Yoga For The Spine – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today we
have a super yummy practice, yoga for the spine. Disclaimer,
in my opinion, all yoga is yoga for the spine, but today we’re
just going to work on moving some energy
throughout these pivotal points in the body and
leave you feeling refreshed and good. I once heard that you
are only as young and as happy as your spine. So hop into something comfy, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Okey-doke, my friends, let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat, cross-legged. You can lift the
hips up if you feel like already your spine is kind
of collapsing to the back. Totally normal with kind of
the habitual things that we do in everyday life, so go easy on yourself. Just give yourself little
support from the start by sitting on a blanket
or a block or a towel. You can pause the video
to do that if you need to. And then when you’re
ready, come into your seat and place the
palms on the knees. Now trust me, trust
yourself, trust the video, take a moment
to close your eyes, so you can open
them whenever you want to peak at the video, but to begin here, we’re
going to close the eyes, and let go of the day thus far, trust that this
is time well spent, especially today’s practice. And take a moment to relax, relax your shoulders. Again, relax the mind. Give the thinking mind a
little bit of a break here. And then we’re going to support
this really yummy movement, this exploration of the
spine today with the breath. So close your eyes and
start to notice your breath. And then with the
palms on the knees, we’ll begin to move the spine, again with the breath. So inhale, nice and slow. Begin to lift the
chest up towards the sky and imagine your shoulder blades melting down the back body. So the shoulders anchor down and the heart lifts up. Then take another
deep breath in here, and then use
the exhale to contract, so chin to chest,
naval to spine, slow your roll,
slow the tempo down today. We bow head to heart, feel a nice stretch in
the back of the neck. And then on a big breath in, start to roll through, once
again, lifting the heart. I invite you to close your eyes so that you can
really slow it down and feel your way
through this movement as you lift the heart, we ground
down through the shoulders, the elbows, open through
the throat chakra, and then exhale, chin to
chest, rounding through, naval to spine. So starting with
the slow tempo today can be maybe a little
frustrating for many people, so I just invite
you to notice that, notice what’s coming up as
you inhale with the heart, and then take this as a
friendly, loving, beautiful challenge to
really slow things down. Feel it out, chin to
chest, as you breathe out. A’ight, let’s do one
more inhale, lifting up. Close your eyes. Create space. And exhale, after the expansion comes the contraction,
chin to chest. Beautiful inhale, lift
the head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis, and we’ll squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears as we breathe in here. Nice big full breath, and exhale, melt them down. Again, creating space,
we inhale, loop the shoulders,
lift them up. And try to keep your heart
lifted as you relax and down. Great, one more time, inhale, squeeze and lift. And exhale, let it go. All right, take the left
hand to the right kneecap, seated twist here. We swim the right
fingertips around, use your breath,
inhale, lift your heart, and exhale,
naval draws in, and we twist. You gotta bring the breath here. Big inhale to lift, and exhale twist. And one more time,
big inhale, lift and lengthen, and exhale to release. Other side, right hand
to the left knee, left fingertips swim behind. We inhale, lift the heart, and exhale,
journey into your twist. Wiggle your toes. Feel your feet, inhale. And exhale, twist. Make sure you’re
not cranking here. Just let the breath move
and support you, inhale. And exhale to release, awesome. We’re going to come
forward onto all fours. Take your time getting there. Enjoy this time for yourself. Spread the palms super wide. Wrist underneath the shoulders, knees right
underneath the hip points. Take a second
to just feel it out. Go through your checklist. Find your Tabletop Position. And take a moment
to close your eyes, or to just visualize
this line of the spine. So if the neck is
a bit disconnected, the head might be hanging down, or maybe looking up, or obviously looking at
the video when you need to, but take a moment to really
see this beautiful line from the crown to the tail, and remember that the neck
is an extension of that. So sometimes the
awareness kind of stops at the base of the neck, and so extension
through the crown here. Take a couple more breaths, just going through
your checklist, maybe drawing the
