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– Welcome back to Yoga with Tim. You are probably watching this video because your upper back
and your shoulders, as a result of sitting
at the desk, et cetera, have started to go into this posture. And because of that posture, you might experience back pain, so just practicing yoga in general is a great way to start
to cure different ailments in the body that you’re experiencing. However, if you do
specific exercises in yoga, specific types of poses, these can have a much greater effect for your body. So the way that you do the yoga poses, if you tweak them a little bit
and focus on the alignment, you’re gonna experience more benefit, and that the difference between
the Yoga with Tim channel, and different yoga channels is that you get little
access through props and through alignment tweaks to help to maximize
the pose for your body. So, I hope you feel, after
you’ve done this video, that, through the different back bends with props that we do, and modifications of the standing poses, that you feel that your
body feels much more open, you feel stronger, you
can breathe easier, and, like the video. Leave a comment, and lemme know how it goes. Subscribe to the channel. (relaxing guitar music) Okay, often I always start you
off in a seated meditation, but because of all this tendency to be hunched over, et cetera, we’re gonna start off lying down. This will alleviate some of
the tension on the spine. And we’re gonna do a
few warm-ups lying down. So when you lie down, you don’t have gravity
pushing the spine down, wanting to weigh the head forward, into the posture that it gets stuck in. So often I’ll start off lying down on days where I wanna create a release for the spine to open up. So the knees are bent, feet on the floor, arms at your side. And then, if you have to spend a lot
of time seated at work, then the spine, it doesn’t have as much health, because it’s not getting
a nice range of motion, so we’re gonna start off just
by creating range of motion for the spine, through the lower back by arching and tucking the pelvis. So as you inhale, put a big arch in your lower back so you could slide your hands under there, and as you exhale, flatten the lower back towards the mat. Inhale, arch through your lower back. And exhale, flatten out. Inhale, arch through your lower back. And exhale, flatten out. Then inhale into neutral. Okay, so not only do we wanna do things to promote flexibility, but also better movement, and strengthening will also be good for those spinal muscles
to help you to stay strong to be upright, so that when you feel yourself sinking, you’ll know, oh yeah, I have
to wake up those muscles again. Okay, so first, we’ll
do some opening things, and then some strengthening things. So first, bring your palms together, and as you inhale, spread your upper back, spread your shoulder blades
away from each other. And as you exhale, draw the shoulder blades
in toward each other so the chest puffs up. Inhale, spread your shoulder blades, push the fingers up to the ceiling, and exhale spread, uh draw in. Then release that, bring knees together, interlock your fingers, on your forehead, and bring the elbows in. Stretch the chin towards the chest, inhale, open your elbows
and your knees out, exhale, bring the elbows and the knees in. Few more times, inhale,
open elbows and knees. Exhale, bring elbows and knees in. These simple exercises will really help to create better movement for the spine. Inhale, open the elbows and the knees. Exhale, bring elbows and knees in. Then open the elbows wide
apart like goalpost arms, take your feet the width of the mat, as you inhale, stretch your right knee towards your left big toe, and slide your right thumb along
the floor, up and overhead. Lengthen your tailbone through toward your knee, lengthen the rest of the spine upward towards the finger. Exhale come back to center. That was a big inhale. Inhale change sides, stretch the left knee
toward the right big toe, slide the left thumb over head, and elongate from your tailbone towards your heel, from your navel up, exhale back to center. Inhale, change sides. Exhale to center. Inhale change sides. Exhale to center. One more round. Inhale change sides, so warming up the hips and the shoulders so that they don’t yank on the spine. Back to center. Inhale, change sides. And back to center, that feels good. Okay, now we’re gonna do
the strengthening exercise, so shift your pelvis into neutral so that you have your lower back curved, but you’re not over-arching, so you’re right in between
flattened and arched, and now practice maintaining that, put your hands on your frontal hip bones, raise your right leg up in a table, lower the heel down without
the hip bones moving at all, so you have to turn on your core muscles, and bring the leg back up. Set the foot down, change legs. Oh, I have to squeeze my abs
so that the hips don’t twist, slowly lower the left heel, tap it, squeeze your abs so that your
hips don’t go away from you, and bring the leg back up. Okay, let’s try a little more
