Yoga For Relaxation

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Yoga With Adriene.
I’m Adriene and today we have Yoga For Relaxation. This is a yoga sequence for anyone who just
wants to connect to their breath and nurture their body. So, get into something comfy,
roll out your mat or a towel and let’s begin. [music] All right, to begin we’re going to sit up
nice and tall. You can come into a classic position or you can come into a Sandhausen
which is one foot in front of the other. You get that inner heel right in there and come
here or, if it feels good, you might come into a half Lotus. Or if you’re like, I’ll
show you Adriene, full Lotus. Go for it. Be really mindful of your body, of course, throughout
practice. The name of the game today is gentle. It doesn’t
mean we’re not gonna work hard or with integrity, but, we’re definitely wanting to calm and
cool the nervous system. Maybe if you’ve been stressed out anything at all in particular.
You don’t need to even identify with it now. Just know that this practice is for you to
kind of let go of that. Put it aside and take this moment to be with your breath. Really
take advantage of this energetic hygiene here today on the mat. Okay. So, find your seated
posture and then drop your chin to your chest here. Let the weight of the head fall over.
I’m gonna really talk you through things today so you can trust yourself and as best as you
can try to keep your awareness inward, only glancing up at the video when you need to,
of course. And otherwise maybe even closing your eyes and really trusting yourself as
we move and in and out of Asana today and as we experiment with the breath. So here we are, arriving on the mat. You rock.
You’ve started the video. You’ve chosen to take this time for yourself. It’s pretty badass
if you ask me [laugh]. Feel free to smile when you feel like smiling through this practice.
Choose to enjoy. Press on your sit bones with the eyes closed or the gaze soft. We’ll begin
to roll up through the spine. Eventually, we’ll begin to lift through the chin. Find
this openness in the chest as the sternum reaches high towards the sky. Inhale. Draw
your shoulders up towards your ears and exhale. Draw the shoulder blades down the back. Inhale.
Shoulders, squeeze it towards the ears. And exhale. Weighting your elbows. Release down
[breathing]. One more time. Inhale. Shoulders move forward, up and exhale, down and back
[breathing]. Cool. Draw your palms together at your heart. Arms are in rudra [SP]. And
we’re gonna go with some active palms here today. So, pressing the palms together. Elbows
are in there. Kind of fly out left to right here. Find stillness and connect to the subtle
power of the breath. You might find that soft restriction in the back of the throat connecting
to Ujjayi breath. We have a video specifically just for that yogic breath or that ocean breath,
known as Ujjayi if you’re interested in cultivating that Pranayama practice. And if you’re not
familiar with that and you’re here with me now, just breath [breathing]. Notice where your thoughts go, where your
mind wanders. Acknowledge those thoughts, smile at them and return to the breath. We’re
slowing it down here. Things are so fast paced. There’s so much going on. Here, we’re really
using the breath as a tool to connect mind and body and your spirit. Maybe the arms are
getting a little tired here. Hang with me. Breathe. Lifting through the front body, grounding
through the back body. A couple more breaths here. Keep breathing. Nice long smoothie breaths
[breathing] hm. And relax your elbows down. Bring your thumbs at to your third eye. Oh
my gosh, this point of intuition here. Give yourself a little rub here. Hang with me.
And then relax the spine, rounding the head over. Navel draws back and it’s here today,
relaxed, but I invite you to set an intention. Your intention can simply be, relax, release,
let go. Or maybe you fine tune your crafts, articulate a sentence or string of sentences
to create your intention today. Connect to your mantra. Something positive that will
serve you in this present moment, right here, right now [breathe]. This is our yoga right
here asking what do I need and how do I tend to that? So repeat your intention, honoring
it, honoring the power of word and the power of thought and confirm it. Consider it already
done with a nice solid deep breath in. And on the exhale we’ll release. Fingertips will
come to the sides as we roll back up through the spine. Awesome, everyone. Side-body stretch. Grab the left palm. Reach
the right fingertips up and over. Keep the length in the side body as you come into the
side-body stretch. Now, find a little organic movement here, rounding the spine up and down,
opening the heart up towards the sky. Keeping soft in the fingertips today. So often, in
active practice, we have this energy of reaching out, holding Simba. Today, keep it soft and
sweet [breathing]. Great. To release, we’re gonna come all the way through
the center. Walk the fingertips through center and take it to the other side. Again, nice
organic movement here, stretching it out. Staying soft in the fingertips. Deep breath
in and exhale. Fingertips curl through center and we take it to the other side. And through
center [breathing] and left side here
and through center. Awesome. If you’re in half Lotus or full Lotus here,
everyone come to one foot in front of the other. Then reach your fingertips out in front.
