Yoga For Flexibility & Strength ♥ Quiet The Mind And The Soul Will Whisper

Air the element of creativity intellect Intention and the deeper connection to the universal life force Unlike other elements air is a constant mover Helping us find a deeper connection to the mind intuition and our soul Air is there to remind us that there’s so much more to this existence than we can see It teaches us that life is all about movement growth and impermanence Being the element of new beginnings our practice today will be focused on this peaceful way of movement Using the air element to breathe out tension and any negative energy This class will allow you to connect deeper to your inner self by the movement of prana within your body Through a combination of stillness and a flow So if you’re ready to get started grab your mat and let’s begin If you enjoyed this practice check out our digital full-length programs We have everything from yin yoga Pilates yoga workouts and even full fitness programs Specifically designed to give you incredible results in your body and mind go to Bowl beautiful that life to learn more With that said let’s get back to our class grab your mat and let’s begin All right friends, we’re gonna get started today standing at the top of your mat with your feet together Let’s take a moment and take a deep breath in as you reach both arms up to the sky Bring all that oxygen into your body. And then as you exhale, bring your hands to your heart nice and slow Inhaling again reaching both arms up to the sky taking this opportunity to Connect with the earth element of air and star And again one more time big breath in Exhale hands to your heart Now one more time we’re going to take your arms reach them up to the sky big breath in now as you exhale You’re gonna dive yourself all the way down to your forward fold Inhale as you exhale step your right foot back into your lunge Inhale step your left foot back into plank retain the breath exhale knees chest and then chin drops to the floor Sliding yourself forward inhale coming up into a baby Cobra And then as you exhale tuck your toes and press yourself up into your downward facing dog deep breath in as You exhale you’re going to step your right foot to the front of your mat Hold it here. Inhale as you exhale step your left foot to the front of your mat forward fold Inhale reaching both arms up to the sky arch back slightly exhale hands to heart Let’s do that again. Inhale reach both arms up. Feel free to release the back all the way if you can’t exhale dive yourself forward inhale exhale Step your left foot to the back of your mat. Inhale. Step your right foot plank and Chaturanga knees chest chin to the floor inhale lifting up into a full upward facing dog if you’re comfortable here and Then exhale push yourself back into your downward facing dog let’s take our next inhale step your left foot to the front of your mat high lunge and Then as you exhale step your right foot forward forward fold Inhale reaching both arms up to the skies. You stand up arch back Exhale bring your hands to heart beautiful job. Now that our bodies a little bit more warmer Let’s take our next inhale reach both arms up to the sky coming into your chair posterior root Kitana Holding here reaching both arms up to the sky Hands to heart now. What we’re gonna do is take our twisted chair. So your left elbow is going to come to your right knee Both palms of your hands are pressing against each other as you look up to the sky Really getting to that deep twist here through the spine keeping your hips aligned with your knees Beautiful just hold it there Finding that stillness breathing in deeper and deeper each time if you can Slowly bring your gaze down to the floor You’re going to shift your weight to that right foot and begin to lift your left foot off the floor Extend it all the way back and with lots of controls step it back into your twist at high lunge Holding that twist here if you want to extend your arms Go ahead and do so if you’re even more advanced, feel free to bind here do whatever feels good for your body breathe Hold welcoming that wonderful healing oxygen into your muscles Beautiful one more inhale exhale Out And again deep breath in hold it here as You exhale slowly bring yourself up Right arm reaches for the back of your leg as the left arm reaches up to the sky Hold it here engaging through the muscles Really focusing on the intention of bringing more and more oxygen into your body Deep breath in exhale now reach that right arm up to the sky So both arms are reaching up in that high lunge And then once you’re ready, we’re going to ship all of our weight forward into a warrior three So take a deep breath in and as you exhale Bring yourself forward All of your weight on that right leg lift your left leg back. Hold your warrior three You can keep your arms along the side of your body Or if you’re more advanced and you like a challenge you reach those arms forward in front of you Find that Center and stillness breathe deeply engage your muscles hold Trying to create that letter T with your body De bracketing As you exhale begin to slowly lift your body up Arms up to the sky your left knee to your chest now grab your ankle or the outside of your left foot with your right hand and See if you can begin to extend that leg in front of you Left arm reaches back and if you like to go further begin to slowly turn your head and look towards that left hand Now this is too challenging for you to extend that leg. You can keep