Yoga For Runners 2 – Cool Down Sequence

What’s up party people? Welcome to “Yoga with
Adriene”, and I am Adriene, and why am I doing this like we’re about to
do a Mr. Rogers episode? I just got back from a run, and it’s so important
to take a moment to stretch the body and cool down. The system is so much happier and the muscles
are so much happier 24 hours, and 48 hours, later if you really take just
a small moment to stretch out after your run, or your jog, or even a brisk
walk. So, take your shoesies off, have a sip of water, and let’s hop on
the mat for runners cool down. [music] All right, to begin we’re going to come standing
in a nice wide legged stance here. So, go ahead and send the fingertips
out left to right. And this is a nice way to just kind of gauge your
stance, or just a little bit of guide, is to maybe align the ankles underneath
the wrists, or there abouts. Go ahead and pull the pinkies back.
Stand up nice and tall. Take a deep breath in, and then exhale. Release the palms to the sides of the legs.
Turn the two big toes just slightly. Feel that stretch in the outer edge
of that back foot, and draw energy up from the arches. So, we’re not…I
mean, chances are we’re a little bit tired after the run, but we’re
not just spilling our guts into the earth, but trying a little energetic pull
up from the earth, and taking a nice deep breath in. Cool. Spread the fingertips. Reach fingertips left
to right as you reach all the way up. Take a deep breath in and exhale,
blow it out. Great. Inhale, reach it up take up lots of space, lengthen through
the side body, and exhale blow it out. One more, check in with the neck,
inhale. You’re awesome you ran today, and exhale, blow it out. Awesome. Hands come to the waistline. We draw the shoulder
blades together standing wide legged forward fold. So, press on all
four corners of the feet. Be careful not to lock the knees here. Keep the
heart nice and open as you inhale in, and then on an exhale we’ll slowly
send the sit bones, shine them towards the back edge of your mat, or
the back of your mat here, whatever that is, and then we’re going to
take a second here with a nice flat back. So, if this is a new posture for you, you
might check out the Foundations of Standing Wide-Legged Forward Fold that
we have on the Foundations Playlist here at The Yoga with Adriene channel.
Take a deep breath in, and then on an exhale I’m going to release the
fingertips slide them all the way down. Go ahead and come to a standing wide legged
forward fold here. So, we’re going to be at different levels here. We might
be a little bit stuck here so we’ll bend the knees, we’ll grab the elbows,
and maybe chill out here, gorilla style. Maybe we are…we are able, got excited, sorry.
Maybe we are able to draw energy through the arches of the feet, and
relax fingertips, our palms on the Earth, weight of the head down. And then
maybe we’re able to bend the elbows and walk the palms in line with the
arches of the feet coming a little bit deeper into the stretch here, maybe
releasing the crown of the head down to the Earth. And we breathe here,
at any level. So, we’re working at all different levels
here. We’re breathing either here, here, or here. Drawing energy up through
the arches of the feet, and again, taking nice long smooth deep breathes.
I’m kind of rocking a little bit back and forth, nice and slow, and then
I’ll find stillness. Great. To come out I’m going to press on the outer
edges of the feet, draw my naval in towards my spine. So, a little awareness
of my center here as I come up on my fingertips, loop the shoulders,
and come back to that flat back position. Hands come to the waistline
here. Soft knees as I press on all four corners of the feet, and slowly rise
up. Cool. Take a deep breath in reach the fingertips
up towards the sky. This time we’ll bring the palms together and exhale
hands to heart. Now, just take a second here, if you’re feeling adventurous,
you can close your eyes, just kind of challenge your balance here, as we
cool off. And then releasing the fingertips and interlacing them behind the
tailbone here. So, keeping the legs nice and wide, I’m going
to tuck my pelvis in just slightly here. So, lengthening tailbone down,
drawing the knuckles down towards the earth as I open the chest. Take
a second here to wag the nose back and forth, check in with the neck, cool
her down. Then I might bring the palms together here
just to show you what that looks like. I might bring the palms together, or
I might keep the wrist nice and square, so depending on how the shoulders
are feeling. We take a deep breath in, work up open the chest, and exhale.
