Yoga For Risk Takers | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and
this is Benji and we have an awesome yoga
for risk takers today. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Alright my friends, hi. Let’s begin standing today. Bring your feet together,
really together. And go ahead
and take your gaze and look right
down at your feet. And we’re going to start
with just a little grounding, a little four
part equal standing. So you’re going to
bring your feet together. Hopefully you’re there by now. And then we’re gonna lift
all the toes and we’re gonna actively ground down through
the ball joint the big toe. And then ground down through the
ball joint of the pinky toe and then release the toes down. It might feel a little weird if
you’re new to this and just feel this connection through
all four corners of the feet. Now for today’s practice don’t
really worry about getting this super right or wrong,
like just bring your awareness to your feet and you’re good. And then we’re just gonna keep
drawing awareness up from the feet pressing down as if we were
doing like a footprint in the mud and we’re gonna
just slowly draw energy up through the arches,
through the legs, up through the front
of your hip creases and then as you bring
your fingertips to rest gently at your side, bring a lot
of awareness into the hands. So they can be however you want. Just lots of
awareness in the hands. And then continue the
journey up through the spine. Remember the neck is
an extension of the spine. And then finally
nice and tall up through the crown of the head. So we’re already in,
already in our first yoga pose. Standing tall alert
with awareness in Mountain. Excellent. So from Mountain I’ll invite you
to gently deepen your breath and take whatever
breaths you need today. So it’s gonna be different for
everyone so rather than guiding pranayama here in the beginning,
I’d like you to just check in. Notice how your breathing
normally and then breathe in a way that feels good.
Maybe it’s smooth and steady. Maybe you need some
great big cleansing breaths. So depending on where you are
today both in mind and body. Start to breathe
with more consciousness. Awesome. And then soften your
gaze down past your nose. As you continue to breathe,
squeeze the legs together. Draw energy up from the pelvic
floor engaging this root chakra. This kind of base the pelvis and
the energetic body and the kind of nerves that
the area that really guides us
to a place of security. This root chakra is
a place of like “I am, home.” And we’re going to kind of
stimulate and work with this area today particularly in our
standing poses to bring courage and balance to both mind
and body so that we can have everything we
need to take risks. Trust. Go for the gold. It’s hard to go for the gold
if you’re feeling out of whack. If you’re feeling a
little bit ungrounded, lost. So we’ll see what happens. Synchronizing
breath with movement, movement with breath you’re going to slowly send the
fingertips out left to right. Take a deep breath in
and a long breath out. And then continue the journey
all the way up as you take a deep breath in. And then when you
land there, exhale out. Good, inhale in. Exhale, arms go back out. Halfway, Texas T. Inhale in again here. And exhale hands
slide gently to your sides. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, empty it all out here. Squeeze the legs together,
ground through the feet. Inhale, reach for the sky. Fingertips maybe kiss up and
overhead and then exhale relax the shoulders down here. Good, inhale. Stretch and lift
up from the side body. Exhale. Good, inhale halfway. Pause here, empty it out. Inhale, float
the fingertips down. Exhale, Mountain Pose. Ooh, feeling it in
my fingers already. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, drop the shoulders. Inhale to reach for the sky. Root to rise here.
Big breath, big stretch. Exhale to relax
the shoulders down. Inhale in here, stay. Exhale out. Good, inhale, halfway. Float the fingertips down,
Texas T. Beautiful, exhale stay. Maybe pull the pinkies back. Good, inhale, drop it down. Exhale, Mountain Pose. Great, let that go. Allow your breath to
return to its natural rhythm. Nice and easy. And then I’ll invite you
once again to just bring your awareness to the
base of the spine, the root and see if
you can lift up a little bit from the pelvic floor.
We call this Mula Bandha. Just kind of
engaging those muscles. It’s like a hammock there and we
have a good video on that if you want to learn a
little more about that. For now, just do your best. Just bringing your
awareness to it is perfect. Okay, from here without losing
that connection to the pelvic floor in your center you’re
going to walk the feet a little bit wider than hip width. We’re going to create a soft
bend in the knees and we’re gonna create a little
movement that I like to call knocking on heaven’s door. So you’re going to start to
gently keep soft bend in the knees, rock left to right. And I’d like for you to sync up
with your breath in a way that feels really good for you today. So just listen to the sound
of your breath and then try to bring a little bit of awareness
to this lift in the chest. Shoulder blades kind of
melting down the back body. And you can start to slap your
