Yoga For Tight Hips & Flexibility ♥ Mind- Body Release | Khmer Temple Ruins

hey guys welcome to the beautiful country side of cambodia we are here on a top of a mountain at this beautiful ancient ruined gtemple it is truly breathtaking and unbelievable here right now and I got a yoga class for you thats going to focus on opening your hips and letting go of any tension or negative emotion you might be storing in that area of your body all you are going to need is a mat some water and I want you to really focus on your breathing just want you to be present breath in that oxygen and let go of that tension so if you guys are ready grab your mat and lets do this


  1. Thanks
    you came to visit my country 😀

  2. Thank you so much! I'm so happy, I found your channel!! 💕I love the videos, eating tips. I so enjoyed my first two yoga lessons with you! Will do more each day for sure. Thanks to both of you beautiful souls for sharing all that! Sending you much love all the way from Austria. 😘

  3. Loved this video and the music! Just amazing!👌❤️

  4. Tank you for this wonderful calming practice <3

  5. I'm so obsessed with Yoga With Adriene that I've not ventured to any other videos-but I thought it's about time that I should. I'm so glad I did, this is wonderful, like a mixture of ASMR and yoga. Just what I needed today and a beautiful location too, thank you!

  6. Your body is like liquid

  7. love the music and scenery in all these videos

  8. I’m on holiday in Portugal staying in a place with the most amazing hills view! Getting up in the morning when the house is still asleep & doing yoga with you while taking in this view is just invigorating. Thank you @adrienne

  9. hi nice video.. after this yoga class … do meditation. it gives great experience..

  10. Thank you for taking us to this wonderful place.. again. We were there only last year.. HOwever, I would have liked that you would have respected the local culture.. when in a sacred temple it is expected that men and women wear full sleeves and longer trousers .. so sad to see tourists in sacred sites all over SEAsia doing exactly what you you are doing.. Cambodia has strict views on what is the right attire … this goes for walking around local villages too.. not the best example. ie covering up appropriately is respecting the local culture.
    Good class by the way.

  11. thanks 🙂

  12. Thank you…it was great…

  13. I fly airplanes & sit for hours at a time. This is my go-to routine to eliminate low back, glut, and hamstring problems. By far the best thing I have found. Thank you!

  14. Can you please tell me where you got the pants from this video! I have trying to find a good pair like those with no luck

  15. Nice mam …

  16. music was too loud, it was hard to hear you. but the flow was great.

  17. I’d say this is a great video for hip and leg strength but it seems to assume flexibility. I was unable to do it as I am looking for gentle stretches rather than poses that require a lot of endurance.

  18. What is the name of the music track being played in the background? it is amazing – and thank you so much for this wonderful video.

  19. Beautiful

  20. Good session🏠🍕

  21. Love <3

  22. I'm having a hard time getting my heel flat when I get to the side lunges. I can get it flat only if I balance myself by holding my hands on the ground behind me. How can I balance with a flat heel in the side lunges the way you do? (Flexibility isn't an issue for me, it's just balancing… Or does this sound like a flexibility problem?)
    PS: Thank you so much for everything. You've changed my life with your videos over the past year. I cannot thank you enough. You don't know the huge impact you've made in my life. It's a miracle.💗

  23. The music is so loud I cannot hear what is being said. What a shame.

  24. This was a nice, relaxing flow. I enjoyed the music, but it was a bit loud/distracting from the narration. Other than that, lovely video. Thank you. 🌺

  25. Hindu religioun is great how scientific made by Ur Sage's

  26. Yes.

  27. Yes quite advance for me 😵

  28. Angkor wat

  29. how do I find this music?

  30. It’s The best way to start my hard work day!

  31. I just love this video, and your flow.

  32. beautiful girl!!!😍👍

  33. So nice music so nice you did it
    Love from India.

  34. really great yoga workout.and really great song. thank you soooooo much.

  35. Really, incredibly wonderful. Namaste, soul siSTAR <3 Such a beautiful, sacred routine, in such a beautiful, sacred place. SO MUCH LOVE <3

  36. I love the music! It's so peaceful! Great video!

  37. Wow you look like goddess in her temple 👌

  38. Thanks guys. You two re amazing. Great relaxing flow and beautiful music 💐🙏💕

  39. Over and over again i am waiking up with the thought about the yoga with your videos) You guys made me love the yoga practice ) So much Thank you and Love!

  40. What is this type of music called? I love it!

  41. My legs feel as if I went for an hour massage, amazing!!!

  42. Loved it. It was a great stretching session.

  43. #BoHo 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  44. #Namaste frm India 😇.,…💖

  45. Very beautiful

  46. Whats playing in the background? It’s so soothing I love it

  47. Tudo lindo ❤

  48. i adore you …thanx a lot!!!!

