Yoga for Pollution | 5 (Pregnancy Safe) Asanas to Boost Antioxidant Production & combat Pollution

hey guys welcome to Bharti Yoga, I am Bharti
Air pollution has become a very real problem today
it becomes much worse during the Diwali and winter season in India while air
pollution is not healthy for any living creature it has much more severe impact
on pregnant women children and elderly there are certain yoga asanas which help
in boosting the production of natural antioxidants in the body
improving immunity as well as removing toxins from the body this in turn helps
in combating the harmful effects of pollution today we’ll be learning five
yoga arsons which are good for combating harmful
effects of pollution all these arsons are saved for pregnancy as well so let’s
begin first is dharasana stand with your feet
together and arms on either sides spread your toes right and root your feet
firmly onto the ground distribute your weight evenly on all four corners of the
feet engage your core and roll your shoulders back and down as you inhale
take your arms up interlace your fingers and as you extend up raise your heels of
the ground look at a point in front of you and stay in the poles for two deep
breaths slowly release your hands and come back
down let us repeat this once more as you
inhale go up stay for two breaths focusing on a point in front of you and then slowly come back down
next is tripping asana take a big step sideways to come into a wide legged
stance turn your right foot towards the right and adjust the left foot to face
forward bring both the arms to shoulder level take a deep breath in and start
extending towards the right sides as you exhale Bend laterally to the right to
come into triangle pose if you’re pregnant do not over stretch you can
keep your hand just below the knee or the TUF otherwise you can go as far down
as comfortable stay here keeping your spine long and chest open keep looping
up towards your left hand slowly bring the left hand down and come back up let
us repeat it for the other sides join the left foot to the left and adjust the
right foot inhale extend forward towards left exhale come to tripping asana stay
here for a couple of breaths and then slowly come back up you can
repeat this once more on both sides next sit down and extend your legs in front
straighten your back taking support of your hands then bring your right foot to
the base of the left thigh as you inhale raise your right arm up over your heads
as you exhale bend sideways to the left bring your left elbow to the inside of
the left knee and keep pushing the left knee out keep your chest open and try
not to fall forward again if you’re pregnant do not always stretch otherwise
keep extending sideways to reach the left toes slowly come back up let us
switch sides and repeat bring the left foot to the inside of the
right thigh inhale bring the left hand up exhale extend sideways to the right
keep looking up and breathing slowly come back up
next bring both your feet together now we’ll do Matt’s arson or the fish pose
I’ll first show the normal version and then the variation for pregnancy keeping
your hands on either sides of the hips start reclining back till your elbows
touch the floor drop the head back keep the crown of your head on the crown and
arch your back keep breathing deeply and slowly now if
you are pregnant you can use props like a bolster pillow or yoga blocks or rolls
your mats keep them behind you about 6 inches away from the hips then slowly
recline back onto the revolt mats you can take your arms above your head and
rest here for a few breaths as you feel your chest opening up slowly roll to
your left and come back up we will finally practice a pranayaam
cold unloader loom or alternate nostril breathing come into a seated pose with
your back straight you can prop a pillow below you but if you’re not able to sit
straight fold the index and the middle fingers of your right hand close your
eyes use the right thumb to close the right nostril then slowly inhale from
the left nostril hold the breath in close the left nostril with the ring
finger and open the right nostril and slowly exhale from the right sides again
inhale through the right nostril hold close the right nostril with the thump
open the left nostril and exhale slowly inhale left switch fingers exhale from
rights inhale from right switch exhale left
keep repeating at your own pace make sure the breaths are as low as
possible there should be no effort in the breathing try to create as little
sound as possible during the inhalations and exhalations make your exhalations as long as the
inhalations slowly complete by exhaling through the
left nostril bring your hand down and keep your eyes closed take a few normal deep breaths this 10
minutes practice every day will help in boosting immunity and combating air
pollution hope you enjoyed it and will incorporate it in your daily routine
stay safe and keep practicing I’ll see you soon bye bye you

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