Yoga For Psoas | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up, party people? And welcome to
Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today we have an awesome yoga for the psoas. But of course, like all of
our yoga it’s all connected, so we’re going to target a
bunch of major muscle groups and open and stretch, but
also strengthen and stabilize. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) All right, my darling friends. Let’s begin in
Extended Child’s Pose. Walk the knees as
wide as your yoga mat. Get down low. And then walk the hands out. Take a deep breath in. Welcome to your
yoga practice today. And use an exhale
to release the head, the heart towards the earth. Just a couple of
quick breaths here. So see if you can
deepen your breath and really drop
into the present moment. Close your eyes. And start to listen to
the sound of your breath here. Then use the sound of your
breath as an anchor to focus on to help keep your
attention on the present and not get caught in the past or anything on
the future agenda. So really start to listen. And as we move our
bodies today we’ll continue to cultivate that listening
more and more and more. So when you get
distracted or your mind wanders, just acknowledge that
and then choose to return back to the
sound of your breath. So anchoring our awareness
in the sound of our breath. Awesome, take a deep breath in. Exhale, slowly begin to lift up. We’ll come to Tabletop Position. Wrists underneath the shoulders. Knees directly
underneath the hips. Press into the tops of the feet. And then when you’re
ready you’re going to claw through the fingertips,
engage your core by drawing the
navel up to the spine, and then lift your heart center
up between your back body. Just find a nice
strong awareness throughout the spine so the neck is long. And then when you
feel like you have that, press into your left foot, and you’re going
to send your right leg all the way over to the right. Turn the right toes in. I’ll turn out so you can
see this a little better. And then really see if you can
engage the right inner thigh and press into the right foot. And Cat-Cow from here. Inhale, drop the belly. Pause, breathe here. Maybe soft easy
movement in the neck. And then when you’re ready,
on an exhale, navel draws up. Keep pressing into the
outer edge of that right foot and the top of the left foot. Round through. Inhale, drop the belly. And exhale, round through. Sweet, one more time. Inhale, drop the belly. Sits bones really spread here. Open, open, open. Press into the knife
edge of that back foot. And then exhale
and neutral spine. Now connect to your
core to lift you up. Gate pose. You’re going to slide
the right hand down the leg or bring it to the waistline. And then when
you’re ready, inhale, sweep the left fingertips
all the way up and overhead. And then lean back here as you
press into your foundation. Big stretch. And one more
deep breath in here. And then exhale,
release, come back to center. And bring the palms
together at the heart. Inhale. And exhale. Great, Tabletop Position. Bring the right knee in. Take the left leg out. Same thing. Alright, and then left side. So the left leg out. Turn the left toes in. Engage the left inner thigh. And when you’re ready,
inhale, drop the belly. Open the chest. Soft easy movement here. Breathe deep. And then when
you’re ready, use an exhale to really round
through, chin to chest. Press into the knife
edge of that left foot. Press into the
top of the right foot. Inhale, drop the belly. Open the chest. And exhale, round through. One more time. Inhale, open the chest. And exhale, neutral spine. Light a little
fire in your belly. Press up. Gate Pose, inhale. Send the left fingertips down, right fingertips
all the way up and over. You can also bring your left
hand to the waistline here. Big stretch. Lean back,
pull that right thumb back. Then exhale with control. Draw the navel in. Come back to center. Beautiful, we’re going
to come back to all fours. Bring that left knee back in. And we’re going to
slowly walk the knees back and come all the
way onto the belly. And draw your elbows underneath
where your shoulders are. And then press onto
the tops of the feet. So toes are not
curled under here. And inhale, open the chest. Now really feel the
tops of the hip creases and the quads on the earth. Inhale, open the chest. Exhale, lift the hips, press
into the tops of the feet. Gaze straight down. We’re here for
five, four, three, two, awesome work, one. Slowly lower the knees. Then we’ll walk them back in. Nice work. Come all the way
back up to neutral. And then you’re just
going to take the right foot out and then bring
it all the way up. Lower the left knee
if it’s not already. Walk it back, coming to
a nice low Crescent Moon. Squeeze the
inner thighs together. And you can stay
here nice and low or inhale, reach the
fingertips all the way up. Pull the right hip crease back. Squeeze the inner thighs so
