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– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I am Adriene
and this is Benji and today we
have yoga for teens. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alrighty my awesome friends,
let’s begin laying down today. Yay, come on down to the ground. Take your time getting there. When you get on to your back,
take a deep breath in and just ground
through your feet and just take a
moment to really land. Thank you so much for
joining me for yoga today. We’re gonna help you find
balance in the body so that you can feel your best
and look your best. Move confidently, grow, learn and be essentially the best version of you that you can be. So we’re gonna start with a
little breath work so you’re gonna walk the feet as wide as
your mat and allow your knees to fall in just so you can
chill in the lower body. And then bring your hands to
your belly and take a deep inhale in through your nose. And then exhale to
just let it all go. That’s it, super easy. Big inhale. And big exhale, let it all go. Awesome work,
one more just like that. For this one, close your eyes. Big inhale. (inhales) And big exhale. (exhales) Awesome. Slowly open the legs again. We’re gonna press
up off the toes and hug the knees into the chest. Find what feels good in your
lower back by squeezing your knees in towards your heart. And then, when you’re ready,
you’re gonna come back to that big conscious breath.
Big inhale. And this time as you exhale, big, long exhale, brings you
to connect to your core by squeezing navel down and drawing
the nose up towards the knees. So here’s our
first big yoga moment. Your knees don’t have to
even come close to the nose or the opposite,
nose to knee. It’s just the intention. So just love your body
and be where you are today. Practice that acceptance. Really, truly that’s
what yoga’s all about. It’s a great
practice for all of us. And then slowly release. Awesome, feet are gonna come to
the ground and now we’re gonna bring the hands behind the head
so interlace your fingertips and slow and steady bring
the hands behind the head. And you’re gonna extend
your thumbs here like this. So that you can give
yourself a massage on the neck. So use your thumbs to really
press into the base of the head, even around the ear,
should feel really good and then all around the neck. And obviously this feels good
but you can close your eyes and again we kind of have
a moment where we realize self care, self massage, this idea that we can
take care of ourselves and love ourselves first. We don’t necessarily have to
rely on anyone to do it for us. We can tend to our heart space
and take care of our bodies and our emotional
selves all on our own. You have the power just with a
little practice it gets easier and easier and
yoga’s awesome for that. ‘Kay, one more
moment here, a massage, take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Great, you’re gonna
press up off the toes again. This time really scoop the
tailbone up so you’re lower back is nice and
smooshed against the mat. Keep the elbows wide,
start to open up through your chest and your heart. Then use your hands here just
gently tuck the chin into the chest and then imagine
a juicy piece of fruit, like a big
grapefruit or an orange, between your
chin and your chest. And you’re gonna
try to hold that there. So you’re gonna keep a lot of
space here as you inhale in. Exhale, lift it up. Again, don’t crunch your
fruit here but keep it lifted. So after you feel
like you got the shape, go ahead and take your
eyes up and here we go. We’re gonna inhale in. Exhale, just extend the right
leg out as far as you can go that your abs start to turn on. Then bring the right knee in
and extend through the left leg. Keep the elbows wide. And then you’re just
gonna go back and forth here, nice and slow. Extending one leg
and then the other, keeping your gaze up, holding
on to that juicy piece of fruit between your
chin and your chest. Trying best you can to keep
your elbows nice and wide. So lighting a
little fire in our core. Nice, do one more on each side. Breathing fully. And now we’re gonna
come into some yogi bicycles. So let your lower ribs get heavy
here and we’re gonna extend the right leg and bring
the right shoulder up towards the center of the chest. Great, inhale,
come back to center and then exhale, switch. And then back and
forth in your own time. Moving with your breath. If you want a little more you
can take out that center spot and just go back and forth,
left to right. But try to keep
your movement controlled. Keep your tailbone scooping up. Breathing deep. Lots of space between
the chin and the chest so that your neck doesn’t hurt. Alright, lighting up the core. Creating a nice, strong core so
that you can feel empowered but also so that you
have a really strong back. Strong, strong, strong back. Waking up the
energy of the third chakra so you can feel confident. Breathing deep here. Keep it going for
five, four, three, two, even it out, on the one. Awesome, then come all the
way back to knees to chest. Give yourself a big hug. Close your eyes. Inhale, lots of love in and exhale lots of love out. Great, from here you’re gonna
rock and roll all the way up the length of the spine. So bring your hands to the backs
of your thighs and you’re gonna have some fun here.
You might feel silly at first but in time it becomes
really refreshing. (laughs) And eventually you’re gonna
rock all the way through to all fours for Cat-Cow. Plant your palms,
spread the fingers wide. So like two starfish. And then when you’re ready, with
the breath we’re gonna move. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. So we’re stretching now
through the abs that we just strengthened, that
we just contracted. And then exhale,
squeeze and lift, navel up towards the chest as
you round through the spine. Good, inhale, drop the belly. Cow Pose, drop your
utters to the ground. I know, quite the image. And then exhale,
chin to chest, navel draws up. Round through.
