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What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Yoga with
Adriene. I’m Adriene. And today we have another Yoga for Weight Loss sequence for you. This
is, per your request, we’re going to focus on the abdominals today, and the arm muscles,
the muscles of the arms. This is a fun sequence that will help you if you are interested in
toning the body, building strength, connecting with your breath. The Yoga for Weight Loss
series has been very popular so we want to continue to touch on sequences that build
major muscle groups, but also bring a little yogic sensibility into that. So we’re going to work hard today. You can
repeat the sequence more than once if you want more of a workout. Or if you’re new to
the practice and new to yoga for weight loss, then you can just do what you can, and favorite
this video so you can return to it and see how much you grow, which I know you will if
you return to the practice. Thanks for being here with me and let’s get to it! All right, my friends. So we’re actually going
to start in a cross-legged position and just do a quick check in with the body and the
breath before we go flat on our back, and start to check in with the abdominal wall.
So sit up nice and tall. Find your breath, close your eyes,. And just begin to draw a
couple small circles with the nose, one way, and then the other. Set an intention to keep
a nice awareness on your breath, and particularly on your neck today as we connect to our core.
And then bring the head back to center stillness. Take your left palm to your right knee, right
fingertips behind, and we just take a gentle twist to the right. Again, also setting the intention to keep
an awareness on the spine. And we come through center and take it to the other side. Just
kind of stretching it out and checking in with the breath. Arrive on the mat here. You
might go one way and then the other. Choose to make the best of your next moment here
with yourself on your mat, as we scooch up towards the front edge, and slowly release
back down to your mat. So what I mean by that is take this time for yourself. You’ve committed
to the video, so let’s see what happens. We’re going to come to stretch out nice and
long. Just getting centered on the mat here, as we take a deep breath in through the nose,
and exhale out through the mouth. Awesome. Hug the knees into the chest. Now, in through
the nose. Scoop your tailbone up, and exhale out through the mouth. Rock a little side
to side. Find what feels good. Point and flex the feet. Rotate the ankles. Awesome. Now, we’ll keep the knees up. As we interlace
the fingertips, bringing the palms up and over and behind the head. Cool. I’m going
to keep my thumbs extended here like so, just to kind of cradle and support the neck. Again,
we set intentions to keep a nice mindfulness to the neck here. So there should be no strain
in the neck or the muscles of the face as we head into this practice or during the practice. All right. Bring your awareness now to the
space between your navel and your spine. Anchor the navel down as you scoop the tailbone up.
So again, you can take a look at the video here, I’m going from here to here. Scooping
tailbone up towards the sky, anchoring, kind of stamping down my lower back to the mat.
Cool. Now, spread the elbows left to right, nice
and wide. Try to keep them wide for this next beat here as we lift the shins up parallel
to the ceiling. Inhale in. Exhale, lift the head, the neck, the shoulders again. Elbows
are going to want to come in like we do for a crunch. Keep them nice and wide. Great. Inhale, straighten the right leg. Exhale,
lower it down as you squeeze the left knee up. It’s going to hover here. Take a deep
breath in. Exhale, switch. Deep breath in. Exhale, switch. Deep breath in. Exhale, switch.
Now, take your left elbow to your right knee. Deep breath in. Exhale, switch. Right elbow
to left knee, little yogi bicycles here. Inhale through center. Exhale, switch. Now as you
switch, really press through the heel of that extended leg. Inhale through center. Exhale,
switch, keeping the lower back lengthened and stamped down to the earth. Move with your
breath. This is like the yogic version of bicycles
here. And as we continue, I really encourage you, I invite you to find that exhale out
through the mouth. As you extend the leg long, squeeze the knee in. Inhale through center.
Exhale out through the mouth. Find a rhythm here. Keep scooping the tailbone up. We’ll
do one more on each side. And then we release. Arms come around, squeeze the knees into the
chest, relax the weight of the head down. Awesome job. All right. So next up, we’re going to bring
the soles of the feet together, outer edges of the feet to the mat. Take a second to bring
your hands to your belly. Take a deep breath in. And exhale out through the mouth. Awesome.
Again, we interlace the fingertips, bring them up and over the head, elbows wide. Now, this time we’re going to scoop the tailbone
up, navel down. And if you feel a pinch in the hip creases here, go ahead and draw your
toes out just a little bit here as we prepare for butterfly sit-ups, or cobbler’s pose crunches.