Inhale, lift your chin. Exhale and release. Keep the sit bones pressing towards the ear
as you walk the palms out. You might stay here, relaxing the weight of the head over,
or you might come onto the forearms. Or, if you have the space in your hips, you might
even come all the way here. So we have lots of options here as we relax onto the earth. If you have a blanket or block. I have a blankie.
This blankie reminds me of Blue, my dog. Now, if you have a blankie or block, relax the
forehead onto the mat. Very calming, cooling to put a little pressure on the forehead here
and we breathe [breathing]. So my right foot is forward and my left heel is drawing in
towards the center. So, I’m really breathing into the outer edge of my right hip and keeping
the shoulders soft and relaxed. And then I’ll press in the fingertips. Draw the chin to
the chest, slowly roll it up. Switch the legs so the opposite leg comes in front this time.
And the same thing, as you lengthen the spine keep it nice and soft and walk it forward.
Oh yeah. So, you don’t have to do this practice just
because you’re stressed out. This is a great way to just balance the energetic body. If
you’re having trouble sleeping and you’re working out a ton, you might practice, you
know, just inserting a relaxation sequence or two into your week. Really going for balance
and not just the physical body, but the mind, too, the energetic body. So relaxing the forehead
over if you can and finding your breath [breathing]. Press into the fingertips. Roll it up nice
and slow [breathing]. Awesome. I’m gonna take the legs out long to a nice seated or wide-legged
position. If you have a block ,or a pillow, or a blanket, you can keep it out in front.
We’ll use it in a second if it’s there. If you don’t have that, don’t worry. Toes are gonna point up towards the sky here
as we press into the heels, tops of the thighs firm down. And there’s this kind of tendency,
in a lot of our practices, to have this inner spiral in. Today, keep them nice and open.
So you might even lift your heels for a second to find that energy on the tops of the thighs
and then you can release back down. Cool. Here we go. Inhale in. Reach the fingertips
behind the ear. Sit up nice and tall. Keep it soft, soft, soft, my friends. Inhale in.
Exhale. We’re gonna bring the right fingertips down. They’re gonna reach towards the top
of the left thigh and then I’m gonna tilt over. So I like to place this bottom hand
first, so there’s a nice, mindfulness here, but also so I can find a little opposition
of reaching towards the left body as I tilt towards the right. So for me, this is what the Hatha Yoga is
all about. I’m not just kind of cranking it with the posture, but I’m drawing energy out
from the air and pressing into my foundation. And I’m finding that balance between opposing
forces as I reach right fingertips towards the left and left fingertips towards the right.
Keep your heart open. If you collapsed here, keep a lift in your sternum. Deep breath in
[breathing]. And on the exhale, we’re gonna walk both fingertips through center just like
we did before when the legs were crossed. And then, I’m gonna this one from the bottom
up, reaching the left fingertips now towards the top of the right thigh. If you can grab
the top of that thigh, awesome, if not, no worries. And then I inhale, spiral the [??]. Find
that opposition here. So you can imagine two arrows, reaching this way and this way [breathing].
Still mindful through the legs here. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Inhale in. Exhale, rounding
through center. And the same thing on each side. Oops. Sorry, if I can hang this mike.
Find your breath [breathing]. Maybe close your eyes now as you go through center and
take it to the other side. Deep breath in and exhale. Back to center and this time we’re gonna stay
here, right? So we have lots of options. We can go here, connect to your intention and
your mantra. Say a prayer for someone who could use a little extra good juju. Or we
might release all the way down. Nice, long smoothy breaths. We’re still pressing through
the heels here. In a couple breaths, we’ll relax the feet, but keep a nice firmness through
the top of that thigh bone here. And then go ahead and soften through the feet. Couple
breaths here [breathing]. Then we’ll bring the fingertips back to the ears. Tuck the
chin into the chest and slowly roll it up. Awesome. Bring the hands behind the legs here
and we’re gonna bring the soles of the feet together. Baddha Konasana, Cobbler’s Pose,
or a little variation. So we’re gonna grab the ankles here and we’re going to walk the
sit bones up towards the heels. If your knees are up here, you might take this block, or
this blanket, or your towel and you might lift the hips, sitting up on your blanket.
