Yoga For Joy: Nada Yoga

Sadhguru: Yoga for Joy – Nada yoga. Modern science is proving to you the whole
existence is just a reverberation. Where there is a reverberation, there is bound
to be a sound. So, the whole existence is sound. The root sounds for this complex amalgamation
of sounds are aaa, ooo and mmm. Without employing your tongue, you would be
able to make only these three sounds – aaa, ooo and mmma. By placing your tongue in different positions
within the cavity of your mouth, you get to mix these three sounds and produce all the
other sounds. Aaa, ooo and mmm are the basis of all the
other sounds that you can utter. They are referred to as the basic sounds or
the universal sounds. If you utter these three sounds together,
you get the sound AUM. These are the only three sounds that the system
can produce naturally. If you utter these three sounds carefully, different aspects of your body are activated and energized. You will notice if you utter the sound aaa,
the reverberation starts just beneath the navel and will spread right across the
body because this is the only place where all the 72,000 nadis or pathways of energy
meet and redistribute themselves. This is the maintenance center in the body,
uttering the sound aaa strengthens this. If you utter the sound ooo, you will notice
this point where the ribcage meets, just beneath that, there is a soft spot. The reverberations will flow from here and then move upward If you utter the sound mmm, you will see the reverberations will start from the pit of your throat, and generally spread to the uppper regions of your body. Uttering these sounds has innumerable benefits. If you are suffering from any psychological
disturbances like excessive fear, nightmares, or unstable mind or body, if your general constitution is weak, you
tend to fall sick too often, particularly for children who have attention disorders, daily utterance of these sounds for a few minutes a day will make an enormous difference. Uttering of these three fundamental sounds
activates the three lobes of your lungs separately, which in turn activates the three basic segments
of the body – the lower, the middle, and the upper – laying the necessary foundation
for the pleasantness of your being or for a joyful existence. Here are a few guidelines that will set optimal
conditions and greatly enhance your receptivity of the practices. Please ensure cell phones are either in silent
mode or switched off. It is advisable not to sit for the program
with a full stomach or immediately after a meal. Please sit with your spine comfortably erect,
hands uncrossed and palms open. These conditions will prepare you to be in
a heightened state of receptivity and derive the most benefits from the practices. These practices are very safe and simple and
can be done by anybody. The practices we will be learning here can
be done by anyone ages 7 years and above. If you wear glasses, while doing the yoga
practices, please remove them and keep them aside. Sit in a cross-legged posture. Place your palms facing upward upon your thighs. Listen to the instructions carefully before
you start the practice. Open your mouth wide enough and utter the
sound aaa (Sadhguru demonstrates a full ‘aaa’) – completely exhaling into the sound. We’ll do this seven times. Then, shape your lips in the form of a circle and utter the sound ooo (Sadhguru demonstrates a full ‘ooo’) – completely exhaling into the sound. We’ll do this seven times. Then, by closing your mouth, utter the sound mmm (Sadhguru demonstrates a full ‘mmm’). You utter the sound mmm seven times. As you do this, notice where the reverberations
are happening, in which region of the body. Sound aaa generates reverberations around your navel, sound ooo at the point where the ribcage meets, and sound mmm will center around
the pit of your throat. Now, let us do it together. Keep your palms facing upward, your spine
comfortably erect. Please close your eyes. (Sadhguru demonstrates a full aaa seven times) (Sadhguru demonstrates a full ooo seven times) (Sadhguru demonstrates a full mmm seven times) Take your own time, take your own time, slowly,
very slowly, open your eyes. [Explore 5 minuts for Joy] Joy is not a rare happening. It is not an achievement or an attainment. It should be the natural ambience of your life. When you remain joyful, your whole life is a celebration.


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