Yoga For The Feet – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today
we have a big request, Yoga for the Feet. This is an awesome practice for anyone and everyone, not just those who
are dealing with things that are healing in the feet, so get into something
comfy, grab a blanket or a towel or two,
and let’s get started. (lively, bouncy strumming and drumming) Alright, let’s start standing today. And just take a moment, might as well, to come into Mountain Pose. Just stand up nice and tall, and take a deep breath in. (inhaling) And then let out a big exhale. (exhaling) Deep breath in. And big breath out. And one more, just to kind
of come into your body. Big breath in. And settle in with a big exhale. Or settle down. So we’re gonna take
this time for ourselves to tend to the feet. The feet are obviously
super important in all of our standing postures, but I was joking earlier saying that this video is really great
for anyone who has feet, because we are on our feet a lot, and this is the foundation
for a lot of things, right, and we rarely take the time
to give proper TLC to our feet so problems can occur, but a lot of problems
can be saved, healed, transformed through
this type of body work. So if you’re one of those people that’s dealing with something
painful in the feet right now, move slowly, mindfully, and I have your back. Have faith, right? But this is really great for everyone, so we’re gonna start standing, and just take a second to
look down at your feet, and just send some love there. So I have some really good friends, some best friends of mine even, who do not like their feet. They have a really bad
relationship with their feet. So just take your awareness down, and start to lift the toes. Feet are about hip width apart just for stability here. And we’re just lifting the toes and starting to wake up the muscles. And there’s a lot of judgment that comes, I think, with the feet, right? Especially as we get older. So, can you please,
we’ll all work together, me too, I’m putting my
feet on the internet. Can we please just cancel, clear that. And move that silly business aside. And start to send some
love down to your feet. OK, after you’ve just kind of
lifted the toes a little bit, you might rock front to back a little. We’re gonna come to loop the shoulders, and stand up nice and tall. And we’re not gonna
collapse into the hip here, so we’re gonna keep a
little lift up through that center channel, might as well. Hands are gonna come
to the waistline just for a little extra stability, and I’m gonna start
with the right foot. Just really moving nice and slow circles on the ball of the foot. Ooh, so you might’ve
heard my right foot’s already making a little noise. Now, one big thing is you
don’t want to take your ankle really far out. I can’t even do that. I don’t even have that
flexibility, but some people do. And so try to keep the
ankle stacked right over, rather than really veering out. And then reverse the circle
if you haven’t already. And if you want to add a
little style points to this, you can have some fun. And then release that
right heel down and switch. Again, avoid trying to collapse
into the right hip here, so keep it lifted up through the heart. That awareness. That lovely awareness that
our yoga practice brings to the body and to the mind. Moving with the left foot… (exhaling) Your feet are probably gonna
get tired in this practice, just like the other body
parts and muscles get tired during practice,
your vinyasa and stuff. So, just try to stay
focused on the breath, keep your awareness
on the sensations, and just do your best. Just here to explore this space, kind of tend to the body. Great, and after you’ve
done that both ways, we’ll go ahead and release
the left heel down. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Awesome, now shift your
weight to the left foot, again, not to collapse here, so think Tree Pose here. So you wouldn’t want to
collapse all the way in here and lift that foot,
you’d want to stay lifted through the center channel. And now we’re gonna come on to the toes. And these are gonna be smaller circles so just onto the toes, finding a little malleability. If you have an
achy toe or a bunion, you might need to
make adjustments here, but again, lots of love right? You’re not alone,
these things happen. And that’s why we’re
tending to the feet. So awesome work. You should totally appreciate yourself for doing this video. Your feet are gonna be so happy, and remember, it’s all connected right, so you start to tend to the feet, other magical things might
start to happen in the body. Hey-O! Switch to the left. Haven’t done one
of those in a while. Moving the feet. Notice if you’re holding
your breath here. Mm-uh, that doesn’t feel
good, so breathe deep. Moving in one direction
and then the other. (deep breathing) And then releasing the left heel down. Awesome. So now we’re going to
stretch the top of the foot, so go ahead and
shift your weight into, I’m gonna start with
the left foot this time. So shift your weight
into your right foot. And keep this awareness through
the plumb line, the center, and we’re just gonna softly
bend through the right knee, the standing leg, and then
take the left toes back. And then you can take
