Yoga for Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back | Yoga for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Well, hello all my yoga friends. Welcome to Gotte Yoga. I’m Chris Gotte and in today’s video we’re gonna be doing Yoga to release your neck, shoulders, and upper back. So if you’re having some tension in your neck and shoulders… We’re gonna get rid of that computer slouched. Look who appeared? Oh my goodness. So, should be fun. If you don’t have time for this full sequence. I also have a video- three poses to get rid of your Tech Neck. I think I throw in a couple of extra shoulder poses. But there are three main poses and if you would like the secret to getting rid of your Teck Neck. I also have a link I will leave below for that. So what you’re gonna need for today is a Wiener Dog, if you have it possibly. If not, that’s okay. You can just hang out with Pheebs the weenie and then two blocks. If you don’t have blocks, I highly suggest you get some blocks because we do stuff with blocks all the time. I love props. I think it helps make yoga more accessible, more fun. Get them on Amazon for like five to seven dollars. But for today you can use some thick books and then also a yoga strap or a belt or a scarf or a rolled-up towel will work. So get your clothes on, get your mat out, and let’s jump in to it. So we are gonna start in child’s pose or Balasana, so what would I’d like you to do? Bring your big toes to touch, bring your knees together then plant these blocks out in front of you, For here in a minute… about shoulder distance and then go ahead and just drape your torso over your Legs, draw your hands back. Let your head hang, let your forehead wrinkle towards your nose. Hmm close your eyes and start to notice your breath. Let the shoulders drape and just hang down towards the mat. Let your abdomen melt into your thighs on every inhale. And you’ll notice that the breath begins to lengthen as you start to become aware of it… Which is what we want. Just long deep breaths through the nostrils, taking a moment here to honor our time here on the mat. Relax the tension that creeps up into your face One more inhale One more long exhale, Lettiing the breath run down the back. And then go ahead and Sit up a little bit, bring your knees wide so that you can drape your torso in between them and then grab those blocks. I want you to bring your elbows on to the blocks, as you draw your chest down. Elbows are about shoulder distance. Join your palms together. Your blocks might run in the way of your face. So scoot them over a little bit. So your face can go in between. Draw your heart down towards the mat. Lengthen the spine and then rest the forehead. You can draw your prayer hands back behind you. Should Really enjoy this one. This is too much for you. You can always reach the hands forward on blocks. Take a breath here. And, slowly inhale, come to rise. Swing your feet to one side, find your way on your sit bones and cross your Shins. So draw your shins away from you. So they’re parallel with the front of your mat. Have your feet closer to your knees then to one another. Press the hands into the earth behind you. Inhale, as you lengthen up. Head over heart, heart over hips. Lengthening through the crown of the head. And then go ahead and let all that air out, exhale. Beautiful. Interlock your fingers, flip your palms, and Inhale as you reach your arms up in line with your ears. You can’t see my hands, but I’m pressing up through my palms and I’m lengthening through my inner elbow creases. Another breath here. On your next exhale, push your palms away and round your upper back. oh, yeah.. Inhale, slowly reaching up. Lengthen through the sides of your ribs. Exhale, press the palms away. Inhale, rising up. Exhale, to round. One more inhale. As you inhale, imagine the sides of your ribs expanding. Really lengthen lengthen up. And Exhale, round your upper back, press your palms away. Really get that stretch between the shoulder blades and… Release Now grab your strap. Bring your hands in front of you, nice and wide on your strap. And Inhale as you reach your arms up and over. Bring them behind you just a little. You should feel a nice stretch. And Exhale to come back to Center. If you’re not feeling what you thought you’d feel ,maybe walk your hands closer together. Inhale.. Up, over, and a little bit behind and Exhale, To come back to Center. Draw up through your abdomen Inhale And Exhale Now Inhale, reach your right arm up and Exhale as you lean over to the left. Draw your left hand Back and to the side a little bit. Inhale, to come back to Center. Exhale, reach your left arm up. Lean over to the right. You can gaze up, into that left armpit. Inhale to come back to Center. Let’s do that one more time. Exhale, as you lean over To the left. So your hand is behind you, Not all the way. It’s to the side a little bit. And Inhale, come back to Center. Exhale, Leaving over to the right. Inhale back up and Exhale… To release. That’s one of my favorites! Bring your hands out in front of you ,palms facing up. Cross at the elbow creases. Left elbow underneath the right elbow. Draw your palms towards you. Flip the backs of your palms Towards one another. (Dog cry in background) Firm the forearms together. Shhhhh Pheebee. And Inhale, as you lift the elbows up, draw the forearms away. Nice long spine. Exhale, as you fold over your legs here. Listen to the low back, stop wherever is comfortable, and unravel your arms. So let the head dangle. Take