  49. Every time I do this practise, I feel good in my body and I send love to U and Mark. Thanks you so much, lovely from France.

  50. The most beautiful yoga class online! Very powerful and emotional

  51. @boho beautiful, can you tell me what that music is? Incredible 🙂

  52. so calming – Namaste

  53. great! i love yoga

  54. So relaxing … Thank you 🙏🏼

  55. Thank you, I love all your videos! I have a question though, when I try to do the bind I always topple over backwards…I can come into the low 'squat' position with one leg out, but I have to keep my hands stretched out in front of me for balance or I overbalance. Is this something that comes with strength over time, or am I just too top heavy? XD

  56. Thank you for showing Cambodia temple to the world. I’m a Cambodian I have proud my country

  57. It’s a privilege and a joy to have access to this content. I’m learning so much.

  58. this music!! how do i find it to have?

  59. NAMASTE Juliana. Your music was so relaxing as well

  60. Thank you so much for this video!! My favorite one you've ever done! I love you so much. You inspire me Juliana <3

  61. I love your videos and as a E-RYT200 myself, you have such beautiful form, peacefulness and inner beauty. Your videos are so inspiring. Really lovely … thank you!

  62. such a perfect video! <3

  63. Finger your ass yoga you will feel relaxed

  64. I have practiced almost all your yoga videos & they're amazing! This is one of my favorites! Thank you for your energy <3 Namaste <3

  65. Who Cambodian people?🇰🇭

  66. What a beautiful yoga video! The music is gorgeous-can you tell us who the artist is or the name of the song? Thnx,

  67. You are amazing!!Greetings from Croatia♥️

  68. This video was the best I've done so far. Love the music. It helped me stay present in the video. Thanks!

  69. I love your voice Juliana… And music is so soothing alongwith your beautiful flow….. Thnks to you and Mark too….

  70. Im such a nerd. I know you two love Hobbits.. when I close my eyes (which is pretty much the entire time.) The music.. it sounds like its from "The Shire." I love that, and the flow was peaceful! Thank You! 🦄🎋🦋💗

  71. Fantastic, I have been accessing many different Yoga videos and presenters on Youtube, Boho by far the best. Thank you for being there Z

  72. Thank you so much !

  73. Can I ask, have you only practiced yoga, Pilates? As you have beautiful arm definition. No weights involved? X

  74. Every time I never cease to admire how wonderful each video 🙏
    Every class is beautiful :
    music , movement , voice , posture are absolutely amazing !!!
    Thank you , thank you , thank you.🙏❤️🤗

  75. So beautiful 😍 obsessed with the music

  76. loved the music and the location and ……… Namaste🕉

  77. Yet another wonder. And we can't wait to discover the next invigorating video, story sharing, yoga class and world travelling experience. We are with you guys!

  78. I love your channel so much thank you for making these videos. I love to travel but I just opened a company so I have been trying to figure out how to do both. Your channel makes me feel like I am somewhere new while I am doing yoga. Your yoga is so relaxing I can't even watch other peoples channels they just aren't as magical as yours.

  79. Hello… I love this video. Any chance you could let me know the name of this music? ☺️

  80. Juliana and Mark, thank you so much for such beautiful way of showing how important we all are and teaching us and reminding us every day how we all can be better via meditation and breathing through those wonderful poses. My life has been so much better and calmer at the same time letting that light shine on others, all because of you and do not ever stop, please. BTW, I love those pants, do you mind sharing where I could get those type? Love and light!

  81. This is the very first video I did with Boho, where I find what I truly need, what works for me and what I love. This is also one of my favorite videos from Boho! Thank you so much for making all these wonderful yoga videos, it is really a life changer!

  82. Thank you so much for this class, but to be honest this music is not doing any good…..☹️

  83. Pure magic. Thank you. <3

  84. Mark is also adorable😀

  85. Thanks for the video. Exactly what I needed. Could you please tell me the music? it's so lovely <3

  86. Gorgeous! I just wish you were wearing a bikini!

  87. Thank you for this yoga sequence! It was so calming, really enjoyed it!

  88. Juliana, I love your channel!!! I love the pants!! Where did you get those from???

  89. it’s fantastic🙏🏻♥️

  90. Thank you for this! My hips are always the tightest part of my body.

  91. Beautiful video. Loved it. Thank you for all the classes you take the time to do.

  92. Благодарю вас!

  93. Thank you very much! It is just what I needed! I can feel how I am slowly starting to let go, even in my life and couldn't be more happy about the results! You guys are the best!

  94. Good

  95. Love and gratitude your way

  96. Love the music, poses and best the meditation at the end. Thank you dear friends.

  97. me brings hands together to bow
    my depression "it cannot be"
    me sending love to myself " begone"

  98. Gratidão 🙏🙏

  99. I thought it’s Phnom Bok mountain in Cambodia

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