naval up to the spine, lengthening the lower back. Bend your elbows. Press away from your yoga mat. Notice if the hands are
kind of willy-nilly here, really sense some
attention to detail throughout every fingerprint. And then it’s
from this strong base, this strong awareness
that we’ll start to move. Inhale, drop the belly. Slowly look up. Again slow your roll today. Nice and steady, and then on your exhale,
rounding through. Tailbone lengthens down. Cat-Cow here, so you
can close your eyes and start to
move with the breath. Inhaling, drop the
belly to look up, and exhale, rounding through chin to chest. Nose towards the naval. And then continue
a couple more rounds. Again, soft gaze
or close your eyes so you can really start to
slow it down and feel it out. This is something we do
all the time on our mats. See if you can find another essence if you would,
another sensations, just slowing it
down a little bit. And after this last one, we’ll come back to neutral spine and take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Awesome, curl the
right toes under. Curl the left toes under. Again, press away from your
yoga mat with your palms so you’re not collapsing
in the shoulders. So kind of lifting up
through the upper back body. Then we’ll slide
the right toes out. You can rock a little
front, rock a little back get a nice stretch
in the leg there, and just try to
keep this super strong loving awareness on the spine from the crown to the tail. When you’re ready, again not
collapsing into the wrists or collapsing in the
shoulders, pressing away, when you’re ready,
we’ll slide the right toes all the way over towards the
left side of the yoga mat. You can uncurl your left
toes for more stability, yogi’s choice, and then take a
look at your right heel. Press away from your yoga mat. Grow long and tall in the spine. Deep breath in, then exhale, slide it
all the way back through, and draw knee to nose here. Again, important to press
away from your yoga mat, waking up the muscles
of the upper body. Breathing deep here, in and out, nice big, full breaths. Take one more breath, squeeze, connecting to the muscles
of the abdominal wall here, and then release, awesome. Bring the two big toes together, knees as wide as your yoga mat, and send the hips on back,
Child’s Pose. Just a moment here to come
off the hands and the wrists so you can rotate the knuckles
one way and then the other. Some wrist circles here. Then we’ll come right back
up to your Tabletop Position. Again, going through
your checklist, finding that mindfulness
in your practice. That awareness
through the spine. Then curling the left
toes, then the right. Deep breath in, long breath out. On your next inhale, extend
the left leg out long, and then same thing,
just check it out here. Finding a little stretch in
the calves, the Achilles. And remembering to
keep the awareness all the way through the crown, so not just to
the base of the neck, but all the way out. Notice if your
breath has gone away, that nice full, conscious
breath that you started with, so return to the breath, and when you’re ready,
we’ll send the left toes all the way over towards the
right side of the yoga mat. Pressing away,
finding that length. Turn your gaze to look at your
left toes or your left heel. Big breath in, long breath out. Inhale in, exhale,
slide the left toes all the way back through center, and then we’ll
draw knee to nose, squeezing up through
the abdominal wall. Notice if you’re
clenching in the face. See if you can soften the face. Relax the shoulders
down the back body. One more big breath
cycle here, you got it. And then release, awesome. This time, knees
together, arches together, send it back, fingertips back, palms face up. For a little love in the wrists, you can actually
lift the fingers and walk the wrists
back and forth here. Nice long refreshing breaths. Keep it going. It is a practice. Awesome, then slowly reach
the fingertips back up, we’ll come back to all fours. And whenever you’re ready, send it up to
Downward Facing Dog. Curling the toes,
taking a deep breath in, lifting up through the hips on your exhale. When you arrive, take a
moment to feel it out. Maybe take your
dog for a little walk. And then come
into a place of stillness, hug the lower ribs in, connect
to your upper abdominals, tops of the shoulders
externally rotate, we take a deep breath in, and a big cleansing
breath as you draw the heels down to the earth. They don’t have to touch. Big inhale in. And exhale, empty it out. Awesome, on your next inhale, draw the naval up to the spine, and start to slowly find
articulation through the spine, as you slowly shift all
the way to Plank Posture, strengthening pose here. Find that support,
so lift the front body up to meet the back body. Press away from your yoga mat. Then shift forward on the toes, we’re going to go back
to Down Dog here. Nice and slow,