own booty a little bit here, why not? Benji’s going to stretch it out. And if you’re looking for a
little energetic boost today with your risk taking,
pick up the pace a little bit. Keep the neck nice and long. And let your gaze
move with your nose and let your heart
move with your nose. Sorry I got sidetracked because
I got in the zone so try to keep basically your head
and heart moving as one here back and forth. Notice where you might be
holding clenching in the toes. Even tightness around the
shoulders, the elbows. Or maybe you feel like kind
of a fool and you’re like, “What is this
chick having me do here?” So see if you can
get a little free here. And it’s not easy, trust me. But if you’ve been practicing
with me and with this community for a while chances
are you’re here now. (laughs) Having fun but you know it’s
tricky how we can get in our own way and we
don’t even realize it. We think that we have all these
obstacles and then come to find out it was you. You are keeping
yourself from making that leap. So of course it’s not a one size
fits all but just a little food for thought as we
continue for three, two and on the one
start to slow it down. Don’t come to an abrupt stop. See if you can slow
it down nice and steady. Easy does it. Excellent, walk
the feedback together. Reset, Tadasana. Inhale in. And just notice how
you feel as you breathe out. Woo! Yes. Okay, shifting the weight
over towards the left foot. We’re going to
interlace the fingertips. You’re gonna keep them open
though so you’re going to shift your weight to your left foot
and slowly lift your right knee and you’re gonna
catch your right shin, and squeeze and lift. Rotate the right ankle one way
and then the other and keep your chest proud and lifted. Keep all the beautiful awareness
that we already built in the feet right there in that left
foot so we’re not rolling in or rolling out, we’re
keeping awareness spread through all four corners. And then you can stay here or
if you need a little help with balance today just
find a piece of furniture, a piece of architecture in which
you can lean on just a bit. Lean on me, when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend. Okay. Tree Pose, Vriksasana. So find something to lean on if
you like otherwise maybe stay in the center of the room
working on that Mula Bandha. And we’ll take the
right foot to the ankle or above the knee for our Tree. And everyone, even if you’re
at a piece of architecture, squeeze and lift in
towards the center line. Find that connection from your
root and that’s gonna be what actually helps you hold
your balance here in time. And then Yogi’s choice you
can take hands to the heart. You can take the
fingertips all the way up. If you want to take a
Mudra today you can do that. Maybe open up through the chest
by releasing the fingertips behind the back. So giving lots of options, one,
because lots of different people doing practice but mostly
because I want you to also make decisions for yourself
and get the brain and the body connected today. If your foot’s above the knee
really try to press into the outer edge of your right foot
to open up through that hip a little more, go a little
deeper into your posture. Great. Take one more
cycle of breath here. Really listen to the
sound of your breath. And then we’re gonna come out
of it just the way we went in. So you’ll slowly bring that
right knee back squeeze and lift with the hands all the way up. Come out of your standing leg
and then exhale with control lower that right foot down and
we’ll switch to the other side nice and easy. Keep up with the nice
beautiful breath here. When you’re ready,
nice conscious footing. We’ll squeeze the left
knee up in towards the heart. Keep the chest lifted. Proud, aware. Rotate the ankle. And you know right now we’re
having to do this sort of thing, this kind of, it’s more than
just balancing in the posture, it’s about balancing your
attention and where you’re focusing your attention. So a good thing is you
usually start at the base, start at the foot
and work your way up. And obviously that’s
a great metaphor for off the mat I think. Okay, if it’s
in your body today, let’s go to Tree Pose or maybe
you work to create your own version of Tree Pose today. Maybe toes even staying
on the ground as you open up through the left hip. Spread awareness
through the right foot. Again, feel free to
use architecture here. Let the heart lift in
whatever shape you choose here, Vriksasana. And you’re going to want
to really pull everything into the midline here. So finding that
root chakra connection. Squeezing that right
inner thigh in to meet the left. Finding your
balance and your focus. And letting the
breath really fuel your search for that focus and that balance. Make it your own here. If you need a challenge
on the side maybe take your gaze all the way up. There’s nothing like a balancing
posture to really reveal just where you are today so be honest
about wherever you are and don’t get frustrated if
you’re falling continuously. It’s all good.
That’s where you are. Great to know it. Great to know
where you are today. Take one more cycle of
breath on your own here, really listen to the wisdom
of the heart, your breath. And then best you can with
control you’re gonna squeeze everything into the midline. This is really coming from the
