Yoga For Manual Labor – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up party people and welcome to
Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji. And today we have
yoga for manual labor. So this is going to be a
great practice for anyone who uses their body a
lot throughout the day. This is also a really
great one if you just need some stretch and
chill and some restores. This is a great
one to wind down. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my darlin’, let’s begin
laying down, yay (laughs). Take your time,
getting all down to the ground. Get down nice and low and we’re gonna bring
the feet as wide as your mat and allow the knees
to fall into center. A lot of you
have done this before but if you haven’t,
you want to get a point where you can relax. You don’t have
to hold your legs up so you can really let go. The femur kind of
comes and snuggles into its place here and you
might even start to feel little stretch through the
tops of the thighs already. And then I hope you
have your shoes off by now, you hard worker, but if you
can also take your socks off today it might be a good
idea to really just allow your feet to
breathe and be barefoot. Alright gently but
physically press into your head, lift your chest
up off the ground and then we’re gonna just
draw the shoulder blades in and down so we’re
not gonna force anything but we just want to
create a little space. So we don’t focus
right or wrong here. Just create space. And then allow your
hands to fall where everything naturally falls,
that feels really good. So it could be cactus arms. It could just be
blah to the side, hah, could be down at your sides. So I want you to just
really come into a place where you can start
to relax and let go. (inhales) And if you are really
low on energy, its okay. You’ll just make do
with what you’ve got but try to just focus
on being present instead of I don’t know if this was
the right video or this and that. It’s all good. I think this time is valuable
no matter how you put it. So tuck your
chin into your chest, take a deep breathe in. (inhales) And use this big old
exhale to just arrive here now. (exhales noisily) So whatever it is you do, with your body with
your spirit and your focus, let’s use this time to
counter all that great work, hard work and restore. Close your eyes
and notice your breath. See if you can take
longer inhales (inhales) and see if you can extend the
exhales to be a little longer, a little smoother. Again if you get sleepy,
weepy here that’s all good. Let’s just see what
happens staying in the moment. You don’t have to
perform or meet any task here. Just use your
breath (exhales noisily) to enjoy the ride. Keep the feet where they are. We’re gonna bring both
knees over to the left. (inhales) You’ll start to feel a
deeper stretch in the top of the right thigh,
stretch through the psoas here as you reach your right knee
towards the front left corner of the mat (inhales). You can relish a little
compression the left glute. And soften through your feet. Make sure you’re not
gripping through your toes. Make any adjustments
as needed with your arms and then take a deep breath in. (inhales) And a long juicy breath out. (exhales noisily) Great, connect to
your core just a little bit to protect the joint,
navel draws in. We are always moving
as one connected being, one moving part. This awareness will
help you in your job whatever it is you do and then take it over to the
other side, nice and slow, experiencing ah what it
feels like to take the knees to the opposite
side and breathe nice, long, full, deep breaths. (inhales) Again notice if
you’re clenching anywhere or you might have a little
tension (exhales noisily). Continuing to ride
the wave of the breath. We’ll inhale in and use an
exhale to connect your center, your abdominals and come
all the way back through. Awesome, walk the feet together then we’re gonna
lift the right leg up and send the left leg out and you’re gonna
interlace your fingertips behind your right thigh and
just slowly, you don’t have to bring it straight, but
slowly send the right leg up and then bring
it down (exhales). And try to sync up with
your breath, bring it up. (inhales) And bring it down
(exhales noisily) and then that’s the
structure but you can start to find a little
freedom within that so you can start to squeeze
the leg up a little closer towards your face. You can start to
point and flex the foot. Rotate the ankle. You can spend a
couple of breathes here with the leg extended up high,
allowing the blood to flow opposite directions. This is really great if
you’re on your feet all day. And just keep the
shoulders relaxed, chest open. (exhales) After a little bit of time here, we’re gonna bring the
hands to interlace on the shin and then we’re gonna squeeze
the right knee up towards the right shoulder. So you’re gonna open your right
knee up a little bit here. Great and if this is
too much for the legs, you can bend the left knee,
