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– Hey everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji
and today we have an awesome practice to remind you that you
are awesome and you are loved so hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alright my darling friends,
let’s begin seated. Come on down to the ground. Sit up nice and tall and just
take your time just getting settled in here. The fact that you
selected this video, that you’re taking a short
amount of time to just plug in and practice and
find what feels good, it’s a big deal. Especially if you’re feeling a
little off or you’re feeling like you could use some
healing or just some good vibes. So we’re going to make sure to provide that today or at least aim to do our best to provide
you with an opportunity to just tend to whatever it is you’re
feeling and hopefully you step off the mat with a
connection to your heart and the connection to your power and a connection to how awesome you are. So hopefully by now
you’re on the ground here, sitting up nice and tall. We’re gonna slowly draw the
hands together at the heart, Anjuli Mudra and close the eyes. We’ll take a second here
together so I say together to remind you that
you’re not alone. And while you do have the task of tending to
your individual self, there is this idea that we
embrace in yoga practice that we are one and that we are a reflection
of one another. And particularly through Yoga
With Adriene channel and this community we have the
opportunity to see and be reminded time and time
again that you’re not alone. So it’s kind of a lot to chew on
here as you begin to settle in to the present moment. I invite you to start
to notice your breath. And in this tune in you’re just
taking a second to acknowledge whatever it is you’re feeling
and do that in a way where you don’t have to
identify good or bad. Just simply notice what is. And then if you’re
feeling stuck here already, totally normal,
you’re not alone, start to listen to
the sound of your breath. Your song. Your spirit. So we’re gonna
inhale deeply here. Breathe in. Listen, listen, listen
and then as you exhale, keep listening, breathe out. And then slowly lift your heart
as you continue to breathe in. And welcome a
softening of the shoulders, the head, the neck, just nice
and easy stacked over the heart as you breathe out. And if you get sleepy here or
frustrated or whatever’s coming up just embrace it
with love and with care and commit to doing this
whole practice until the end. It’s not a long one. Great, take one
more breath here. A quiet moment to yourself. Just acknowledging who you
are and where you are today. There’s such power
in just acknowledging exactly where you are. Not having to
hide it or mask it. Sweet, then gently begin to
bow the head to the heart. Feel a nice long stretch
through the back of the neck. And then slowly
bat the eyelashes. Flutter them open. And we’ll come all the way
up to cross-legged position. Hands can rest gently
on the knees or the thighs. Great, drop the
chin to the chest. And then look
up towards the sky. Careful not to
crunch the back of the neck. Think about drawing a
line with your nose down. And then up. Down. And then up. Great, bring it back to center. Now side to side. Look to the right. And then to the left. And then just again, think about
drawing a straight line with your nose back and forth. Keep the spine nice and long
here and if you need to close your eyes and really imagine
or visualize the muscles that you’re stretching,
the length that you’re creating each loving gesture. Cool and come back to center. We’re gonna slowly, lovingly
move forward on to all fours. And come into your power here
by syncing up with your breath. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. And exhale, round through. Claw through the fingertips,
breathe out. Inhale, rolling
through nice and slow. And exhale, rounding through,
nice and slow. One more time to the sound,
to the rhythm of your breath. And then inhale, come
back to Tabletop Position. You’re gonna curl just the right
toes under and kick them out. So right leg is straight, you
have a soft bend in both elbows. Now draw your navel
in up towards your spine. Feel that connection
around your solar plexus, your core, lighting
just a little bit of a match, a little fire there. And then you’re gonna rock front
to back and breath in and out like you love yourself. Slowly bringing your mind’s eye,
your attention to the sensations of the body and not whatever
baggage or thoughts you’ve come on to the mat with. So we’ve taken a
second to tune in, now we’re going to
use the physical practice to guide the energy and hopefully flush out just
a little bit of tension or stress or toxicity. Anything that you might be
carrying around that you just simply don’t need any more
that might be making you feel a little less than. Which is totally normal,
totally human. Alright, here we go. You’re gonna find stillness now
in the back leg and we’re gonna send the left
fingertips forward. Inhale in, exhale, lift
the right inner thigh up. So right toes are
hovering above the ground. Turn your toes
down toward the earth. Inhale in again and
then on your next exhale round everything through. Chin to chest, navel draws up,
knee to nose. Great, inhale,
carving lines through space. Open and extend,
straighten the arm, the leg. And then exhale,
bend elbow and knee. Bring it in. One more time,
you got it, inhale, welcome a little heat
to the body and exhale, focus on this gesture. Beautiful then slowly
come back to Tabletop Position. Curl the left toes under
and send the left leg out. Continue to focus and refocus
on the sound of your breath. We’ll start to rock front
and back feeling that opening through the