root chakra and we’re going to slowly come back to squeezing
the left knee up and in and then with control like
magic totally slowly, beautifully lower it down. Alright, come into Mountain. Try not to fidget here. You don’t need all
the extra movement. I don’t think you do
anyway in my opinion. So if you do need it, take it. Come back to mountain,
find stillness. Really, really still here. Good. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Awesome work.
Rock and roll. Now we’re going to
step the feet super wide. If you’re feeling brave and I
already know you’re beautiful but if you’re feeling brave
see if you can step the feet out wide without looking down. So we don’t
always need to do this. Maybe you do, like maybe
you have a dog or a child or something around you, toys then
go ahead and look down but see if you can step your feet
out wide without looking down. And then we’re gonna
bring the feet parallel here. I just looked down but it’s okay,
it’s just about this idea of kind of playing
with your brain too on the mat not just the gross body but this
subtle body connection as well. So get the feet parallel and we’re going to turn
the left toes in. And from that parallel
point you’re just going to dial your right heel in. So left toes are in,
right toes are out. Then when you’re ready inhale, send the fingertips
out Texas T again. Pull the pinkies back to just
enhance this lift of your heart and then breathe in,
lengthen through the crown, exhale bump the hips back
towards your left foot and we’re going to reach the
right fingertips forward, forward, forward, forward,
forward until we finally begin to allow a tilt with awareness
coming into Triangle Pose, Trikonasana. Breathing deep here
holding onto my core. Lighting up that
third chakra area here. Lengthening through the crown. Keep the neck, the muscles
of the neck nice and soft, throat chakra. Take a deep breath in. Then exhale, from the left wrist imagine a little angel
pulling you up. Being like, “I got your back.
Take those risks. “Have fun. Life is good.” We’ll come back. We’ll take the right heel
bring it out back to parallel. Big power pose here. Inhale, pull the pinkies back. Exhale, here we go.
Turn the left heel in. Turn the right toes in. So the placement of the feet
are really important because it helps decide how
everything else is going to go. So if you’re working on a
project or if you’re trying to dream up something new just
start with the foundation. What does the foundation need
to look like for me to build whatever it is I’m
thinking of or I’m dreaming of? And same thing
here in the asana. If my feet are out of whack then
my hips are not going to be able to do the functional thing that they need to do
to help me maintain this pose. Reaching forward, if you’re
not already, take your time. Trikonasana, Triangle. We keep a nice long beautiful
line from crown to tail here. We work in time to spiral
the heart up towards the sky. Strong legs, strong breath. Take one more beautiful inhale. Find expansion. It takes bravery to expand. And then exhale,
slow and steady back up. Nice Texas T with the arms. We’ll turn both
feet back to parallel. Here we go,
pull the pinkies back. Big chest opener here,
big heart opener. And then exhale to release. Bring the hands to the heart. Great, you can hop the
feet together here or you can heel-toe,
heel-toe feet together. Back to your Mountain.
Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Beautiful, inhale
to reach for the sky. Big stretch up and overhead. Exhale to Forward Fold,
bend your knees generously. This should feel really good after all of those
standing postures. Let your head hang. Let your heart soften. Oh sweet puppy dog. I think you should go ahead and take a peek at
the video right now. Even though you’re in your
Forward Fold just to get some love from Benji,
a little dog therapy. We got your back. We’re all for you. All for yoga. Alright, and again if you are
working with straight legs in this Forward Fold today that’s
fine but I’m going to invite you just one last time to bend your
knees just to get a nice stretch and a little restorative
opening in the low back after the poses we just did. You can clasp the
elbows if it feels good. Find any soft easy movement
that really just hits the spot. So we’re putting you in
the driver’s seat basically. Mhmmm, mhmmm, mhmmm. Careful you’re not
gripping through your toes here. Take one more cycle of
breath here in and out. And then we’ll slowly release
the hands to the earth and you’re gonna, really slow,
you’re gonna turn the toes out, bend the knees, bring the heels
in and ready to come into a little froggy pose. Yeah there?
Alright, sorry buddy. So from here you can stay
here just opening up through the hips. Just getting some of
the juices flowing there. Nice and easy. Another option would be to maybe
bring the hands together into a little balancing
posture here, woo, or we’re gonna
go into a Bakasana. So before we do Bakasana, I want to encourage
you to really hug the low ribs in, lift
up from the pelvic floor. Find that, that connection. And with the
knees nice and wide, we’re gonna, before we go
to Bakasana we’re going to interlaced the fingertips and
we’re gonna press the palms out. Breathing deep, feeling that
