Yoga For Creativity | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have an awesome
Yoga for Creativity practice. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay, hi everyone
and welcome. Let’s begin seated today. So take your time
coming on down to the ground. And as you come into a
nice cross-legged seat, begin to notice
your breath immediately. And take your
time as you settle in. Allow the day thus far and whatever’s happened up
until this present moment, allow it to slowly begin
to fade away. (chuckles) And as you gently begin
to deepen you breath here, coming into Sukhasana take a moment
to also politely put whatever you have on
the agenda for the future, just politely put it on hold. So obviously this
doesn’t just snap into place. Boom, I’m here in the present
moment but it’s the awareness and the conscious choice that brings us slowly but surely closer inward. And closer toward where we’re going
to set our intentions to reside. So to summarize, let go of the day thus far. Get whatever you
have on the to-do list a gentle wave goodbye for now and choose to do
your very best throughout this practice to simply
reside in the present moment. Whatever that feels like,
whatever’s going on in the body, whatever thoughts come up and we’re gonna
use a Pranayama technique or a little
Pranayama breath count to anchor ourselves, our busy minds and
the body into the present moment so nice and slow as you’re ready
you’re gonna take your left hand to your heart center. And your right hand
gently to your lower belly. And then, of course, you can
peek at me whenever you need to but as always but particularly
with today’s practice really see if you can allow the
sound of my voice to guide you. So won’t always, perhaps,
need to look at the video. But of course look
at it whenever you need. (laughs) So tuck the chin gently, a little reverent bows you sit up nice and tall and
feel that lengthening in the back of the neck. And then as you’re comfortable,
close your eyes or just maybe soften your gaze down your nose. So there’s a definite normal
human need to kind of see what’s going on. Just to see how it’s done,
to be shown, and part of the creativity
practice today is to really challenge yourself to
use my voice to guide you. Again, there will be moments
where you need to look at the video and you should,
that’s why I’m here. But I’m also here to guide you
to pull back another layer of the onion each time you
show up on your practice. Particularly if you’ve been
practicing with me for a while or in general for a while,
see if you can find some depth. And if you’re new to the
practice and a bit worried about everything that
I’m saying, trust. Trust, trust me, trust yourself,
trust this practice and it’s throughout this trust and this
willingness to really be in the present moment and
synchronize the breath with the body that we allow ourselves room for creativity. And creativity has so
many different flavors. So many different rasas. And can benefit so many
different types of people in so many different types of ways. So as you gently begin to deepen
your breath here breathing in to your belly, feeling the
expansion in the rib cage as you breathe in and the
softness as you breath out, see if you can keep an open mind
and again just commit to doing your best, commit to being
in the present moment and allow whatever’s supposed to
happen throughout this practice, allow it to happen
without you necessarily having to do anything. Just see what comes up. You know, I think a lot of us
have been in that situation where you want something
creative to happen or you’re looking for inspiration
and it always comes up in the most miraculous ways. Typically when
we’re loosening our grip, present with our breath,
present in the moment, and allowing ourselves to
really fall into the flow. If you have not,
begin to deepen your breath. If you’ve tried
but maybe lost it, let’s connect here with
a big inhale in together. Think of how many people are
breathing in together here in this moment all over the world. And then a long exhale. Again, breathing out with
people all over the world, connecting to the big picture. Good, again big inhale,
breathe in, feel that breath expand
throughout all four sides of the torso so nice, wide breath. And then exhale, release. Now we’re gonna begin a little
Pranayama where we inhale for two counts, pause in the middle,
and then exhale for four. So we’ll breathe in
and out for nothing and then I’ll count us in. Peek at me when
you need to otherwise, again, use the sound
of my voice to guide you. So here we go, big inhale,
all together for nothing. And exhale, just
empty it out nice and easy, relax your shoulders. And inhale for two count,
here we go. Big breath in for one, two. Pause, retain the breath. And empty,
exhale for four, three, two, empty on the one. Big inhale for one, two. Pause,
lengthen through the crown and exhale for four, three, two, one. Nice work, Benji.