back of the left leg, the foot, the ankle. You also have and opportunity
here to find more integrity in the spine by lifting the front
body up to meet the back body as well as finding nice
long length through your neck. Your gorgeous, gorgeous neck. This connection from our head,
mental energy, to the heart,
your emotional energy. Right? Okey doke, find stillness. When you’re ready, find your
foundation nice and strong. Find support from within.
You got it. And then reach the
right fingertips forward. Really, really reach. And then when you’re ready,
inhale in, exhale, lift off. Left inner thigh lifting. Turn the left toes down,
you got it. Now we’re creating a
full body experience here. One more big breath in
and on your next exhale, round and squeeze it
through back to center. Nice, inhale, spread
the fingers and toes, find extension. And exhale, rounding
through chin to chest. Make the most of it. Nice, one more time. Strong and steady building
strength in that left arm. And exhale,
connect to your core, navel draws up, up, up. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. And then release
everything to the ground. Awesome, big toes come to touch. Knees super wide. Inhale, drop the belly,
feel that stretch through the front body. And then exhale,
send the hips back. You’re gonna walk
the fingertips forward and then melt your
heart to the earth. Surrender, close your eyes. Allow yourself to
really relax here. Calm the nervous
system by keeping smooth, slow, controlled breaths going. And then here’s just a lovely
little shape to close your eyes and really embody a surrender. Surrender to that
which you can not control. Melt your heart to the earth. And trust. There’s an opportunity here
to quietly say to yourself, you can either whisper it out
loud or just on the inside, “Everything is as it should be.” Now activating this next
motion from your lower ribs, that third chakra which
is all about confidence. It’s all about your personal
power so hug the lower ribs in, draw the lower belly in towards
the center and then let that be what lifts you up and you’re
gonna slowly come forward, walk the knees in, and then nice
and easy you’re gonna curl the toes under and then we’re gonna
peel it up to Downward Dog. Same thing, try to keep those
lower ribs hugging in here. Connecting to that power point. Just above the navel. And then peddle it out. Find what feels good here. Upper arm bones rotate out. Nice, long refreshing breaths
in and out through the nose. Exhaling out through
the mouth whenever you need. So don’t be shy,
give a nice sigh out whenever you need to let go. Surprise yourself. And then press into
your fingerprints, press into your index
finger and thumb firmly. You’re gonna bring the big
toes in just a bit and then once again we’re gonna connect to
that place just above the navel, the lower ribs hug in as you
squeeze right knee into chest. Just a little
pike position here. Connecting to your core. Arms may start to shake
or tremble here, you got it. Breathing deep
for five, four, three. It’s like a cross
between a flamingo and a dog. And then release
right toes to the ground. Stick with it. Upper arm bones rotate
out so you have that brace. Press into the fingertips, take
pressure out of the wrists and slowly pike up
through the left knee. Connect to your core. Lower abs and upper abs
cinching in towards the middle, towards that strong
power point, your third chakra. We’re here for three, two. Nice work, release on the one. Bend the knees,
slowly lower to the ground. You’re gonna bring
the knees together, really together for Hero Pose
or if this shape is not for you, then you’ll just come to
a nice, comfortable seat. Everyone allow your palms to go
face up as you rest them gently on the knees or the thighs and feel that flush of energy
in the body here. Close your eyes so
you can really connect. So this shape
is called Virasana, the hero. So take a couple cycles of
breath to really embody this pose, whatever
that means to you. Close your eyes. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Nice, beautiful
big breath in here. Exhale to flutter the eyelashes. Eyes open and you’re just gonna take a nice easy
twist to the left. Breathing into
lower belly reserves. So lots of love
in as you breath in, down, down, down
towards the lower belly. And then lots of
love out as you twist. One more time,
inhale lots of love in. And exhale, twist. Back to center.
From your center, move. So keep the spine,
midline connected here and then here we go inhale in. Exhale, twist to the right. Inhale to lift and lengthen. And exhale to twist. Now as you inhale,
drop awareness, drop that breath down into the
diaphragm down in to the belly, towards your guts.
Inhale. Think lots of love in. Exhale, lots of love out. Sweet, come back
to center, very nice. We’re gonna come
forward into a Plank. So even if this little bit is
a struggle here, stick with it. Stick with your breath and see
if you can push yourself to your appropriate
edge here, right? This is designed
this way for a reason. Want you to connect to your
power and we’ll add a little mantra to it as well.
So here we go. Plank Position.
Or Half Plank! You can work in the same
Plank posture in the spine, in the arms, and in the neck
with the toes up and knees down. So same thing. So find your
version of Plank today. And here we go. We’re gonna go
left hand to the ground, come on to the outer
edge of your left foot. Turn. Inhale, open right
fingertips to the sky. And then exhale, bring it down. Now, right hand
comes to the earth. We turn on to the
outer edge of the right foot. Inhale, left fingertips
reach up towards the sky. And back to center. Now keep it going,
nice and slow. So how you handle
yourself here is everything. Lift the hips,