Think black Halloween cat here. Great, now catch your groove,
inhale, drop the belly. Exhale, close your
eyes and round through. Two more times with
the sound of your breath. I’ll let you take it away. Good, awesome work. When you’re satisfied inhale,
come to center. You’re just gonna
tick-tock to the left. Bump your booty to the left and then turn to look
past your right shoulder. Creating length in
the left side body, left waist, left glute. Good, come back to center. Now bump the hips to
the right and then turn, gaze to look past left,
same thing. Awesome, inhale to
come back to center. You’re doing great. You’re gonna walk
the palms out just a bit. Keep those
starfish in the hands. Upper arm bones rotate out so
you create lots of space here. Then curl the toes under
and peel the tailbone up. Downward Facing Dog. Pedal it out here. Stretching through
the feet, the ankles, the backs of the legs. Now to take some pressure out of
the wrists you’re gonna really claw through your
fingertips fiercely. And then don’t
forget your breath. Breathing like
you love yourself. Nice full breaths. When we breath fully and
consciously we send a certain signal to our brain. Keeps us
confident and in control, creative and feeling good. Alright, from here we’re
gonna take slow baby steps to the top of tthe mat.
Nice and slow. Take your time. Negotiate, that’s
what yoga’s all about. And then when you’re ready, when
you’re at the top of your mat, find a nice Standing
Forward Fold with bent knees. So you can bend your knees as
much or as little as you want but just bend them some. And then you can
clasp opposite elbow and we’re just gonna rock
gently side to side. Relax through the head
and neck, the shoulders. Letting go. Let any stress or tension that
you’ve been carrying around with you, just let it spill
right off the shoulders, right off the back, right off
the tip of the head and melt into the earth so that when we
roll up you feel light and good. Take one more breath here. Then slowly release your arms. Straighten the legs just a bit. Tuck the chin to the chest and
roll all the way up to standing. Slowly stacking
up through the spine. You’ll press into the feet. Lift your heart, your chest
and come into your best and most beautiful Mountain Pose. You’re gonna open
the palms forward. Really lift up
through the armpit chest here. Feel your feet on the ground,
take a deep breath in. And as you breathe out, relax your shoulders
down, down, down. Awesome, here we go. Big inhale to sweep the arms
all the way up towards the sky. Now soft bend in the knees. As you exhale,
just open twist to the left. Nice and easy. Awesome, big inhale,
press into your feet. Come back up through center. Soft fingers, exhale,
open twist to the right. Beautiful, inhale,
come all the way up. Palms come
together in prayer overhead. And then exhale, slice a
line right down the middle. All the way down
into your Forward Fold. Great, from here inhale,
you’re gonna lift up halfway, just find length
in the neck here. Do your best and then exhale,
release and fold. Good, plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Step the left toes back,
Plank Pose. Inhale to shift forward,
look forward. Exhale all the way to the belly.
Inhale, Cobra. Take a deep breath in. Good, exhale, slow release. Now, curl the toes under. Listen carefully, lift the
kneecaps, tone the quads. Press into your starfish here. Inhale, power up,
press up to Plank. Now, gaze down,
strong Plank here. Quietly whisper to yourself,
“I am strong.” I am strong. Navel draws in,
hips go up and back, Downward Facing Dog.
Awesome work. Inhale, here we go,
Three-Legged Dog. Lift the right leg up high. So right thigh to the sky. Take a deep breath
in and then exhale, step it up, all the way through. You’re gonna pivot on the back
foot and we’re gonna open up into a big Warrior II. So the back toes turn in,
the arms are straight, front knee is bent. Take a deep breath in, inhale. Exhale, relax your shoulders. Strong legs, strong core. Inhale, right fingertips
reach forward, up and back. Peaceful Warrior. Stay soft and graceful in your
face and then a strong cartwheel all the way back to your lunge. Here we go.
(whooshes) Beautiful. From here,
nice low lunge, inhale, open the chest, grow
light on the fingertips, look forward. And then exhale, you’re just
gonna bend the back knee and rock the back foot
up to meet the front, Forward Fold. Nice. Let the head and neck go here. Breathe deep. And then when you’re ready, inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Kind of creating a figure seven, like the number
seven with the body. And then exhale, fold. (whooshes) Great. Root to rise here.