We do this in the Empower Program. If you’re interested in taking your practice to the
next level, Empower is my version of power yoga. You should check it out. It’s a lot
of fun. And we do these in one of the supplemental videos. So here we go. Just take a moment to get settled
in, definitely bring your awareness to your pelvis, to the sacrum. Make sure you feel
comfortable there. As you scoop the tailbone up, engage the upper abdominals. So you can
see that little tilt in the pelvis here engages these muscles. Awesome. We take a deep breath in. And we exhale. Lift
the head, the neck, the shoulders, just let it hover here. Arms and legs are mirroring
each other here. We can extend the thumbs and create this little hammock for the neck.
So I’m not straining here, but I’m keeping a softness. Great. Then we’ll take a deep
breath in. Exhale. Draw your chin to your chest. Inhale, this time lower all the way
down, knuckles kiss the earth. Exhale, chin to chest. Keep the elbows wide. Inhale. Exhale.
Find your rhythm. As I’m exhaling, tailbone is lifting up, navel
is drawing down. So I’m really getting the most out of this movement. I’m not just kind
of hoisting my body up and down. Keep it going. Keep a softness in the face or smile. We’re
going to do five more, wherever you’re at. And we release. Take the fingertips to the
outer edges of your thighs. Close the knees, hug the knees up towards the chest. We take
a deep breath in through the nose, and a long exhale out through the mouth. Relax. Awesome. Cross the right ankle over the left.
Grab the outer edges of the feet. Bend your elbows left to right. If it’s available here,
you might draw the toes up towards the ears, if that feels good on the lower back. It should
feel extra yummy after those butterfly crunches. But if you’re new to the practice, and we’re
still creating space there, you might be here, breathing, massaging the lower back as you
rock a little side to side. Then anchor your navel to your spine, and
here’s where the fun is. We’re going to rock front to back, one of my favorite moves. A
little silly, but if I can do it on YouTube, surely you can do it in the comfort of your
own home. Or maybe you’re having a little yoga party. Arms and abs party. Oh yeah. And
you might take a moment to hover here, particularly if you have a shoulder stand practice. And
you might move nice and slow, or you might speed it up. You might reverse the cross of
your ankles in between. And this is just a little invitation to remember to have fun.
Also, an awesome massage for the spine. Stay connected to your center. Let’s do one more
wherever you are. And then we’ll roll all the way up and come to all fours. Okay. So from all fours here, my friends,
we’re going to take a second to just find our alignment, press on the tops of the feet
and find that hovering Cat-Cow. We breathe deep here. And we remember the neck, nice
and long here. Beautiful extension of the spine. So if it’s here, send your gaze out
straight down. And if you’re feeling frisky today, lift your right toes. Draw a couple
circles, release. Lift the left toes, press into all 10 knuckles and release. Great. Slowly lower the knees, walk the palms out.
Eek, your nose. Okay. And then curl the toes under as we lift up into plank. Cool. So we’re
going to come into a nice top of a push-up here. Find that sit bone to heel connection.
We can always take breaks here. But we’re going to inhale in deeply and exhale. Bend
the knees to kiss the mat. Inhale, spike through the heels. Exhale, bend the knees, kiss your
mat. Mwah. Inhale, spike the heels back. Exhale, knees kiss the earth. Five more. You got this.
Inhale, extend. Exhale lower. Inhale. Exhale. Keep it nice and slow. Inhale, extend. Exhale,
kiss. Mwah. Inhale, extend. Draw your navel up as you exhale. Kiss the knees. Great. Inhale, extend, stay here. We’re going to
walk the left palm in towards the center line. And as we turn out towards the right side
of the mat, come on to the outer edge of that right foot, excuse me, left foot. And inhale,
right arm lifts high. Now everyone, lift your hips up towards the sky. Remember that hovering
cat here, as you inhale and exhale, nice, long, smooth deep breaths. Side plank. Great
for the arms. Great full body strengthener here. As we draw the navel in towards the
spine, you can lift the leg here. I’m super sore today so I’m tired. You can take any
variation you like. You can even bend that front knee. Practice here. One more breath. Inhale in, exhale, straight
on to the other side. So I’m going to turn here so I’m facing you. But right palms going
to come into center. Take a break in between if you need to. But otherwise, if you’re challenging
yourself today, come onto the outer edge of that right foot, and go right into it, lifting
the hips, drawing energy up from the center channel. And we come to side plank. Breathe.
