Yoga for Mood Swings – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone/ Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. Today we have
yoga for mood swings. This is an amazing
practice if you’re feeling off for whatever reason, if
you feel like you’ve hit a wall or you’re feeling a little
stuck for whatever reason, this is going to be an
awesome practice for you. So, hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s begin
in Sukhasana. Ankles crossed. Sit up nice and tall. If you need to sit up on
a little blankie or block or something to lift the
hips up here, please do. That’s a great option
when you feel like, oh, I can’t even
sit cross legged. This will give you
a little bit of space to drop the knees below
the hips and find length up through the spine. So there’s no rush. You obviously turned on
this video to tend to it, tend to you,
whatever it is today. So there’s no rush here. This is not something
you have to do. This is something you chose
to do to find what feels good. So take your time
getting settled in today. So, sometimes there’s
this inevitable desire to like do it right or be with
the video or do it perfect, not today and not ever,
but not today. I’m really going to
invite you, encourage you to take your time. Just drop the pin down
whenever you’re ready. Get the room situated,
whatever you need to do. Just sit up nice and tall
and even if you’re not alone, you’re accompanied
by family or pets or distracting thoughts,
just do your best. Life is good. We’re going to start
appreciating our body and this moment, accepting
where we are today by noticing the breath
and then when you’re ready and in your own time, you’ll
begin to deepen the breath, inhaling deeply whenever
you’re ready again and whenever you’re ready. Whenever you’re ready,
big breath in and whenever you’re ready,
big breath out. So yes, I’m really
trying to hit home, I’d like you to start today’s
practice just on your own. Sukhasana,
closing the eyes, breathing, and just allowing for
whatever the hell’s going on to just exist. And then hopefully you’re
noticing that just by pausing to take a moment to acknowledge
what is and embrace what is, accept what is, you’re breath and your body connect naturally. Hopefully you’ve taken a
couple of good exhales. And then when you feel
ready, whenever you feel set, go ahead and bring the
hands together at the heart, Anjali Mudra, and I’d
like for you to decide what feels best, soft
palms here or active hands. So again, just
checking in this way. And then take
one more big breath and on an exhale
bow your head to your heart,
the mind intelligence to the body intelligence,
the heart and at the very least if all
that really isn’t your thing, you’re getting a nice big
stretch in the back of the neck. Everyone begin to lift up
more through the center channel of your body,
this plumb line, this mid line, lifting up, chin to chest, take
two more deep breaths here. Awesome, then slowly lift the
head, bat the eyelashes open, smile a little bit
just if you can. And then we’ll take the left
hand over to the right knee. Inhale, reach all the way up
with the right fingertips, find length, then try
to keep that length as you release right fingertips
back down behind you, gentle twist here, so no
need to crank, crank, crank. We’re actually looking
for the length here, inhaling, reaching up,
hopefully finding a little grace in this moment as you breathe
in and out, in and out. So there is, I believe, grace, whatever that means to you all around us all the time and
sometimes when we get stuck, whether it’s a chemical
imbalance or someone cuts us off in the road, yeah,
it does affect our mood and that’s human. I believe the tools of yoga
and the practice of yoga really give us an
opportunity to practice just having that awareness
of ah, am I feeding into this sort of thing
that stresses me out and gives me anxiety or
can I stop and just notice and accept and remember, ah,
there’s grace in everything. There’s grace all around me. Take a deep breath
in and then exhale, release back to center. Right hand comes to the left
knee and then once again just reach your
left fingertips up. Just find that stretch,
that lift, that length and try to keep that lift
up through your heart as you release
the fingertips down. It’s a little bit of a different
way going into this twist and that’s so you keep
that lift in your heart, just kind of encouraging the
organs to lift up, stimulate, without necessarily cranking. So if you’re feeling
brave, close your eyes here and we’ll take a couple
breaths, just feeling that grace wash up and down the spine,
whatever that means to you, just enjoying this
moment of peace. Or if you’re not enjoying
it yet, just be open to it. Cool beans, then
release back to center. Take a second to find those
thriller arms stretching through the forearms,
plugging the shoulders back, big breath in and
then talk to the hand. Flip it, reverse, work it. If you need more here,
you’re craving a little deeper stretch,
you can take the palm to the finger
stretch and stretch. And then release. Awesome, we’re going to
come all the way down now onto all fours and go
right into a Cat-Cow. So find your tabletop position
and then when you’re ready, begin to move with your
breath, dropping the belly, looking up as you
inhale and then rounding through the spine, tucking
the chin to the chest as you exhale. Inhale, drop the belly,
heart reaches forward. We look up and
exhale rounding through. Now keep it going on your
own for a couple more rounds. See if you can hear the
sound of your breath, maybe close the eyes and
observe how you feel. Awesome, do one more. One more cycle. And inhale, come back
to that tabletop, bring the big toes together,
knees as wide as your yoga mat and send those hips back, babe. Extended child’s pose. Three breaths, three breath
cycles in and out here. You can decide whether
you want active arms here, lifting the elbows,
shoulders engaged, stable or soft fingers,
maybe palms up, a surrender. Three breath cycles in and out. One more breath here, inhale,
fill the back body with air. Feel it expand and exhale. Gorgeous, come back
up to all fours. Notice if you’re starting to
feel a little better already and if not, it’s alright.
