really shocks me
and wants to, you know, pull the rug out from underneath me I just take a breath,
so take a breath here. When you experience any sort
of pain or are dealing with wrist pain in your public classes, take a load off, take a breath,
try not to get frustrated. (inhales slowly) No panicking (exhales breath). Okay, so one more breath here,
so if you’re in the rest, come back to it, engage the
biceps even, if you can, draw the shoulders down (sound of relief). (inhales deeply) And then gently release, awesome. Palms face up, press into
the base of your wrists here. This is a little counter pose. (inhales deeply) Inhale in, exhale, let it go (exhales quickly). Okay, so the next thing we’re
gonna look at is the palm and the connection of
the hand to the earth. This is the number one
thing that I like to share when people come to me in public classes with wrist pain and, you know,
we have a whole class there, we don’t really have a
lot of time to get into the nitty gritty, this
is like my go-to, okay, first, let’s start here at the
foundation of course, right? So we’re gonna come to all-fours and actually, before you do
that, just take a second, oh to give your babies some love. Squeeze the wrists (laughs), use your thumbs to really massage here vigorously, if it feels good. And then the hands, the
palms, oh yeah baby, now we’re talking, let’s do it
all the way up here, why not. Oh yeah. Cause it is all connected, right? And then we’ll come to all-fours. So we’re gonna take just
a little focused moment looking at the palm here, so
spread your palms super wide, we’re gonna come into
a table top position. So we have four posts here, if you will, and this is important, knees
underneath the hip points, wrists underneath the shoulders so that I’m stacking the bones right away, I’m not too far out or too far in, of course I’m exaggerating,
but you’d be surprised. So lots of awareness and
stacking the actual bones and then we’ll look at
the foundation here. So I’ll just look at this
hand that’s closest to camera since I don’t have anyone here with me and I’ll use my other
hand to kind of show you what I’m talking about. So the first thing with wrist
pain is, really has to do with the hand. Because of all the work
that we do at computers and now on our cell phones, the hands are getting a
bum deal here, in general, but then especially we come to practice with our full body, you
know, 360 experience and the hands are all
(groans), so take a second here to spread your palms super wide. You can work with both hands here, again, I’m just gonna be
using the left hand to demo. And see if you can stretch
just as an experiment. You can start off even with the pinkie, see if you can stretch
the hands, the fingers, as wide as possible so that you’re actually seeing
a little bit of the webbing in between each finger. Okay, start there, that can be a decent size stretch for you here,
especially if you’re new or maybe we’re tending to
this for the first time with a little more
consciousness (inhales). Okay, and then notice what’s
going on with the thumb, especially as you spread
awareness through both hands. Oftentimes the thumbs start to curl in, again that’s because of
all of our, you know, computer time and lord knows what else, so see if, in particular,
once you get, once you move from the pinkie finger to the thumbs, see if you can get that
thumb nice and straight. Okay, just playing here. And then you might start
to notice that the wrists are already starting to
feel a bit of compression, a little pressure and so now
what I’d like for you to do is starting with the
pinkies, start to press into the knuckles. This is just an experiment here, so you don’t, basically I’m
trying to get you out of the zone of trying to like get it right, look at the video, look at your hands, just experimenting here, waking up the hands. (inhales deeply) Number one remedy for wrist pain, for me, waking up the hands. Other things too, of
course, but man oh man. Okay, and then continue
the journey on the knuckles all the way to the thumb. And then choose one hand
to look at here first and just look at the space
between the index finger and the thumb, chances are you’ve heard your teacher, your yoga guide
say this a million times, press into the fleshy part between the index finger and the thumb. These muscles here in the hand, firmly pressing down. Great, and you’re like, “wow, cool, “in this four-post, table
top position, I actually “feel like I have it, but I’m
still feeling, in the hands, “but I still feel pressure on my wrist.” So now that you have this
kind of beautiful awareness through the fingers, the knuckles, and we’ve committed too, that hand lock. We call this Hasta Bandha, the fleshy part between
the index finger and thumb. Now, see if you can, while
keeping that integrity in the fingers, and that
fleshy part between the index finger and thumb, see if you
can kind of actually lift this area of the palm. It may not lift, but
it’s an energetic thing, maybe even it looks a
little bit kind of like a suction here, to where
you feel like you’re clawing almost, the earth. So we’re not just smooshing down, but we’re playing here,
and again, if you’re like, “(groans) I don’t know if
I’m getting it Adriene,” just play, that’s what we’re here to do. We’re deepening our practice, we’re taking responsibility for our own happiness and also making sure that
we can grow our practice and do crazy fun things like this in a safe and happy way. (inhales deeply) So we’re just playing now with the suctioning action of the palms, almost as if, a good image that I do like is like that we’re
clawing the mat (growls). So we kind of claw with
the fingers and kind of play with that suction. If you need to take a break
here, (exhales loudly), take a break. And then again. So we’ve playing with