Keep it open, open, open, open as we come back to that wide-legged standing
forward fold. Again, I’m not locking the knees here. Nice
awareness drawing energy up from the arches of the feet, and again palms
can come together here as they come up over the head, or I can square the
wrist here. Now, I’m going to find a little bend back and forth. This isn’t
a big, big bend. I’m keeping all four corners of the feet on the Earth
as I rock a little left to right. Nice long smooth deep breathes. Chest is open,
still a nice awareness in the center, the space between the naval and
the spine as we take a deep breath in come back to center. Exhale release,
and slowly pressing into all four corners of the feet. Draw the chin into
the chest. We draw the knuckles towards the back, and we slowly roll
it up once again. Awesome. Release the fingertips, take a deep breath
in, reach the palms up, and exhale back down to the heart. Namaste. Great. Take a deep breath in. Lift your sternum
to your thumbs, soft knees here. Inhale in, exhale. Last time, standing
wide-legged forward fold. This time we’re going to go into a twist.
So, left palm’s going to come to the center line. I’m not going to clasp down
here, but I’m going to press away from the Earth as I inhale. Open up through
the right wing. Spiral you heart rib cage up towards the sky. Find a
nice long beautiful neck here as we breathe. Again, drawing the knee caps up, drawing energy
from the arches of the feet. Take a deep breath in here. Inflate
and then on an exhale softly release. Right palm replaces the left, and
again, we press away from the mat, and then find our twist on the other
side. Oh yeah, baby. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Find what feels
good. Use your breath here to cool it down. Inhale in, inflate and exhale,
soften, and release. Sweet. Bend the knees generously here. You’re going
to turn the right toes out, left toes in, and come to a runners lunge
take one breath in here as you inhale breathing into the front of that left
hip crease, and exhale slowly lower onto the left knee. Great. Pulling the right hip crease back I’m
going to come onto that right heel, and keeping left hip stacked over left
knee I’m just going to breathe here. Pulling right hip crease back here,
flexing that foot. Inhale, lift, and lengthen, open your heart, chin forward,
and exhale, soften, and bow. Couple breaths here. Cool it down nice and
slow. Then rolling through that right foot. Awesome everyone. Bring the fingertips towards the inside, and
then we’re going to lift that back knee nice and easy keeping both knees
bent, we kind of come through this gorilla posture here, oh yeah, and then
take it to the other side. Runners lunge, left foot forward, right foot
back. Take a second here to let the heart radiate,
shine forward. Deep breath in as we stretch into that right hip crease,
and then on an exhale we lower the right knee, peel it back, flexing through
the left foot. Now really pulling that left hip crease back. Slow down the breath. And we inhale, lift,
and lengthen. Look forward, chin lifts up, and exhale, weight of the head softens
down. Great. After one smooth breath in and out, we’ll
roll through that left heel bring the fingertips towards the arch of that left
foot. So, towards the inside once again, and we’re going to come back to
that gorilla posture pivoting on the feet. This time we’re going to heel,
toe, heel, toe the feet in towards the center, and come into a little
bit of a squat. So, this will be a little…Hello, welcome
to Yoga with Adriene…This will be a little bit different for everyone. Toes
are going to point out, and we’re going to drop the sit bones down. Now,
right away our body might be talking to us. So, we might lift the heels
and come into more of a froggy variation of this posture, or we might be
able to keep the soles of the feet down, but still need a lot of stability. So, keep the palms on the Earth, fingertips
on the mat where we draw a couple circles with the nose one way, and
then the other. Breathing into the calves. Breathing into the feet, and then
you can stay here working the neck, chilling out in your froggy, breathing
into the legs, or if we are able to come soles of the feet to the mat,
or perhaps you’re already there, then keep the palms on the Earth do your neck
circles here, or bring the palms together and find a little resistance
here as we squeeze the legs towards the arms, and the arms towards the
legs here. So, we’re finding a little resistance. We
have a couple different places to work out here, breathing into the hips, the
legs, and finding softness in the neck, shoulders. Cool. and then we’ll release where ever we are with
a nice deep breath in, and a long exhale out. Great. Gentle transition
here as we use one fingertips in front, one set of fingertips in back to come
on to the sit bones, and we’ll send the legs out in front. Shake it out here,
palms to the earth. Just shake it out. Nice and easy nothing fancy
here. Great. Then we’re going to send the legs wide. I’m
going to come back onto my mat. I’m going to bring one leg in, and prepare
for kind of a one, not kind of, a one legged pigeon, although we’re going
to do a little variation here. So, nice and easy as we get into this today. So, draw the right heel in, send the left
toes towards the back edge of your mat. Use your palms on the Earth to shift
up and over. So lift the hips up so we’re not staying on that right
hip, but we’re coming in here, and then we’re walking the left toes out.