bring the left foot to the ground and breathe here. Otherwise extend
that left leg out long. Take a deep
breathe in (inhales). This should feel awesome as
you exhale guide the right knee over towards left side body. You might hook your right
foot on your left inner thigh and then open up your right
arm so far to the right today that you can almost if
not maybe bring your right shoulder down to the ground. Inhale lot to love in
(inhales noisily). And exhale lot to
love out (exhales noisily). Slowly bring it back to
center, squeeze right knee all the way out this
time towards your heart space a little further in. And then peel your
nose up towards your knee and point your left toes. And your right toes. (inhales) Stretching the tops of the feet, we’re engaging the
muscles in your belly and sending more awareness
up and down through the spine with each breath
creating more spaciousness, one more inhale and
then exhale release, oh yeah. Oh yeah! Bring the left
leg up, right leg out. Here we go. Interlace the fingertips
behind your left thigh, take your time. Here we go, bending left
knee, squeezing it in towards the chest or in
towards your face and then just
extending that leg up. Start to
activate your both legs. So that you know
the structure here, bending and lifting. This can be a
little, not a little, this can be a lot
different for everyone. So I’m not asking you to
come into this yoga shape but rather to
really find what feels good or find what serves
your body best today so you might not
straighten the leg here. You might keep it nice and bent. You might maybe on
your feet all day enjoy sending the leg up and
letting it stay there for a couple of breath
cycles in and out, in and out. (exhales noisily) You might start
to rotate the ankle. (exhales noisily) (inhales noisily) Everyone deepen your
breath (exhales noisily) (inhales noisily) nourish thy soul
with full deep breaths. Cuing the brain oh
its time to chill, relax, soften restore
balance, yeah! Yeah! And then when you’re ready we’re gonna release
interlace on the shin and squeeze left knee
up towards your shoulder. Enjoy this time on the ground. Love the ground, breathe deep. (inhales noisily)
(exhales noisily) (inhales noisily)
(exhales noisily) And then supine
twist, here we go. Left knee is guided
over towards the right. Which should mean the
heart space down in the ground and reach out towards the left. You could hook your left toes
and your left, excuse me, your right inner
thigh and breathe deep here. Such a fabulous
release but the breath is really what makes it loving, kind, beneficial. (breathing slowly) Awesome, guide it all
the way back through. Beautiful, this time
we’re gonna squeeze left knee up towards your heart center,
your figurative heart space and point the right toes,
point the left toes and peel it up
(breathing noisily). Breathing deep
(breathing noisily). And then we’ll release. Awesome both feet come to
the ground here, Bridge Pose. We’re gonna send
the toes towards, point the toes towards the front and you’re gonna walk the
heels up towards your fingers and then you’re gonna
imagine you’re squeezing an imaginary ball
between your thighs so there’s a little
bit of engagement here as you life the
tailbone, slowly up, and slow and
steady hips lift up. We reach the glutes
towards the back so that the knees sorry,
getting really in the zone here. (breathing noisily) And then slowly release it down so as a new teacher, its kind
of really helpful to do the movements and talk
but then once you really train yourself and
practice as a teacher to guide people and just really
guide them with your voice its hard to actually
do both at the same time. (inhales) Two more, here we go. Setu bandhasana,
press into the feet and just let
this be restorative. You don’t have to power
up and squeeze the glutes like you would in gym class. Just slow and steady. Let it be about the
articulation of the spine as you press into all
four corners of the feet, lift the tailbone and slowly
make your way all the way up. Lift the chest
more towards the chin and then lift your
chin up towards the sky. Inhale in, imagine that
ball or that block between your thighs and
then slow and steady, articulate and gentle release. Yes! One more time,
inhale, lift the tail bone up. (inhales noisily) Yogis, try this time, if you want to
interlace the fingertips behind you, walk the
shoulder blades underneath, find your bind. Lift and squeeze and maybe chest to chin and chin to the sky. (breathing noisily) Inhale (inhales) exhale to cue your release
nice and slow and steady. Wonderful. Walk the feet together here. We’re gonna allow the
knees to slowly open (inhales) bring your hands to your belly and close your eyes and just
take a couple of solid breaths. In and out. (breathing noisily) Cool, we’re gonna
slowly turn to one side any side Yogi’s trace
come through fetal position and then we’re gonna
press slowly all the way up and we’re gonna
send the legs out long. Oh yeah feel
the blood flow here. If you need to lift