Big inhale for one, two. Pause. Exhale for four,
three, two, one. Again, big inhale for one, two. Pause. Empty it out on
four, three, two, one. Big inhale for one, two. Breathing into
the belly here, pause. Slow exhale for four, three, two, one. Last one, close your eyes, big inhale for one, two. Pause. Navel slowly draws
in for four, three, two and one. Beautiful, draw
the palms together. Take a deep breath in. And relax the
shoulders as you breathe out. Keep the pinkies pressing
together here if you have them. Press the thumbs
together if you have them. If you don’t have
pinky or thumb here, get creative. Lean in. Coming to a little
Lotus Mudra here as you lift up gently
from the pelvic floor. Keep breathing deep. See if you can keep
that inhale deep and full like we did on the two count. And the exhale
a little bit longer like we did on the four count. Let the breath lead
the way, your spirit. Let it guide you throughout
our practice here today. This is your you time. The hard part is over,
you’re here, you made it.
You’re awesome. It’s valiant,
it’s beautiful, it’s love. It’s pure love showing up
here on the mat for yourself. It’ll have an effect on you and
the way you move which then will have an effect on the way you
meet and greet others which then has an effect on our world! Okay, here we go deep breath in. Exhale, bow the
head to your hands, your Lotus Mudra here. Thumbs are gonna come
to your third eye point or just between the two brows. Yeah! So you create a little
shelf for your brow bone here. Start to feel a nice, long
stretch in the back of the neck. If your shoulders are creeping
up and your spine is starting to round forward here, see if you
can lift your sternum up to your chin and anchor some really
strong active weight in the shoulders so they’re
drawing away from your ears. Keep breathing. Activate the upper back body by drawing the
shoulder blades together. It’s gonna pull your
upper arm bones back in space. And then take another breath
here as we just get a little pressure on
that third eye point, that inner teacher,
that beautiful, beautiful chakra that
helps us move with inspiration, with wisdom. And this is a fun move. We’re gonna draw up
from the pelvic floor, anchor the tops of the thighs. Again, use my breath
to guide (laughs) use my breath. Use my voice to guide you.
Move with your breath, here we go, inhale. Elbows are gonna draw forward. And then up and then
you’ll release the thumbs, maybe trace your eyebrows
and open up through the chest. Draw the
shoulder blades together, thumbs back, pinkies forward. Big lift of the
heart all the way up, hug the elbows
into the side body. Nice and then
inhale reach for the sky. Exhale, squeeze
your wings back and in. Thumbs back, pinkies forward. Nice and then inhale, reach.
Last one. Exhale, upper back body
activated here as you draw the
shoulder blades together, thumbs back, pinkies forward. Beautiful now
inhale all the way up. Exhale, rain it down. Fingertips are
gonna kiss the mat. Keep the fingertips on
the mat but keep the palms up. As you inhale, reach
right fingertips up and over, side body stretch.
Keep it soft here. Now listen carefully, inhale in. Find length, exhale. Right fingertips come to the
earth on the left side and we’re gonna slowly swoosh. Very fancy term, swoosh
all the way through center. So if you want to get
creative you can imagine, you know, fingertips moving
through water or sand here as you come all the
way to the right. Right fingertips
press into the earth. We inhale, open up
through the left side, nice and soft and
easy breathing in and out. Mmmm. Then inhale to
lengthen through the crown. Exhale, left fingertips come
down to the earth and same thing, through water or sand
all the way through back over to the left side. Reach it up, inhale. And exhale,
right fingertips down, coming on through, last time. Side body stretch. Great, then
anchor navel to spine, lift your heart,
come back up to center. Take a deep breath in, squeeze
the shoulders up to the ears. And then exhale to
let everything go. Oh my God, we totally
exhaled at the same time Benji. Alright, let’s come
forward on to all fours. Take your time,
move with your breath. Find what feels good. The transitions are everything
especially for our home yoga practice where you can
do whatever feels good, whatever you like. You can yawn. You can move at a
tempo that’s yours. You can pet your furry friend
or your child, regular child. And once you get there
spread the fingertips wide. Knees underneath the hip points,
wrists underneath the shoulders, press away from your yoga mat. And then immediately,
let’s go right into it, dropping the belly,
opening the chest, Cow Pose. And then for today’s
practice pause here and really close your eyes. You know the image
here right for Cow, why we call it cow. You’re dropping your
utters to the ground. Seems so vulgar but it’s not. Free the nipple!