Tuck your chin into your chest, navel to your spine. Relax your shoulders down away from
the ears. Create a full body experience. If your body is shaking, like mine, yay! Prana
moving, body transforming. Take a deep breath in, exhale out. Let’s do one more breath cycle
in. And if you want to play with a leg or on this side, you can. And on an exhale, we
release. Great. Lower the knees. Take a quick rest. Rotate the wrist. And then we’re going
to come back to that plank. Yikes. Okay. So Chaturanga push-ups. So for this, you can
keep the knees lowered or you can come nice and wide with the legs. So what we’re doing
essentially is shifting the weight forward. If we’re on top of a push-up, hugging elbows
into the side body, hovering half way, and then pressing back up. Oh my gosh, I’m so
tired. My arms are sore. So if you’re wanting to challenge yourself
and create more heat, this is where you’re headed, Chaturanga push-ups, halfway hover,
and then navel to spine as you press back up. Okay. We can also lower the knees. And
practice this half push-up here. Everyone, keep lengthening your neck, gaze forward.
Inhale in. Exhale. Hover. So we’re either on the knees or on the toes. You inhale, press
on all 10 fingerprints. Exhale, hover. You got this. Five more, wherever you are.
Gaze is forward. Last one. And we release onto the belly. Awesome. Take a rest here
in slumber party pose. So if you’re new to the practice or if you’re just tired, I’m
with you. My arms are super sore, but we just take little bits at a time and we stay connected
to our breath. Okay. Awesome. Press into your pelvis. Reach
the fingertips back. Salabhasana, a variation. We inhale in, extend to the crown of the head,
exhale. Send the fingertips and toes up and out. Spread the palms wide, relax your shoulders
down away from your ears. We inhale, reach the fingertips up. Exhale, float them back,
like you’re swimming through water. Inhale, reach the fingertips up. Exhale. Everyone, tuck your chin into your chest,
lengthen through the back of the head and neck. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, release.
We do 5 more of these, you can count in your head. Inhale, reach up. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.
Radiating energy through the fingertips and toes. Inhale. And then exhale. And inhale.
I don’t even know if that was 4 or 5. And exhale. On this last one, we get a little creative.
We bend the knees and the elbows. If we like, we swim a little here. Great full body strengthener.
And then we release. So I’m not really into counting. It’s not really my thing. So if
I get off on the counting, I’m sorry. Take a little child’s pose here. And then we’re going to come back up to plank.
Yay! Don’t panic. Wide arm push-ups here. So this is definitely to build strength. So
we can be on the toes here or on the knees. We’re going to take the palms. We’re going
to bring to this kind of L-shaped here. The index finger and thumb are going to be the
only fingers that are on the mat here. Let the other fingers fan off. And we find our
push-up, either top of a push-up or half push-up. We inhale, keep the gaze forward. Exhale,
lower down. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, lower. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale, release. Find
your rhythm. Listen to your breath. Keep it going. Five more. One more. And release. Extended child’s pose this time. Knees nice
and wide. Or downward facing dog. So we’re working on all levels here. Depends where
you are and how you’re feeling today. We’re in downward facing dog or extended child’s
pose. Catch your breath. Then slowly, we’ll come back up. Okay. Last thing here and then we flip back
onto our backs. Yay! We’re going to spread the palms wide, come to a top of a push-up.
Everyone, come to that top of a push-up. So this time, we’re going to bring the toes in
line with the hip points. And again, we’re going to press away from the earth. Draw your
lower belly in, make sure the hips aren’t coming up too high and towards the sky. See
if you can really find that sit bone to heel connection. Okay? And from here, I inhale in. Exhale. Touch
the left toes off the mat. Inhale to center. Exhale, touch the right toes off the mat.
Keep your gaze forward, neck nice and long. We dance here. Find your breath. Listen to
your exhale. Pick up your pace. And then after your dance, slowly lower the knees, curl the
toes under, and take a moment to rotate the wrist. Maybe check in with that neck again.
Awesome. So my idea of conditioning is to keep it nice
and light, and fun and loose. So if counting is your thing, then count. But if I could
invite you to do anything, it is to make breathing your thing. Get in the rhythm of things with
your breath, okay? We’re going to do that dance one more time. Let’s do it. Pressing
away from the earth. Just so you can find your breath. So there really is no right or
wrong. But use your breath as a little soundtrack, as a little metronome for your work here on
the mat. Here we come. Plank pose. Inhale. Exhale. Toe tapping out. We can also some onto the elbows here, my
friends. Everyone, keep your hips nice and low. Here we go. Five more. And three, four,
and last one. And lower down. Awesome. Curl the toes under again. We roll up. This time
loop the shoulders, the wrists. And then my favorite thing, we turn and swirl coming back
onto flat back. Awesome. Inhale, extend the fingertips and toes out long. Take a full
body stretch. And exhale, float the fingertips down. Palms are going to come underneath the
buttocks here. So this takes a second to get situated in. I’m going to move my mic a little bit here.