another Inhale. Let the air rise up, to the top of the chest. Exhale, let the air run down the back again. Draw the thighs down towards the floor. Inhale, to slowly rise up. This time cross your right elbow underneath your left elbow. Palms towards your face;. Backs the palms face one another. Firm the forearms together. These are Garudasana Arms. If you can, join the palms and flip the pinkies, you already know what you’re doing. So go ahead and Do it. Lift the elbows up, draw the forearms away as you Inhale… lengthening up. Rising of the crown head up, towards the sky. Exhale, draw your torso over your legs nice and slow. long spine And unravel the arms Inhaling Finding that stopping point. Exhaling as you dangle the head. Relax your brow. One more long Inhale and Exhale here. And then find your way to rise. Come on to your hands and knees. Hands underneath the shoulders. Knees underneath the hips. Everything is shoulder distance apart, basically. And Inhale as you lift your sit bones, lift your gaze. Stretchy cat. Exhale as your round your spine. Lengthen your tailbone towards the floor Inhale, broad collar bones. Pressing the hands into the earth. Exhale, press into that index finger and thumb. Round the upper back. Inhale, lift the sit bones. Exhale, upper back rounds. Push push push into your palms. Inhale to come back to a neutral spine. Reach your right hand forward and open up to the left as you Inhale. Exhale, thread the needle. Lower your left ear down to the floor. Left palm facing up and then you can stretch that right hand forward if the elbow is bent. This should be a juicy shoulder stretch for you. Take another breath here. Find whatever kind of feels right for you. Adjust a little bit if you need to. Inhale to press into the right hand, rise back up. Bring the left hand to the center and in front of you. Inhale to open up to the right. Exhale to thread the needle. Right ear, right shoulder come down on to the ground. Right palm faces up. You can stretch that left arm forward if you’d like. Take a breath here. Letting the belly expand as you Inhale. Letting the belly contract as you Exhale. Inhale to slowly lift up. Plant your hands down in front of you, shoulder distance. Index finger and middle finger pointed forward. Tuck your toes, maybe step your feet back a little if you need to. Come into a downward facing dog. so you Lift your hips up high. So your torso spilling is spilling over your hips. Bring a generous bend to the knees if you need to have the feet shoulder distance Find the length in the spine first. Pedal the feet Get the kinks out and then maybe you start to draw your heels towards the floor. Bringing the weight into the heels. Reach the right leg up. Right knee to chest. Bring the right foot close to the hands. Get that right foot close the hands however you can. Drop the back knee and Inhale to rise up into a low lunge. Anjaneasana. Interlock your fingers behind you. Broaden your chest. Open your heart. Energetically rise up through the sides of your body and then maybe you sink into the hips a little bit. Only gaze up if it’s comfortable for you. And if this finger interlocking isn’t comfortable, try grabbing at your elbows instead (whispers) I forgot to shut off my text message. Plant the palms. Back foot comes to meet the front, fold forward at the front of your mat as you Exhale. Inhale, long spine, come to rise, come to stand. Exhale If you don’t know already, I’m kinda tall. But, standing in Tadasana at the top of your mat. Mountain Pose I would like you to bring your arms behind you, palms facing one another and then grab your Left arm with your right hand, right above the elbow crease. Broaden the shoulders, lengthen the tailbone down towards the floor, draw the abdomen up and back. If you can’t grab here, you can grab at the wrists and slowly draw the wrist away from you with your right hand. From here I want you to draw your chin towards your chest and slowly draw your head over to the right. Shoulders are away from the ears. Take a breath in. Relax the face, breathe out. Roll the chin back to Center. Rise the head up. Release. Switch sides. So you grab your right arm with your left hand or wrist drawing away. Draw the chin down, roll the head over to the left slowly. Nice and strong in your Tadasana, rooting your feet into the earth. Tops of the thighs engaged. Roll the chin back to Center and Lift the head up. At the top of your mat, feet shoulder-distance for low back. Inhale, reach the arms up. Exhale, Long spine as you fold forward into uttanasana. Inhale, halfway lift. Drawing the shoulders back. Exhale, shoot your right leg back. Drop your back knee, untuck your toe. Inhale, to rise up into another low lunge. Let out the breath. Interlock the fingers behind you. Broaden the chest. Plug the femur bones into their sockets and then maybe you sink your hips a little bit deeper if you’d like. Release your palms. Plant them down. Back foot comes to meet the front. Exhale, as you fold forward. Inhale, Root the feet as you rise up, slight bend in the knees and Exhale. To Relaese. Grab your strap, come sideways on your mat. Step your feet nice and wide. Starting in a star pose here. Turn your toes in so that the outer edges of your feet are parallel with your mat. And your feet are about, directly underneath your Wrist. And you’re going to bring your hands behind you, either grab both sides of your strap With your hands and or interlock your fingers behind you. You want a broad chest, So the shoulders roll around