Okay, sorry. Inhale, open your chest. Exhale, draw the
shoulders away from the ears. But now let’s flip the script,
navel draws up and in. We curl up through the spine,
tailbone lengthens down and then you’re gonna take a
cycle of breath here too and think of this image.
Close your eyes. Arch your back like a black Halloween cat. (chuckles) Okay, inhale,
Tabletop Position. Curl the toes under,
Downward Facing Dog. Take your time getting there,
move with your breath. So you are in charge
of the transitions today and everyday but really today. And then when you get there,
find what feels good. What are you
bringing to the canvas today? I’m bringing some sore legs. Check in. Set yourself up for greatness. Spread the fingertips, elbow
creases shine forward so your upper arm bones go
away from the ears. Lots of space. Inner thighs spiral in and out towards the back
edge of your mat. And then we hug
the lower ribs in. Take all that awesome center
work we did last month and draw the
navel in and up here. Find that connection. Yes, then bend
the knees generously, bring the belly
towards the tops of the thighs, inhale, carve a
line with the nose, look forward and
exhale to step one foot up, then the other.
Ragdoll to the top. Clasp opposite elbows
with your hands here, bend your knees and
find what feels good. A freestyle moment
with control, with breath. You know people are often asking
me for more intermediate and advanced sessions
here on YouTube. And I usually say,
“Well go to the membership. “There’s more of those there.” But I also like to say,
are you breathing? Is your breath a priority? Is the movement
coming out of your breath? Or is it the opposite? That is intermediate. That is advanced. Breath first, breath first. So drop into your breath. And when you’re ready,
release the fingertips, take a big inhale in. And a long breath out. Think four, three, two, one. And then when you’re ready,
slowly roll it up. All the way to standing.
Take your time. There’s no rush. And when you arrive
see if you can fully embody this Mountain Pose. Whatever that means to you. Let my invitation to fully embody this Tadasana. Change the way you exist and the way that we
breathe in this pose. So I often give
a ton of, you know, ideas for what to do here. Today I’m gonna allow
you to just find an image, find some actions, find a
breath that works for you here. Find a little inspiration
within this posture. I’ll give you one hint,
prioritize your breath and then always think of your spine. The energy that runs
up and down the spine. Awesome.
Bend the knees softly. Inhale, big stretch, big
breath, reach for the sky. Exhale, bend the knees softly. Slowly come all the way down,
Forward Fold. Take your time. Slow and in control,
inhale, halfway lift. Find length in the back of
the neck and then pause here. See if you can lift your front
body up to meet your back body and if you don’t
know what that means, find your center here. Draw the navel in and up,
hug the lower ribs in. Then everyone, drag your hands
to the tops of your thighs. Suck in the elbows and pull them
back like little grasshopper legs, create more space from
the crown to the tail here. So creating like a
figure 7 shape in the body. Pull back
through the hip creases. Keep breathing,
you’re doing great. And softly bend the knees. Stay here, you’re doing awesome. We’re here creating awareness. We’re promoting a
healthy flow of energy from the crown to the tail. We’re here for three, two, and then slow
and steady on the one take it all the way back down. Crown to the earth,
bend your knees as generously as you like here. Nice. Here we go, big wave
up towards the sky. Press into all four
corners of the feet. Inhale, reach up. And exhale, rain
it all the way down, bend the knees. Once again,
just a little quicker. Inhale, halfway lift. Pause, find integrity. Deepen your breath. Crown of the head shooting
forward like a fireball. And then here we go, inhale,
lift your heart a little bit, catch a wave here. A little crest of a
wave and then exhale, it crashes and falls down. ‘Kay, here we go, big stretch,
big breath all the way up towards the sky. Press into all
four corners of the feet, reach up.