Oh yeah, baby. Then inhale. Draw the tops of the thighs down
as you left up through the crown of the head and exhale just in the chest. Feel this beautiful
stretch from the ears to the tops of the shoulders. Anchor a little weight down to the elbows.
Find that opposition again here. Great. Then inhale. Lift up through the crown and exhale.
We fold all the way. Again, elbows are gonna pull back here, or if it feels better, you
can interlace the fingertips, grab your toes and send the elbows left-to-right. So this
is for relaxation. So find what feels good here. Make it your own. You might even have
the fingertips out in front. Breathe, breathe, breathe [breathing]. Then we’ll press into the outer edges of the
feet. Press into your sit bones like two push pins and roll it back up. Cool. Now we’re
gonna lean it back. Press into your palms. Come onto the soles of your feet and this
should feel good after all the work we’ve done here. This should feel really great.
We’re just gonna windshield wiper the legs to the side, back and forth. Oh yeah. I just
wanna mention this again. This is a great thing to do in between workouts. So you can
do this for relaxation or for bedtime, but this is also a great thing to do if you’re
doing a boot camp or any power yoga or anything like that. This is a nice thing to do to supplement.
Cool. Then, next time you go to one side we’re gonna
hold it there. So I’m going to the right here. So I’m really anchoring down through my right
knee. And there’s an option here. And, of course, be mindful to, perhaps, come onto
the elbows here [breathing]. I’m breathing into the front of that right hip crease. If
you have sensitive knees, I would stay up on your palms. And then we’ll switch back
through center and take it to the other side. Couple breaths here, just hanging out, breathing
into that. So I was breathing into the front of the right hip crease. I did a lot of abdominal
work earlier today so this feels awesome for me. Cool. Then I’ll come back up through center.
Cross the ankles. Doesn’t matter which one’s in front. And slowly roll through to all fours.
Right away, I’m gonna come into a nice soft Cat-Cow here, inhaling, dropping the belly,
scooping the heart, looking forward. Exhale. Close your eyes as you round the spine. The
navel draws up and we stretch the back. Really hollow out. Inhale. Moving at your own pace.
Exhale whenever you’re ready, arching the back. Take it away. Follow your breath [breathing]. And then begin
to veer off the beaten path a little bit, shaking the hips a little, left to right.
Getting a little freaky with your neck [breathing]. Yeah. And then we’ll come back to center.
Walk the palms out. Curl the toes under. Keep the knees bent. Imagine someone lifting you
up from your tail. So from your tail is where we’re gonna lift up into this downward dog.
We’re only gonna do one of these. So, we’re gonna paddle it out here. Breathe, breathe,
breathe. Walk it out, walk it out. This is our inversion for the day for our relaxation
practice. So take one more deep breath in through the nose. Long exhale out through
the mouth. And then we’ll slowly go onto the knees. Knees, chest, chin as we lower down
to the belly [breathing]. Palms come underneath the shoulders here. Take your time getting
there. And once you’re with me, inhale, lift up, baby cobra. Exhale, melt it and release.
Forehead kisses the mat. Again, inhale, lift up, baby cobra. Exhale, release [breathing].
Inhale. Last time, baby cobra. And exhale, release. Awesome. Bring your elbows underneath your shoulders
just where your palms were. So this is kind of a tricky thing to learn on video, but once
you learn it you’re gonna be, like, oh the magic of yoga. So, I’m gonna try and talk
you through this. This would be a time to maybe take a peek at the video if you need
to. And here we go. I’m gonna start by lifting my left knee up here. So, we’re just gonna
take just a couple breaths here, really opening up through that hip. And if you’ve begun to
kinda collapse in the shoulders here, see if you can keep just a gentle awareness, pressing
up and out at the elbows. And we can find a little softness in the neck here. Feels
awesome for me. Breathe, breathe, breathe [breathing] like little Stevie Wonder. And
then from here, here’s magic moment. This magic moment. Right fingertips are gonna come
in and underneath the bridge of the left arm. So, here we go again. Left knee is up. I’m
gonna bring my right fingertips in and underneath the bridge of the left eye. I’m gonna come
onto my right shoulder and then I’m going to open my left arm up towards the sky, opening
up into this magic moment, this twist here. Oh my gosh and it feels so good. You can bring
the outer edge, excuse me. You can bring your right arm to the outer edge of your left leg
here. You can shimmy your hops more towards the center, stocking them. You might begin
to shimmy your shoulders to drop the left shoulder down. If you’re left arm is in the
air because the shoulders are really tight, you might bring the hand behind your head
here. And, I mean, look at this shape, it’s just so relaxing. So breathe, breathe, breathe.