connecting to your core. Inhale, same thing. Finding articulation
through your spine. Draw the naval up, roll forward onto the toes. Plank Pose,
take a deep breath in, then exhale,
Downward Facing Dog. One more time, you got this. Nice and slow,
draw the naval up, slowing finding that
articulation forward. Take a deep breath in, press
away from your yoga mat, and then exhale,
Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful, inhale, look forward, and exhale, make your
way to the top. Clasp the elbows
when you arrive. Bend the knees generously, and then just take a couple
moments to freestyle. Find what feels good,
soft and easy movement. And when you’re ready, we’re
gonna roll up to Mountain, as slow as you can go. Feeling that beautiful
connection in the feet. Maybe you close your eyes if
you’re feeling adventurous. Starting by bending the knees, tucking the chin, and slowly making your way
all the way to Mountain. And so lots of awareness as you stack up through the staircase of the spine. Just maybe even using
your creative mind or your imagination to visualize what it might look like, paying attention to
what it feels like as you stack head over
heart, heart over the pelvis and come into your best and
most beautiful Mountain. Reconnect with your breath here. Now on a big inhale, we’ll spread the fingertips
and reach all the way up. Big full body stretch. Exhale, turn the left fingertips towards the back
of your yoga mat, soft bend in the knees here as you reach the right
fingertips forward, then inhale, open the chest. So bring the palms way back, think Kate Winslet Titanic here. And then release,
fingertips down to come up, inhale, full body stretch,
reach for the sky. And exhale, right fingertips toward the back
edge of your mat. Soft bend in the knees,
and we open up to the right. Open the chest by pulling
the backs of the hands slightly back as you inhale, open the chest, then exhale, fingertips come down
to come up once again, big full body stretch. Inhale, reach for the sky. Connect, connect, connect. And then exhale,
we float it down. Moving with the breath,
my friends. Inhale, Halfway Lift, palms on the tops of the
thighs for this first one. Find length through the crown. Deep breath in,
and then exhale, release, Forward Fold. Inhale, reach for the sky, fingertips reach, reach,
reach, reach and spread. Exhale, hands to heart. Soft knees, inhale,
reach for the sky. Exhale, turn to the left. Pull the backs of the hands back so you can open
up through the chest, soft bend in the knees. Fingertips go down to come up. Inhale, reach for the sky and exhale,
turning to the right. Fingertips go down to come up, big inhale as you
reach for the sky and exhale, Forward Fold. So we’re looking for a
bit of fluidity here. Inhale, Halfway Lift. This time, palms on the shins. Find length, create space, and then exhale, Forward Fold. Root to Rise, inhale,
spread the fingertips, moving with the breath we reach. Fingertips kiss up and overhead and then exhale, hands to heart. Soft knees, inhale,
reach for the sky. Exhale, gentle turn to the left. Inhale, and exhale dropping the fingertips
down to come up. Big breath in,
reach for the sky. And exhale, turn to the right. Pull the hands back
open through the chest, deep breath in, and exhale release. Awesome,
inhale reach for the sky. Exhale, down we go. Awesome, this time play with
the fingertips on the mat. So bend your knees and inhale. Find length. Exhale, soften and bow. This time we’re going
to plant the palms, step it back to our Plank Pose. We’ve been here before,
strong foundation. Inhale, shift your gaze forward. Come on to your toes. Hug the elbows
into the side body. Light up through the back
body, through the front body, and then slowly lower down,
all the way to the belly. Draw the hands back
in line with the ribs. Press pubic bone to the earth. Press into the tops of the feet. Heels are in line
with the hip points. Then moving with the breath, start by tucking the
chin into the chest, so really finding an
articulation here in the cervical spine as you press into your foundation
and slowly roll up, slowly lifting chin
parallel to the earth, Baby Cobra. Inhale, exhale, release, nice
and slow, in control. Tuck the chin into the chest. Inhale, slowly roll it up. Again the challenge
or the invitation is slow it down today. And exhale, release. Do one more with
your eyes closed. Tuck the chin into the chest. Pull the elbows back. Open and exhale, releasing all the way down. Curl the toes under. Lift the kneecaps. Send your heels towards
the back edge of the mat, inhale in, and then exhale,
power up. Plank Pose. Here we go, inhale,
shifting forward. Exhale, send the hips, really moving from
the hip creases here, all the way up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. A little bit of strengthening,
here we go. Naval draws in and up. We roll through the spine, really finding as much
