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– Hello gorgeous friends!
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have
yoga for social anxiety. This is a huge request so
know if you selected this video, you are not alone. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Hi, my darling friends. Okay, let’s begin
today’s practice standing. Go ahead and bring
your feet hip width apart. Just notice
whether your toes are kind of coming
in or turning out. No worries either way, just
noticing our patterns and just consciously placing the feet
to where your toes are pointing forward in line
with your hip points. Alright, and when you feel like
you have your feet on the ground go ahead and
stand up nice and tall. Begin to notice your breath and trust that this
time is valuable. I totally admire you and
honor you for taking the time to experience this video
and I invite you right away to just enjoy this time. And not necessarily worry about
the outcome or focus on the outcome but rather to allow
yourself to really enjoy this time and this
experience for yourself. That being said, see if you can
close your eyes or if you’re not comfortable with that just
soften your gaze a little bit down past your nose. And allow your
fingers to soften, whatever that means to you,
just noticing if you’re kind of gripping or holding
just letting the hands and the fingers be loose. And super simple, super easy
we’re going to ground down through the feet and on a big
inhale reach the fingertips all the way up towards the sky
and try to keep the hands and the fingers soft. And then take
another deep breath in here. Fill up and then exhale just
float the hands and the fingers down again, nice
and soft and easy. And twice more like that. Inhale to reach for the sky. Grounding through all
four corners of the feet. And exhaling to
float the fingertips down. And one more time, you got it,
big inhale, big stretch. And exhale, fingertips down. Great, keep the
feet where they are. You’re gonna interlace the
fingertips behind the back. And best you can, begin
to open up through the chest, open up through the pecs as
you draw the knuckles down. Then the key here would be to keep the skin of the
face soft, jaw relaxed. And start to lift your heart
a little bit higher as you continue to gently
deepen your breath. And take one
more big inhale here. And as you exhale you’re gonna keep grounding
through the feet. bend you knees and
send your heart forward. Nice and slow here. Belly comes toward
the tops of the thighs. And we reach the head, the
crown down towards the earth. Knuckles all the
way up towards the sky. Now take some
cleansing breaths here. Bringing some fresh oxygen,
fresh blood to flow. A calming effect here. As you breathe deep. And then again
grounding through the feet. Bend your knees generously,
slowly release. Rewind, come all the way up. Try to resist the slingshot
effect as a dear friend of mine says and slowly
release the fingers. Again, returning
to Mountain Pose, Tadasana, let the fingers,
the hands be soft. Stand up nice and tall and just
feel that awesome sensation in the hands as you
lengthen through the crown and relax the shoulders down. So I’m sure it’s
not a surprise that, you know, we create a lot of
extraneous stress and tension in the shoulders particularly when
we have any worry or anxiety about something to come. So using each exhale to relax
the shoulders down and just be really present with
the breath here throughout the duration of our practice. So basically in other words,
keep noticing when the shoulders creep up here and see if you
can use the power of your breath practice to relax the
shoulders down, down, down. Alright, from here keep
grounding through the feet. You’re just gonna reach
the right fingertips up, just the right fingertips.
Left fingertips down. It’s a little
yoga for the brain. So we have one arm up, one arm
down and we’re going to rotate the wrists one way. Just gentle
circles with the wrists. And then try to reverse it. What? Great, then bring
the right arm down. Take the left
arm all the way up. Same thing opposite side,
rotating one way and then taking it the other. Excellent. Bring the
left arm down. Both hands come to the
waistline here, a power pose. You’re gonna draw the
shoulder blades together. Once again, lift up
through the heart. Feel the chest opening, pecs
stretching as you draw all the shoulder blades
together elbows back. Then gently shift your
weight to your left foot. We’ll come up onto the right
toes and you’re gonna draw slow circles one way and then the
other with your right foot. Checking in with that ankle. Finding your balance and just
notice if you’ve started to hold your breath here, breathe deep. Bring a lightness to your being. Use your exhales to
relax the shoulders. Cool, and then
shifting to the other side. Right foot down. Ground through the right foot
first before you lift off the left toes and
then same thing here. If you feel way
off balance today try not to get discouraged. This is part of life, right? We get thrown off balance so the
more we can learn to deal with that in a graceful way and tend
to that rather than throwing in the towel, you know, work to
find balance with whatever is going on the better. The closer we can stay to that
feeling of balance and ease. Alright, then place
the left foot down. One more time, inhale
spread your fingertips, reach your fingertips all
the way up towards the sky, Volcano Pose.