if you’re on the knees, you’re gonna slowly
just come on to one side. Inhale, pull up
and do a twist here. Keep head, heart and pelvis
in one line and then slowly, gently, come through center. Stack and lift. So keep it going here. Connect to your core. You’re doing great. Inhale to reach up,
exhale to come back down. And the next time you’re on
the outer edge of the left foot, right fingertips
towards the sky, pause. Lift the hips up. Lengthen through
the crown of the head, reach your tail towards
the back edge of your mat. Now check it out, you’re gonna
slowly come all the way back down, lower the knees,
and thread the needle here. Come on to your right ear. Press into your left palm. Left elbow towards the sky. Detox, breathe into your belly. And exhale to let something go. Nice, come back to center. Return to your
Plank or Half Plank. Right hand comes to the earth,
inhale turn on to the outer edge of your right foot. Reach towards the
sky here and pause. Draw the shoulders
away from the ears. Welcome that shake,
that tremble. We’re flushing out the body,
moving the energy so you can feel good when you step up off
the mat so you feel confident and comfortable
in your own skin. Inhale, lift the hips. Exhale, nice and slow. Negotiate. Knees come to the ground. Thread the needle, left
fingertips go in and underneath the bridge of the right arm. Press into your right hand
and an amazing twist. Moving the energy that
runs up and down the spine. Inhale deeply. Exhale completely. Awesome. Come back to center,
stick with me guys. Here we go, right into it. Just flicked my hair. (laughs) It’s working! We’re gonna come
onto the forearms here. You can either interlace
the fingertips here or keep them wide. I’m gonna recommend interlacing
and then if you don’t like that you can change
it but start there. And then we’re gonna
slowly send the heels back. And straighten through the
legs and we come here to breath. To shake. To focus our gaze downward. Think about your lower belly. Drawing in and up and then your
upper abdominals drawing down. So everything cinching
towards the middle here. Hip points try to
shine up towards your face. And we’re here for
five, four, you got it. Stick with me. Three, two and then lower
everything down on the one. Awesome work. You’re gonna create a little
pillow for your forehead with your palms and then just rest
your forehead on your palms. Bring the big toes
to touch and then allow, you can physically
adjust so it feels really good. Allow your heels to splay out
left to right and you soften and you breath into your belly. Nice and then
slowly lift the forehead, bat the eyelashes open. One more time we’re gonna
come to that Forearm Plank. If you want to try a different
variation here you can, otherwise
interlace the fingertips, curl the toes under, inhale in. Exhale, draw the navel up and in
and this is where our mantra’s gonna come into play. So here we go, we’re really
reaching sits bones to heels. We’re reaching the
heels actively back. Tail really reaching back. Crown really reaching forward. Now press into your elbows, draw your shoulders
away from the ears. Lower belly draws in. Upper abs down in
towards the middle. Everything’s cinching in
towards that third chakra. And the mantra here is,
“I am strong.” Quietly whisper to yourself,
“I am strong.” I am strong. Good, we’re here for five. Repeat the mantra if you like. Four, three, two. Awesome, release on the one. Come all the way
down back to your pillow, big toes to touch,
heels splay out. This time shake
the hips a little. Shake your booty a
little left to right. Let your breath do what it wants
to do here which is probably nice, big, deep, full
loving inhalations and nice, long, releasing exhales. Relax your back. Relax your shoulders. And since you’re
kind of safe here, hidden, in case you’re
practicing with someone and you just feel a little
insecure still just (sighs) open the mouth.
Let your jaw just soften. So fearful
thoughts are a part of life. That wave of anxiety that
can blanket each and every one of us, a part of life. But the yoga practice
offers us so many tools and an opportunity
to move that energy. Nice and slow, lift the head and
you’ll bring the toes and heels in line with the hip points and
we’re just going to slide the hands right
underneath the shoulders. Tuck the elbows into the
side body and catch a wave. Here we go.
Inhale, Baby Cobra. Exhale to release. Here we go, inhale. Mama Cobra or just
a little bit higher. Oh yeah. Strengthening through the spine. And then last one. Careful not to push it. Just meet your
appropriate edge here. Nice. Curl the toes under. Press up to all fours. Walk the knees together. Send the sits bones back. Paint your yoga
mat beautiful color. Paint the fingertips all the
way down and come into Balasana. Alright, last beats
of the practice here. Let your shoulders relax. Feel your breath. Quietly whisper to yourself,
“I got this.” Then when you’re ready, press
into the ground and try to move from your center as
you slowly, articulately, roll up through the spine. Again, if Hero Pose is not good
for your knees or your body, you’ll find your own Hero Pose and we’ll meet there with
hands back at the heart. Alright, nice active breath. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Let us know how you’re feeling
after this practice in the comments section down below. Let’s connect.
Let’s keep talking. Let’s make sure
to remember that this is about having
a conversation. Keepin’ it real so that
we can find what feels good, serve ourselves
and serve each other. Alright, I love you guys. Bring the thumbs
right up to the third eye. You did great work.
Thank you for being here. One last breath in. And then we breathe out to bow. Namaste. (gentle music)


