Yoga For Seniors | Slow and Gentle Yoga

– Hi everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we have a gentle and slow
yoga practice for you. So this is really great
if you’re wanting to chillax, I believe that’s
what the kids are saying, and cultivate a little
balance and time for yourself. This is also
really good for seniors. I get this request a lot to
create more practices that are identifiable and
awesome for seniors. So, everyone grab a blanket or a
towel, hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alright everyone,
let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat. So if it’s troublesome
to be on the ground today, you can do the first portion of
this practice in a chair or even on the edge of your couch. Just want to come into a place,
a position where you can feel as though your spine
is nice and lifted. So I’m sitting
on a blanket today. You can sit on
one, two, three, four, even five blankets. Maybe be a firm couch pillow
or a small stack of towels. Get creative, that’s kind of
one of the fun things to embrace when it comes to the
at-home yoga practice. So, if you have to pause the
video here to get settled, go ahead and do that.
It won’t take any time. Just so you can get a little
lift in the bum, in the hips. And again, if coming down to
the ground isn’t your thing, that’s okay too. So we’ll start in a
nice comfortable seat whenever you’re ready. Setting ourselves up for
greatness by finding a little lift in the hips and then again
feeling as though we have a little bit of a fighting
chance to sit up nice and tall. The reason I say it that way
is if it feels like hard work, you are not alone. But in time and with more
regular practice especially these nice kind of gentle,
slow practices, we’ll be able to integrate
breath and body and hug muscle to bone in a way where we
can find that lift without exhausting ourselves. So when you find
yourself in your seat, trust yourself,
trust this practice, trust me and the video, and
allow your eyes to close here. Sit up nice and
tall wherever you are. Close the eyes. And really this practice is
about carving out some time to explore body and breath, to cultivate balance, and overall invite more ease, with less effort. Just for today. (light, gentle piano) As you’re ready, with the
eyes closed and the heart lifted just a bit, see if you can
actively relax your shoulders and if some gentle, soft,
easy movement comes out of that, allow for that to happen. Nice, and then with the eyes
closed still the heart lifted and the shoulders relaxed, we’ll begin to slowly and gently notice the breath. Of course, with that awareness,
with that consciousness you might start to change
the rhythm of your breath. The length of your breath and
just allow for it to unfold. So in a lot of
practices we have to focus, we have to activate,
we have to engage. Today’s practice is just as
valuable and beneficial but without all the effort
so set the foundation, eyes closed, heart lifted,
shoulders relaxed and just allow your breath to move
in and out within that. And this can be really
tricky because there’s not a lot going on the surface. Give it some time. And just play with noticing your
breath allowing it to become more full, more conscious. There’s no right or wrong here
so when you need to take a big ol’ breath from your belly or
allow for a big sigh out through the mouth, just say yes. Let the breath flow
and continue to flow as we begin to move in a
way that feels good. So as I invite you to bring your
hands together at your heart, keep up the conscious breath. And as I invite you to bow
your head toward your hands, toward your heart,
keep up the conscious, gentle, deep breathing. And as I invite you to set a
little intention for our little ditty today on the yoga mat,
keep breathing. Really nice. Bat the eyelashes
open, lift the chin, head over heart,
heart over pelvis here. Palms are gonna press together
firmly and the elbows are gonna come out wide. So make sure you
have little intention. It could just be that, “I choose
to stick with my breath and keep “circling back to my breath
throughout the duration of this “practice to see what it does,
see how it makes me feel.” Perhaps you’re already noticing
a difference in how you feel from when you
started this video. Keep breathing,
here we go, big inhale. Exhale. On your next inhale, fingertips
reach up towards the sky. You’re gonna slowly trace a line
with your nose to look up but careful not to pinch
the back of the neck. You don’t have
to hit a mark here. Keep it soft
and easy and then exhale, slowly back down. Navel draws to the spine
and we come chin to chest. We’re exaggerating
this movement here. Inhale, fingertips
reach of the sky. Long puppy belly, nose up
towards the palms and then exhale, round through. Elbows hit that left to
right wide mark and we draw the navel back. Alright, keep it going
with the breath, inhale. Reach up. Think Cow Pose here. And then exhale,
rounding through. Nice and slow. Think Cat Pose. One more time with your breath. Nice and then
inhale back up to head, heart and pelvis in alignment. You’re gonna take your
left hand to your right knee. Right fingertips
to the right shoulder. Then inhale, loop your
shoulders just gently back, nothing too fierce but
just kind of like you’re readjusting a backpack. And then from here,
you’re gonna inhale, draw the right elbow all the
way up and over and around. And come into a nice,
easy twist here. Breathe deep. Again, remember
you keep that layer, that rhythm, that heartbeat
of the breath going. Inhale, sit up nice and tall. Exhale, just release
everything back to center. We’ll do the same
thing on the other side. Right hand comes
to the left knee. Sit up nice and tall. Left fingertips
gently to the left shoulder. Loop the shoulders. So shoulder blades seem
to come together here a bit or that’s the intention. And then when
you’re ready, here we go. Big stretch as you inhale, draw
a line with the left elbow all the way up towards
the sky and then around, round, round, looping shoulder
back and you find yourself in a nice, easy twist. Breathe deep here. Hmmmm. And if you’re
doing this on the chair, you can just take the
outer edge of the thigh, right? Making it work. Inhale, exhale, release
everything back to center. Awesome work. We’re gonna send the fingertips
forward and then flex the hands so the fingertips
go up towards the sky. Great, inhale, open the chest. Pinkies draw all the way left to
right and then all the way back towards each other.