and down. Long spine. Grounding through the feet, so you’re not collapsing in the ankles as you fold forward into a wide legged forward fold. So I’m babying my shoulder today Nursing a little injury. So I’m using this strap. Either way, let the head fully relax. Have a little bend in your knees. So you’re not locking the knees. And let the hands start to fall.. towards the floor. Let gravity get those shoulders open. Inhale, rise to a flat back. Release your hands. Plant your right hand in front of you and forward a little bit and Exhale as you.. Fold forward again and reach your left hand over to your right calf or your right ankle, for a little bit of a twist. Don’t twist if you’re already having a hard time in this forward fold. Then just consider coming out of it, bringing the hands underneath the shoulders. Coming back to center. Bring your left hand to center, draw the torso towards the mat as you reach the right hand over to the left leg and then kind of gaze into that left armpit, if you want. Keep pressing into the big toes and then coming back to center. Walk the hands underneath the shoulder. Heel toe the feet together, hands on the hips, slowly rise the body up And shake it out. We gotta have fun finding our way down to the floor So let’s go ahead. At the top your mat, Bring your feet together. You should be standing up. We’re gonna do a toe stand. It’ll be super fun. I promise. Reach your arms out in front of you and then begin to bend your knees. As you bend your knees and sink your hips down. Your heels should start to come up So now your sit bones are on your heels. If you’re having a hard time balancing, that’s okay. Just bring your hands on to the floor. We’re gonna hang out here for one more second. Broad chest. Maybe you join your palms together and then go ahead hands behind you sit on to those sit bones. Shoot the feet out in front of you. Make sure that you have your blocks close by, for here in a minute. Straighten your legs out in front of you, press your hands into the earth. Inhale, as you lengthen up. Head over heart and then go ahead and pull your Right foot towards you. Bending at the knee, cross your right foot over your Left leg.Your foot’s close to your knee. Whatever is comfortable. Inhale to reach that left arm up. Right arm is behind you and then Exhale to twist over to the right. Hug your right knee with your left arm and Broaden your chest over to the right. If you’d like to hook, Feel free. And if you want to get fancy, you can grab your right big toe with your left hand. Go ahead and start to push the foot away from you and reach back behind you with your right hand. Might be a little fun. And we’re gonna switch sides. So straighten your right leg. Pull your left foot in, cross your left foot over your right knee. Left hand comes behind you. Inhale, lengthen up. Bring the heart over the hips and Exhale to broaden the chest. Open up to the left, hugging that right knee or hooking. You can have a little fun with it. You can press that left foot away, grab the big toe with your index finger and your middle finger. Either way you’re drawing that left shoulder back. Exhale to release. Last juicy pose before We wrap it up into Shavasana. So grab your blocks. One walk is gonna be for your head, middle setting or the tallest setting..if your neck starts to hurt. And one block is gonna be for in between your shoulder blades. So you bring them behind you and then I lean back on one forearm And then I use the other arm to adjust this block here. So bring it between your shoulder blades. You don’t want it too far down the back so it’s like compressing your mid-back. You want it closer to your upper backs and level between your shoulder blades. So you have a nice broad chest, open heart. Really getting into that thoracic spine. Then the other block, your head relaxes on. You can join the palms of the feet together for Baddha Konasana. I’m running into a wall here. So I’m gonna straighten my legs. And if you feel a little Scrunching in your low back, then lift the sit bones up, lengthen the tailbone towards the heels, and then lower the sit bones back down. Inhale, reach your arms back behind you and grab at your elbows. If your forearms your running into your head then loosen your grip and grab your forearms instead. Just slow down here. So close your eyes ,let the arms dangle overhead. Start to just tune into your regular breath. Straighten your arms, switch the cross of your forearms. Grab again at your elbows. If you’re using books, it’s probably really painful. So try putting a blanket up a pillow on top of those books. That would be really painful if there was books underneath my shoulder blades right now. And then just come out of it… Whenever you are a done. Finish off with Shavasana Hey, I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, please like, comment, subscribe to my channel. I would really appreciate it! Pheebee would appreciate it. Yeah, so I can keep making these awesome videos for you, and I will see you all later. Too-da-loo! I hope you’re feeling a little less tension in the neck and if you’re wondering where that tension is coming from…check out my video on how to get rid of Teck Neck.


  1. So HELPFUL!! My neck feels way better now, thanks Chris💕💕

  2. Really appreciate your effort – I'll use this video as part of my rehab. One question though…When you inhale/exhale between moves do you hold your breath or just breathe in and out normally?

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