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  70. Day 14 of September 2019

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  75. Having an episode today with an old neck injury, but today's practice, along with some Deep Blue Rub, made me feel a lot better.

  76. Felt pretty crummy all day long about myself. Questioning myself after I ate every little thing. It was exhausting. I had zero desire to go to therapy or show up on my mat. But I made myself go to therapy and was honest to my therapist I did not want to be there today. Of course she worked her magic and got me to engage in a dialogue. I left there feeling lighter. I knew showing up to my mat tonight was going to take a lot, but I looked inward, told myself I needed the time to myself and showed up. Tonight's practice showed me how far I've come in my yoga and life journeys. I'm stronger than I give myself credit for. I'm capable of more than any limits I put on myself. This video helped me to reconnect with that side of myself.
    Namaste <3

  77. Overcoming our own insecurities can be tough and challenging. Let it be a continuing process to accept yourself as a human being deserving of love, kindness, and happiness. You are worthy 😉✨ Thank you so much Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻💗

  78. After the day I had yesterday it was difficult for me to let go of this nervous, anxious and unhappy feeling in my core. I went to bed with it and woke up with it. This morning I came in to do my daily practice (right not I'm following REBIRTH) and skipped ahead a couple of days when I saw this practice. Thank you for guiding me through it. I feel better now and ready to begin a new day with confidence and little Yogi smile.
    ~ Namaste

  79. I watch your videos daily! I choose different ones depending on how I'm feeling that day. I've always struggled with insecurity and this morning I woke up to it being particularly bad so decided to do some yoga and came across this video. It helped me a lot,I love when you whisper "I am strong" because I know I am. Namaste Adriene. 🙏❤

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