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hey guys welcome we are on a deserted island just outside gili gede in Lombok and we got our friends boat mikumba 2 right behind us and for yoga today I got a yoga for mindfulness and now what yoga for mindfulness is is to give you a chance to take a moment to breathe be present with yourself and your surroundings so many times we got around our day and we have so much chatter in our mind were worried about work and life children and family and sometimes we just need stop to stop our mind from all the chatter just breathe relax dedicate some time for your own self even just for the 15 20 minutes allowing yourself to stay present in the moment allowing all the thoughts of fear negativity worry simmer down be present tale a deep breath so if your ready grab your mat and lets do it


  1. Amazing and relax class, thank you,love you😘

  2. Thank you so much for this exercise today. I needed it. How many times do you do yoga a day?

  3. You are so beautiful and amazing with a positive energy. I'm so glad to find you on here. Lots of Love and thanks again for beautiful and helpful videos.

  4. Fantastic job and again great flow

  5. no words.. perfecto <3

  6. I loved this. My mind has been so chaotic since I moved even though I love traveling, and this made me feel much better. Thank you

  7. Thank you so much I released lots of thinngs, some poses touches different backgrounds I guess and Mark I want to hear your music, please we want to see and hear you in there too

  8. i did was so amazing and good for begginer

  9. I am in love with your videos! You are amazing!

  10. I did this video with the all but one lights turned off in my room and my eyes closed, letting Juliana's soothing voice guide me along the way.
    I feel at peace now.

  11. this video is amazing!!! thank you so much!!!

  12. Thank You for creating the most perfect gorgeous yoga ever !!!

  13. This is a great video, but why do you arch your back in Adho Mukha Svanasana?

  14. That crystal white love your talking about has a name Jesus(YAHUSHUA)

  15. Thank you for sharing these amazing yoga sessions on Youtube. I have been following along twice daily for the past week and have already noticed vast improvements in my chronic back pain, and improved flexibility. I always have trouble with one-legged downward dog (6:11). I cannot open my hips enough to stretch my upward leg high into the air. Do you have any tips or specific exercises/stretches that can help me make progress toward this posture?

  16. I adored this video… 😁 😁 thank you so so so so much for all the positive vibes.. Love and gratitude from Greece 🇬🇷

  17. Thank you, You are the best…

  18. My body was vibrating with energy after that practice, a great blend of movement and stillness. Thank you so much.

  19. So Perfect! Gratitude.

  20. Dear Juliana, it was an amazing flow as always for releasing mind & body stress… thanks for such a lovely sharing, also can you make a change to the background music of this video, music has an impact, I have always found the instrumentals of ur video attractive, kindly make a change to the music of this one, if it's possible for you.. thankyou… tk care.. n keep growing 🙂 🙂

  21. Your channel is such a miracle

  22. Wow! This class is amazing!

  23. Be grateful to find your channel.

  24. Thank you so much guys ❤️ thank you for the fantastic yoga class and also for the incredible view in the background and the perfect music which allow me to drown into the practice completely. Namaste 🙏

  25. Beautifull vídeo!!!

  26. This was my last video in the 21 day pilates challenge! It's been an awesome 21 days and I have significantly more definition in my stomach and there is a notable difference in my flexibility. It was such a great program because the classes were short enough where I could break them up throughout the day and also each class was so different! I discovered that I love Yin yoga. Another yin class would be amazing! Thank you!

  27. thank you Boho. you are so beautiful.!

  28. Amazing work!

  29. I stumbled upon your channel just a few days ago in the midst of that period when my personal yoga practice going rather patchy and stalling. Following yours have revived my home practice, and thanks so much for that. Normally I'm not into confessional, diary-like videos but I've checked some of yours and as a (different kind of) traveler myself, I share your love on the road, and am happy to see an example of two persons in love with each other and with life. Thank you for sharing both the yoga and the good vibes….

  30. I think it's the best yoga video I ever tried !!! Amazing <3 Thank you so much !! Can u describe the physical benefits of this video ???

  31. That was amazing, as always. Thank you Juliana x

  32. this helped more than you know, thank you.

  33. شكرا,Namaste

  34. This was challenging but made me feel amazing thank you for your positivity and creativity!

  35. Love the music!

  36. I couldn't do d plank twist 🙁

  37. Thank u for ur wonderful spirit, u a great. I love ur short classes. Спасибо от всего сердца Юленька )

  38. this is pretty much impossible for me when i can't even touch my toes 🙁

  39. Excellent practice, as usual. As usual, such a pity for that “look how sexy I am” attitude. It’s really uncalled for and diminishes the beauty of your wonderful practice. Namaste.

  40. This was harder than I expected. Feels really good, though. 🙂

  41. Love this calming flow. The music is entrancing and your voice Juliana, is warm and pleasant. Thanks for the Savasana, I would love more of those in your videos or maybe just one video of a nice 5-8 min. Savasana. Thank you guys you rock!

  42. That was a divine practice!! Thanks so much, will be doing that one regularly for sure! XO

  43. Amazing video! The music is a little less relaxing in this one but it’s incredible all the same. Thank you.

  44. I love yoga for mindfulness, great video.., thank you very much!!! 💕💕💕

  45. I really don't feel relaxed while yoga…it's kinda annoying if you can't do an exercise because you are to inflexible

  46. I really enjoyed this yoga practice. Thank you so much. I definitely needed it. 💗

  47. I loved this~ thanks so much for sharing it with us ^_^

  48. This is so helpful thank you for the positive energy❤️

  49. You are the best😍

  50. Juliana, many moments I'm close to my depression again, then I decide to reach out for your video instead of immensing myself in negativity, just your voice and words have soothed me so much… Thank you for being you and sharing amazing moments with us

  51. Omg wow. I broke out a sweat and even gigled. Amazing yoga choreography. Love it. Feeling happy, enjoyed every moment. Felt my whole body work. Even almost cried.