’em back a little more and bend the knee if
you want a little more. Maybe you even take it to a shape like this,
but I encourage you to keep this energy up and
not put too much pressure. So you just want a gentle stretch, right, not a big crank. So, even though we’re kind
of more specifically working on the feet today, can
we take what we know about find what feels good yoga, and apply that here? So, finding a little smile or inner smile, deep breaths. Finding a little ease with the effort. Alright, let’s switch. Left foot comes back, ooh yeah. Great blood flow there. And then right toes go back. And each side’ll be a
little different of course. And here, I should’ve said
this on the left side, but you’re probably already
doing it intuitively. You really want to try to
press into all the toes, so pinky toe also reaching down. (deep breathing) Great, take one more breath here. And then release right heel,
come back to your Mountain. So this time we’re gonna
bring the feet together, really together, arch
to arch, zip up through. We have an awesome silent yoga video for Samastitihi, four
parts equal standing, that’s a great yoga
for the feet video, and it’s really cute. It’s really nice. You might want to try that
as a supplement to this one. So we’re gonna bring
the feet together as if it were one, big post, and we’re gonna spread awareness through all four corners of the feet, so the big toe mound,
the pinky toe mound, and then the inner heel and
the outer heel press down. And then we’re gonna
stand up nice and tall, draw the palms together at the heart, take a deep breath in. And exhale out. (exhaling) Deep breath in. (inhaling) And exhale out. Then release the toes to the ground if you haven’t already, and just close your eyes and observe where you’re carrying your weight here, so if it’s kind of front, kind of back, kind of left-to-right, and
just take a couple breaths here to observe that, continuing to draw energy up from the arches of the feet. (breathing) Sweet, take one more
big breath in here, lots of love in. And then lots of love out,
releasing the fingertips down, and opening the eyes if
they are not already open. OK, so the next thing we’re gonna do is with your blanket, so you can also use a stack of two towels,
just get a little height. Then we’re gonna stretch the calves and the ankles here so
keep the heart lifted. You can never be too careful. It’s always in those
tiny little transitions where we’re just not being mindful, and you kind of tweak something or fall, so this is great practice of just maintaining that full body awareness, which is also gonna be really great for taking this sort of thing off the mat and into the everyday walk of life. OK, here we go. Using the blanket as a
little calf stretch here, you’ve probably done this before, especially if you’re a runner or walker, or jogger, or an athlete. We’re just gonna start with
the right foot coming on, go ahead and spread the toes though, like really crazy spread of yogi toes, and come on, really
pressing through the ball of that right foot, and then to the left. And if this isn’t enough for you, you can add more blankets or more towels. OK, so we’re breathing here. Might even walk it up a little more. Oh yeah. Come to daddy. Just kidding. Lengthen the tailbone down, and then see if you can lift your heart, so you come into a little power pose here. This is big stretch for me. Who’d a thought? Whew. So, energetically, lift
up through the fronts of the legs here. Try to lift your kneecaps a little bit. Careful not to lock out, especially if you
tend to hyperextend. So soft little bend, and lift, and kind of toning the quads, engaging the quads. Woo, then can you
breathe deep here? Holy moly. Hoo-hoo-hoo. Looks like nothin’, but it’s somethin’. Am I right? OK, a couple more breaths here. If you’re just kind of collapsing here, very unstable in the joints, so really engage. Hug that muscle to bone
and keep lifting up through your heart, through the crown. Take one more big breath in here. And then nice and easy, we’ll soften, bend at the knees, bend at the waist, take it to a forward fold. Gently step up off your blankie. Then from here, we’re gonna
walk the feet out wide. And come into a little Froggy Pose. So go ahead and
send your center down, your hips down, lift the heels. And open the chest. Alright so loop the shoulders. And breathe deep here, so again, if you’re working
with a problem spot right now, that’s just a spot
that’s in the process of transforming and healing. So come off of it when you need to. If you’re here for everyday practice, let’s breathe deep anyway and find a lift in the heart
so we’re not collapsed here. If you normally bring your heels down for this yogic squat, go
ahead and lift ’em today. We’re kind of coming
into a Froggy Posture. Use your blanket or your
stack of towels here for support, or if this
is just much too much, and you need a little support, you can swing that sucker around and bring it underneath
the heels like so. Right, so you have options. You can have a little
support system in the front or support system in the back. (laughing) Anyway, OK. So, we’re staying here breathing. And maintaining, even though again, this video is focused on the feet, we’re maintaining this awareness all the way up through the crown, because that’s part