stretch through the forearms. So in this shape the
upper arm bones are rotating in. There’s an internal rotation. For our Crow, we’re going
to take it to the opposite. So external rotation. So just take note
here as you stretch, internal rotation. And then let’s release that and
again if Bakasana is not for you today you can
rock out and Froggy. If you’re doing this with
your kids you can give them, you can give them some hops. You can give your Froggy
a couple of hops in the air. Maybe hop around the room. And if you’re down to clown
and you want to do Bakasana, we’ll again, let’s
find that external rotation. So we’re going to
take the palms forward. And so the opposite of
where we were in that stretch, we’re going to rotate out. Rotate out as if you’re opening
a pickle jar with your left hand to the left and with
your right hand to the right. Then slowly we’ll drag
that closer to the center. We’re going to inhale,
look forward. Exhale, lift your knees up
close to your armpit chest and nice and steady
you want to keep your gaze out
looking ahead, right? If we’re gonna take risk we
can’t look behind us because we’re just gonna
somersault and fall. We gotta keep eye on the prize. Eyes out in front and then keep
your breath and your connection to your center
really underneath you, really present in the now. There’s like tons of
metaphors there but you’re like, “Okay, I’m gonna
do my Crow now.” Or maybe you’re hopping
around the room like a froggy. Life is good.
Okay, here we go. Moving nice and slow,
keeping the gaze forward though. Can’t stress that enough. Connecting with your center
maybe you lift one toe up. Maybe you start
to lift both toes up finding that squeeze and lift. Breathing deep. Maybe you use a little block
or couple of books to bring the earth up to you
as a little perch. And you can go
into this and come out. If you need to massage
the wrists, you can. This is where we’re ending
today so have a little fun either in froggy, in balance. And if you’re a
little bit frustrated like, “I don’t know what to do here.” This is kind of the point. You get to decide. You can find a Boat Pose. Maybe you want to
do some half pushups. Maybe it’s straight
to the meditation seat where we’re gonna end. But give it a couple
moments here to play. And if you get
frustrated just notice. And then just
make a decision like, “Okay Adriene,
I’m gonna decide. “I’m gonna do one thing” or
“I’m gonna try to do one thing.” “I’m gonna give it my best shot.” “And I’m gonna breathe and I’m
gonna know that just by trying “I’m doing great.” And it’s this playtime that
becomes really valuable not the doing or the end goal. Becomes like, start
to realize oh my gorsh, the process is actually
where I became awesome and I learned about myself. Okay, so from here we’re gonna
come to a nice comfortable seat. If you’re still playing, if
you’re hopping around the room, take your time but we’re gonna
come to end in a nice seat. And if you find along
the way that you need to windshield wiper the legs or
do anything like that, listen to that yearning.
(chuckles) Listen to that longing. Ay! Okay. Sit up nice and tall. We’re gonna close this out with
a little group of pranayama. And I know that’s silly for me
to say group but I’m just taking a risk and I’m
embracing the fact that there’s so much beauty in this idea that we’re all
together each time we practice here even though
we’re alone at home or maybe you’re feeling a little lonely or like you
don’t have the support you need. So this is a great chance
if I may just for you to connect to the big picture. And as I invite you to draw the
hands together at your heart, see if you can sit
up a little taller. Start to breathe a
little deeper here. Nice, active breath
in the last moments here. And close your eyes
and just imagine thousands and
thousands of people doing this in this
exact moment with you. Reflecting the same shape
or a similar shape as you. And remember you’re not alone. We are all in this together. And it takes real
bravery these days and even risk to be ourselves. Perhaps to stand up for what we feel is good and right. What we believe in. But I think even more so it does
take so much risk to even be honest and be ourselves. So we’re going to end
with three group breaths. And just again, see if whatever
it means to you and it could be nothing just feel
with your eyes closed, feel that connection or be open
to feeling that connection as we breathe to people
all over the world practicing with you. Be open to that connection.
Okay, I’ll count us off. Thank you for letting me lead
today and thanks for sharing your time and
energy with the community. Here we go. Big inhale. Exhale, sigh it out. Don’t be shy.
(sighs audibly) I was a little shy on that one. Second out of three. Here we go, big inhale. Sigh it out.
Find a little sound. Don’t be shy.
(loudly sighs) And last one. Freak out your dog or the people
in your house or your neighbors. Here we go, big inhale. Take a risk.
Sigh it out long and strong. (loudly sighs) Then when you’re ready,
gently bow the head. Give thanks for this moment,
for your practice. A little certainly
goes a long way. Way to show up. Stay present. Be kind yourself. Do the same with others. Love you guys.
Take good care. Namaste. (bright music)