your hips on something you can just make it a
little bit easier to sit up nice and tall. And then when you get there,
you’re gonna lift the knees just a little bit so that
you can dig the heels into the ground and we’re
gonna inhale reach for the sky and exhale, think up
and over as you come into a Forward Fold,
Seated Forward Fold. So start with a little
bit of focus with the breath and the back (inhales)
send breath into your back but you should literally
be able to feel your breath, stretch the skin
of your back here. And once if you
like you got the ticket you can of course take
your gaze away from the video and bring your head
toward the middle of your legs. If it doesn’t make it,
no problemo, no problem. See if you can use your
breaths to create more space. I said breath, it sounded like
breast but I meant breath. Relax the shoulder. And then in your own time, if
it’s right for your body today so I wanted to
serve you today for sure, you might start to
straighten your legs, but if that seems more
like a task and not something that would feel really great, then lets ditch it
today, but you can try to straighten the legs. (breathing noisily) And just keep listening,
what feels good, what serves. (breathing noisily) Awesome then slowly release, you’re gonna
catch the right knee. You’re gonna hug the
right knee into your chest send the right fingertips behind and big lift up through the
heart, inhale, exhale, twist. Left foot is flexed,
strong left leg, inhale in (inhales) and exhale twist
(exhales noisily). Beautiful, now from here,
you’re gonna bring that heart center back to stack, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. We’re actually gonna
cross the right ankle over the top of the left thigh and you’re gonna lean back
and we’re gonna come into a little figure of four here so you can adjust your stance. Fingertips are
pointing towards your body. We’re gonna stretch here
lifting through the upper chest, lifting, lifting,
lifting, you can walk your booty closer to your
heel for a deeper stretch, inhale in,
exhale release (exhales). And this time
we’ll hug the right knee. That’s the left, hug the left
knee all the way up and in. Left fingertips come
behind and we twist to the left. I do declare inhale lift and lengthen, exhale, turn into your twist. One more time, inhale
squeeze and lift (inhales). Exhale (exhales noisily) twist. Awesome bring it back to center. Cross the left ankle over
the top of the right thigh. Bring the
fingertips behind, lean back. Laid back and we come
into our figure four here. So this side will be different. You may not get as
close to your heel as you did on the other
side but just check in and stretch the shoulders. We are also
stretching through the forearms and the hands, the wrists,
breathe deep, breathing if your body is kind of
shaking here, prana style, that’s the ticket, you
are not weak, you are strong and oh so alive. Take one more breath,
inhale, lift your heart, and then exhale
gently release everything. Fabulous work, okay from here
we’re gonna inhale, sit up nice and tall. You’re gonna bend both knees,
bring both feet to the ground. And then we’re gonna slide the
right, its wrong with me today, slide the left leg
all the way underneath coming into
gomukhasana legs or cow legs. So left heel is gonna come in,
right leg’s gonna cross over and you might stay here
or you’re gonna continue the journey bringing the
knees a little more in alignment by coming forward
and then sitting back. And then I’m really suggesting
that you just stay upright but if you want to come
forward, of course you can but find a little opposition. So even though we
want to enjoy the stretch and the
restorative aspect of this, we have to stay a little active. So draw the navel in
and up, lift your heart. Again it is an
option to bow forward, but for most this
would be enough here. (breathing noisily) Awesome, awesome, now
inhale reach for the sky. (inhales) Exhale you’re
gonna take your fingertips to the left and behind you. You’re gonna lift up the bum. You’re gonna bring
it all the way around keep the toes of
the feet really in and come all the
way to gomukhasana on the other side of the legs. Now you should have
the left leg on top. You’ll make your same
adjustments by coming forward to get the knees together. And then sending it back. Same thing,
definitely acknowledge how this side is different. Oh okay
(breathing noisily) (murmurs) and then we
return to the breath. (breathing slowly) Alright from here we’re
gonna cross the right ankle over the left and
come all the way through. We’re going to
Downward Facing Dog. We’re not going to be here long ’cause I know the arms
are probably tired. We want to give a
little bit of an inversion here to help pick you up so lift the hips up high get your head
underneath your heart space and pedal it out and
just use these breaths here to really (inhales) stretch
and find what feels good. Use the breath to
really anchor your attention and the sensations of your body, press into all
