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Hey Guys welcome to beautiful Cambodia We are here at this Incredible Yoga retreat center called Blue Indigo right in the heart of Siem Reap and Today, I’ve got a yoga for sleep for you. This is going to be a very gentle easy Feel-good yoga class we’re going to stay on the mat the entire time you’re going to be needing a pillow for this class So I hope this is a good indication for What’s to come this year the class is all about letting go of tension, Stress or anything that bothers you out of your body and out of your mind I want you to hold each posture as long as you can and Really focus on that breath into your lungs and the exhale out as you breathe I want you to send oxygen into every cell and every muscle of your body so you can feel good you can rest and allow yourself to get a good night’s sleep So with that get yourself ready grab your pillow grab your mat or get on your bed and light some incense or sage if you have any this will allow you to really set a Wonderful calm and peaceful mood for the class all right guys. Let’s do it All right guys before we get started today. Let’s set the mood of your surrounding space So either lighting some incense or sage perhaps or even lighting a candle or two? Just take a moment here to prep yourself. Make sure you have your pillow ready You’re mat set up Or your bed set up for this class Again, and when you’re ready, let’s grab that pillow And what we’re going to do here start by sitting on top of it so come on over to the pillow sitting cross-legged Just really finding that the center here You’re placing your hands on top of your knees. Let’s close the eyes and just bring all of your awareness inward inhaling into your nose exhale out And just bring that awareness into the present moment viewing yourselves within your body Feeling the sensations of the inhale and to nose and the exhales softly through your mouth and most another inhale this time reaching the arms up to the sky I’m going to exhale one arm down the other hand over top of the ear Pulling the opposite ear to your shoulder Think about reaching away with that arm And just nice deep stretch along the side of the neck here focusing on the breath and exhale And let’s listen the other side both arms up This time the other hand comes over the ear Full of shame the Obsolete towards the shoulder The other arm is reaching away from your body So putting that little lengthening sensation to the entire side of your neck and into the shoulder And keep your eyes closed if you like think about continuing to reach away without our Feel that lengthening sensation on the side of your neck Wonderful, it’s release Inhale let’s reach both arms up to the sky again this time taking a side stretch Whichever side you’d like to start with first doesn’t matter just continue to reach as far as you can to the side of your mat Always remembering to keep both of your sit bones on the mat Going a little bit deeper now into the side of your body stay with your breath Wonderful Now we’re going to extend the leg that’s farthest away from you Out to the side and continue to reach the same side So creating that even more lengthening stretch through the side of your body Come back to center now this time staying in the same position Bending one elbow the other arm is reaching towards the toes of that leg Finding your breath staying in the present moment And just allow yourself to to enjoy the stretch Letting go of any tension on the opposite side of your body now Awesome, let’s come back to center Good, we’re going to come back. That’s a seated position on both of your feet cross Inhale reaching the arms up to the sky I’m going to exhale starting with your side stretch to the other side And just hold here and breathe again be mindful of your sit bones and grounded your shoulders and your hips are square and Then from here extending that opposite leg Keep the foot flexed and stay here going a little bit deeper into that stretch Reaching those fingertips to the opposite side of your mat Just breathing here Allowing yourself to truly. Enjoy this posture Good let’s come back to Center And that other arm is going to bed elbow comes down as close to the mat as possible the opposite arm is now reaching Towards the toes Lengthening the other side of your body once again Continuing to bring oxygen into your muscles into your lungs filling your body with positive energy okay, let’s take one more breath and Then exhale coming back to center now this time. We’re going to extend the other leg so both legs are straight You’re going to take that pillow I’m going to bring it over to the front of your mat or in front of you Then you just going to fold it or keep it flat Get into a comfortable straddle posture and come on down to your elbows Or simply down to your pillow with your forehead Allowing the pillow to be the perfect prop To give you more relaxation in the body in the mind Let go into the pillow feeling a gentle stretch in the hips and the inner thighs and If you can try to keep the feet flexed, but if you like to just release and relax the legs that’s okay as well Again, just focus on the breathing With each exhale allowing yourself to relax and let go a little bit deeper into that pillow Some know very slowly. We’re going to come back up I’m going to come out of the posture so go ahead and swing one leg over coming into a seated position on your mat We’re going to take that pillow an extra place it between the knees So give it a good squeeze hands are going to come underneath the knees starting with a seated cat cow Inhale arching the back looking up towards the ceiling Hold that position and then exhale rounding the spine tucking the chin right down to the chest Feeling a nice stretch in the shoulder blades Again inhale look up slight arch in the spine and then exhale round in the back see if we can extend the elbows here to really feel that stretch and again inhale and exhale extend Beautiful one more time inhale extend arch the back and Exhale rounding the spine And slowly from here letting go of the knees and slowly take the spine one vertebra down at a time Coming into a nice resting position on your mat and just starting with a windshield