Sit up nice and tall and then exhale all the
way back to center. Inhale to open the chest. Feel that lovely
stretch in the pecs. And then exhale back to center. Keep it going with your breath.
See if you can slow it down. So inhale, shoulder
blades are wrap around you, lift your heart. And exhale. Now on your next inhale, keep
the lower ribs heavy here so if they’re kind of coming
out here, draw them in. That’s the ticket
and then back to center. We’re gonna do
one more of these. Inhale, full of
breath as you move out. And exhale, empty, as
you bring in back to center, awesome. Take this forward momentum now
with the hands facing forward all the way into
a Tabletop Position. If you are in the chair, you
can stay in the chair or you can make your way
down to Tabletop here. Use your padding
to pad the knees. We’re just taking our
time getting in and out of things today. So come on down to the ground,
Tabletop Position. Pad the knees if you like. We’ll come here
for just a moment, just so you can
feel this neutral spine. Wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly
underneath the hips. Great, then nice and easy you’re
gonna press into the top of your left foot and curl the
right toes under and extend that right leg. Lift front back up to meet the
back body here and if you’re in the chair you can just
extend your right leg out long. Flex your toes up towards
your face or towards the sky. Great, then stretch the ankle,
stretch the calf by rocking forward and back and you got to
bring that breath that’s full of spirit, that’s full of love,
that makes it the yoga. (sighs) Makes it feel good. Nice, and then the
next time you shift forward, shoulders over the wrists,
you’re gonna bend your right knee, lift your right foot
all the way up towards the sky. Tap into your core muscles here
gently as you kick your right foot up just a bit engaging the
right glute just a little bit. Then claw
through the fingertips, take pressure out of the
wrists, take a deep breath in. And then exhale,
relax it all way down. Beautiful, bring
the big toes together. Knees as wide as the yoga mat
and then send your hips back, reach the fingertips forward,
just take a moment to center yourself in the
sound of your breath. If you’re in the chair,
just sit up nice and tall. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Time spent on the mat with
yourself and your breath is time well spent. So trust that you
chose the right practice. Maybe you need to slow down. Be still. Great, and then with
your breath as your cue, as your guide you’ll come all
the way back up and find your nice Tabletop Position. And then as you’re ready, left
toes curl under and we extend the left leg out. So I’m working to really draw
the front of my body up to meet the back and there’s a little
rotation in the pelvis that happens here so that the
lower back feels nice and long. And you’re gonna start to rock,
stretching through the fascia of the foot,
the ankle, the calf, all the way up
the back of the leg. Consider that rotation of the
upper arm bones rotating out. Just like we did in the warm-up. And then layer on
nice full conscious breath. Pressing into your
right foot for stability. Finding that integrity
throughout the whole spine including the neck. So the neck isn’t
dipping down here. Great and then the
next time you shift forward, shoulders over the wrists, go
ahead and gently engage your core, bend that left knee. You’re gonna bring the sole of
the left foot up towards the sky as if you’re
pressing it up to the ceiling. Go ahead and
press it up just a bit so you feel your core engage. You’re pressing
away from your yoga mat. Should feel engaging
quality in the lower belly as well as the glute. Tuck the chin, lengthen
through the back of the neck. One more breath here, inhale. And then exhale, lower it down. This time keep
the knees together. Arch to arch with the feet. And you’re gonna
paint your yoga mat, just paint it all the way down,
send your fingertips behind you and then rest the
forehead gently on the earth. If you’re in the chair, you
can just come into a nice Seated Forward Fold. Everyone close your
eyes and observe your breath. Take one more
cycle of breath here. Notice how it can stretch and soothe the back body
as you inhale. And soften and relax
everything as you exhale. Then start to move your fingers. Draw the hands back up. And from here, we’re gonna
slowly make our way to standing. So use your breath and
take your time getting there. Again, take your time. But when you do
finally land on your feet, stand up nice and tall. Once again, close your eyes,
lift your heart. Relax your shoulders
and breathe deep. Spread awareness throughout
all four corners of the feet. Lift up through the front body. Find a soft bend in your knees. And on your next inhale, you’re