Another power pose. Ground through all
four corners of the feet. So really dig
into the heels here, lift your kneecaps to
tone the quads a little bit. So we’re drawing
energy up from the earth. We’ll take a second here to relax the shoulders
down in Volcano Pose. Hug the low ribs in and breathe. Awesome, way to stick with it. Keep grounding through
the feet you’re gonna inhale. Reach up a little further,
really coming out of the waistline here and then
exhale side body stretch. So you can go to
one side any side, don’t worry about it. Imagine you’re holding a big
beach ball in your hands though so there’s energy, you have an
image there as you maybe pull the thumbs back just a bit. Great. Then keep
digging into the heels as you come back to center,
take it to the other side. You’ve got this.
Keep breathing. Excellent, come all the way up. Here we go, inhale in, exhale,
bring the palms together and slowly all the way
back down to the heart. Amazing! Beautiful work. Okay, from here if you’re in the
center of your mat go ahead and come up to the
front edge of your mat, one side, and we’re gonna
swim the fingertips around to interlace, this time
opposite thumb on top then whatever thumb you did before. So the one that
feels kind of funky. So we’re changing it up, focusing our brain and then
draw all the knuckles down, lift your chest
just as we did before, inhale in, exhale
lead with your heart. Trust, bend your knees, come
into your deep Forward Fold. Careful not to clench
through the toes and relax the weight
of the head down. Once again, see if you can
find a little more space on this second round. Maybe perhaps by
bending the knees generously. Changing the perspective here. Take two more cycles of breath,
you can find soft easy movement in the head and
neck if it feels good. Mhmmm, mhmmm. Beautiful, with control,
best you can, release the fingertips. Try to find a little grace here. Awesome. From here we’re going gonna take
the hands we’re gonna bring them right underneath
the soles of the feet. So go ahead and give it a try
and if this is new for you stay connected to
your core for stability. So draw your belly
button in just a bit. And you’ll bring your toes
right to the wrist line and then basically we’re standing on
our hands with bent knees. And if this isn’t, if you get
there and you realize this isn’t for you, you can take a couple
cycles of breath here any way. Stick with your practice. Just in Forward Fold. So wherever you are, I invite
you to take two cycles of breath here with the head relaxed over. We’re bringing a calming
awareness and nourishing, soothing effect to body
and the nervous system here. Take one more cycle of breath,
(Benji sighs) (Adriene chuckles) Benji just did as well. And then if you are on
the hands slowly release them. Again, with control and together we’ll
bend the knees generously. Bring the fingertips to the mat
and you’re just gonna walk the feet as wide as the yoga mat. Turn the toes out
and then everyone, stay connected to your center, your core as
you lift the heels up. Lift the heels, bend the knees
you’re just going to come down to the ground in a
little froggy squat. So you can make this your own. Definitely use the fingertips on
the earth and we’re gonna create just a little soft easy movement
here to get into the hips. Any emotion, any vibes
that are coming up, breathe. Breathe. Let’s not
run away from ’em. Let’s use the power of our
practice and the support system of yoga practice and even Yoga
With Adriene community and the power of gently lifting the
corners of your mouth to just get right in there and
move through it. Right? Get you ready for
whatever you desire. Whatever you need to
do after this practice. So just really
easy movement here. A little hip opener. A little stretch for
the soles of the feet. And just take one
more cycle of breath. If you’re here and it’s
available to you and you want to bring the palms together for the
last cycle of breath, you can. And then together we’ll release,
come back down and we’re gonna just come to lie
flat on the back. Yay! So take your time getting there. We’re gonna finish off
using the support of good ol’ earth rock, e-rock to turn things around, find the grounding we need so that when we come back up to
standing and whatever it is you have to do, you feel good. So you’re going to
come onto the ground and we’re gonna come into Supta
Baddha Konasana right away. So take your time, you’ll bring
the soles of the feet together. Knees are going to
come nice and wide. So this kind of
reclined Cobbler’s Pose or reclined butterfly. And then I invite you to bring
your hands to the tops of your thighs but really up close to
the hip crease and just like a little kitty cat kind of
pawing its way on a blanket you’re going to just press