articulation in the spine as possible as we make
our way to Plank. Inhale, gaze forward,
shift forward, and exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Again, hug the lower ribs in. Naval draws up and in. Uddiyana Bandha
as we roll through coming to Plank, nice and slow. Then inhale, shift forward,
tippy toes, and exhale, Downward Facing Dog. One more, you got this. Naval draws in. We find articulation. Take your time. Inhale, look forward, and exhale Downward Facing Dog, beautiful. Deep breath in, exhale, empty it out. Inhale, look forward, and exhale, make your
way to the top. Inhale, Halfway Lift,
do your version, so you can
choose where you place the fingertips or the palms. Find length. And then exhale, Forward Fold. Awesome, Root to Rise, inhale, spread the fingertips, try to create a hundred percent
full body experience here, maybe lift your toes, and exhale, hands to heart. Take a moment here
to close your eyes and observe your breath. Maybe tap into a
little inner smile here. And that inner smile
is a little reminder just of your own inner
guidance, your inner light. Deep breath in, and exhale, open the eyes. We’re going to come to a
nice, wide-legged stance, and then we’ll take it
down to the ground. So go ahead and bring
the legs nice and wide. Take your time getting there. If you’re new to the practice,
let me just remind you that you don’t have… Focus on the sensation
over the shape. You don’t have to step
super wide or anything. Your body will tell you what’s a good length. Traditionally for
this next posture, you can take the arms out
and kind of measure where the ankles kind of
align with the wrists, and that’s kind of a good thing, but you know,
every body’s different, so you kind of have to practice
listening to your body. Everyone, though,
lift up through the front. Find this upward current of
energy through the front body, supporting the spine, and then ground
through the back. Turn the toes in just slightly. So you’re really
feeling that connection to the outer edges of the
feet here super strong. Then hands come
to the waistline here, and we’re gonna draw some energy up from the arches of the feet, engage the inner thighs. So you’re kind of
pulling up energetically from your foundation and all the way up through. We come to a little
power pose here, ah, where the brain
and the body connect and have a conversation. Super important to remember that as we practice, how truly powerful these poses, this experience can be. Let’s take one more breath
here, big power pose, just notice if you’re
collapsing anywhere or if you’re really
sort of able to embody and evolve the
embodiment of a posture. And if you’re like, what is
this woman talking about, don’t worry about it. Just breathe deep,
enjoy this time for yourself. When you’re ready,
we’ll take it into a full by inhaling and
lifting the chest. Lifting, lifting,
lifting from the sternum. Think about when
we started practice on the seated position opening up through
the chest here. Inhale, then exhale. Keep this openness in the chest, you might even think
about drawing your elbows back towards one another, and send it forward,
nice flat back, soft, micro bend
in the knees here. Tuck the chin to the
chest and find length. Hug the lower ribs in. If you like for
one big breath cycle, we’ll send the fingertips out. Inhale, and exhale. Great, fingertips come
back to the waistline, and we continue
the journey down. Now, fingertips can come to
the earth here, or hands, or you can bring them
to a chair or a block. Standing wide-legged
Forward Fold. Notice if you’ve
lost connection, communication with your feet
and that drawing of the energy up through the inner seam
here, or through the arch. And then reconnect
with your breath. Remember when
you were in Table Top, not collapsing in the shoulders, but finding this powerful
awareness from crown to tail. And if you’re starting
to shake and feel heat, that’s the ticket. This is the ticket. Stay focused. And nice and slow, left hand
or left fingertip’s gonna come right below the chin, and we’re going to
move into a twist, again soft micro
bend in the knee here, as you inhale, open the
right fingertips all the way either to the side or
maybe up at a diagonal. One day, maybe
we’ll be able to get, maybe stacking the shoulders,
but don’t have to push it. Nice and easy, we inhale,
open the chest, and then exhale,
right hand replaces the left. Lots of integrity, maintaining
in the shoulders, stability, nice and strong. And when you’re ready,
we open to the left. Big breath in,
again it doesn’t have to be all the way stacking, we can let it evolve. Inhale, expand. Exhale, come through center. Inhale, press away
from the earth, expand, and exhale back through center. Inhale, find expansion,