Big stretch. Exhale, rain it down. Now in one breath inhale
halfway lift, your version. Find length in the neck. Exhale, soften and fold. Plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Step the left toes back,
Plank Pose. Don’t panic. So finding a little warmth, a
little energy in your Hadda, your center, your belly,
this beautiful, beautiful place of
creativity around the pelvis, the belly, and the solar plexus. So these three chakras here. Here we go,
we’re breathing deep. We’re pressing
away from the yoga mat, shoulder blades
spreading left to right. You can always lower
the knees here if you need, Half Plank. Shoulders are
right over the hip, nope, the wrist here.
Sorry (chuckles). And we’re reaching the heels
back if the knees are lifted. You’re here for three. Welcome that heat,
that shake, two. Slowly lower on the one. Belly flops are welcome. Alright, drag the hands
in line with your rib cage. Press into the tops
of the feet and inhale, Baby Cobra. Exhale, soften and fold. Forehead to the earth. Inhale, Baby Cobra. Exhale, tuck the chin,
forehead to the earth. Last one, really
synchronize with your breath. You got this. Pubic bone to the earth,
inhale, rise up. Strengthening the back body so
you can move in a way that feels good both on and
off the mat, yes. Strong and steady, nice. Release it down, curl the toes,
lift the kneecaps, tone your quadriceps. Here we go, inhale in. Exhale, navel draws up,
press up to your Plank Pose. Quietly whisper
to yourself today, “I create.” I create. Great work, Downward Facing Dog. Pedal it out here. Find what feels good. Start to stretch a little more
through the backs of the legs and then find that
stretch through the side body. Ah, the lats, upper
arm bones rotate out. Again, inner thighs rotate in. One more cycle of breath
here to move in a way that feels you today. So if you’re kind of
stiff and stuck and have a bad attitude,
that’s all good. That’s part of life but
just go, “Is this really me “or can I make an adjustment? “Can I get creative?” Yeah! Then here we go,
drop the left heel, inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward. Knee to nose. Good, drop the left heel.
Inhale, lift it up high. Exhale, shift it forward. Right knee to right tricep. Good, inhale, shift it forward. And exhale, step it all
the way through into a nice, low lunge. Lunge that wasn’t lunch. Nice, low lunge.
Low lunge. Lower the back knee. Interlace the fingertips, bring them to the
top of the right thigh. Great, inhale in here. Exhale, squeeze the
inner thighs in the midline. Then stay here with
hands on your thigh. Reach the fingertips forward,
up and back. Back toes can be
curled or uncurled, yogi’s choice for this practice. Inhale, big beach
ball up and overhead. Exhale, bend the elbows,
squeeze into the side body, lift your chest. Beautiful, inhale, rise back up. Exhale, take it
all the way down. Great, plant the palms,
lift the back knee. Step the right
toes all the way back, Plank Pose. Here we go, inhale,
shift forward. Exhale, belly to Cobra
or Chatarunga to Up Dog. Use your inhale
to open your heart. And use your
exhale to journey back. Downward Facing Dog. When you get there take
a nice cleansing breath. This time give your
thinking mind a break. Clear your mind. Get into the sensations that
you’re feeling in your body. Inhale. And empty it out
through the mouth, exhale. Nice, Benji didn’t even flinch. Okay, anchor the right heel,
here we go, inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Little bit of strengthening,
you’ve got this. Claw through the fingertips. Alleviate pressure off
the wrists by clawing into the knuckles and fingertips. Take a deep breath in, maybe lift your left inner
thigh a little higher. Then exhale, shift forward,
knee to nose. Shoulders over the wrists. Inhale, rise up, anchor
through your right heel. Exhale, left
knee to left tricep. Again, upper body’s in Plank. Good, inhale, lift it up. Three-Legged Dog, you got this. Exhale, shift it all the
way forward into your lunch. Just kidding, your lunge. Lower the right knee
down gently, with love. Front knee’s over front ankle. Control your breath,
interlace the fingertips. Bring it to the
top of the left thigh. Then you’re gonna need to pull