into the tops of the thighs. Just kind of combing the
muscle down a little bit. Yoga teachers, I tell ya,
we say the darndest things. (laughs) Comb the muscle down. But what I’m wanting
you to do is just create a little
self massage. Super powerful. Alright, and then
when you’re done with that, brush it away,
brush it, brush it, brush it. And then we’ll come to find
stillness with the right hand on the belly,
left hand on the heart. Definitely check in to make sure
that your your shoulders and elbows can relax here. And if you feel like you
need a little extra support, you’re gonna draw the shoulder
blades together and lift your heart space and
take a deep breath in. Now close your eyes here and
just take a couple moments here to get quiet and to listen
to the sound of your breath. Feel the warmth of your hands
on these two vulnerable but also powerful points of
listening in the body. Your belly, your guts, your
instincts and your heart space. And feel that warmth and send a deeper breath
down into the belly. Noticing how the hands
rise and fall with the breath. Putting you in the driver’s
seat, you in control. Mhmmm. Awesome work. Then slowly we’ll open the eyes. Gently bring the fingertips to
the outer edges of the legs. We’re gonna bring
the knees together, keep the left foot on the ground
and you’re just gonna slowly hug the right knee up
in towards the chest. You can keep the
left foot on the ground here or extend it out long. Take a big breath in and this
time feel your belly expand to the top of your
right thigh, right where you are massaging earlier. Alright, now begin to lift the
corners of the mouth slightly. Don’t think.
Let’s just move with the breath. You’re going to inhale in. Exhale, anchor navel to spine and you’re gonna
switch the legs. Left knee comes in,
right leg goes out. Beautiful inhale in again. Exhale, strong
core as you switch. Inhale in again. Exhale, switch. Now just keep breathing
and moving back and forth. You can just
find your own rhythm. A little bit of fire lit
in the center of your being. Tuck the chin into the chest
so the neck is nice and long. And we continue. And if you’re familiar with
Kapalabhati or breath of fire, skull shining breath,
you can start to find a little bit of a
sharp exhale here. Perhaps every time you switch
and I invite you to really scoop your tailbone up and hug the low
ribs down as we finish out with this beautiful energizing warm hug of a core practice.
(chuckles) Keep it going. You got it. Ten more seconds.
Keep it going. Neck nice and long.
Spine supported. Excellent, and then
we’ll hug both knees in here. Yep, you guessed it, Happy Baby. You’re gonna grab the
outer edges of the feet. Kick the soles of the feet up. Lengthen the tailbone forward. So we know what it’s
like to be vulnerable but we also get reminded on the mat
that we have everything we need to survive and succeed. Trust yourself. Use the power of your breath in
any and all situations to stay present and, again, to remember that
anything can happen to you but it’s how you react to what’s
happening to you and around you that matters most and
you are in control of that. You can be. Okay, slowly
release your Happy Baby, send the legs out long. Bring your hands to your belly. Take a deep breath in. Use an exhale
to relax, to release, to let go of
any stress, tension, anxiety that you might have
been carrying in your body. We know these things manifest
in the body which is why it’s so awesome of you to
take the time to practice. Bring your hands to your belly. Let’s take one more final breath
in together as a community. Inhale, feel the hands rise
as you breathe into the belly, big balloon breath
and then fall slowly as you exhale with control. Excellent, tuck the chin again. Lengthen through
the back of the neck. Close your eyes and just take
a moment to feel supported. I got your back. Your yoga mat quite
literally has your back. And often it’s not just what is
happening to us or around us but perhaps more beautiful to
recognize that it’s how we react to those things that
are happening to us or around us
that matters most. So again, I honor
and admire you for taking time to
practice today. As you’re ready, bring your
palms together and we celebrate, with the end of yoga practice,
we celebrate just the very fact that we’re not alone and that we all have a shared
experience going on. So as you bring the
thumbs to the third eye, just remember that. It’s a great
reminder for me as well, that we’re all in this together.
We all have the magic but we also all have
vulnerability, anxiety. We’re all in this together. Take one more deep breath in. I love you so much.
Exhale. We whisper Namaste. (gentle music)


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