Yoga For Digestion Flow

Hey everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I’m Adriene and today we have a digestive flow sequence to make you glow. This is the
perfect pick me up if you’ve been taking it easy, or you just got done with a big event,
or perhaps during the holiday season you’ve been taking good care and nurturing your body,
eating nice yummy heavy foods, and you’re craving a little kick back into a workout
routine or a yoga practice. This is the perfect sequence for you. It’s going to massage the
internal organs, and get those digestive enzymes moving and flowing, and overall just bring
a little heat to the body during these cold winter months. So, even if it’s hot outside,
this will be a nice sequence to make you sweat. So, get in something comfy, and hop on the
mat, and giddy-up. Let’s go. All right, let’s begin in extended child’s
pose, taking a deep breath in and finding a long exhale out. And we’ll spread the palms
and in your own time rise up to all fours, drawing the knees underneath the hips and
the wrist underneath the shoulders. Inhale, dropping the belly. Exhale, curling the tailbone
under, relaxing the crown of the head. Cat-cow, moving with your breath. Take a moment to
close the eyes here. Press up and out of the earth, and really connect to this line from
the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone, and everything in between. Commit to your
breath for this practice. As you curl the toes under, walk the palms out, and take the
deepest breath in as you send the sit bones up and back. Exhale, downward facing dog. Take a moment here to dance a little. Check
it out. Paddle the feet. Find movement. Connect to the energy of your practice today. So,
we are doing more than just a yoga workout, but really exploring the practice, and whatever
it plans to serve up today. When you’re ready, bend the knees softly and we’re going to walk
up towards the front edge of the mat, settling in to Uttanasana here. This is a great opportunity
to let go of the day thus far, and again drop into the practice. Find what feels good here.
You can clasp the elbows. Rock a little side to side. Relax the head. And then whenever
you’re ready press into your feet, and on an inhale, we’re going to lift up to a nice
flat back position, just halfway here. Deep breath in. On an exhale, float it down.
Then bend your knees softly, tuck your chin into your chest and begin to roll it up into
mountain pose. Take a moment here to loop the shoulders, check in with the neck. Let
go of any tension here as you breathe deep and stay connected with your feet. Work it
out. Draw your palms to your heart now, coming into mountain pose or Tadasana, with mindfulness,
a sense of you. And we’ll begin to move. Inhale, reaching the fingertips up overhead. Exhale,
down through the mid-line we flow. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Inhale,
reach it all the way back up. Deep breath in. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And exhale,
hands to heart. Awesome. Inhale, reach it up. Full breath in. Exhale, soft knees as
you forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Now, step or hop the feet back to plank. Don’t
panic. Find a little movement here and then slowly we’ll lower all the way down to the
belly. On a deep breath in, open your heart, your chest cobra. And then exhale, we release.
Curling the toes under and sending it up and back. Down-dog. Deep breath in. Long breath
out. And then on an inhale we step, float, or hop towards the front edge of our mat.
Forward fold. Inhale. Halfway lift. Move with your breath. Exhale, bow. Inhale, reach it
all the way up. Spread your fingertips and exhale to the heart. Sweet. Inhale, reach
it up. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Long neck. Exhale. Step, float, or hop
the feet back. Plank. Now, we can lower down to cobra or Chaturanga
to up-dog. Find softness in your Vinyasa here. Together we’ll meet. Downward facing dog.
This time inhale. Send the right leg up. Exhale all the way up and into your lunge. From the
low lunge, we’ll take a deep breath in and on an exhale let the heart open. Radiate forward.
Plant the left palm next to the right foot and deep breath in, we reach the right fingertips
up towards the sky. Twist. Lower that back knee if you need to. Breathe deep. Inhale
in and exhale. Melt it back to center. Step the right foot back and we Vinyasa. Moving
with the breath. Cobra or up-dog. Together we meet, down-dog. Inhale, left leg lifts
high. Step it up into your low lunge. Take a moment to get settled in. Open your heart.
And this time we’ll plant the right hand next to the left foot and on a deep breath in,
lift the left fingertips up to the sky. Find your breath. Straight line from the crown
of the head to the tip of the tailbone. On an exhale, melt it back and we’ll step the
back foot up to meet the front. Forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow.
Inhale, reach it all the way up and exhale right back down. Forward fold. Inhale, flat
back. Exhale, bow. Inhale, step, or hop the feet back to plank. Choose your Vinyasa. Enjoy
your practice. Sending it back to downward facing dog. We’ll anchor through the left
heel and inhale, slide the right leg up. This time squeeze your right knee up and in towards
your heart. Take a deep breath in and on an exhale step the right foot up. Low lunge.