advanced variation of that. Both legs up, without the hip bones twisting, turn on your abs, slowly
lower the right heel, bring it back up. Slowly lower the left heel, back up. Then take your arms straight up. Inhale the right arm
back, left arm forward. Exhale back up. Inhale change sides. Exhale back up. Inhale change sides, keep the lower back long, the neck long, back up. Inhale change sides, now let’s add on, send the right leg forward, and slowly lower it. Turn on the low abs so that
the hip bones don’t move. Exhale back up. Inhale change sides. Stretch the left leg out and slowly lower. Strong core to help teach the
lower spine length and health, exhale back up. Inhale change sides. Keep the neck free, make sure you don’t
clamp down on the neck. Exhale, back up. Inhale, change sides, tailbone long, navel up through the spine. Exhale, back up. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, back up. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, back up. Last one, inhale, change sides. Exhale, back up. Inhale, change sides. Exhale, back up. Hug your knees in, roll up towards your knees,
touch your outer heels, tuck yourself up into a little ball, and release. (sighing) Take a breath. Good, then roll over to your right side. Alright, so you might feel
your abs turn on a little bit, that’s good. Come on to the hands and the knees now, place your hands right
underneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips, and let’s get a little
more range of motion for your spine by doing some cat-cow. Now that you feel warmed up, let’s see if we can undulate
the spine nice and evenly, tip the sit-bones up, and wheel your chest forward, good, and tuck your sit-bones
and round through your back. Let’s do that one more time. Inhale, tilt the sit-bones, like a wave going through the spine, and roll the chest forward. And exhale, tuck your sit-bones round through your spine. Good, then inhale, come into neutral, and stretch your right arm
straight out to the side, but practice keeping your spine long, so that you’re not getting
yanked with your arm, just the arm’s moving
instead of the spine, too. Then slide your right hand
behind your left wrist, and as you reach your
fingers over to the side, keep lengthening your spine straight out, like when your back was on the floor. Breathe into the space
between your shoulder blades, and you can start to break
up some of the tension in the upper back by taking deep breaths. Keep lengthening your spine, so you can feel that the
vertebra in the middle and upper spine are being lengthened as they’re gently twisted. That’s so good for them. And then come back to center. And just feel the difference, that’s pretty good. Okay, now take your left
arm out to the side, and slide your left hand
behind your right wrist. Okay, now it’s not a very deep twist, we’re gonna do a deep
twist a little later, but this one, just think about, creating length through your spine, use your inhalation to
elongate all the bones of the spine, especially
in the middle, upper back. And as you exhale, let
the back body spread, as if your left back ribs could spread towards your left hand. Inhale, create space in
between your shoulder blades, and exhale come back to center. Good, then curl your toes under, stretch your butt back towards your heels, and walk your arms forward, modified child’s pose. (breathing) So this is a great variation of down dog, especially if you’re hips are very tight, or your hamstrings are very tight, and down dog tucks you under, this is a great way to get length, and start to stretch the
shoulders and the upper back. Then come up onto the hands and the knees, we’ll do one more variation of down dog, keep the hips back over the knees, and then start to walk your hands forward. Draw the navel up so that in your waist, you don’t sink, keep the sides of the waist long, as you let the chest start
to melt towards the floor. Press down your middle three knuckles, reach them down, spin your
biceps towards the ceiling, and elongate through
the sides of your trunk. And come back up, now that the shoulders are warmed up, let’s try a full variation of down dog, so from the hands knees position, take the hands a hand print forward, curl your toes under, with a little bend in your knees, lift your hips up, then stretch the hips up
and away from the wrist, keep reaching into the arms
like we just practiced, inner arms up, stretch the knuckles, lengthen the sides of the trunk, and pull up through the legs, so that the butt’s not tucked under. Stretch way back, let the head go. (breathing) Good, then set your knees down, point your toes back, and stretch into child’s pose. (breathing) inhale, come back up, one more time. Downward facing dog, stretch back. (breathing) And then walk your feet forward
to the front of your mat. Put a little bend in your knees, let your head drop down. (breathing) Okay, let’s bend the knees,
actually, a little bit more, so you could feel the backs
of the legs release evenly. Let your navel release back to your spine, so now your lower back spreads. (breathing) Then place your hands