your left hip crease back and lift up from the pelvic floor. Find the integrity. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Squeeze the inner
thighs to the midline. You should be feeling these
muscles kind of turn on with all of those actions. And then stay here
if you’re feeling like, “Okay, this is
new and exciting.” And if you need a little
more, let’s throw ourselves off balance by sending the fingertips forward,
up and back. Big beach ball up and overhead. Create space. Try to create a full body
experience so you’re working with your whole self here. Inhale, lift your heart. Exhale, bend the elbows,
squeeze ’em in. Upper back body activates,
you lift your chest. Yes, and then inhale,
tuck the chin, reach for the sky. Exhale, rain it
all the way back down. Plant the palms,
lift the back knee, keep breathing. Step your left toes back,
Plank Pose. Inhale to shift forward,
look forward. Exhale, Chatarunga to
Up Dog or belly to Cobra. Use an inhale
to open your chest. Lift the corners
of the mouth slightly. And then use an exhale everyone to take it all the way
back to Child’s Pose. Knees wide or together,
yogi’s choice. When you get there
close your eyes and listen to the sound
of your breath. Don’t hold back. Option here if the knees
are wide to bring the palms together, walk
the elbows forward, feel that
length in the shoulder, the side body, the tricep and
then bring your palms up behind the back of the neck.
A little reverse prayer or as I like to call it Namaste shark fin. I like how I’m a grown woman and
like Namaste shark fin is just become, it’s not
even silly to me. It’s just a part
of my vocabulary. It’s yoga, I love it. Just like we did
when we were kids. Pure, honest story
telling that connects. Yes, deep breath in. Empty it out. On your next inhale, plant the
palms and then slowly on the exhale rise up. Keep a nice
softeness in your neck. You’re gonna come all
the way back to all fours. Curl the toes under and speaking
of childlike wonder, half the people are like,
“Yay! What? Yay!” and then half
the people are like, “Jesus, Adriene.
Just get me through this.” So either one is fine but we all need it whether you’re on one side of the fence or
the other so here we go, a lot of you have
done this with me before, you’re gonna close your eyes. So curl your toes under, close
your eyes and then you’re gonna press into your fingertips, send
your hips back and then imagine like a mama and I’m sorry
if you have mom stuff (laughs) just kidding. Everyone has some mom stuff. Even though mom I love you! If you’re watching this, you’re
the best mom in the whole world! But okay, here we go. You’re gonna
peel up from the tail, you’re gonna imagine a mama
peeling up their baby by their tail with their mouth. Pulling the tail up (laughs). This got out of control. Okay. Downward Facing Dog (laughs). This time please press
into all your fingers and draw your nose
towards your navel. Hopefully you’re
giggling with me, I’m sorry if I distracted you. Alright, let’s take a
moment to recenter here. Just find a little stillness. Find your breath. Let your breath be
your inspiration here. Trust that
synchronizing the breath… Brings so much to the brain
and the body relationship. Then when you’re ready, let’s move into
a little creative flow. Stay open. Peek at me when you need to. We’re gonna anchor the
right heel down and here we go. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, shift forward,
you got this, knee to nose. Inhale, Three-Legged Dog. Find strength, exhale. Left knee to left tricep. Good, inhale, rise up. That’s the last one. Exhale, you’re gonna shift
your left palm over towards your right and then step your left
foot all the way up for a nice Lizard lunge or runner’s lunge. Beautiful. Right hand to the earth here. With your breath,
reach your right heel back, pull your left hip crease
up just like we did in that Crescent Lunge earlier and then
send your left fingertips up towards the sky for
a nice, open twist. Now you’re gonna imagine
squeezing the elbows into the side body just
like we did before. Draw the
shoulder blades together, lean back, lift your heart. Big inhale. Now check it out, nice,
slow transition here. Be in the moment. Nice and slow with your breath.