gonna scoop something up as if you’re kinda
lifting something maybe. Palms up towards the sky. You’re gonna inhale,
reach all the way forward, up and then back. Press your palms back. Don’t push it, nice and easy. Beautiful and then exhale,
bring it down. Soft bend in the knees. Inhale, reach for the sky. Then exhale, palms
down towards the earth. Back of the palms, sorry,
down towards the earth. Inhale, palms
up towards the sky. And now you can move with the
rhythm of your own breath here. Soft and easy. Plugged in through the feet. Benji! Beautiful and then
the next time you inhale, reach for the sky,
you’ll send the fingertips up and then exhale, bend
your knees, you’re gonna open, twist gently to the left. Bend both knees. Inhale, rise up, soft hands. Exhale, open to the right. Inhale, reach it up. With your breath, exhale, twist. Inhale to reach. Exhale, twist. Inhale, reach for the sky, palms
come together and then exhale, hands to your heart. Beautiful, take a breath here. Inhale. And exhale,
relax your shoulders. Beautiful. Nice and easy, you’re gonna step the feet as wide
as your yoga mat. So if you need
to move your blanket or your padding, you can. You’re just gonna come
into a nice wide stance. Take your time getting there. And then keep breathing deep. This is valuable time to
connect with your breath. To connect with your little
homies that you live with. Just kidding, this is your time. You’re gonna turn the toes
straight out here to start so that you can feel, again, all
four corners of the feet and once again, think about lifting
up through the front body and then just find a
small bend in the knee. Great, deep breath in. Long breath out. Inhale to grow taller,
longer through the spine. Exhale to find
that strong footing, soft bend in the knee. Great, inhale in again. Exhale to relax the shoulders. All this fresh oxygen,
fresh blood, so good for your body
and for the system. Great, and then when you’re
ready you’re gonna keep the left foot where it is and you’re just
gonna slowly press into the ball joint of your right big toe
and turn the right heel in. With that, the shin, the knee,
the femur all turn in as well and we find this
lengthening down on the tailbone just a hair. If you feel any
pinching or pushing, you can back off a little bit. Listening to your body. Feeling this strength
in the legs here. Great, then inhale in. Exhale, you’re gonna dig into
your left heel and just turn the toes in just slightly. Just a hair. Great. And here we go, inhale in again. Exhale, send the
fingertips out left to right. Pull ’em back. Nice and strong in your core. Nice and long in the neck. Beautiful. Inhale, exhale, slow
bend in the front knee. Inhale, lift it up. Straighten the front leg. Exhale, slow bend. Inhale to rise up. Exhale to bend. Inhale to rise. And exhale to bend. Great, the next time you inhale
to rise you’re gonna stay there, strong legs, inhale in,
exhale, option to bring the hands to the waistline here. Otherwise, just
bump the hips back. Then you’re just
gonna keep a strong core, nice, long neck as you
reach the right fingertips all the way forward. Inhale in here. Exhale, maybe a Triangle Pose
with the right fingertips down, left fingertips up towards
the sky or maybe hands on the waistline here as
you work on that line from the crown to the tail. Find the ease, that Suhka,
with your breath nice and full. Breathing deep. Maybe keeping the gaze down
today to play with that length from crown to tail. Breathing into all four
sides of the torso here. One more breath, you got it. Then exhale. From your
center, navel draws in. We come all the way back up. Bring the hands to
the waistline everybody. Then we’ll slowly
come back to center. Nice and easy. Both toes facing forward. Inhale in. Exhale out. Cool, bring the palms together. Anjuli Mudra, again,
reset with the feet. Notice if you’re
clenching in your toes. Notice if you’re finding
any places in the body, if you can kind of go
on a little search here. Little scan where you
might be holding or gripping. Then return to the
sound of your breath. So when you’re ready, inhale. Then exhale, send the
fingertips out left to right. Press into the ball
joint of your left big toe. Turn the that left ankle,
that left heel in. Maybe slight turn
of the right toes in. Digging into that right heel. And then pull it back,
find integrity. Strong legs, strong core. Lift your heart, inhale. Exhale, relax your shoulders. Beautiful, as you’re ready
slow bend in that left knee. Here we go. Beautiful, inhale in. And this time exhale, press through the
left foot and rise up. Actually you’re gonna
breath in here. Sorry. Inhale, straight legs. Exhale, bend your left knee.