up onto your outer hips, and come on all the way up to stand. Stand in mountain pose, bring your feet together. So in mountain pose, for
everybody, the posture, tends to be from all
the sitting that we do, all the seating that we do? All the sitting that we do (chuckling), in our culture, is for the buttocks to tuck under, and for the chest to sink. So first draw your thigh
bones back over your ankles, and lengthen the sides of the trunk like we practiced in dog, let the shoulders balance
back into position. Let the head float right
up on top of the spine, so you feel tall. So, in yoga, we treat mountain pose, if it’s a pose that we practice to help to strengthen the body, because this posture
doesn’t come naturally, to be upright. So just practice standing upright. Then take your arms forward and up, raise the arms, reach through your heels, reach up through your fingers, grow tall through your spine. Bring your arms back down. Next, let’s try a balancing pose, tree pose. If the balance is difficult in this pose, you can stand with your
fingertips against a wall. So let’s try, right heel
up to the left inner thigh. Again, if you’re unsteady,
you can go over to a wall and put your fingertips on it. Otherwise, if the balance is good, stand tall, and we’ll do
a variation with the arms, interlock your fingers,
right index finger on top, turn your palms inside-out, raise your arms up. Root through the center of your left heel, turn the thumb, index
finger side of the hand up, draw your waist back, left thigh back, just like in mountain. Lengthen through the sides of the trunk. And breathe. Then bring your arms back down, good. Lower that right leg, and change legs. Bring your left heel up
to your right inner thigh, interlock your fingers, left
index finger on top this time, turn your palms inside-out. Raise your arms up. Let your breath be steady in
and out through your nose. And bring the arms back down, lower your leg back down. Did you balance that whole time? That’s really good! Okay, and if you have to
use the wall, no worries. Next, we’re gonna do a
couple of standing poses. If you’re less flexible in your legs, or if you have long legs
in proportion to your trunk and your arms, you might benefit from using a block. Okay, so I’m gonna have a block handy, just to show how it helps. Step your legs wide apart,
spread your arms out. In this position, extended
hands and feet pose, still look for your mountain pose actions. Draw the inner thighs back, grow tall through your trunk, straight up through the
line of your ankles. Now turn the left toes in a little, turn the right leg all the way out. Left foot’s a little pigeon-toed, it’s turned in, like, 10
degrees from the midline, or from pointing straight ahead. Then bend your right knee, and grow your spine upright. Warrior two. So practice stretching the back leg, standing tall, mountain pose posture, as if you’re balancing a
book up on top of your head, look over your right
index, right middle finger. Now see if your right thigh
can drop a little bit deeper, without shrinking the waist, put your hand down onto the block, or onto the floor. But, to get the hand down, we don’t wanna round the back, because we’re, this is
a back class, right, we’re working on keeping the spine, teaching the spine length. You might be able to put
the hand flat on the block, or meet on the block, but don’t lose your length, still keep your chest open. Take your top arm, rotate it, and reach it all the way over head. Make a long line of energy
from your back heel, all the way past your
fingertips on your top arm. It’s like from the back
leg out through the fingers is doing that upright stretch, same mountain pose line. If you look at your right leg, you don’t want the knee twisting in, turn the knee to point straight out so it’s tracking with the center ankle, knee, and hip. Okay, good, now draw your
navel in to protect your back, come back up to stand,
take the block with you if you’re using it, and turn the feet to the other side. So the back foot angles in a little bit, that protects my hip joint, as well as my lower back. Turn your left leg out, turn the thigh so that
the knee points forward, that’s gonna protect
your knee and your hip on your front leg. Spread your arms, open your chest, then start to bend the left leg. As you bend your left leg, notice that the back leg wants to shrink. Don’t let that happen, keep
stretching the back leg, and growing your spine upright, as you bend your knee. So don’t let the body borrow from the length of the back leg, keep stretching the back leg, growing the spine upright, head right up on top. Breathe. Now see if you can drop your
left thigh a little bit deeper, keeping the length of the spine. Then place your hand down, fingertips on the block, or floor, without losing
the length of your spine. So, yeah, just feel in your body, it’s more important that
you keep your spine long and your chest open, than putting your hand down. Doesn’t matter how far down the hand goes. Now see if the spread of