Just stay open to it. From here, we’re going
to curl the toes under and then send the hips back. We’re going to come
to sit on the heels. Now if that’s not
available to you, you’re just going to adjust
by coming side saddle. No problem. We’re not going to be here long, just stimulating the feet. Opening up through
the chest eventually, so you’ll come up,
lift up through the heart. A great way to take some of
the pressure off the feet is to again keep
that lift, Mula Bandha, lifting from the pelvic floor. So great for these organs,
too, so we’re drawing up just gently and then swing
the fingertips around, Shalom Bahsan arms,
we open the chest, interlace the fingertips behind. Maybe we’re trying to
get the palms together, but if the shoulders
are really tight, we just keep then
nice and square. Maybe you nod head gently, yes. And then no. ♫ Don’t be saying no, no, no, no ♫ When it’s really yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Great, now this video’s
going to get flagged. Just kidding. Destiny’s Child said
I could sing that. Okay, big breath in. And then exhale, release,
and when you do find what feels good, break free. Yeah, so maybe it’s just
that I’m too imaginative, I played too many
games as an only child, but every time you have an
opportunity like this in yoga to transition, are you just
doing what you’re told, release, or can you
enjoy even that? Maybe you’re in a
bad mood, break free. In fact, everybody do it again. Interlace the fingertips,
inhale, lift your heart, and then exhale,
break free, have fun. Awesome. Downward facing dog. So take your time getting there. Eventually we’ll lift
the hips up high. Heart melts back and
you’re going to start by taking your dog
on a nice slow walk. Big breaths in and
out through the nose, exhaling out through the
mouth whenever you need. Take one more deep breath
in and then exhale, find stillness. Tops of the shoulders
away from the ears. You can keep the knees
bent if you need to. Find stillness, close your eyes. Root down through that
index finger and thumb, one more breath cycle
in and out here. Beautiful, then slowly
lower the knees. Swing the legs to one side and
take both legs out in front, Paschimottanasana. Nice and slow and steady today. Again, this is not
something you have to do, this is something
you chose to do. You should feel empowered,
good, excited by your choice. Move the fleshy part
of the buttocks aside. Keep the heels in line with
the thigh bones, the hips and then bend the knees as
generously as you need to here, as once again we find
a little grace here, so once again,
reach the fingertips up, keep it soft and then exhale,
we surrender, bow forward. So notice I’m not inhaling,
finding this rigid. That’s another video,
that’s another time. Be kind to yourself. Keep it soft and easy. Bend the knees so you can
bring the belly to the tops of the thighs maybe and then a little bit of
energy in the toes. And then once you feel
like you got to a place that feels good, I’d like
to invite you to loop the shoulders, pull them back
like we did in thriller arms and inhale, look forward. Exhale, rounding through
the spine, chin to chest, maybe begin to straighten
the legs, maybe not. Maybe that’s not what’s
going on in your body today. Then we surrender. Once again, chin to
chest, bowing the head, the mind intelligence to
the body intelligence, connecting the two,
deep breathing. Take one more
breath cycle in and out. Listen to the sound
of your breath. Don’t be shy. Then root down through
your sitting bones, tuck the chin into the chest,
even more so you really feel that stretch
and then slowly roll it up, stacking through the spine,
coming into alignment here so the body is a metaphor
for sho’ and so I like the idea of surrendering
and then rolling up through the spine so if you’re
in a bad mood or you were not feeling well, you know,
something’s just not right, yoga’s a great way to,
you know, move it around, stir the energy, but
then also come back into your alignment,
right, your flow. If you feel out of it, then
rolling up through the spine is a great little metaphor
for coming back into it, into alignment. Shut up Adriene,
let’s keep going. Okay, bend the right knee. We’re going to lift the
right foot up and over. Press the right foot
into the earth and if you have to shift
your right sitting bone forward here,
you actually can today. So, usually we try to
keep the hips square, but sometimes I think
it’s nice to just go ahead and come in tight, especially
for the ladies here today, maybe, or the men, anyone,
lift up through your heart, squeeze that right knee
into the shoulder. Alright, so hook right
elbow to your right knee for starters to start here
and we’re going to bring that left hand to the ground. Now inhale, draw your
chin up towards the sky and you’re going to feel
this amazing stretch in the right side
of the neck here and then you could stay
here my sweet friend or you’re going to release
the right fingertips up gracefully,
gracefully and grandfully, gracefully and grandfully. If you get that movie
reference, comment down below. I’m going to love you forever. Gracefully reach the
arm all the way up and grandfully over. So again, you can just be
here or up and over here. If you like a little more, you
can release right fingertips all the way down to the ground. So once again, we’re here. Draw the left shoulder down
so it’s not collapsed here, really creating space. We’re here, or maybe all the
way down here. Take one more breath,