slow it down, and exhale. And do one more on each side, inhale, moving with the breath. Exhale through center. Last one, you got this. Inhale, open your chest,
lengthen through the crown, and then exhale,
release, awesome. Hands are gonna
come to the earth. We’re actually gonna heel,
toe, heel, toe the feet all the way in, hip-width apart, so you should land in
a nice Forward Fold. Toes pointing forward. Swim the fingertips
around to the calves, and bend the knees as
generously as you need to. Take one more
deep breath in here, and then exhale, release. We’re gonna bend the knees. Use the fingertips
here to guide you as you lift the heels. We’re gonna come into a
little toe stand here, be fun. Toes come together. Use the fingertips to guide you. I’m gonna find that
connection to my core by lifting up from
the pelvic floor. I’m gonna start to balance
from the toes here. Have some fun with it, really lifting up
from the pelvic floor, squeezing the knees together, eventually hugging
the lower ribs in. So we find this strong lift up through that center plumb line. This is a challenge, in order
to hold your balance here, you have to be really
lifting up through that mid line through the spine. Hugging the muscles in to the bone. Stay here, if you need breaks, you can come
onto the fingertips. We’re gonna take a little twist, so we’ll inhale, hands
together at the heart, and exhale, start to
dial your heart center towards the left. Options here are you
can repeat this opening of the wings we’ve been doing, you can take the right
hand to the outer edge of the left thigh, find a little deeper twist. Now what’s going
on with the knees is a good
indication of the hips, so keep lifting up
through that pelvic floor, this is tough. Inhale, and then exhale, hands to heart, take a little break
if you need to by lifting the hips up,
Forward Fold, and then when you’re ready,
sending it to the other side. Little bit of a challenge
today, you got this. Drawing up from
the pelvic floor. Squeezing it all in together. So good, so now we’re finding a little strength and stability. Just take it with a grain
of salt if you feel like, you’re not here yet or
the feet are too tight, just let it evolve. All the more reason to
return to this practice. Hands come to heart,
deep breath in, and then exhale,
we dial it to the right. Can stay here or inhale, find that expansion from before. Big breath in, and then maybe
outer edge of the left hand comes to the outer
edge of the right knee. We breathe deep here,
one more breath. Lifting up from
the pelvic floor. Support all through the spine, and then exhale, release. This is gonna feel awesome, a total rinse in the legs
as you come to sit back and send the legs out long. Great, take a second to
just shake the feet out. Fingertips are gonna come
in line with the hips or maybe slightly back. We’ll loop the shoulders, find that lift in the chest, once again come to Dandasana, stick pose, or the staff pose. Firm down through
the tops of the thighs, press into your heels, maybe so much just for a moment, so you can find the action that they lift up
off the yoga mat. And then just notice if
you’re kind of leaning forward or collapsing back. Now would be a good
time to lift the hips, even by doubling up on your
yoga mat if you need to, if you need that support. I’m gonna actually be
here for a couple breaths, so breathing in deeply
through the nostrils, and then exhaling out
through the nose or mouth. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. If the palms come to the earth, they can,
more traditional version. I’d like to invite you
to close your eyes here as you breathe deeply, active legs, toes pointing
toward the sky. Start to lift up
from the pelvic floor. Hug the lower ribs,
the upper abs connecting, finding that containment
or that zipper effect, that zipper sensation
through the front body. Lengthen through the
back of the neck, tuck the chin slightly. One more breath, you got this. And we release. Awesome, take thriller arms, pressing the base
of the right forward, and then we’ll
bring the palms together, interlace, just kind
of steeple grip here, arch to arch here, inhale, lift your heart, and exhale, see if you
can really articulate through the spine here, if it helps to point the
toes so you have more support in the lower body,
please go for it. I’m gonna point my toes, and we slowly, slowly roll down. And as you return
to this practice, you can close your eyes here. Again use the video if you need, but you can close your eyes
and really start to feel all this beautiful articulation all the way down
through the spine, working the core, and eventually we come
all the way down and send the fingertips out, big Texas T, left to right. Take a deep breath in, then use a big exhale
to sigh it out. Feel the support of
the earth beneath you. When you’re ready,
we’ll draw the knees all the way up
towards the chest. Scoop the tailbone up