they’re in line for stability. Inhale in. Exhale, stay here. Again, hands can be on the earth or on the waistline as well. And you’re wanting to walk
that left knee back just a bit. Inhale one more time. And exhale to release, awesome. From here you’re going
to left the back knee up, nice low lunge. And then you’re going
to step it up just a bit for a little
variation on pyramid. So we’re going to
lift the back heel, pull the right hip crease back, and fold forward
for one breath cycle. Back heel is lifting. Breathe deep. And then exhale,
bend the front knee. Step the left toes further back. Come to your nice low lunge. One more time,
lower the left knee. Sweep the arms all
the way up, Crescent Moon. And then exhale
to release back down. Awesome work. Here we go. From here we’ll come back
to all fours nice and easy. (floor creaking) Creaky old floor, what’s up? I’ve missed ya. (floor creaking) Yes. And then send the
left leg out, and then in. Walk the right knee back. Feel that stretch. Breathe deep. Keep it nice and chill here. Notice if you’re like wanting
to rush or if you’re gripping, just see if you can
keep it nice and chill. So the muscles and the emotions,
it’s all tied together. So how you move and
how you treat yourself on the mat is everything. So again, you can
keep it nice and low here. Or maybe sweep the
arms all the way up. So hug the lower
ribs in, find support. And then you can play with
sinking the hips a little more. Stay here, breathe deep. Connect to your foundation. And then on an
exhale we’ll release. Beautiful. Curl the back toes
under if they aren’t already. Lift the back knee. We’re going to just step it up a little bit, Pyramid variation. Stretching through
the hamstring here. Pull the left hip crease up. And then lift
your right heel up. Lift, lift, lift. You’re trying to
level off the hips here. Breathing fully. Great, then
bend that front knee. Step the right toes
back, nice low lunge. And then once again
lower that right knee, maybe walk it
back a little further. You can stay nice and low. Or inhale, sweep
the arms all the way up and overhead, Crescent Moon. Awesome, inhale,
talk one more deep breath. Lift your heart,
lift, lift, lift. And then exhale,
take everything down. Awesome work, my friends. Plant the palms,
curl the toes under. Step it back to
Downward Facing Dog where you’ll peddle it out here. Find what feels good. Breathe, enjoy
this time for yourself. Lift the hip
creases up super high today. Hug the lower ribs in. Awesome, awesome work. From here, inhale. Exhale, Plank Pose. Navel draws all the
way up, come forward. Press away from your yoga mat. Really reach your heels back. You might even rock front
and back a little bit here. Then when you’re ready,
look forward, inhale. Exhale, belly to cobra
or chaturanga to up dog. Inhale to open the
chest and the heart. Then exhale to make your
way right back to down dog. Beautiful. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, squeeze knee to nose. Awesome, step it all the way up. And then you’re going to
pivot on the back foot here and bring your right fingertips to your right
heel or right arch, or right elbow to the
top of the right thigh. Now feel this beautiful stretch. Engage, (laughs)
I almost said, engorge. Something else. Engage your abdominal muscles. And then you can
stay here, breathing deep, front knee over front ankle. Press the outer
edge of that back foot, just like we did before. Or Extended Side Angle,
find a little more depth. Inhale, reaching the
left fingertips either all the way up towards the sky or all the way up and overhead. Keep that shoulder plugged in. Now breathe here. You got this. Fill up with air,
embody the pose with breath. Listen, listen, listen. Inhale in. And then exhale, come
all the way up, Warrior Two. Great, then you’re
going to love this. Inhale, straighten the
front leg and reverse it. Right fingertips
reach all the way up. Find length, find space,
keep the core engaged, and then reach it back. Press away from your yoga
mat with your feet, inhale. More space, more space. And then exhale,
cartwheel all the way back down. Beautiful. From here you’re
going to bend both knees. And you’re just going
to slowly walk it, walk it. We’re just going to come into a nice low lunge
on the other side. Soft bend in the knees
here as you transition. Sweet. Nice low lunge
on the other side. Take a deep breath in. And then as you exhale,
bring you left fingertips in line with your left heel. Or maybe your left elbow to
the top of your left thigh. Breathe deep. Then pivot on the
back foot when you’re ready and open your heart,
open your chest, firm the shoulder
blades down the back body, and maybe right fingertips
reach up towards the sky or maybe they reach all
the way up and overhead, Extended Side Angle. Breathing deep. Press into the knife
edge of that back foot. You got this. Breathe here. Listen to the
quality of your breath. Use that Ujjayi breath. One more breath, you got it. Exhale brings
you up, Warrior Two. Nice work.