Left fingertips come down. We turn the left toes in. You’re gonna heel-toe the feet,
so keep the feet on the ground here as you transition through a nice wide-legged
Forward Fold, Prasarita. Then you’re gonna
keep it going. What?!? All the way towards
the back edge of your mat. Coming through
a nice, low lunge. And then here we go. When you get there, inhale,
reach the right fingertips forward, Horizon Lunge all the
way up and you’re drawing a big horizon line all the way up and
over as you come on to the outer edge of your left foot. Sinking left hip to the ground. Right toes turn out. Keep both feet active here. Horizon Lunge. Looking back now
towards your left foot, towards the front of your mat,
towards Benji. Yes and then from
your center here you go, inhale in. Exhale,
bend that left knee. You’re gonna come
all the way through. Check it out, right
fingertips come to the ground. Keep that direction going
and left fingertips reach all the way up and over.
Side body stretch. Yes. Inhale, pull the left thumb
back, lift your chest. Exhale, come all the
way back through center. You’re gonna plant the palms
on the back edge of your mat. Tap into your core,
pivot on your left foot, right knee to right tricep. We’ve been here before. Beautiful, inhale in. Exhale, anchor
through the left heel. Lift it up, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, slowly with control
lower the right foot down. You are amazing! Breathe in
Breathe out. Even if you struggle,
stay present. You got it, you got it. Breathe in and breathe out. Awesome. Okie doke.
Claw through the fingertips. Here we go.
Anchor the left heel. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, shift forward,
knee to nose. Nice and slow, don’t rush. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, right
knee to right tricep. You got this. Inhale, lift it up,
Three-Legged Dog. Shift your right hand
over towards your left. Exhale, step your
right foot all the way up. Lizard Lunge,
runner’s lunge, nice and low. Front knee over front ankle. Left hand to the earth. Inhale, squeeze the
inner thighs to the midline, pull your right hip crease back
and send your right fingertips up towards the sky. Nice big open twist here. Left heel reaching back. So you should feel
your left glute turned on. Hey-o, inhale, lift
your heart a little more. Open up. Exhale, slow and
steady come all the way down. Keep the feet on the ground. You’re gonna walk
back through Prasarita, Standing Wide-Legged
Forward Fold. Dun, dun, dun, and then
all the way back and through. Right hand comes to the
earth to come back to our lunge. Left fingertips
this time reach forward, up, big horizon line all the way
around and back now towards the back edge of your mat,
your right foot. Sink the hips down low here.
Strong and steady. Welcome that heat.
You’re doing great. Inhale in, exhale,
keep the feet active. Bend the bottom leg.