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    "how the hell this girl know that some days I choose to do yoga alone. (Usually my lazy days) like WTH don't forget to say comment that so she knows. Oh shoot now I'm not concentrating. Oh wait, it's okay. Remember what adriene says. Be nice to yourself it's okay to not be in full meditative states when doing yoga yet. " Hopefully you understand what I just wrote and can interpretate how much you have impacted my life in a huge way.. I used to be a self hating person. With lots of low self esteem and if I didn't do everything perfectly. I'd never encourage myself, but instead punish myself. Once I started following your videos, something starting changing. In the beginning I thought I was fine. And I'd laugh at people all about self love and all that self help stuff.

    Well over 5 months in, and I'm witnessing myself change in ways I never thought possible or even realized was a thing.

    Thank you from the bottom of my soul. Namaste. 🖤🙏🏻

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  66. What brand of yoga mat does Adriene use in this video?

  67. Thank you. Love, Light and blessing to you, your team and everyone watching 🙏😘

  68. I love your videos, Adriene. I began yoga over a month ago to find some guidance and grounding in my life, and your videos made it so easy and accessible. I've grown so much through my yoga/meditation practice and you've helped make my mat feel like home! Your energy and kindness are so encouraging. Thank you for your work!

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  73. Lady, you are the best of us. Thank you! Sending you all the love from Ohio!

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  76. Grounding through my root needs to be my mantra right now. I've never been so balanced in my tree pose before this. Loved the idea of setting a firm foundation. Taking that off the mat this week. Thank you 😊

  77. I'm sorryy i don now inqlish so nuch
    Adriene she's wonderfull to mi adn to my soul and body.i'm so relx aftegr .
    I m from israel

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  92. Fivish

  93. That was divinely made…I'm taking a BIG risk linearly thinking but when my soul and my Spirit say go!! All will be provided! I felt all of us as ONE breathing as ONE leaping together into the unknown!🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏿‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🕺🏼💃🧘‍♀️

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  95. I was looking for a different type of practice today but something drew me into this one and I'm so glad I chose it. Shed a few tears at the end. Thank you Adriene! Sometimes a girl just needs to hear that she's getting in her own way sometimes, to focus on the good, be kind when it matters, take care of yourself and take risks! Man, I really really needed this today Xx

  96. Hi, Adrienne. Just wanted to quickly thank you, I'm a French student doing an exchange in Madagascar for over 5 months. I've been feeling kind of down lately and this morning I saw your "Yoga for risk takers" video. It immediately rang a bell… I just finished the group practice, as you say, and I'm feeling all kinds of feelings but that's a good thing I think.
    Life has been a little hard but I'm feeling a lot better, thank you for helping me get trough the day.

  97. Amazed at how good my body feels today. I feel ready to face anything in life. I've become addicted yoga and this channel and all the positive emotional effects from daily practice. I've been following for a few months now am hopeful for staying with it for life. Today I want to be focused in my risk taking and go for it! Thank you, Adrienne!

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    It really cracked me up when Adriene kept saying leaning on architecture 😂
    Did she mean… a wall?

  99. Day 62 after TRUE and Dedicate series.. kept going even when I have a bad flu but it actually made me feel so much better! Thank you YWA

  100. I felt really strong! Its beautiful to feel out grouwth, always w/ you ❤

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