of it is making sure that we have this connect, this lift, so that we’re not just collapsing, stomping around, right, but that we can have a
lighter touch as they say. Couple more breaths here. If you’re wanting a little
bit more in this Froggy Pose or this Froggy Practice,
you can shift your froggy gently left-to-right. So, really mindful in the knees here. Creaky old floor, wassup? Moving one way, and then the other. So, right heel comes down. And left heel comes down. I find that having the support
here in the fingertips helps so that I’m not putting
undue pressure on my knees. Big wake up call continues
in the legs, in the hips. As we know, it’s all connected. So this is so great for the body. Take a couple more rocks here or a couple more deep
breaths if you’re centered. (deep breathing) And then if you have the stack of towels or the blanket in front, go
ahead and swing it around back. If it’s not already. And then we’ll just use the
fingertips to come to a nice, comfortable seat. Awesome work. Alright, so sit up on
your blanket or your towel just so you can get a little
lift through the heart. A little easier. I’m just gonna put the right
foot in front of the left, so the left heel’s gonna
come in towards your center, right foot is out here. And then take your hands,
bring ’em together. Just create a little
bit of good juju here, little good vibes,
little bit of heat. Naturally, I’m like,
“A little massage here “from my previous practice.” I’m a little sore. And then we’re gonna take the hands and we’re gonna bring
them to that right foot. So we’re gonna lift
the right foot up here. If you can’t lift it up,
you might use extra blankets or a pillow even, to
lift the foot up to you. Maybe even a block
underneath the foot. And we’re just gonna give
the foot a little massage. Now, a little self massage goes a super long way. And I think I said in
one of our really early Yoga with Adriene videos, like “We just don’t touch
ourself enough.” And… (laughing) I was kind of being silly
but it’s kinda true, right? If you don’t have someone to
massage your feet every night, I don’t, you should do it yourself, or every morning. It really makes a big difference. And it’s like acupuncture at home, right? So there’s these energy meridians that end in your foot
like the stomach, that’s a big one, meridian. The gallbladder meridian, and so, there’s more than meets the eye here when you give your foot a little love, a little pressure. So, just pressing the
thumbs deeply into the foot, don’t forget your heel. (deep breathing) And then maybe the top of the foot. And this will change
your yoga game. I swear by it. And then we’re gonna
take the left fingers now when you’re satisfied, and
we’re just gonna put them between the toes. Now for some this may be really weird, for others, you’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I do that all the
time when I watch Netflix.” In which case,
no, I’m just kidding. And then, this kind of
creates that yogi toe effect of really spreading through the toes. If this is super painful for you, you might just do two toes at a time, your peace fingers, breathing
deep, breathing deep. Otherwise, get on in there. And then brace your right
leg with your right hand, just bringing underneath here. Might even be a nice,
little opening for the hip, and you’re just gonna give it
a little rock back and forth. Kind of pulling the toes out. Be gentle. As always, our yoga practice is there, the skill set, to remind you
and allow you to practice being kind and gentle with yourself, so just keep that in mind. Great, and then we’ll release that. Take that right foot
down right back in front. And then just gently walk
the fingertips forward, just a little release in the hip. If you can take it a little lower, you’re welcome to
go all the way down, but not a lot here, just a little release in that right hip. Take a deep breath in. And exhale, release and switch. Your right heel’s gonna
come into the center. And the same thing on the other side. So starting with a little massage, pressing through your left foot. And if for some reason,
you’re practicing this video on a day where you totally
need a little extra love, a little support, maybe
you’re feelin’ a little alone or hung out to dry,
really enjoy this moment. Take a look down at your
foot and realize that, “Ah, this is a perfect
physical manifestation of you “taking care of yourself.” Taking responsibility
for your own happiness. And appreciating your body. (deep breathing) Make sure you’re breathing. And so a little foot massage, maybe with a little oil,
a little lavender lotion or oil is really nice. If you can get your hands on it, not necessary though. But that’s nice before bedtime. Maybe a little peppermint
if you have tired feet. I keep a little
peppermint salve. Is it “sav” or “salve”? Tell me in the comments below. In my living room. Sometimes give myself
a little foot massage while I watch Netflix or a movie. TMI? Maybe, OK. Now, the right fingers coming
into the left toes here. And my feet have
definitely changed through the practice of yoga and yours will too with
a regular practice, and as I said before, don’t