Same thing as before. We plant the left palm and inhale, breathe into the lower belly as
you find your twist. We can always have that back knee lowered
or the right hand on the waistline. Make it your own. Find your breath. On an exhale we
come back to center. Lower the left knee. Send the hips back. Forward fold here as we
breathe into the legs, breathe into the back body and flex the right toes up towards the
sky. Nice stretch here in the left foot as well as we relax the shoulders down for one
more breath cycle. In and out, and then slowly rolling through that right foot, we come back
to our lunge. Strong legs here as we lift the back knee and inhale, reach the fingertips
up. Hug the inner things towards the mid-line, really squeezing that right knee towards the
center as you find a strong high lunge. And then we gently release. Awesome. Find your Vinyasa here. Mix and match.
Play with strength and grace. And we’ll meet downward facing dog. Inhale, lift the left
leg high. Exhale, squeezing left knee up and in towards your heart. Strong body here, press
away from the earth. Stepping the left foot up into your lunge, we find our twist. Inhale,
really reaching up towards the sky. Or again, bringing that left hand to the waistline for
more stability. Inhale in. Exhale, melt it back to center. Lower the right knee and send
it on back. Flexing through the left foot this time, relaxing the weight of the head
down. You might find a little wave in the spine here, a little movement. Breathe into
that left hammy. And then again, rather than just shifting forward to the next thing, really
roll through that left foot. Enjoy each transition here as we lift up strong, high lunge. Really
hugging the legs in towards the mid-line, lengthening the tailbone down. Deep breath
in. And exhale we release. Awesome, and Vinyasa. Make it your own. Move
with your breath. I love this music here. All my friends who are a part of the Empower
Program will recognize this. It’s beautiful. So ride the wave. And once again we’ll meet
up in downward facing dog. Deep breath in through the nose. Long exhale out through
the mouth. Bend your knees. Hop the feet up towards the front edge. And inhale, halfway
lift. Exhale bow. Inhale, reach it all the way up, spread the palms. Exhale, Anjali Mudra
at the heart. Now take a moment here to perhaps close your eyes. Notice how you feel. Notice
the sensations in the body. Make some observations. Reconnect with your breath. And then when
you’re ready we’ll inhale, reach it up once again. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale, halfway
lift. Exhale, bow. And stepping or hopping the feet back to plank. Choose your own Vinyasa, cobra or up-dog.
Exhale, downward facing dog. Inhale, lift the right leg high. Exhale, squeezing that
knee up towards your heart. Inhale, find your twist. Exhale, back to center. This time we’re
going to pivot on the back foot and inhale. Rise up to settle in Warrior II. Reaching
the right fingertips forward up and back, we find peaceful warrior, a reverse warrior.
Deep breath in. Exhale. Back to Warrior II. Now softening the right elbow on top of the
right thigh we find extended side angle. Press into the outer edge of that back foot. Take
a deep breath in, and on your exhale send it all the way back, reverse warrior. Inhale
in. Exhale back to your lunge. Vinyasa. Moving with your breath. Finding strength. Downward
facing dog. Inhale, lift the left leg high. Exhale, squeeze that left knee in and up into
your lunge. Inhale, left fingertips reach up. Twist. Exhale, back to center. Pivoting on that back foot we rise up, Warrior
II. Move with your breath. Sink into that front knee as you reach the left fingertips
forward, up and back, peaceful warrior. Extension through the crown. Back to Warrior II. And
then softening through that left elbow we find extended side angle. Open your heart
towards the sky. Deep breath in. Exhale, peaceful warrior. Move with your breath. All the way
back into your lunge. This time we’re going to step the back foot up to meet the front.
Forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Inhale, reach it all the way up and exhale
to your heart. Right back in we go. Inhale, reaching it up. Exhale, fold. Inhale, halfway
lift. Exhale, bow. Inhale, step or hop the feet back to plank. Hug the elbows into the side body and inhale,
lift-up cobra or up dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. Inhale, right leg high. Exhale,
squeeze the right knee up in towards your heart. Stepping up into your lunge, we explore
a little deeper, bringing the palms together at the heart, hugging that right knee in towards
the center as you find your twist. Palms together and Namaste. Can always lower that left knee
or repeat the twist that we’ve been doing before. Strong legs as you really spike that
left heel towards the back edge of your mat and then on an exhale, release back to center.
Now again we open up Warrior II. Then peaceful warrior. Move with your breath to extended
side angle. Back to peaceful warrior. And then all the way back down to your lunge. So there’s no right or wrong with the breath
here, just move with nice long smooth deep breaths. After your Vinyasa, we’ll take it
to down dog and inhale, lift the left leg high. Exhale, squeeze that left knee up in
towards your heart. And we’ll step it up in towards your lunge. Palms come together and
we find that deep juicy twist on the other side. Pulling the left hip crease back. Modifying
up or down as needed. Make it your own. Strong alignment. Good energy. As we melt it back
to center and lift it up, Warrior II. Peaceful warrior. Extended side angle. Back to peaceful
warrior. Reverse it. Beautiful. And all the way back down to your lunge. Step the left
toes back, Chaturanga practice. And downward facing dog. Awesome, my friends. Deep breath
in through the nose. Cleansing breath out through the mouth. Then bend the knees generously and we’ll step
or hop it up towards the front edge. Inhale, halfway lift. Long beautiful neck. Exhale,
bow. Now bend your knees generously and send your sit bones back. Utkatasana, chair pose,
with a twist. Palms come together at the heart and we move towards the left outer edge of
the right arm to the outer edge of the left leg. Find spaciousness. Open your heart, your
chest. Draw the knees together or try pulling the left hip crease back as you breathe in.