Press into your feet. Inhale, sweep the arms up and overhead and
exhale hands to heart. Namaste. Mountain Pose, beautiful. Release the arms now
gently at your sides. Once again, open the
palms towards the front. Imagine the crown of your head
is like the tip of the mountain and then the fingertips
just gracefully down the sides of the mountain. Inhale lots of love in here. Strong powerful
breath as you breathe out. Great, one more time. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, soft knees,
open twist to the left. Maybe look behind you this time. Inhale, reach it up,
come back to center. And exhale, open
twist to the right. Maybe looking back behind you. Good, inhale, reach for
the sky, palms come together, Namaste. And then exhale,
down the midline we go. Forward Fold. Once you get there,
reconnect with your breath. Inhale, lift up half way. Exhale, soften and bow. Great, bend the knees,
plant the palms. You can step the feet
back or this time try a hop. Back to Plank. Great, whatever happened,
awesome, you got this. Press away from your yoga mat. Inhale, look forward, shift
forward on the toes and exhale belly to Cobra or maybe
an Upward Facing Dog here. Lift your chest, use an
inhale to open your heart, open your chest. And then exhale all the
way back to Downward Dog. Great, deep breath in. Long breath out. Great, this time
Three-Legged Dog with the left leg lifting high. Lift your left thigh to the sky. Deep breath in. Exhale, slowly shift it forward. Come forward, step it all
the way up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot and
when you’re ready spiral open, big, strong Warrior II. Right toes are turned in and we have that bend
in the front knee. Strong legs here. Nice long spine. Inhale, sink a little deeper. And here we go, left
fingertips reach forward, we flip the script,
take it up and back, Peaceful Warrior. Inhale, stay nice
and long in the neck. Exhale, fun, fierce
cartwheel all the way back down to your lunge. Great, pivot on the back foot. Inhale, open up, get
light on the fingers, open up through the chest. Let your heart
energy radiate forward. Sweet and then
fingertips come to the earth, we rock the back
foot up to meet the front. Take your time, Forward Fold. Awesome. Inhale, halfway lift. Move with your breath. Exhale, fold. Root to rise, inhale,
reach for the sky. All the way up and then exhale,
hands to heart. Namaste, now close your eyes
here and observe your breath. Then when you’re ready you’re
gonna open the eyes and without looking down, so try
not to look at your feet. If you do, it’s okay but
little experimentation here. You’re gonna put eyeballs in the
soles of your feet and you’re gonna try to bring them
together without looking. Really together, arch to arch. This is a little bit of
magic when we move like this. When we have awareness
in all parts of the body. When you get there squeeze the
legs together and then slowly shift your weight
to your left foot. When you’re ready, peel
up through the right heel, right toes lift off. And we’re gonna
find a Tree Pose. So you might grab the ankle and draw it all the way up
towards the center. If that’s not in
your practice today, in your body today,
just keep it below the knee or even keep your
toes on the ground. We’re wanting to find balance
not necessarily master the pose. And it’s really important to
practice balancing postures because then we have practice
at finding what feels good, finding balance. Right, because we’re
gonna be thrown off balance on a regular basis.
(chuckles) So if we don’t have
a practice for how to deal with that things can
get really chaotic. So come into your best and
most beauiftul Tree Pose today, whatever it may be. And if your foot is on the leg,
imagine your left leg pushing back so you have this
meeting in the middle. And if you’re feeling
adventurous or you want to try, reach your
fingertips up towards the sky. And if you fall, don’t worry, just come back
whenever you’re ready. And if you feel
pretty solid here, maybe you’ve been
practicing for a while, you can challenge yourself by
taking your gaze all the way up or eventually
even closing your eyes. Whoa. If your arms are up overhead,
bring the palms together and then back down to the heart and
then every one release that leg and we’ll switch
to the other side. Shake it out
here if you need to. Take a deep breath in.
Nice, refreshing breath in. And out. Squeeze the legs together
and then when you’re ready, shift your weight
to the right foot. Peel up through the left heel. This is our last bit today so
stay focused, stick with it. Find your Tree Pose,
Vriksasana, on the other side. If you do put
the foot on the leg, careful not to put it on
the knee joint so either above the knee
or below the knee. And then press back
with your right leg. Balancing the right and
the left side of the body. The left and the
right side of the brain. Keeping your heart lifted. And then find your
variation on this side, it doesn’t have to be the
same one as the other side. Make sure you’re
not holding your breath. Beautiful focus. If your arms
are up and overhead, bring the palms together
and everyone slowly release. Hands stay at the heart here. Shake it off if you need to. Take a deep breath in. Imagine the crown of your head
as the tip of the mountain here and then as you breathe
out allow your arms to slowly come to your sides. Down the sides of
the Mountain Pose. Once again whisper to yourself,
“I am strong.” So strength, of course, looks
and feels like many different things, many different flavors. It’s not always (growls) Strong can also mean centered,
at peace, balanced. Take one more
loving breath here. And exhale, bring
the hands together. We close by
bowing to one another. Recognizing the awesome within
ourselves and in one another. So bring the thumbs
right up to the third eye. Take a deep breath
in and then exhale, hands to heart and
we bow the head down. And we say Namaste. (gentle music)


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