wiper beneath Very gentle movement of your knees to the right into the left Letting go of any tension in the Lumbar spine here you very nice gentle Prep for spinal twist All right now from here Go ahead bring both arms out to the side knees come up to tabletop position keep squeezing that pillow and Taking a gentle spinal twist so both knees falling to your right side Arms are out to the sides look over to your left shoulder Closing your eyes and again just focusing on the breath Surrendering to the mat underneath you Plug all of your body weight to let go and release Good let’s come back to center and take it to the other side both knees falling to the left And then you’re looking over to your right shoulder creating that gentle spinal twist Really try your best to keep both of your shoulder blades on the mat Go ahead and just breathe let go Allow your mind to completely be in this present moment enjoying every single breath coming back to center and this time we’re going to grab the pillow bring the soles of your feet down on your mat and Come into a bridge posture simply lifting the hips up into the air and as you’re holding the bridge Take your pillow underneath you Go just hold I want you to squeeze your gluts engage the muscles here a little bit a very nice gentle extension of the spine Now when we’re ready to come down We’re going to slowly release starting from the mid-back and then through the Lumbar spine Until you’re fully on top of the pillow giving your knees a big hug and a gentle rock side to side again a nice gentle massage for the back here inhaling into your nose and exhale out very gentle rocking Flexing the feet and this time let’s extend both legs up to the sky Give those hamstring a very gentle stretch Give them a little massage a little bit of love And then slowly from here let’s prepare for a happy baby posture Opening the legs you can either grab from the outsides of your ankle if you’re a little bit more in advanced You can grab your big toes with two peace fingers Or if you like to go a little bit easier, you can reach for your ankles All were aiming for years to pull the knees as far down to the mat as possible opening the hips a wonderful move for your digestive system Going to skate breathing here continuing to pull and use a little bit further down with each exhale increasing the stretch of the hips And then slowly come back up Bending your knees giving yourself a big hug one more time And then from your extending your right leg all the way down to the mat Pulling the left knee into your chest and all we’re going to add here is a little flexion and point of that ankle so you’re going to flex and Then you want to point Flex the left foot and then point Flex and then point we’re just massaging the joints there flex and point Hold and then extend release give your body big stretch here inhale and then exhale switching to the other side same thing grab your right knee pull it into your chest so you feel that left so as Extending stretching up and then start by Flexing the foot and point Flex and point Flex and point and one more time Awesome pull that knee in a little bit more inhale and then exhale Extending both legs out both arms reaching over your head and give yourself a hug one more time pulling both knees into your chest Focusing on the inhale into your nose and the soft gentle exhale through your mouth Letting go of any negative energy stress or worry that you may have encountered through your day This is your time right now just to let go and release And be completely present with yourself in this very moment okay, let’s give it one more deep breath in and then releasing down Now what we’re going to do. Here is actually lift the hips and just push a pillow away from you So you can bring it right under the knees? We’re moving into our Shavasana and by placing the pillow under the knees will actually give you a little bit of relief and support for the Lumbar spine So once you’re in your shavasana, just let go Allowing the palms of your hands to point upward Your feet gently releasing Outward Your shoulders are letting go into the bath letting go of any tension or stress With each exhale start to feel your body become heavier and heavier Signalling your mind that it’s time to rest Letting go of any tension in your face relax your forehead your eyes feeling a gentle heartbeat relaxing your glutes and your thighs Your calves and your ankles Your arms and your fingers are heavy and relaxed Just enjoy this moment a true moment of relaxation Staying here with your breath and letting go of your body Remember to be the watch of your thoughts here Don’t allow your mind to take you away from this moment of peace and relaxation This is your time right now to let go to release Be completely at peace with where you are and how you came to be here today simply focusing on the enhance and the gentle exhale feeling your chest gently rise then gently fall feeling your belly rise and gently fall And as slowly we’re going to start to bring awareness the fingers the toes just adding some gentle movement here Maybe deepening your breath a little bit and then once you’re ready, just give that pitt a little little push to the side or to the front and Then hug your knees into the chest Your right arm is going to reach up your head and you’re going to come to a field position here on the side breathing and resting Now if you like to stay here, please do and continue to roulette go into a restful sleep otherwise Feel free to come up to your C2 position to finish off the class together Sitting up nice and tall let’s just take a moment keeping your eyes closed focusing on the breath inhale reaching the arms up to the sky And then exhale bring the hands down to your heart releasing a lot positive energy over your body Namaste thank You guys so much for being here with me today, and I wish you a very restful sleep Or a wonderful peaceful day Lots of love I can’t wait to see you again Thank you so much for watching if you like this video feel free to subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this And of course follow us on social media like Instagram Facebook and Twitter lots of love see you soon


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