And on an exhale, gently release it back to center. Nice work. Straight legs as we inhale,
lift up, halfway. Exhale, soften and bow. Then we’ll bend the knees. Drop the sit bones
and try again on the other side. Stick with it. You got this. Breathing nice long smooth deep breaths. Strong
transformative soulful breaths. In and out. Drop the sit bones, take a deep breath in.
And exhale, release. Awesome job. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Step or hop the
toes back. Slowly lower down. Inhale, cobra or upward facing dog. And exhale a very well
deserved rest. Bring the two big toes together, heels left to right. Pillow the head. Shake
the hips. Notice your breath. Then when you’re ready we’re going to transition all the way
onto our backs. Nice and slow, for a little core strengthening practice. Take your time
getting there. And when you do, we’re going to interlace the fingertips behind the head,
elbows nice and wide. Then lifting the shins up parallel to the ceiling and lifting the
head and the neck and the shoulders up, we draw right elbow to left knee. Straighten
the right leg out long. Then switch. Left elbow to right knee. Back and forth.
Yogi bicycles. Finding a rhythm with the breath. Moving from left to center. Right to center.
Careful not to crunch the neck. Keep the gaze up or a spaciousness between the chin and
the chest. Stick with this rhythm or begin to speed it up, scooping the tailbone up,
drawing the navel down. Focus on your breath. Make it your own. If you like, when you get
bored, you can bring that Simba into your hands and bring Simba up and over. Back and
forth. Back and forth. Deep breath in. Smile. Exhale, release. Hug the knees into the chest.
Awesome. Then we’ll cross the right ankle over the
left. Grab the outer edges of the feet and shake it off with a little playful rocking,
back and forth, back and forth. Until you’re ready to come back to all fours. Curl the
toes under. Send the sit bones up. Downward facing dog. This time we’re going to walk
the toes up, just a hair. And reach the right arm to clasp either the outer edge of that
left ankle, left shin or calf, even the back of the knee or the thigh. This is a challenging
twist here that requires nice deep full breaths. Careful to not clench in the face or in the
shoulders. And then we’ll slowly release back to center and experiment with this downward
dog twist on the other side. No toxic thoughts if you’re not there yet. It gives you something
to work towards, something to look forward to. Deep breath in as we look underneath the
right armpit, chest. And exhale, release back to center. Awesome job. Final Vinyasa here.
You can skip it if you like. Cobra or upward facing dog. And exhale. Balasana. Bring the
palms together, up and over head. Find a little sway. Then slowly we’ll rise up, for a little
playtime. So this isn’t just for advanced yogis or people
wanting to deepen their practice. This is really what yoga home practice is all about.
So you can go into a pigeon here as I’m demonstrating or if you’re not really feeling the hip opener
but you’ve been working on crow pose, you might take this moment now to practice Bakasana.
So this is essentially a free style moment for you to really ask yourself what do I need
and how can I play with that. For me this is the real yoga. This is what home practice
is all about. Empowering yourself to just play on the mat. I just tried a side arm balance.
Maybe it’s straight to Shavasana for you here or maybe you turn your perspective on its
side for a side plank. You can do as much or as little as you like here. Maybe just
coming to a nice comfortable seat, a meditation pose or bow pose. Take a couple moments here
to play. Again, remember this is your practice, your
moment. My best advice to you in this moment is don’t decide where it ends. Enjoy. Take
your time and when you’re ready we’ll meet in a flat back position. Slowing it down,
hugging the knees into the chest, maybe taking a reclined twist or two. We’re moving straight
into a reclined cobbler’s pose. Stabilizing through the sacrum and the spine, allowing
the skin or the face to soften and relax. Notice how you feel. And eventually take a
moment to just be still in corpse pose. If you want to skip the outro of this video you
can sit up now and just go ahead and pause, maybe resting a little longer in Shavasana
today. Rock on. All right my friends, excellent work. Good
job. If this was challenging for you, don’t worry, it’s a challenging sequence. It’s definitely
a more intermediate flow variations there for you. But something everyone can benefit
from if they want to deepen their practice. This is also very similar to my Reboot Program
and my Empower Program, which is my version of Power Yoga. Reboot is a 29-day yoga experience
to totally reboot the system and just lifestyle. It’s great after a breakup or like I said,
a big event or the holidays when you’re looking for that perfect pick me up. So, if you like
this style and you’re hungry for more, go to and check out Reboot
and Empower there. I always love your feedback. Return to the practice. See how it grows and
evolves, and I look forward to hearing from you. Have a lovely rest of your day. Drink
lots of water. Namaste.


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