Inhale in. And then exhale, straighten
that front leg, and reverse it. Enjoy. So really press into all four
corners of your left foot. Draw energy up from
the arch of the right foot. Breathe, inhale, lean into it. Then exhale,
cartwheel all the way back. Have some fun. Fabulous. From here, walk,
walk, walk hands all the way back to the front of your mat. Bend the knees, should be fun. And then plant the palms and
step it back, Plank Pose. Beautiful. Reach the heels back. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, right
knee to left elbow. Inhale, plank. Exhale, left
knee to right elbow. Keep looking forward. Now keep going, inhale,
exhale, squeeze, and lift. And even it out. And then we’ll release. Slowly lower the knees. Come to Child’s Pose. Beautiful work, my friends. Close your eyes. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Awesome work. Slowly inhale, come back up. And then walk the knees out. We’re going to bring the right
knee towards the left elbow. And then open it up
towards the right elbow for One-Legged Pigeon. Now really walk the
left knee back here today. Keep active in both toes,
both feet, excuse me. And inhale, lift your heart. So again, we’re really walking
that left knee back today. Nice and mindful
to create more space. And then inhale, lift. And you might even be able to bring the hands
to the heart here. Breathing deep. Awesome. Inhale, lift sternum to thumbs. Exhale, release. Check it out. From here I’m going to bring
the right foot to the ground, come to my nice low lunge. But walk it towards
the right edge of your mat. Lizard, one breath. It can be active lizard
by lifting the back leg. And then if your
back leg is lifted, go ahead and lower it. And we’re going to
reach the right fingertips all the way up and
around to grab the right toes. So if that’s not
available to you, you’ll just reach your fingertips towards
the back edge. Just reach like so. Breathing deep. If you were able to
clasp your toes or your foot, lift the chest up, breathe deep. Lengthen through the neck. One more breath. And then exhale to release. Awesome work. Plant the palms,
come back to all fours. Here we are, left knee goes in towards the right
elbow and then around. So you draw like a little, well, I don’t know
what that is actually, but like a little
s (laughs), sort of. Oh, here we go. One-Legged Pigeon
on the other side. So left knee goes
to the right elbow and then to the left elbow. And then you find your
One-Legged Pigeon here. Walk that right knee out. And sit up nice and tall today. Maybe bring the hands
together at the heart. Notice this side
will be different. So if you brought your hands
together on the other side it doesn’t necessarily mean
you’ll do it on this side. Nice full I love you breaths. You gotta love your body,
it’s the only body you got. You got to appreciate it. Accept it, appreciate it,
learn to work with it. Love it. Live it, love it. Good, okay, here we go, inhale. Exhale, slowly come back. Nice low lunge here. Move nice and slow. Left foot up, right leg back. Then when you get set, walk
that left foot out just a bit. Lizard variation, either
with the back knee lowered or you totally
take it active here if your body’s craving it. And then if it’s lifted,
lower the right knee. Swing the left fingertips
all the way up and back. Maybe you just reach
towards your right toes. Or maybe you’re
able to grab the toes and sink a little deeper. Everyone lift your chest,
roll your shoulders back. And find the sound of
your breath once again. And take one more big breath in. And then exhale to
release with control. Amazing work, all right. From here we’re going to
bring the knees together. Then swing the
legs to the left side. And come all the way down. Come to lie flat on your back. Yay. Take your time getting there. Awesome. And then we’re going
to bring the fingertips palms face up, to
the sides, palms face up. And then inhale in,
exhale bend one knee. Foot comes to the earth. And then inhale in and
then exhale bend the other. So I’m just trying
to get you to move slow and not rush this. And then slowly we’ll inhale in, exhale snuggle
the shoulder blades underneath the heart space. And then you’re just going to let the knees
fall to one side. Inhale to center. Take your time. Get a little
booty massage there. And then exhale, let the knees
fall to the opposite side. Again, a little booty
massage, a little pressure on the piriformis there we saw. Slow it down, getting relaxed. Just feeling it out myself. Hey-o. Then one more time to
each side in your own time. And inhale, come back to center. Bring one knee up. Let’s do the right knee. Bring the right knee up,
send one leg out. Let’s do the left leg. Inhale, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze. Exhale, twist, just nice easy
Supine Twist here to end. Inhale. And exhale, relax everything. Inhale to come to
center and switch. Find your Supine
Twist on the other side. Take a deep breath in. And use that exhale
to just relax everything. Maybe go (sighs). Cool. Slowly bring it back to center. Walk the heels as
wide as your yoga mat. Open the palms
gently at your sides. Snuggle the shoulder blades underneath the
heart space once again. Close your eyes and take
an inhale in lots of love. Exhale lots of love out. Nice work, one more time. Inhale lots of love in. And exhale lots of love out. Close your eyes
and remain still. Thank you for sharing
your time and your energy and your story with me
and the rest of the folks practicing with us today all around the world. Namaste, the
light in me recognizes and honors the light in you. Thank you. (upbeat music)


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