wherever you are. This is a great little challenge
to focus on sensation over a specific shape. And then we’ll release. You’re going to take the
left foot, bring it in, Gomukhasana, cow legs. You could just stay here
or we’ll work to bring the right knee on
top of the left. I like to use my fingertips
to lift my hips up so I can find that
square and then the hands are going to come to the
soles of the feet here. You lift your heart. For a lot of us, this is
already a really great deep mama jama hip stretch,
but if you’d like a little more, you can send the fingertips
of gracefully and grandfully we bow forward. I don’t even know
if that’s what she says. Gracefully and grandfully. Allow the head to round
over if you come into this forward fold so that
you can really let go of the muscles in the neck
so you’re not holding. And then if you
are bowing forward, roll up through the spine. And then everyone gently
send the legs out, second round Paschimottanasana,
heels in line with the hip points. Inhale, reach the fingertips up. Try to keep that lift up
through the front body as you exhale bowing forward. Again, bend the knees as
generously as you need to. Inhale, look forward and
then exhale rounding. Close your eyes,
see if you can hear the sound of your breath
calming the nervous system, balancing out all the
systems with the power, the healing power of the breath. And one more deep inhale in. Exhale chin to chest,
really active chin to chest as you roll up, stacking up,
coming back into your alignment,
back into the flow of things. Mmm, left knee bends,
left foot comes up and over. Again, feel free to bring the
hip forward a little bit here. Left hip forward. We’re going to hug left
elbow to the left knee and when you’re ready
sit up nice and tall, right hand comes
off to the side here. Here we go, drawing the chin
all the way up towards the sky. Think about this length
coming out though the crown of the head so you’re
not collapsed here. So, there is a bit of softness
or femininity I guess to this and it can be challenging
if you’re really used to just like yoga
asana being strict, so it’s kind of part
of the practice today. Seeing if you can nurture
yourself and tend to yourself and find what feels
good when things are not in their normal place. Send the left
fingertips up if you like. Again, option to bring
them all the way down. Maybe you find
a little movement here that feels good. Or maybe you stay here. Take one more breath
wherever you are and slowly coming back. Gomukhasana legs,
we’ll bring that right heel in, take your time. We’re working to stack the
knees, but maybe that’s not available to you. Maybe you might try as a
variation a fire log pose. Whoa my hips did not want that. No ma’am. Hands come to
the arches of the feet. We sit up nice and tall. This side is going to
be different, so notice, stay present and maybe
you take it forward, reaching fingertips all the
way up and behind the head. Or maybe it’s enough
to just breathe here nice and conscious breaths,
sitting up nice and tall. You bring the breath. Really breathing conscious
breaths in yoga on the mat or off the mat
is really the best way of like taking responsibility
for your own beep. Right? Seems like such
an easy thing, right? Breathing, but we
take it for granted. Our body is amazing and then it keeps us breathing without us having
to tell it every moment to breathe in and out,
in and out, in and out, but these conscious breaths,
so powerful, doesn’t cost a thing. If you are bowing forward here, begin to roll up nice and tall. Sweet, then we’ll release
nice and easy, coming to lie flat back, you’re doing awesome. Take your time. As you arrive right away
feel the earth supporting you, so this might sound a
little cheesy, but I’m guessing you could use it
and I could, too. So rather than just
coming to flat back, okay, ready for the next yoga
pose, just come to your back and feel,
close your eyes, imagine, use your creative energy which is super powerful
energy to imagine the earth rising up to
meet your back body. And if you really
want to go for the gold, close your eyes and
quietly whisper to yourself I am supported. Couple more breaths here,
this is it, just feeling your
back body supported. Nothing fancy, but super beneficial. When you’re ready, coming
into Supta Baddha Kanasana, which is where we’ll
end our practice today, so you’ll take the
arms out wide to start and bring the feet together. Again, whenever you’re ready,
opening the knees slowly. And then making any adjustments
in the head, the neck, I encourage you to just
snuggle your shoulder blades right underneath your
heart space so you can find a nice opening in the chest. And then if you’re feeling a
little too vulnerable here, you might take the
left hand to the heart, right hand to the belly,
it feels nice. If you’re like whoa I’ve been
really fiery, really hot, maybe you need to cool off
even more and interlace the fingertips behind the
head, extend the thumbs, give myself a little
neck massage. Wherever you are,
take a deep breath in and this time exhale
out through the mouth. Stay here as long as you
like, as long as time allows. Before you get up, be sure to
take a moment to appreciate yourself for showing up
here on your yoga mat. The mind and body are totally amazing and therefore so are you. So you done good, kid. I hope you feel better. I hope you’re able to have
an amazing rest of your day or your night and
I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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