  52. Your voice is like an angel, it is so calming!

  53. This made me super emotional in a great way. Crying serene tears

  54. Day 3🙏❤️I am enjoying this pilates challenge!Thank you Juliana! Nice workout.

  55. 2018… thank you

  56. Love this one! Makes me really calm and you feel the burn <3 <3

  57. Wow what a challenge! That twisted lunge is going to be a continued challenge for me so I can gain the flexibility to do the vine!

  58. Mmmmhhhmmmm that was delicious ~ thank you so much ✨🙏🏼🧡

  59. This was a nice balance yoga video , what a great place to do a yoga video, love it thank you both.

  60. The movements are not completely symmetric in the first half. On one side the straight-legs-forehead-to-the-knee comes before the foot-to-the-latteral-side, but on the other side the order is reversed. Made me crazy thinking I keep messing it up every time I watch this. But she actually does them non-symmetrically on the video. 😛 be aware.

  61. Wonderful job, as always! Never stop thanking you!

  62. appreciative and grateful for these videos

  63. Loveeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. This was a great practise, just the right amount of everything for today – Thank you so much! – NAMASTE

  65. Don’t do this while hungover…going to try again tomorrow morning 😭

  66. I loved this just done it on a Sunday morning xx

  67. Love from Indonesia, dear. Thanks for being my inspiration on practicing yoga everyday. Hugsss

  68. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book 1 phrase 2 states: 'yogas citta vrtti nirodhah' which means the restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is yoga. I found this practice embodies this sutra as of the difficulty of some poses. I really enjoyed this class as the whole weekend this sutra kept on popping up in my life. Thank you namaste.

  69. I’m going through a breakup right now and every moment is pure pain except for the highlight of my day which is to totally detach and follow one of your videos. The energy and perspective is so healing and I can’t think you enough for the precious solace you are giving me in the storm. Thank you 🙏

  70. a little hard to me, but I will ttry many times to get good on it. lots of love to both of you from me of Trancoso-Bahia

  71. that was amazing!

  72. That was possibly my fave sequence of all Juliana! However, the music… 🧐 usually really blissful and relaxing, whereas this one had a tension I didn't enjoy. Nevertheless, keep up the great videos I watch them all x

  73. My Yoga teacher got the stuff from you and I'm 8 nearly 9 I can do that but one part I can't

  74. Hi @boho beautiful 💓 I love all of your videos, I find them very inspiring 😊 I have a condition in my shoulders (it’s undiagnosed) but I think its called ELS so my shoulders dislocate every time I go to down dog unless I bend my elbows. It does not hurt, but I know it is not right, and as a result, I am so hyperextended in my shoulders, I can touch my chin to the ground without bending my knees. I don’t know why this happens or how to fix it. I used to be a contortionist, where this actually benefited me. I thought you might know something since you were a rhythmic gymnast once, and no one can seem to help me 🙁 if I sent you a picture of me in that pose, you do you think you could help me fix it ?

  75. Wonderful. Thank you so much. NAMASTE from France

  76. Great experience and knowledge moi thought

  77. wow julianna thanks so much for this flow I feel amazing. I've been dealing with anxiety today over someone I've been struggling to let go of and this has reset me right back to source, thank you 💗

  78. Thank you so much Juliana. You are the best.

  79. blessings . siSTAR

  80. i might need yoga my back is so sore!

  81. I love your videos so much Juliana and Mark!!! You are a very big inspiration to me. Thank you and Namaste!❤️

  82. Very very thankful for your videos!! Namaste

  83. Beautiful, thank you.

  84. Amazing. After this practice I full relaxed. Really good

  85. Amazing practise! I fell amazing and so relaxed after! Thank you.

  86. Love this one ❤

  87. ❤❤❤❤

  88. This is abusive and very hoy delicious blonde 3:48, 4:02, 4:32

  89. 💌👃 Thank you for the 28 day challenge! Does anyone start it over again or is it better to change to a different one?

  90. Thank you for this beautiful video and the yoga practice.

  91. Loved to do this practice again, I've been picking your videos for most of my early practices and always felt reborn.. so thank you! I was wondering if there could be a yoga practice related to mourning/break ups as a way to let go and start again.

  92. Love the intensity! Beautiful balance between moving into postures and holding.

  93. What a great video, all videos are just perfect! Thank you that you decided to do what you do! It helps a lot of people, especially people who work in the office 8hours in front of computers!

  94. So relaxed, refreshed, beautiful.
    Thank you for wonderful video ♥️
    It helps me so much.

  95. Thank you soooooo soooooo much 💖💖💖🧘🧘🧘

  96. Thank you for this practice. It is just what I needed right now. ♥️

  97. what a great practice-my spine is happy now 🙂

  98. Loved it. Perfect for today ❤️❤️

  99. Can I ask in this sort of exercise and yoga in general, do you exhale through the nose or mouth?

  100. Can you do a video for what you eat to get a flat tummy? Love yaaaa <3

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