the legs can take you deeper into the pose, without shrinking the spine or the chest. Maybe you could put the
hand flat onto the block, or take the block a notch lower. Now take your top arm all
the way over your ear. Glance down for just moment, make sure that your
front leg, your left leg is still aligned, the center ankle, the center knee and the
center hip are tracking. Stretch your back leg, breathe
length into your spine, and reach longer past your fingers. Now drop your left thigh
a little bit deeper. Good, then inhale, come back up to stand. Parallel your feet. Okay, this time, let’s
place the hand on the shin, we’ll try a straight-legged
stretch, triangle. Turn the back foot in a little, turn the right leg out, spread your arms, inhale. Exhale, place your hand
down onto your shin, without locking your knee downward. Elongate the spine and open the chest, stretch your top arm. Maybe you can slide your hand
a little further down now. Still keep the chest open. Press into your feet,
come back up to stand. Turn your feet to the other side. Spread your arms, inhale. Exhale, place your hand
down onto your shin. Elongate the spine, stretch the back leg, expand the chest without
shrinking your lower back. Maybe the hand can slide
a little further down. Come back up to stand. Parallel your feet, then step your feet together, stand tall in mountain. Alright, warrior one, virabhadrasana one. Step your feet wide apart, place your hands on your hips, turn your right foot all the way out, pivot your back foot in a
little more than halfway, then wiggle your right foot to the right, so your inner heels are lined up. This’ll help with your balance. Stand tall, stretch the back leg, grow the spine upright as you
stretch the back leg straight. Then raise your arms. Keep the back leg
stretching totally straight as you lift and lengthen your spine, you already will start to feel
a stretch through the front of the hip, through the
side hip, just to stand tall and stretch the back leg. To go deeper, start to
bend your front leg, but keep stretching the back leg, and growing the spine upright. Now see if you can bend
a little bit deeper, keep stretching the back leg, breathe. And come back up. Turn your feet to the other side. Back foot angles in, left
foots turn all the way out, now raise your arms up. Stretch through the back leg, grow your spine tall. Start to bend your left knee. But keep stretching the back leg, keep lengthening through
the spine, stretch the arms. Come back up, turn your
feet so they’re parallel, place your hands on your hips. All 10 toes point straight ahead, roll your shoulders back,
open your chest, inhale. Exhale, fold forward, touch the floor. Inhale, flat back, lengthen. Exhale, walk the hands back,
let your head drop down. (breathing) So, to help to restore
health in the spine, we wanna get it to start
to move in all directions. We wanna be able to do,
like, lateral extensions, we want it to be able to round evenly, we want it to be able to twist, so that’s what we’re doing
with standing postures, we’re just trying to bring
health through the legs, to work up through the spine, and to the shoulders and to the arms to help to access into the
upper spine and the neck. Here, let the shoulders
lift away from your ears, and release the back of your skull down. (breathing) Then inhale, make a flat back. Exhale, hands onto your hips, come all the way up to stand. Step your feet together. Stand tall in mountain. Okay, now we’re gonna do a
couple of those backbends that I mentioned earlier
that are gonna help. So I have prop to help, I have this foam roller. If you don’t have a foam roller, you could find something else, what else could you use? You could use a block for your upper back, you could use, a bolster or a pillow, or anything that’s gonna give you support for your middle, upper back. One time, I use Birkenstock sandals, whatever you got around the house that feels smooth enough
to go onto your upper back. But watch how I do this. I sit the buttock down to the floor, then I want you to have your prop right at about the bra line, just below the shoulder blades. Sit your butt down, draw your navel in so that
your lower back is lengthened, and then start to wheel the chest up and over whatever you’re on. Good. As the butt stretches
down towards the floor, draw the navel in, and stretch through
the sides of the chest, away from the butt. And then come back up. Let’s move that roller
or whatever you got, just an inch higher. Now put your hands behind your
head like headstand style, stretch the butt down, stretch
the navel in and up first, and then start to backbend, roll up up and over, roll up and over, elbows in. And instead of the neck
taking all the backbend, let the whole spine backbend evenly. Breathe through your nose. Stretch your butts down into the floor, both of them (chuckles). Draw the navel up and lengthen your spine, stretch the elbows back. (sighing) Good, come back up. Oh, feels so good. Okay, good. Sit up, and then we’ll
just see how that backbend, the supported backbend