sell yourself short, right? Anything can happen, but I’ve seen a lot of
people transform their feet and issues in their feet, and they flesh out through
this sort of attention to the feet and bodywork. So, all is not lost. So taking this fist here, gently pulling front to back. Nice and gentle. And then release. Great, little hip action here. Fingers come to the mat and
we spider fingers forward. Just a little release. Send the sitting bones
back towards the earth so really press back. If you want to take it
a little lower, you can. Maybe even to the forearms. Breathe deep here. (deep breathing) And then roll it back up. Alright, so now we’re gonna gently move into a kneeling position. If your knees are super tight, you can use your towel or your blanket behind the knees here. Maybe at a lower fold, so you’ll just test this out here, creating a little bit of space. And we’re gonna come onto the
tops of the feet to start. So I’ll do it without the
blanket so you can see, but I just want to offer that up, especially since you have
your padding right there. We’re gonna draw
the knees together. Take the fleshy part
of the calves aside, and then you’ll just come onto
the tops of the feet here. And see if you can really
point your toes back, and then do your best to
try to really press down through that pinky toe and
lift up through your heart. Breathe deep here. Palms come to the tops of the thighs. A little Virasana, Hero. Hero variation. Draw the shoulder blades together. Sit up nice and tall. So you could just be sitting here like, cool, chill, wassup. Or, really activate
through the feet please, pressing into all ten
toes best you can. Now see if you can
also find this lift up through the pelvic floor, so again, we’re not dumping all the way in, but really starting to create
a full body experience, which is absolutely gonna help you in your yoga practice. And in your daily life. One more breath here. It’s definitely hard work. Looks like nothin’, but man my feet are doin’ a salsa dance right now. Mmm, salsa. That’s great yoga for the feet. OK, to transition, I’m
gonna slowly come forward, keep pressing into
the tops of the feet. Come onto all fours. Then I’m gonna curl the toes under. Keep the knees together best you can, walk the big toe mounds together, and then slow and steady, so I like going slow
because then I can really kind of feel what’s going on. It’s kind of more fun that way too. As I send the hips back. Now if your feet are super tight, which I even grew up
dancing and stuff, and then when I first did
work like this, I couldn’t. I couldn’t stay here
longer than a breath. So you might just stay
here on your paws, right for support. Or you might find that you
can walk your palms back up, but I just want to acknowledge
that if you can’t come here, you are not alone. ♫ You are not alone ♫ I am here with you ♫ Breathe, and this is a great exploration here because
when you’re really dumping all your weight, it’s more painful, so you want to find that lift. We call it Mula Bandha, that
lift from the pelvic floor. So you’re not just
splattering your energy, but you’re really harnessing it, and finding this lift. Best you can here, same thing, try to include the pinky toes. If you have to take your hands to incorporate the pinky toe and kind of curl it under, please do. A little self adjustment
is always awesome. Couple more breaths here. Again, you might be here. And if you’re sweatin’ bullets, again you are not alone. Keep breathing. Mmmmmm. Awesome, and then nice and slow, as slow as you went in, we’re gonna come out. So sending the palms forward, coming onto the tops of the feet, and back to where you were. We’re gonna spend a
little less time here. This time just a little counter. Press into all of your toes. So I was gonna say all ten toes, but some people don’t
have all ten toes so just press into whatever
toes you have there, and find that lift up
through the center channel. Close your eyes for
this last big breath in. Awesome, and then exhale, release. Come forward, hands come to the mat. We have one Downward Dog
in this practice. Walk the knees
underneath the hips. Press away from your yoga mat. Inhale in, look forward and smile. Then exhale, curl the toes under and see if you can
really grow this pose from your feet, whatever
that means to you. Just really take the
awareness of your feet, heels dropping back. Then stretching as you
send the hips up high. Kind of a different experience. Really working this
pose from the ground up. Now, for a hot second here, imagine your hands are also your feet, which they are in
some yoga poses, right? So, press into all
ten fingerprints, claw into the ground. Take one more deep breath
in here, you got this. Maybe bend the knees a little bit. Melt your heart. And then slowly lower down. Great, take a Child’s Pose here, why not? Knees together or knees wide. Yogi’s choice. (deep breathing) Alright, and then slowly
press into the hands. And we’re gonna end
with the Hero Pose or a Virasana. So go ahead and walk
the knees back together, and you can return
back to the variation that we just had here. Sitting up nice and tall, breathing deep here. If you already know that the knees are just not happy in these postures, then I’m going to invite you
