Yoga For Deepening With Bind

the yoga now today’s class is called Yoga for deepening and I’m going to take you through some nice steady postures and enable you to get really deeply into them safely in a complete controlled way so you’re not gonna win to yourself but you’re probably gonna move your boundaries of stretched just a little bit so it’s gonna make you feel great because you’re going to achieve something totally new now if you like today’s class and you’d like to see more then please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga and I’ll see you in all my other classes too okay so we’re gonna start off like I do every time just having a few moments to settle in because you may have just put the kids to bed you may have just come in from work whatever it is you’re probably feeling a little bit in the head and a little bit tense or stressed or preoccupied so it’s always really important to have some time to settle so lying on your back with your knees bent your feet hip distance apart and lying in the semi supply position until you know it doesn’t matter if you want to be about konasana or totally stretched out whatever is good for you today feels so comfortable and just sense the weight of your body on the mat so make connection to the earth so big toe and heel shoulders head imagine this little crown on your nose and you’re going to draw a circle with your nose and you’re going to take your circle the other way lovely and come back to the center so you’re rooted down through the back of the head and the hips and the feet and the shoulders and just invite a sense of peace into your body noticing how you feel today and always noticing without judgement so no self-criticism just notice how you feel you might be really tired or full of beans just noticed without judgment and then as always I like to set a little intention for your class so plant that seed of intention in your heart whether it’s to stretch whether it’s to create energy dedicated for somebody who needs it whatever it may be maybe you need some extra care today for whatever reason just set that intention and let that seed of intention grow and expand throughout your body following the path of your breath following the flow in and out of your body and then start to bring a little movement in have a little move and you can stay in that relaxed position for as long as you need you know this is your yoga you don’t have to follow my rules I’m just here to guide you and then we’re going to rock yourselves up into sitting now we’re going to start this first stretching staccato easy poses dilated from Sanskrit but I am aware that this isn’t always easy for everybody so you know use what tools you’ve got around you you could prop your bottom up on a cushion sit with your legs flat or maybe out like so you know you find your legs and I’d like you to relax your shoulders and take a look over your shoulder to the center take a look over your shoulder to the center every time breathing deeply drop your chin bring your chin forward looking ahead and take your ear to your shoulder and come back up and do the same on the other side lovely you can interlace your fingers push them away round your back feels so good reach up and push up now take your hands behind you interlace into a little shoulder lock squeeze your shoulders together lifting your chest big breath opening the heart chakra now you take your arms out to the side and take your hand between your shoulder blades ease it down slightly and all we’re doing in these simple exercises is loosening up your shoulders so you might have been stopped over a computer take your hands behind you and see if you can reach see what I’m doing here hey boys you to ease that one back a little bit and open up here stretching under the armpits is really good for looks half reach and let’s do the same on the other side one always feels really stiff and I know this is my stiff side so yeah have a wriggle dip into the posture and then this is where it starts to feel stiff when I bring that round so you know don’t punish yourself in your mind for not being as good on one side as you are in the other ease it back regarding the shoulders and then reach out and we’re gonna come across left on the bottom right up on top if you come into eagle just the arms and this is brilliant for your posture in your upper back inhale exhale inhale exhale if wiggling your arms together like this rather like mr. tickle it’s just not happening for you then I would suggest you bring your forearms together it’s just as effective shoulder blades and coming up and down and that’s what we’re looking for take your arms out again just release a little bit of tension and then we do the same on the other side and just like cow face arms the one side is always harder than the other it’s just the nature of our bodies inhale exhale it feels really nice release or just have a roll make sure you haven’t built any tension in the shrub and release lovely so in here I’m going to bring myself forward so sit up nice and tall walk my hands forward because we’re going to be working on hips as we always do so I need to release a little bit of stiffness in my hips walk back in cross the other way take a breath and fold and again not gonna wave breath every time safely coming a little bit deeper breath and now I’m gonna run over onto all fours but you can get yourself onto all fours whatever way is best for you so hands under your shoulders and these under your hips if you have got carpal tunnel arthritis or anything similar and this is uncomfortable walk your hand forward one hand span and then your angle here is less acute and it will just release any discomfort also another way of doing that bringing a cushion underneath your wrist and you see it as the same effect but other ways nice neutral all fours and we’re going to round our back in our spine push the air out breathe in tilt the tailbone to the sky look up lovely round again and you can take as many of these pattern stretches because