your knee bent and just work I’m not taking that gentle twist with the knee bent in front of you holding on to the knee with your right hand so Whenever you encounter a posture that’s a little bit too advanced where you can always modify Great now come back to Center what you’re gonna do now is take that left ankle and place it over top to your right hip Allow that left knee to drop you can either stay here and hold or take that left arm behind your back and grab Those left toes with your left hand Your right hand comes right in front of your chest in either mudra, or just keep your hand open Find that Center and home Now let’s reach that right arm up to the sky and slowly begin to fold forward Right fingertips touching the floor begin to release yourself down now If keeping that left arm binded behind your back is too uncomfortable You can always release both hands to the mat and really allow yourself to feel that release through the right hamstring This is a wonderful way to let go of any tension and you soreness in that part of your body. So Breathe with each exhalation think about getting that forehead closer to that support at noon Beautiful inhale Exhale right hand comes back to the chest and begin to lift yourself right back up finding that balance if your left arm is behind your back bring it back to Center and then drop that left ankle to your right knee and Come on down into our standing pigeon pose Hold it here and just breathe Seeing how low you can get with your body So you really get deep into that left glute muscle while still working on your balance on your core and your strength Beautiful now you can either continue to stay in the standing pigeon and work on releasing the muscle or For my advanced students if you like to take it to the next step I will guide you through it what we’re going to do Here is our flying pigeon now in order to get down into the flying pigeon What we’re gonna do first is drop your hands to the floor Then you’re going to just readjust your cell. So you have lots of space again. This is two demands just staying you’re standing pigeon from here shift your weight over to your elbows like you’re doing a crow and Then begin to extend your right leg behind you and hold on. This is very advanced, so don’t worry You can take a couple of trials here You’ve got to that pose hold it here So your left knee is on your left tricep your left ankle is on your right tricep For anyone that’s doing a standing pigeon take this time now to step back into plank if you’re in a flying pigeon Come on out into plank. And then let’s all meet in a downward facing dog beautiful inhale Exhale nail around through into plank position chaturanga. Dandasana flow it out inhale opening into your upward facing dog and Exhale take it back downward facing dog Beautiful inhale hold bend the knees exhale hop forward to the front of your mat halfway lengthen exhale fold into your forward fold Inhale now slowly lifting your arms up as you come down into a boot-cut asana again chair posture getting nice and low Lifting those arms up to the sky Lengthening through the spine palms in front of your chest. Inhale. Exhale begin to twist now. So your right elbow to your left knee See we can look up towards the sky as you hold this position inhale Exhale Hold up there Finding that Center reconnecting with that breath Gaze comes down to the math begin to shift your weight to that left foot as you begin to extend your right leg and fly that right leg out into the sky and Step it all the way back into our twist at high lunge Continue to stay with your upper body twisted exactly how it was in your chair position If you like to go further, feel free to extend those elbows Breathing deeply here working on that deep twisting sensation through the spine Focusing on bringing more and more oxygen into any areas within your body that you feel more tension Let that breath allow you to let go of all that no longer serves you any negative energy and there may be stored within you let it go with that exhalation a Great job slowly bring yourself back to Center and lift your body up as your left hand Reaches for the back of your right leg right arm reaches up to the sky Hold it there Breathe it out Now bring that left arm up forward and up to the sky both arms are reaching up holding our high lunge a crescent lunge you’re breathing you’re lifting up through the chest opening your heart center and then shifting your weight forward to that left foot and slowly extending out into our warrior 3 Square off the hips square off the shoulders arms next to the side of your body Breathing deeply here Finding that point of concentration your focus Wherever that may be whether that it’s on the floor on the wall in front of you On an object in front of you, whatever it is find it hold it be still engage Slowly bring yourself up keeping that concentration inhale reach both arms up again You can either just grab your knee in front of you and reach that right arm away Or if you’re more advanced grab the outside of your right ankle or your right foot Begin to extend that right leg in front of you You can always modify this if you have to Do your best and hold? Looking forward or to challenge your balance even more you can begin to look away towards that right hand behind you Keeping your hips square shoulders are lined inhale Exhale slowly release now bend that knee It went to place your right heel over to that left hip Allow that right need to drop either stay there or take that right