Nice, long, smooth, deep breaths, sweeping up and down the spine [breathe]. Once you
get there, and it is a little tricky to get there, so don’t be hard on yourself. Once
you get there, close your eyes. You made it. Breathe. Nice, long, smooth, calming breaths.
Nice detoxifying breaths into the lower belly here as you breathe in and out fully [breathe].
And to come out of this twist, I’m gonna draw both toes down towards the bottom edge of
my mat. And as I reach both fingertips up towards the top. And here’s, like, kinda my
Martha Graham moment here, Martha Graham flop. We reach out, full body stretch and slowly
bring it back to center. And continue the same thing on the other side. So we come here,
kind of in a sphinx pose, pressing up and out of the elbows. And I’m gonna bend the
right knee lifted up. So we hang out here, breathing into that right hip and finding,
once again, the softness of the neck. Relax your jaw my friends. Let it go. And yoga’s awesome. I mean, if I’m doing this
on YouTube, in front of I don’t even know how many people, I’m like, I really encourage
you to just, like, open your mouth, let your hair down a little and find what feels good.
Relax, [breathing], unwind. Left fingertips are gonna come in and under the bridge of
this right arm. I come onto the outer edge of that left shoulder this time and I inhale,
open up to the magic in all of us. Just kidding. I’m really sore in my hips. This is great
for me as I breathe into the outer edge of that right hip and you just notice. So not
if your shoulder’s here. In time, with more yoga practice, we’re gonna open this up my
friends, yeah. But if it’s all the way up here, you might take that right hand behind
the head. You might stack the hips or shimmy yourself more center on your mat. So a little
TLC, a little personal TLC here as we breathe in and out [breathing]. Once you get there,
close your eyes. Choose to let go and remember your intention [breathing]. And then to come
out we’ll draw the right toes down to meet the left. Reach both fingertips up. Martha
Graham, Martha Graham, oh. That’s a Robin Williams reference from Birdcage. And we Martha
Graham flop all the way back to center. Now, if you’re finding that you’d like to
sneak in a little Vinyassa here, that’s not what I’m doing. No, just kidding. But you
can sneak in a little Vinyassa here and because we all work at different levels it might be
relaxing for you. So sneak in a little Vinyassa here and together we’ll meet in extended child
pose. So if you’re anything like me, I don’t even know what a Vinyassa is. Start to feel
good, then send it straight back, extended child’s pose. Knees as wide as the mat. Two
big toes kiss together. That’s right. Let your hair down. And we reach the palms forward.
Forehead release, your heart melts down and we breathe here. You can find a slow gentle
rock in the hips if that feels good. And if you were doing a Vinyassa you’re maybe, perhaps,
meeting up with us down here in Pranam [breathing]. Here we take a moment to surrender. It’s really
that simple sometimes. We think about the shape and different cultures across the globe
and it really is beautiful, just bowing to that which is greater than you. For me, personally,
Adriene, this is a moment where I just kinda laugh it off. Maybe for you it’s shrugging
it. With me, for you, it’s really just letting go [breathing]. Take one more deep breath
here [breathing]. Then, slowly, like you’re moving through water, come back to all fours.
Table top position. When you’re ready, we’ll send the right knee all the way out. Take
a deep breath in. Extend through that right leg. Exhale. Draw your right knee all the
way up. We’re gonna come into a one-legged pigeon here. So, we have a foundation video
for this pose. We’re gonna send the left toes out long. If you’re new to this posture you
can check that out, otherwise just work really mindfully here. As come on to the top of that
back foot, keep a brightness in the right foot, in both feet, really, to protect the
joints. And then we’re gonna sit up nice and tall. So, you can bring that blanket to the outer
edge of that right hip here if you want. AO, and we’re gonna sit up nice and tall. Inhale,
breathe in and exhale. Same thing as before. We walk it forward. We stay on the palms.
We pull the right hip crease back and to each his own here. You might come onto the forearms.
Might release all the way to the earth and we breathe. Keep a brightness and awareness
on the top of this back foot here. Can find a gentle rock here again. And you might practice
the mantra, especially if you’re having a hard time focusing or dropping in on this
practice. You might practice the mantra, I choose to let go. I choose to let go of that
which I cannot control. Then we’ll slowly tuck the chin into the chest. Roll it up.