actually I think that should be included in every yoga practice spine on health it’s essentially the most important part of your yoga practice it’s what keeps us upright at what keeps us moving through the earth safely and freely so then circle your hips because that often releases a nice pop in your hips which releases a little bit of energy and then you’re going to take your right arm underneath resting your heads to the earth let it settle and just spend a moment resting with a good stretch in your shoulders ear to the earth and just spend a little time listening so listening to your breath listening to the and all those lovely stones around you push yourself back up come to the center and then let’s switch to the other side again ear down one on top of the other spend a little moment just listening I can do a little buzzy bee okay come back to all fours and then lift your knees up off the mat hold it find some strength feel it in your core and then bottom comes up see my knees are still bent I’m gonna lift my tailbone to the sky and then I’m fell through the back of my body Oh stretching out hamstrings back neck shoulders in wonderful downward dog one of my favorites spread your fingers give you a head of shake and then walk your hands toward no these are my feet walk your feet to your hands and the holding your elbows give your back a little bit of that sway and just like those lovely waves we did you’re going to breath them break out a little deeper breath in and out release your hands pull your belly in and roll up through the spine coming into Tadasana roll your shoulders and again could you can take a breath in when your arms up soften your knees slightly because this is just soft and then you’re gonna drop yourself down inhale come back up and it’s slow inhale up exhale release down inhale and release exhale down inhale up take hold of your arms to take a little side sway inhale up exhale inhale up your palms together into the namaste Anjali mudra hands to heart keep those hands together keep all the prana in your body as mudra is a seal of energy so holding your hands to your heart notice your breath with your thumbs to your chest and then I’d like you to take your right leg back stepping back we’re going to come into virabhadrasana 1 your warrior posture reaching your arms up rolling the hips forward so your hips I like little car headlights they’re looking forward and your arms up lovely and then you’re going to fold from the hip and reach feel the length in your spine looking to the toes and come up again and then open to Warrior 2 things are just reaching out in each direction and then you’re gonna take side angle Bend elbow to your knee touch back on a sauna look up at your top hand open the chest good breath in come all the way back up and you’re just going to pivot to the other side so it’s no big jumps looking after your hips being gentle but coming down deeply very badass than the one do reaching forward find the length in the spine pull the tummy in to support you good and back up to warrior one notice this present that I’m creating here no stretch my hip flexor it was really good for your posture to warrior two a little wider feel strong how is Jack and Ozma you know finger to little toe open the chest look up lovely bring yourself up and then facing the front again we’re going to take a little deeper this time so whirring one very bad ass no one looking up to Drishti building focus – lengthening your spine and reaching forward dropping your chin feel the length in the neck coming back up good reaching out spill the power in your legs and then this time you’re going to see if you come down a little bit lower now you’re ready for it in the hips bring your arms up you know you’ve got a power yourself up out of this so make sure your pelvic floor is engaged your belly is engaged push lovely facing the front the back more everyone to reaching forward draw the chin in yeah what are you want to – and release it down hand to the floor use a block if you need to turn the chest reach up and come down a little deeper good again engage everything support your body look after it push yourself up now this is the last time we’re going to take it even deeper but listen to your body repeat the same or I’m going to give you the chance to bind which again you know it’s challenging but we’re warm and we’re ready for it so that’s giving to you very much Arsenal one rule Nietzsche breathe deeply reach up strongly through your arms lengthen your waist and then reach forward inhale up to worry – okay this time how comes to the floor to begin with and you need to bring your shoulder in line with your knee then this hand comes all the way underneath to take hold to go up to rest by my thigh at my hip joint this arm comes all the way around and this is your bind looking up hold it takes a lot of stamina this one well then release strengthen great let’s do the next round warrior one Oh reach forward do the trimming load from the neck reach up to warrior two and here we go again pound it Podge back on asana the shoulder really needs to come to the knee hand comes to the hip behind and take your hand all the way around to meet it use the strap use a tea towel whatever you got around you and turn the body to look up please engage everything push up bring your hands together heel toe those feet in and that wonderful energy again that prana you’ve created keep it here notice your breath take your breath settle good for the energy flow freely up and down your spine now I hope you enjoyed your yoga for getting deeper namaste [Music]


  1. This yoga flow is a wonderful way to give yourself some extra care, both physically and mentally. It will take you into a deep stretch safely and it will also help you to calm and focus your mind, creating heat and energy throughout your body and making you feel stronger. Try it now and tell me how you feel afterwards 🙏🏻🌸💕

  2. amazing = can regular yoga help with well being?

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