arm behind your back grabbing on to the right toes Left arm comes in front of you hand over to your heart Again, you can keep your fingers your left fingers and any mudra you like or just keep the palm open? Allowing that right knee to gently fall closer towards your midline your body As you keep your hips Square and then from here slowly Begin to fall forward towards the floor with your left hand to the ground To help you find your balance a little better. You can release your right arm behind your back up It’s there and place it onto the floor as well So really getting deeper into that other hamstring now with each exhalation Trying to get that forehead closer and closer to the knee Wherever you may be in this posture, just try to breathe into that leg into that hamstring Welcoming oxygen to release that tension Slowly with control let’s bring ourselves back up Hands together in front of your heart and then just slowly slide that right ankle to your left knee Then slowly make your way down into our standing pigeon Keeping the hands in front of you at your heart or keeping them on the floor for a better balance Hold it here and breathe Remember you can always stay here longer and just really focus on releasing tension out of that right glute Or if you’re willing to try the flying pigeon, you can join me and follow my instructions So to begin our flying pigeon today what we’re gonna do is plant those hands back on the floor Again, do a little hop back if you need to make sure you have enough space and Then from here palms of your hands are flat on the floor bend the elbows Weight comes on to the hands and just lift your left foot off the floor You can either stay there and practice there or extend it all the way back So the first version of this posture could just be balancing like a crow similar position with your left foot off the floor Beautiful hold it there For anyone that is still staying in your standing pigeon position Slowly come out and return back into a plank for a flying pigeon position release come back into plank and Let’s all together Release into a chaturanga. Dandasana inhale opening into our upward facing dog and Exhale releasing into your downward facing dog Great, let that sternum fall deeper into the floor. I’ll take an inhale into your nose exhale let those heels drop deeper into the floor feel that stretch and Again deep breath lean look up to the top of your mat Bend the knees exhale Hop through and land over to your mat Extending your legs in front of you arms reaching forward holding your navasana here your boat posture Finding that breath engaging through the core and then with control slowly releasing yourself down with your back to the mat flex your feet and Then reach for the outsides of your feet or grab your big toes with your peace fingers Bending the knees and taking your happy baby pose Pulling those knees closer to the mat if possible breathing in deeply and letting go Beautiful just taking this moment now with your breath again Feeling that prana the universal energy force running through your body Feel free to gently rock side to side if you’d like to go a little deeper into the hips here Visualizing yourself breathing into any tightness and attention along that area of your body And when you exhale you let that tension go with the breath Beautiful another inhale Now exhale extend your legs up to the sky arms down and slowly releasing your legs for four three two and One drop your legs to the floor and then open those legs out slightly palms of your hands are opening up to the sky And taking your final posture our shavasana Taking this opportunity now to really focus our attention on the breath Focusing on letting go of your body of your physical form Your soul is not contained within the limits of your body Your body is contained within the limitlessness of your soul Let that sink in deeper into your mind Realize that you are energy You are trillions and trillions of atoms joined together as energy this physical form so As you take this opportunity right now to relax Your body this physical form that you are let yourself let go of everything else that no longer serves you So any energies that you may have been feeling around you within you let it all go Purify yourself with your breath Allow each inhalation to heal you from within To cleanse you To remove all that no longer needs to be there within you and around you You are in control of your breath And your breath is so powerful in the healing aspect of your body of your mind and of your soul so as you like Breathe If you like to continue to stay in the shavasana feel free to stay as long as you like However, if you need to come out now go ahead and begin to add movement to your body stretch your body out Bend the knees come over to the side into your fetal position and Then bring yourself up to your seated position on your mat Beautiful. Let’s just take a second here Take one more deep breath in as you reach both arms up to the sky gathering all that positive energy of the universe And bring that energy down to your heart One more time deep breath in reach both arms up Feel that energy Welcome all the positivity into your body into your mind bring the hands together and Bring that positive energy into your heart into your soul Thank you so much for joining us today in beautiful, Hawaii I send you so much love and light and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day namaste You know


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