spreading of the fingertips. Recap: played with pressing
of the knuckles down and really engaging between
the index finger and thumb, that fleshy part of the hand there. And now we’re playing with the suctions, you can even find this like
almost like, ooh, starfish, moving, suction. And chances are, if you
are human and you actually just did that little exploration with me, you’re already feeling the
muscles of your forearm brighten up, I know I am. So again, feel free to take a little break (exhales) massage. Right, think about when
you’re studying something, you don’t read it once and then boom, I know it, I’ve processed it, boom bam, unless you’re a genius, which you probably are, but you know, there’s
this thing about learning and growing that you
have to allow yourself that processing time and I
think when it comes to the wrist people are just like,
“I have weak wrists,” or “I can’t do this,” or
“yeah, I have bad wrists,” and I’m not trying to dishonor that, like you might, you know, that’s
a real thing in our world, carpel tunnel, all that,
but I do think that yoga’s actually good for it, not bad for it, and that hopefully this will help, who knows, let’s see. Okay, adding on. So now I have this great
integrity in the hand. Come back to all-fours, take a look down and I’m spreading the palms, I’m really pressing in, “Adriene
asked me to really, really, “really press down between
the index finger and thumb, “while still suctioning a bit through “the center of the palm.” So really awakening those muscles in the inner part of the hand, but then what’s happening is
I’m still feeling pressure in the base of the wrist, so I’m not necessarily
wanting to put pressure in the base of the palm, and to do that I really
need to continue the journey up through the forearm, right? So I’m pressing into the
foundation strong here. This muscle, I can feel it,
it’s like working super hard here between the index finger and thumb, but then what’s happening
is I’m getting all this compression here, you can
even see it in the skin, so keep this pressing down my friends, this hand lock as we call it, as we suction, press and
suction, lots of things going on, it might even seem a
little counterintuitive, but we’ll get the hang of it. That Hasta Bandha, the hand
lock, more on that later. (exhales) So, I’m pressing through here and now I’m going to travel up. The problem when we press into
the index finger and thumb, I’m gonna try to exaggerate
this without hurting myself, is that we start to kind of collapse. You see it actually all the time in new students who are starting to really pay attention to their hands. At first we’re all here, in down dog. (groans) This is where most of us are and we start to build
awareness, our wrists start to hurt so we start
listening to what our yoga guide is saying and start pressing in index finger and thumb,
but then the problem is we’re pressing into this
area so strong that now we’re having wrist pain on this end, so we’ve just jumped from
the right, from one side of the wrist to the other,
so we need to find balance and support, so as
you’re pressing into the index finger and thumb, we wanna find actually
an external rotation in the upper arm and shoulder to balance that out, so
I’m pressing down here at the same time while I
have this integrity of the center line through the hands. I’m drawing energy up from
the earth, pressing away, kind of yielding to find this
rotation in the upper arm. So I don’t wanna get
too hokey or deep here, but this is what our yoga’s all about, the Hatha yoga, kind of finding the push and pull, the balance
in these places where we internally rotate and then
lift and externally rotate, that’s the joy of yoga, that’s the dance. So, again, if you’re new to
practice and you’re like, “I have no idea what
the hell you just said,” let’s just play. See what happens. So I’m going through the palm and then to test this,
I’m just going to kind of turn my hands as if I was
trying to open two doors, or turn two knobs. This is the image. On the earth, so play with that. Maintain the work that we
just talked about in the palms and then see if you can, I
guess if you were trying to open two jars. And then if you’re super
bendy in the elbows, and you notice your elbows coming out, you need to soften through
the elbows a little bit, keep it a little blancy there, so we’re not locking through the elbows. And whew, I feel a little tremble here, there’s a lot going on. Hopefully you feel it too. Let’s take a little break,
shake it off (exhales). And now we’re gonna apply it, okay? So let’s try a downward
dog with everything we just worked on. So spreading through the palms,
the fingers, the knuckles, suctioning through the center,
pressing the index finger and thumb and then that sensation
of turning left to right (exhales) growing tall
through the forearm, tops of the shoulders rotate out, and then let’s practice it
in a downward facing dog. Pressing into the index finger and thumb, you can go ahead a look at your hands, see what’s going on here. Tops of the shoulders roll away. Woo yeah, strong hands. Great, then release the
head, take a deep breath in, just notice what’s going on, connect, you might be trembling, shaking
here, working really hard, waking up muscles that have not had a cock-a-doodle-doo yet (laughs). Great, and then release. Notice as you get tired,
what comes up first, the inner palm, the
outer edge, just notice and then shake it off, awesome work. Okay, so back to all-fours we go, we’re gonna apply this to one
more pose and that’s plank, which might make you go
(makes sound of disgust), but this is the perfect pose to apply this awareness in the palm to, so let’s do it one more
time, coming to all-fours, and then just notice how