so the lower back is nice and flush with
your yoga mat. And then snuggle
the shoulder blades underneath your heart space. Should feel awesome. Great, inhale, draw the
knees in towards the chest and exhale, slowly melting
the legs towards the left, but see if you can
do it nice and slow. Should get a nice little massage if you do it really slow here. Keep the palms rooted,
shoulders rooted. And there’s lots
of variations here. We can turn to the right ear, we can extend the top leg, we can even reach around and use the left fingertips
to grab the left toes, excuse me, the right fingertips
to grab the left toes, so coming in to
a little bend here, and use the left hand
on the right thigh. So lots of options here. Breathing deep. Reclined Twist. Then moving from your center, draw the naval down, release, we’ll come all
the way back through, take a deep breath in, and then other side, melting the knees to the right, finding your
Reclined Twist on this side. Sending big buoyant
breaths to the belly. Taking any variation
that feels good. Extending that top leg, maybe you reach around
to grab that bottom foot. Take a deep breath in here. Fill the lower belly with air. And then exhale,
all the way back, ending with a bridge pose today. So we’ll take the knees
up towards the sky. Soles of the feet
rooted to the ground. Fingertips reach
down towards the heels. About where the heels
and the fingertips meet, that’s kind of a good gauge, but again every
body is different, then squeeze a little
bit of energy between, you can imagine having a block
between the inner thighs, so we’re not splaying out here, but really starting at
the feet, connecting, finding that lift
up from the arch. Imagine squeezing a block in
between your inner thighs. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space and as slow as you can
roll today, my friend, starting to peel up from
the coccyx, the tail, and articulating all the
way up through the spine. And so by inviting you
to slow the tempo, we’re just kind of opening
ourselves up to a new experience. Allow whatever wants to happen
in the arms here to happen. Maybe they stay palms down, or maybe they
gently blossom open. Press into the ball joint
of the big toe here, keeping the knees
safely in here. All the way up, and then
use the exhale to fall. Nice and slow, finding that
massage in the spine. I’m getting super
zenned out doing this. This works, this is working. And again, inhale,
lifting from the tail. And this time when you come
all the way to the top, you have the option here of
either grabbing your yoga mat and snuggling the shoulder
blades a little bit more under, just grabbing the edge
of your yoga mat, sorry, or you can interlace
the fingertips and snuggle those
shoulder blades together, finding that lift. Lift your chest up to your chin, and then lift your chin
up towards the sky. Again, lift your chest
up towards your chin, and your chin up
towards the sky. Send the sitting
bones energetically towards the backs of the knees, take one more deep
full breath in here, and then with control,
exhale, release the arms, and let it slowly float down, nice and slow. Fabulous, bring the soles
of the feet together, knees nice and wide. Take the base of the palms to
the front of the hip creases, give yourself a
little massage here. Inhale in and exhale,
open the hands. Close your eyes. Take a moment to consider why
you rolled out your mat today. And just feel your spine,
that which holds you up, feel it supported by
your yoga mat, and by your practice, by this time that
you took for yourself. Gently slide one leg out, and then the other. If your body’s asking for
any other little movement, go ahead and
give it that, listen. And then we’ll come
to settle in Savasana. Stay here for as
long as time allows, but make sure you spend
a couple moments here, just giving thanks, residing in a nice, soft breath, and a very powerful stillness, letting the body rest. Thanks so much
for sharing your time and your energy and
your practice with me and the Yoga with Adriene
community. We’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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    Honestly being consistent with these workouts has been great for my energy overall. I go to sleep at a decent hour; I wake up refreshed. I had a dance party of one the other day and it was just fun.

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    Yesterday after tabata workout, I had sore muscles and back pain.. Today I did this and felt so good ..had a good stretch, massage and refreshed.
    Each and every pose in this video helps to relieve the pain at shoulders and back and released the strain. Especially those twists, exactly what i needed.
    Thanks Adriene ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป. Keep going !

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