My bad. Inhale, straight legs,
press into your foundation. And exhale, bend. Inhale. So if this way
slow for you, refine. Pay attention. Move from the surface,
the kind of gross movement, to that micro-movement. Pay attention to your
left hip as you bend the knee. Pay attention to that femur. Pay attention to your connection
of your feet on the ground. Bada Banda. Are you holding in your jaw? Let’s do one more, you got it. Arms are getting tired,
I’m sure. Beautiful and
then the next time, we’re straight here,
hands can come to the waistline. That’s an option. We’re gonna
reconnect to our foundation. Lift up from the pelvic floor,
send the hips towards the right. Maybe fingertips
reach out or, again, they can stay on the waistline
here and slowly we keep reaching, keep both
side bodies long as you come
into a Triangle here. Strong legs. And you can actually keep the
gaze down today even if you’re used to looking up. Finding that length. Breathing into all
four sides of the torso. Careful not to
grip through the toes. Soft and easy, one more breath. Nice, and then on an
exhale draw your navel in. Connect to your
center and from there, from that power we rise back up. Beautiful, bend
that knee if you need to. Great, and then bring
the hands to the waistline. Awesome work. Bring the toes back to
face in towards center. And now, yep,
toes are gonna come in, heels are gonna go out. And you might even play with
widening your stance here. Great, take a deep breath in. Hands stay on the
waistline and then exhale, soft bend in the knees. Inhale in again. Exhale, open the chest, draw
your elbows back and let your heart be what leads the way. All the way forward. Now you might only get this far
before you take a big inhale in and out and then come back up. Or maybe you come all the way
towards the earth and you take a couple breaths here. So, listen to your body
but let the breath really serve you here. Keep that conscious,
full breath going wherever your body lands today. Ending with a nice therapeutic Standing Wide-Legged
Forward Fold. Alright, starting
with the feet again, reconnect to your foundation. Hands come to the waistline,
take a deep breath in. Then exhale,
draw the elbows back. Heart leads the way back up. Soft bend in the
knees the whole way. Lift your heart,
feel that flush of energy. Press into your heels. Try to create a 110%
full body experience here as you breathe in. And then nice open mouth
exhale as you breathe out. You got it. One more just like that.
Inhale. Nice cleansing breath. Nice. Heel-toe, heel-toe,
ground every step of the way, all the way back to center. So heel-toe is
just literally heels, then toes,
then heels, then toes. Great. Then we’re gonna end standing
today but if you’d like you can come to a seat here if you know
you want to spend more time on the ground or if you’re back
in the chair or on the couch. Otherwise, we’re gonna
come into a Mountain Pose. Take a second to
rotate the wrists. Maybe find some soft, easy
movement in the head or neck if it feels right. And then come into stillness. Take your time getting there. Let your breath
be smooth and slow. Then see if you can find the
integrity of Mountain Pose without forcing or pushing. Just a soft, easy stance
that’s full of integrity. Gentle. But grounded. I hope that today’s
practice brings you a feeling of balance
and sensation of joy. Hat’s off to you for
taking time for yourself. To move and breathe. And feel whole. Let’s bring the palms together. Let’s bow to that. From my heart to your’s, Namaste. (gentle music)


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