you kind of go back to your old habits of like, oh, coming
on the outer edge or whatever so go into the zone, you’re
probably gonna be a little sore in the forearms here, it takes time. And then we’re just going
to go through our checklist, (exhales) turning the jars, opening the shoulders, pressing through the
index finger and thumb and then when you’re
ready (inhales deeply), connecting with your breath (exhales) and finding plank. Just notice what’s
going on here (exhales). (inhales and exhales) Yeah, excellent. Tops of the shoulders
rotating away, pressing, find that suctioning effect,
one more breath here, woo, strong. Great and then slowly lower the knees and come off the hands and shake it off, awesome. Alright, so after all that awesome work, we’re going to go into another
lovely, lovely situation that is really great for the wrists, also really wonderful as
you’re trying to strengthen and you know, tend to that wrist pain, so we’re gonna come to a
forward fold nice and easy. I’m gonna go into it from
my downward facing dog, so you get a little bonus time to practice integrating your new hand-to-earth connection. So you come to your downward facing dog and then eventually come to forward fold. Toes are pointing forward, my friends and feet are hip-width apart (exhales). Great, and then when you arrive, we’re gonna take the palms,
it’s gonna be really nice after all the great work
you’ve just done and we’re gonna bring the toes right
to the wrist line (exhales). Keep breathing (inhales
deeply), keep breathing. Toes come right to the wrist line here, walk the toes right up and
then go ahead and begin to wiggle the toes a little bit
here, squeezing one at a time (inhales deeply) Ahh, pulling
the fleshy part of the palm away from the wrist and
this should feel awesome. You can rock a little front, eventually releasing the
weight of the head over. (inhales deeply) Mmm, rock a little back and rock a little front,
keep breathing (inhales). And rocking back a bit to
the heels, gently, gently. And then one more time if it feels great, give it a little wiggle once
again, ohh, so good (inhales). So good, and releasing
the palms one at a time. Awesome. (exhales) (inhales) Take a deep breath
in and slowly make your way back to all-fours (exhales strongly). Okay, last thing we’re
going to do is end with some eagle arms to just feel good on the upper back body as well. I’m coming to sit on a block,
you can sit up on a chair that’s in your room if you like here, a blanket, again, a stack of books, or you can just do this in
a nice cross-legged seat. So, let’s see, I’ll come to a little hero variation. So come to your nice comfortable seat, don’t stop the video
now, you’re almost done. You’ve done awesome work,
this is definitely going to help your practice. (clears throat) And help
you with your wrists, growing your practice strong and healthy. Let’s take the fingertips
down, arms forward, I call this Thriller arms as
you press into the base here, plug the shoulders in, lift
your heart, inhale, smile. Exhale (exhales slowly), here we go. Right arm underneath the left here, crossing at the elbows. I’m gonna wrap the arms around,
the palms are gonna come wherever they do naturally. Now, notice that the
shoulders are shimmying here to one side or the other, see
if you can level the shoulders Here we go, inhale,
lift the elbows up high, lengthen through the side body, exhale. Plug the shoulders down, keep your lift in the sternum, the heart. Inhale, lift the elbows a little higher. Exhale, shoulder blades glide
down the back body (sighs). Press into the palms and one more breath, maybe
elbows lift a little more and exhale and gently unravel. Come back to the Thriller arms. This time we’re going to talk to the hand, so we just flick the wrists slowly up, plug the shoulders in,
spread the palms (growls). And now left arm underneath the right, wrapping around, inhale. Lift the elbows up high. Exhale, shoulders gliding
down the back body. Press into the palms, or
fingertips, wherever they rest, pressing into the center,
inhale, elbows lift. (sniffs) Excuse me. Exhale, release (exhales slowly). And inhale last time, elbows
lift (inhales slowly). And exhale, grounding shoulders
down (exhales slowly). Woo, awesome. Inhale in, exhale to unravel all the way (sighs) and let the palms rest gently in your lap, whether you’re in a chair
or in your cross-legged, or here, let’s just take a
second to let the blood flow the opposite direction, close your eyes, so take your eyes off
the video for one moment. You’re just noticing the
sensations from the shoulders from the center of the
back body and the neck all the way down through
the shoulders, the elbows, the forearms, the wrists,
the palms, the fingers and soften through the fingers here. (inhales and exhales slowly) And then back to one. Draw the palms together at the heart. Awesome work, apply this
practice to your everyday home practice, definitely
take the time when you’re in public class, we get
there a little early to at least massage the
wrists, or even do some of these things so that
when you’re moving quickly through your practice, with your mates, you are taking good care. Awesome, have a great one. Namaste. (mellow acoustic guitar music)


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    I am looking for videos that are gentle for the ankles, especially after injuries. I saw you had a lot of without hand yoga but way less option if you have ankle or feet pain.
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  74. If you are having carpal tunnel or too much pain in the arms and hands and you aren't being able to do this video just do RICE, rest ice compression and elevation then when your better you can try again 🙏

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