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[Music] welcome to tapioca now today I’m going to take you through a class that’s totally dedicated to healthy happy hips now it’s really important I mean it sounds quite light but it is really important to work on your hips to keep them loose and keep them mobile the result of this means that you can do things for longer you will be driving for longer swimming for longer walking long distance for longer so it’s really important to keep these hips nice moving and lubricated in their joints you must remember that if you’ve really liked what you see today please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga okay let’s get going so have your feet a little wider than hip distance apart for today and toes lifted and spread as normal and squeeze the toes into the ground lift the art and that automatically kind of turns on the body it feels strong and electric so do that lift the arches and feel nice and strong Bobby your shoulders didn’t take a look over your shoulder baby pull them look over the other top come back to the center and drop your chin to your chest and give it a little rock saying no no good and looked up bringing a chin up to the sky lift it nice and tall relax your shoulders get them looking ahead and taking your ear to your shoulder back to the center and do the same on the other side too good and come back and now is soft knees I’d like you to just which is going to twist around arms just touching from one side to the other and when soft knees you can make it a little bit bigger [Music] really twist move into the waist get your arms moving but say you just hired my foot play and that’s lovely these kind of simple moves release of clicks in the body hips feet knees and sometimes it’s lovely that comes with a little storage of energy okay come back again take your hands to your hips and you’re going to circle round and round and not moving your body like this this is movement baby so you’re going to start go around and then take it round the other way and then have a go up figure eating those hips softer knees so you can really take it the other way as well if coordination with it out come back let me still come back to the center okay white elects so toes are going to turn out you can stand nice to talk we’re coming down into a squat so just watch how you’re going down then these muscle come in and collapse they need to stay wide open come back up nice and tall strengthen those thighs come down deep come up pelvic floor and thighs strengthen drop okay good this time arms come up [Music] good out again we’re gonna do two more reach it hold it Reagan squat and squat and six faithful there five four three two one take a little side sway whilst we’re here another side and then you’re gonna do a little around the world stretch while still in squat and your eyes will be telling you that they’ve had quite enough thank you but you’re gonna go around the other way and then take your hands to your knees okay from here well your shoulder in and look behind you good roll out roll in the other way look behind you do that again the whole time well your legs will be really ready for straighten take your hands to the floor relax your head release your body maybe come down a little bit further this can be as wide as you want and enjoy the release that comes with this we need to walk your hands to one foot and rest and then coming into a twist take your arms up they’ll have that Bruin stretches your hips come all the way down walk slowly over to the other side down walk back to the center now I would love this this is so small but so magical hands to the floor and you’re gonna shift one hip up and then yeah and again and it’s like you’re drawing a little smile with your hips [Music] simple but amazing [Music] and then let’s heel-toe heel-toe heel-toe back to hip-distance and then you slowly get a roll up roll up and then come to the front of your mask please okay Sun Salutations I love them they’ve warm up the whole body so let’s get one done each side standing in Tadasana relax your shoulders looking ahead take a breath to settle just notice how you feel and soak in that lovely Prowler that you created already in your body with your breath in bring your arms up and you press that out you fold forward take your leg all the way to your back of your mat and lift your chest good step your back drop your knees bottom high chest down liver through [Music] root chesty lifted the toes lift again look to your hands step through beat together Breathitt charges you all the way up Angeles let’s do the other side so breathing in lift look up little button and dive down hands to the floor don’t worry if you don’t touch the floor bend your knees and take your hands to the floor and then step the other leg back ready to pounce step back these down hips high literally your chest through your hands [Music] you’re gonna stay in downtown here and from this we’re coming into pigeon there’s no better hip release it’s amazing okay so from here you’re going to take your leg right up I lifted my left leg and bend my knee and I’m going to bring my knee to my left wrist now this left foot stays blast and that protects my knees and makes it all about my hip then I’m gonna ease down fingertips to the floor only now you can see up a little gap here so it’s good people have a cushion nearby yoga block if you’ve got one but otherwise just wedge that under and you can just let gravity take over and get nice and deep but get some lift in your chest nice strong leg behind you then I’m gonna turn away from you yet so they were not behind me take all of my leg and look [Music] the evenness to set up [Music] and then I go down and it’s stupid deep but really lovely ease them a little bit of a rebel and Brighton I’m gonna go do this again breath them I’m right stay with us [Music] which and you found that now if that’s enough for you then come back into down dog but I’m going to give you two more options that are super strong on hips so you know your body listen to your body so this is my left knee forward I’m going to turn towards the left side and take my arm down no more than stay long [Music] now that’s not too bad wait for this one right arm comes down you certainly won’t want to stay in this dude on [Music] that makes you up take out your little block or you push your hands to the floor let’s go back to down dog oh look up to say very slowly because it’s deep straight and we will do the same on the other side so reach your leg up then your knees sweep it through right knee to right wrist foot flexed you know your body left foot active toes towards them left here and again go ahead of you have and again wedge that push it underneath your hip if you need to and find some height and again nothing energizes you have a backbone so enjoy that and let your hips settle [Music] and then forward and you’re going to take those lovely two brats too you breathe in lengthen [Music] when you use your suffer if that’s enough coming to downward dog and come in to see this movie if you want to take it deep but let’s go so right arm down into a twist one on top of the other that’s enough [Music] twisting to the right side good remember to breathe deeply you’ll need to come back up and then just adding the arms that nice twist to look at the back of your leg [Music] we go back to the center remove your block or whatever you’ve got curl your toes and step back [Music] incident of rock up tip Turner’s viola heels down and then drop down to your knees please I’d like you to just ease back into the last metal child pose just to restore a little bit so forehead down hooking your shoulders round your knees I really hope you enjoyed your session on healthy happy hips keep that session going keep those hips mobile namaste you


  1. I can't stress enough how important it is to all aspects of your health to have happy flexible hips. Practise this easy 15 minute hip opener twice a week and you will be moving better, feeling less stiffness and feeling better balanced from top to toe. Tell me how it makes you feel here in the comments 🙏🏻🌸💕

  2. Awesomeness

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