Press both palms into the earth. Draw your navel to your spine as you curl the back toes
under. Take a peek at the video now if you need to. And then we transition. Press on
the palms nice and slow and then come back to all fours. Slide it, slide it. And then
this time, send the left leg out. Same thing on the other side. Inhale, extend. Exhale,
draw that left knee in and we come into our one-legged pigeon on the other side. So nice
awareness on the top of that back foot. Check it out, check it out. And whenever you’re
ready, find length through the crown of the head and then exhale. Fold it down. So a deeply
therapeutic posture here [breathing], but if you really wanna reap the benefits, I encourage
you to take the deepest breath you’ve taken all day here, right now [breathing]. Close
your eyes, relax your draw. Breathe. Chinese medicine, there’s this connection with the
jaw and the hips here, and the emotional body, so really, truly, relax your jaw here my friends.
Why not? Can’t hurt. No clenching [breathing]. And then slowly begin to roll it up. Awesome. From here, we’re gonna roll onto the outer
edge of that left hip, swing old right leg, Bessie, around and we’ll come to lie flat
back. So we kinda just did a little amala here. We reach fingertips all the way out.
We press through the heels, point to the toes. And then I’m gonna walk my heels towards the
bottom edge of the mat, excuse me, bottom left corner of the mat [laugh]. So relaxed
I can’t even talk here. I’m gonna cross my right ankle over the left. Then I’m gonna
use my head and shoulders to shimmy towards the top left corner. So I’m creating kind
of a crescent moon shape with my body. Then, reach your fingertips up. The left palm is
gonna grab the right wrist here and I breathe. So what I’m doing is using the support of
the earth. My body’s relaxed here, to find this nice long side-body stretch. Keep it
soft through the toes, soft through the fingertips. Deep breath in and exhale. Shimmy it back
to center [breathing]. Walk the heels towards the bottom right corner of the mat. Cross
the left ankle over right like so. And then shimmy head and shoulders. Oh, you can just
feel this great stretch in the side body here. Over towards the top right corner. Reach the
fingertips up and over and then you might grab that left wrist with the right hand.
You feel like, what in the world is she doing. Don’t worry, this is kind of tricky at first,
especially if you’re learning from a video, but in time this will become like second nature.
And it’s a great yami [SP] stretch where, literally, my friends, literally, your yoga
practice and this moment on your mat has your back. You can kind of smile here, relishing the
fact that the yoga mat has your back here. The earth is supporting you. You are supported.
One more breath here and then we’ll unravel it. Haul back to center. Hug the knees into
the chest. Almost done here. Rock a little side to side. And happy baby pose. So we send
the soles of the feet up towards the sky. We grab the outer edges of the feet here.
We pull the knees down towards the earth and keep it soft so you can find a little movement
here. Lengthen your tailbone down towards the bottom edge of your mat. Breathe. You
can rock a little side to side if that feels good or find a little stillness here. Breathe,
breathe, breathe. And then, when you feel satisfied, we release into Savasana. I’m gonna
spend extra time here today. Relaxation, so take a deep breath in. Get situated here.
If you have a blanket. I’m gonna bring my blue blankie here. Use it. Spread your heels,
feet out wide, arms rest gently at your sides. Turn your palms face up. Let your chest breathe.
Everyone, press on your head, lift your chest up off the ground, literally. Relax your shoulder
blades in together and down and then relax back onto the earth. Gently rock the head
a little side to side, ear to ear. Lick your lips and take a deep breath in. Open mouth.
Exhale as you release into corpse pose. If you didn’t catch that that time, let’s try
it again. Take a deep breath in through the nostrils [breathing] and exhale out through
the mouth [breathing]. Close your eyes here. Don’t give up on your practice now. If time
allows, stay here super long. Even if you have to get on with your busy day, if it was
enough to just take this time for this practice, for this video, take 1 minute, 60 seconds
here, doing absolutely nothing. Allow the weight of your body to release completely
and fully into the neck and allow the joy and the nutrients of your practice to soak
in, to seep in. Blanket yourself in love here and gratitude. The fact that you did this
video and took the time to do a little work today to check in, to connect, is pretty frigging
awesome. Thank you for sharing your practice with me.
From my heart to yours, we relax, Namaste. [music]


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