effects our active backbend. So now come onto the hands and the knees, then lie down onto your belly. Turn your hands around at your side, modified low cobra, start to stretch the chest, and the butt’s back, some
actions that we were just doing with the roller. Draw the sides of the navel
up towards your heart, turn the shoulders, roll the chest, then turn the hands around, keep rolling through, and we’re gonna come into cobra now. Roll, same actions as the roller, stretch the butt, draw
the navel, roll the chest. And then up dog, lift your knees, and lower yourself back down. (sighing) Press back on the hands and knees, and stretch back to child’s pose. (breathing) Nice. Then sit with your legs
crossed for a moment. Just feel all that opening
you created in your spine, how much better the chest, the shoulders, and neck feels? That’s good, okay. Now lie down on your back, for this next stretch, you’re
going to have to have a strap. Do you have a strap? You could use a shirt, or a towel, or whatever you got nearby. Lie down on the back. Take your right leg
straight up in your strap, or your shirt, or your towel. Release the hips evenly
out of the lower back as you stretch that leg. (breathing) Then bend your knee, change sides, take your
left foot up in the strap. Stretch the right leg out along the floor, active leg like mountain. Let both hips release
evenly out of the lower back as you stretch your legs. (breathing) So as you feel the legs stretch, breathe length into the spine. So, we want, we want the spine to gain health again, and you wanna get out of physical pain. The way to do that is to be
consistent about your practice, you continue just do this
practice one time a week, one time a month, and
expect the pain to go away. You practice regularly. So start practicing a sequence like this at least three or four times a week. Do the sequence, and after a month, you’re gonna feel a difference. Bend your leg. Change legs, hug your
right knee to your chest. Alright, now I’m gonna use
this roller, the foam roller, you can use your block if you have a block or whatever you have, but I’m gonna take my shin all
the way over onto the roller, then as your navel releases
back to your spine, take the right arm out to the side, so right leg on the roller, right arm out to the side. As you inhale, elongate the spine, stretch your tailbone
towards your left heel, draw your navel up towards your heart, up towards your crown, and as you exhale, let the chest, ribs turn. (breathing) Then come back to center. Change sides, take the roller or, the block, whatever you’re using, over to the other side,
hug the left knee in, then take the left knee all the way over to the side and rest it. Take your left arm over to side, and as you inhale, elongate the spine, stretch your tailbone. As you exhale, plug the navel, turn the navel towards the left shoulder, and open up. (breathing) Then visualize your breath
moving into the areas that feel tight, as if you could breathe
those tight areas open. Bring your leg back to center. Take shavasana, corpse pose. So for corpse pose, we
give the body a chance to acclimate to all the
postures that you did, and just relax. This time is super important. Let the hands fall open, let the feet fall open. Just relax from head to toe, let go. Relax the muscles in the face. Let the jaw relax. Soften your tongue. Soften the eyes. Soften your inner ears. Let the skin on the forehead soften. Let your whole body completely relax. Where the skin feels like
it feels tight or sticky, over your restricted areas, imagine more space, feel the skin loosen on those tight, sticky areas, so there’s more space between
the skin and the muscle. Then take a slow, full
breath in through your nose, fill the lungs from the bottom
all the way up to the top. And let all the air out. Bend your knees. Roll to your right side. Press yourself up to seated. Sit up straight and tall, brings your palms together. With your eyes closed, take a moment, feel the body. Notice the shift. Observe the current mental state, the quality of the mind, and the quality of the breath. Just notice how good you
feel after you practice yoga. Alright, thank you. Namaste. Alright, practicing yoga
helps you to feel good, it helps you to be the
best version of yourself. When you’re in pain, you feel tight, restricted, you can’t be as open, you
can’t express yourself as much as you’d like to. So, if you practice regularly, and I’m talking three,
four, five times a week, then your body is gonna feel more free, your gonna feel better in your own skin. So I hope you dedicate
time to your practice, so that you can be the
best version of yourself. If you’re enjoying the channel, make sure to subscribe. Check out my website,, and also donate. We have a PayPal link on
the bottom right-hand corner of the YouTube banner, Yoga with Tim, so, I’m sorry, YouTube (laughing),, at the top of the site, there’s a banner, and at the bottom right-hand corner, there’s a PayPal link. Appreciate any donation that
you can support us with. Have a great day.


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