So, this is going to be a little different for everyone. So, maybe rocking a little back and forth
if you’re new to the practice. And then we’ll all come up onto the fingertips.
Come on to the top of that back foot as you inhale breath, lift your
heart. And as you exhale, fold. So, we might stay palms on the Earth here.
This might be our fold. One legged pigeon, we might come onto the forearms
here, interlace the fingertips, and relax the weight of the head
over here, or you might come all the way down breathing. Keeping a nice
brightness in the ball joint of this right big toe, a nice connection with
my foundation in the back foot. And we do have a foundations pose for one
legged pigeon so if you’re interested in the basics of this posture,
and supporting it, and growing it check that out. Forehead might come to the
earth here as we breathe three nice long, smooth deep breaths. Use the palms, the fingertips, to slowly walk
it back up. Palms are going to come to the inside here. I use my right
palm to support this next move as I swing the left fingertips behind. I take
a gander back at that back foot, the left foot, and I might stay here
in a little twist, or I might bend that left knee peel the right toes up
catch the ankle, or the arch of the inner foot, and breathe into that quad. Now, if you are able to come onto the toes,
great, but just catch it wherever you naturally catch it today. So,
there’s no need to overstretch that quad here at this point in the practice,
especially after our run. Draw the lower belly in slightly, and just
figure out where you are today. Soften the skin of the face, relax the jaw,
one more breath here, and then we gently release. We roll onto the buttocks,
the sit bones, and [consoles] the feet together for buddha konasana. Take
a second to sit up nice and tall. We can interlace the fingertips around
the toes, or we can use the thumbs to massage the arches of the feet,
or we can grab the ankles here as we sit up nice and tall. Inhale in, as you exhale, on a breath out,
we fold forward, and on an inhale roll it up. Great. We’re going to take it to the other side now.
So, we’re going to send the legs out wide sit up nice and tall, and then
move into this nice and slow. So, left heel comes in, right foot goes out.
And we’re cooling down, right. So, it’s almost like rather than hard moving
into postures, we’re just kind of softly, like we’re moving through water. Softly moving in and out of things here, especially
with the hips, as we bring a little brightness to that left foot,
and there’s a blister from running. I was going to say war wound, but
that’s not very Yogic, but I’m just playing. Okay, walk the right toes out breathing into
the front of that right hip crease. Use the fingertips to sit up nice
and tall, full body stretch, long puppy belly here, foundation nice and strong,
full body experience, yeah baby, and then exhale, we release. Find what feels good for you today, so it
might be here, it might be here, or it might be all the way down. You might
find a gentle rock back and forth, and everyone, everyone my friends take
a nice long smooth deep breaths here. Get your money’s worth. Find
what feels good. Fresh blood. Fresh oxygen. And after at least three breaths here, I’ll
use the palms, the fingertips, the connection to my center to come back up
through center, and then check out this right quad. So, I’m not forgetting
about my torso here, so I’m not just collapsing in and like reaching back
and catching it for dear life. I feel like that’s how we kind of create some
injuries here in our cool down. So, keep the mindfulness going here as we
swim right fingertips back, nice and slow. I might just reach back here and
be like one day, one day, right foot, right ankle, one day, and maybe that
day is today. So, I slowly peel it up. Check it out here, breathing, and then I can
experiment. So, this might not be something that we do today. This might
be something that we work towards, and rather than getting discouraged
by things in Yoga that you cannot do, I say, “Smile, enjoy that you have
something to work towards.” You can return to the video again, return
to the body, return to the mat, and say, “What’s up? What’s it going to be
today?” One more breath here and exhale gently release. We’ll slowly roll
back onto the sit bones, come back to that baddha konasana for one more
breath, as we inhale, lifting and lengthening up through the crown of the head,
and exhale bowing forward. Namaste. All right my friends, so that was our runners
cool down that we just did together. You can take a nice deep breath
in of gratitude at this time. First for yourself for taking the time to
run today, and also for taking the time to cool it down. Stay cool. Be cool,
boy. Leave questions, comments below. I love to
hear from you, love to hear your requests. Be sure to nurture the body before
and after you run, and we’ll see you next time. Namaste.


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