fingerprints (inhales). Then we’ll lift one leg up,
doesn’t matter which one, all the way up (inhales). Rotate through the ankle,
bend the knee, open up, (exhales noisily) and
then lower it down (inhales). Next leg all the way
up (exhales noisily). Breathe, press
into both palms evenly. Maybe bend the knee. Open it up. Then all the way down. Then lion’s breath here we go. Don’t let me down. Don’t let yourself down. Inhale in (inhales noisily) then exhale lion’s breath
tongue out (exhales noisily) and one more just
in case your missed it. Inhale in (inhales noisily), lion’s breath tongue out
(exhales noisily). Awesome slow and with control knees will come all
the way to the ground. We will swing
the legs to one side. And come all the
way back to lying down. Nice work. Alright so when you get there,
you can let the lower body start to relax, really,
really relax in Shavasana. So from the waist down
just kind of shake it loose, let the muscles
grow, heavy, heavy, heavy. Cool, you’re gonna
take your right hand, use it draw it
across your chest here take your left hand to
guide it a little deeper down, start to stretch
through the arm, the shoulder, and again lower body is
starting to really get heavy and relax. (breathing noisily) and then come back to center. Lower body still heavy and we take the left arm
over (breathing noisily). Relax. Awesome, then you’re
gonna take your hands, interlace the fingertips. You’re gonna press the
palms forward up towards the sky just
really stretch, stretch, stretch through the palms and if you want to
maximize the stretch try to bring your
thumbnails and your pinky nails if you have them
towards your face and plug the shoulders down and
then press your knuckles up towards the sky. I don’t know if its
just the mood I’m in but staring at your hands
like this for a little while is kind of trippy. Its kind of like when
you write the same word over and over
and it looks weird. Alright from here, you’re
gonna love this next move. Inhale and keep the
lower body really relaxed. And then exhale bend the elbows, bring the hands up
and behind the head, create a little
pillow for your head, open the elbows wide you can extend the
thumbs and give yourself a little head massage,
little neck massage. (breathing noisily) Take a deep breath in. Smell your armpits,
those pheromones we haven’t showered post-work. Man you are amazing
human (inhales) so good. This is the good stuff. Way to take some time
for yourself to restore. A little really
does go a long way so (inhales) I hope
you feel awesome or you are on the
way to feeling a 100%. I admire you if you’re
taking time to practice and this one is
for my friend Kailey and for all the
people who get out of bed and put their best foot forward. Say yes to adventure,
trust the flow (inhales). You can stay here or you
can slowly release the arms, gently at your side and
just allow everything to grow heavy and soft. Close your eyes,
take a deep breath in. (inhales noisily) And exhale let everything go. (exhales noisily) Thank you so much for sharing
your time and your energy with me and the Yoga
with Adriene community. Please share this video or another practice
with someone you think might benefit from it and I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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    Can you recommend one of your videos for some yoga I can do quickly do on my lunch break?? I don't care if the other guys make fun of me. Im not the one whose limping around after work!

    Thanks again for this gem of a video for us blue collar guys and gals. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I canโ€™t fall asleep so I thought Iโ€™d give this a shot, even though I just work a desk job. Well Iโ€™m glad I watched!
    I feel so uuuuuber relaxed and all the back pains, lower and upper, have released and my body feels warm and limber. I feel ready for sleep now!

    Anyhow, I want to thank you for making this video, it is a blessing and I canโ€™t wait to show my hubby tomorrow when he gets off of work๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜ป

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    Today I carried some wood logs on my shoulder, and sawed them on a makeshift platform on the ground. In other words, my entire body was engaged in the action and sore all over. This is perfect!


    #ywaPOWER #FWFG

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    On sunday I did this practice after an insane shift and then afterwards I felt so restored and my muscles so relaxed I was able to walk up the hill to go get some tasty treats from the shops with my partner! Before I barely felt able to sit there and watch tv in discomfort.

    Thanks for your honest, comfort-focussed attitude and approach to how yoga should make you feel rather than what poses you can contort yourself into. I will use this practice for years to come I hope, and my body will be better off for it!

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