Cool. Palms face down. We draw the shoulder blades in and together and down. And here
we go guys, we’re almost done. We got this. Press into all 10 fingerprints. Send the legs
out long. Cool. So first things first, we draw the navel to the spine. We really, really
lengthen through the lower back as we draw the navel in. So here’s me drawing belly button
in, Uddiyana Bandha. And I like to really keep awareness through all of my palm here. Great. Neck is nice and long. Navel to spine.
As I hug the knees in, send the legs up. So I’m going to flex through the feet here, pressing
through the heels, slowly being to lower down. Lower down only as far as to where your lower
back stays flush with the mat or your navel stays engaged. So that will be a little different
for everyone. Maybe you can lower all the way to here. Maybe it’s here, maybe it’s here.
Meet your edge. So find that place where you feel still support in your lower back. And
when you feel like you’ve met your edge, your lower back’s about to go, then draw your knees
back in. So we stay nice and supportive in the lower back here. Inhale, extend. Exhale, press through your
heels, lower down. When you meet your edge, navel to spine, hug it in. So you can find
a little softness here as we build strength. Keeping a nice awareness in the neck and the
face. And mix and matching here. So sometimes I come and my edge is here, and I’m like,
okay navel. Draw in. And sometimes I’m able to lower my legs, my mermaid tail, as I like
to imagine, all the way to here. And then I reel it in. So play here. So we’re bringing a little yogic sensibility
to this abdominal work here. Absolutely. And if you keep returning to this video, you’ll
feel so awesome and be so surprised how one day you’re here, rolling it in, and then one
day, you’re just so mindfully, and with such great integrity, come all the way to here.
And reel it back in. Keep going, my friends. Don’t forget to breathe. Awesome. Let’s do five more. Hey, we got this.
Move at your own pace. So you don’t have to look at the video here. It’s awesome. We know
what we’re doing. We’re working it out. We’re spending this time on ourselves. So that we
can be stronger, happier, healthier, shinier human beings. Finish it up. Awesome. Now, we’re going to send the fingertips left
to right when you’re done. I begin to rock a little, back and forth, letting the knees
hover in this recline twist variation. It should feel so awesome for your side body,
great on the abdominals. Also really good for those digestive organs. Take out any bloating.
And inspire you to keep deepening the breath. So back and forth we go. And last but not least, here we go. We send
the toes up towards the sky. You can keep a soft bend in your knee. It doesn’t have
to be straight here. But a nice energetic lift through the heel. So even if we’re not
straightening here, we keep a nice brightness in the feet. Okay. This time, we’re going
to reach the arms up and overhead, and you can soften, bend at the elbows. Either cactus
arms here, or ballerina arms here. For me and my shoulders, it feels kind of nice to
come to this football, Aztec-y, cactus arms. Okay. So this movement is small and strong, working
those deep, deep muscles. As we inhale, we lift the tailbone up, navel draws down. As
we exhale, we release. Inhale, working deep. Inhale, lift tail. Exhale, lower. So there’s
a tendency here to do this. Inhale, kick the toes back. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift. Exhale,
lower. And yeah, I’m working my muscles pretty good
here. But I encourage you to make it smaller, so you can get those deep, deep muscles. Really
working from the inside out here. This is the abdominal work that’s going to help you
fly in some of your Asanas, Warrior IIIs, some of those arm balances. This is also really
great for the back. Great for the posture. So again, try to avoid kicking your toes up
towards your nose. And keep it nice and small, lifting and releasing. Lifting and releasing.
Keep it going. Ooh, starting to feel it now, for sure. Keep it going. So just when you feel like giving up, or if
you’ve already taken your break, hop back in and let’s finish this out together. Ready?
Here we go. And we release. Come to that Supta Baddha Konasana one more time. Bring the hands
to the belly and give yourself a little rub down. Hey oh. Oh yeah baby. All right. Nice
work today. We’re going to send the fingertips out wide,
oops sorry, and then the toes out long. And really truly I invite you. Do me a favor.
Spend a couple minutes here in this pose here, Shavasan. Yeah. Even if it’s just a minute.
Closing your eyes. Relaxing the weight of your body completely and fully into the mat.
So you can repeat this video again. If you’re not ready to rest, you can do this whole video
one more time. If you are ready to rest, give yourself a moment or two here to just balance
out the energetic body. Honor your time on your mat, and with yourself. Love is in the
air. Deep breath in. And long exhale out. Nice work, everyone. Namaste.


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