to come to a Cobbler’s Pose. Soles of the feet together. Knees wide, still great
opening in the hips, the legs, and sit up nice and tall. You can bring back
a little self massage, or you can just
stay here breathing. Maybe take a forward fold. So that’s the option. Alright, so we’re in this variation. We are working in Cobbler’s Pose or I’m gonna guide us through a little, deeper posture stage by stage, right, step by step. So, if you’d like to experiment
with Thunderbolt Pose or Vajrasana variation, we’re
gonna send the legs out long. And just take a hot
second to relax the feet. They’ve been working really hard. (deep breathing) Then begin to engage again
by pressing into the heels. And nice and slow, I’m
gonna lift the left knee up. And then I’m just gonna
slowly use my right palm on the earth to stabilize. I’m gonna bring it back. Left toes are gonna point
towards the back edge of the mat. Take the fleshy part
of the calf aside. And then I just sit up
nice and tall here. I might gently use my fingers
to lift the knee a little, just tugging it back, protecting, creating more space there. Your body will tell you whether or not it feels good here. So, if there’s any question
at all, don’t do it. Right, it’s not worth it. Let’s find what feels good, right, not find what feels not good. So, if it doesn’t feel good, head to Cobbler’s Pose. Breathing deep here. You might stay here. (exhaling) Breathing deep. Or you might slowly lift the right knee and use the left palm on the earth to come back here. Again, sending the right toes back. Walk the knees together. Sitting up on a block here is nice. We have a whole Foundations of Yoga for this posture. And I’ll breathe deep. So you have your towel. You have your blanket. You could come here. Ho-yeah. It’s so awesome. Or you can fold it up behind the knees. To take it one stage further, so we have different stages, right? And we stay present
within each stage. And the moment you can’t
stay present with your breath in the stage,
then you need to back off. Maybe tugging that right knee again to create a little space. So if the spine is rounding here, find lift in the front body. And then, I’m gonna take
my blanket right here for the spine actually. I’m gonna use my fingertips, pressing into all of the toes, just like we’ve been doing. I’m gonna slowly, slowly
begin to come back, one elbow at a time. Breathing deep here. If it feels like it’s OK in the body, I might continue the journey down. All the way, releasing onto the earth. Or, onto my nice, little
bolster blanket here. Arms resting gently at your sides. So this is the final stage here. I don’t expect everyone
to go into this posture, but I want to give different options. Big, big stretch. Hips so as the legs obviously pressing into all of the toes here, really trying to get that
pinky toe down. We stay present. Gonna take a couple
beautiful breaths here. Try to stay focused on your breath and present, rather than checking out. Stay checked in. (deep breathing) And to come out of the posture, connect to your center first. Hug the lower ribs in. Find this support in the back body by engaging your core. Take the hands to the
outer edges of your mat, and snuggle the shoulder
blades together. Use this as a little
resistance here on your mat to press up into the elbows. And then slowly, mindfully, use the hands to press back up. Great, to come out of the posture, I’m gonna walk the palms forward. Press into the tops of the feet. This is super important. Keep the feet active always
to protect the knees, and we come back up. Beautiful. From here, I’m gonna swing
the legs to one side. Come back to seated, and this is where we all
meet up legs out long. And just feel, I can even see, just the blood rushing
to my feet, so awesome. So nice, soften,
maybe wiggle the toes. And then you know what
pose is next, Shavasana. So, if you’re short on time, just lay back for a couple breaths, giving thanks for your
body, and for this practice. And you should be proud of yourself for taking the time to tend to it as I like to say. If time allows, spend a
little more time here, just relaxing and letting go. Allowing the nutrients of
your practice to settle in. I’m gonna use my blanket here, allowing the head to spill off. Oh, so nice. And then just give it a big breath in. (inhaling) And a big breath out to relax the feet. And then travel up from your feet, doing a full body scan. Just softening and
letting go of any tension, any tightness. Life is good. (exhaling breath) Alright my sweet friends, if you’re in Shavasana,
you can stay there as long as humanly possible. Bookmark this video. Favorite it so you can
return to it easily. Share it with your friends, your family. I think we can all benefit
from more feet love, attention to the feet, so
that we can stay active and become more
active in our daily lives, so that we can be super
happy and super healthy. Subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already. Questions and comments
are always welcome below, and we’ll see you next week. Free yoga videos every Wednesday. Take good care. Namaste. (bouncy, lively strumming
and drumming music)


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