Slowly come through. You don’t have to worry about
getting the knees together here. In time maybe
you Gomukhasan legs, don’t worry and then left hand
comes to the earth and right fingertips reach all the way up. Side body stretch,
pull the right thumb back, lift your chest,
lift your heart. Take a deep breath in
and then exhale all the way back and through. Plant your hands. Here we go, pivot
on the right foot. Left knee squeezes up and in. You got this. Gaze forward, you got this. Lift up from
the upper back body. Yes, and then kick it up,
Three-Legged Dog. You got this, claw
through the fingertips, inhale. Exhale with
control left foot down. Pause here, find your Down Dog. Inhale in deeply. And exhale, sigh it out. (sighs) Two more, inhale in. Exhale, sigh it out. Inhale. Awesome, awesome. Slowly lower the
knees down to the earth. With control, bring them
together, really together. Arch to arch,
feet come together. Then you’re gonna paint your
yoga mat here as you tuck the chin and roll up to
Vrasana, Hero Pose. Hands come back
together in the Lotus Mudra. So hopefully you’re practicing
and not just watching although if you are just
watching that’s all good. Good inspiration,
get the juices flowing, breathe with us. But Benji was
totally exhaling with me. Wow. He’s amazing. Okay. Alright, so from here, if this
is not good on your knees which is true for the majority, you’ll just come to
a nice, comfortable seat. Although we’re headed into one
more active posture before we cool it down, before we relax. So from here,
we’ll take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Just re-center,
find your breath again. And then we’ll slowly
come all the way forward. You’re gonna
come on to the toes. Then keep your center engaged
here so if you’re just spilling all your guts here this is gonna be a little bit of a
tricky transition. But it’s gonna be a lot easier,
meaning with more ease, as you draw the navel up
and in and from your core, your center of gravity
move back with the knees. Open them wide. Whoa! So we’re here. We can come into this
yummy little Froggy variation. Maybe doing more a surrender
pose instead of an active pose. You could be here. If you’re in a seated posture,
you could be doing a nice seated twist or you can
come to a Child’s Pose. If you’re ready to
give Bakasana a try, you’re certainly warmed up. And again, it’s not about
actually doing the pose but it’s about the process. Literally the creative
process that has to happen, the agreement between
all of yourselves to try to do something difficult. Something of value. Okay, I’m going there. Here we go, bring the
two big toes together. Plant the palms wide. A lot of times I see
hands too close or too far. So all this Plank
work that we’ve been doing, building a nice,
strong foundation, you want to find that here so
that when you shift forward your shoulders are over
your wrists to start. So fingertips spread wide. Then you’re gonna slowly
from your center power up, inhale in, think
about a rocket ship. Lifting your center up. Send your gaze forward.
Keep the neck nice and long. Think about that
halfway lift shape we did here. Hug the front body up to meet
the back body and you’re gonna walk your knees up
toward your armpit chest. Then the spirals that
we do in Downward Dog, find them here and then don’t
worry about doing the shape. Let’s just have some fun.
Focus on the process here. Easier said than done
but again with practice it gets more enjoyable at the practice of
doing something difficult. Which is why showing up on your mat is such a great
thing for creativity. Okay, hug those knees up
in towards the armpit chest. You might come
on to the toes here. Maybe you’re already
working, looking forward. You defintiely want to
keep your gaze forward. You’re shifting back and forth. And maybe with your breath one
time you lift one two off and then maybe one day,
maybe not today even, you create two litlte
shelves for your legs and you lift both toes off. Breathe deep here. Little play time. Catch some air.
Working. This has to come
from your center. Okay, wherever you are,
slowly begin to melt out. Wherever you are walk your feet
as wide as your yoga mat and we’re gonna end together
with a nice root chakra lift. So you can do this in your
seated pose that you’re in if you’re in the seated
or you’re gonna come to this Malasana variation. Palms come together
or fingertips on the mat. Heels can stay lifted in Froggy
or ground down to the mat. So make it yours. Then find that reverent bow. Tuck your chin into your chest,
breathe deep here. And we’ll end with
this little root chakra, not little, it’s pretty grand,
root chakra pose. Drawing energy up
from the pelvic floor. Starting to really
amplify your breath. You gotta bring the breath here. Connecting, introducing, re-introducing the
brain and the body. Magnifying the
quality of their relationship. And then last but not least
finding a little inspiration here by lifting the heart all
the way up towards the sky. Give it your best shot. Send your gaze all the way up. Lift your heart. And then activate the toes,
slowly release. Use your fingertips to come
all the way to the ground. Keep the toes active and let’s bring it all
the way to the ground. Nice and slow. When you get there, let any
sounds that want to come out (sighs) come out. You’re gonna walk the
feet as wide as the yoga mat. And you’re gonna
allow the knees to come in. So we just did
external rotation, now it should feel really yummy
in the hip socket to gently bring the knees together and
allow the outer edges of the feet to kind of pop up. So you want to let your
whole lower body relax here. So that’s why bringing
the feet wide and letting the knees
fall in is good. If the feet are too close you’re
not gonna be able to do that. Then gently bring your
left hand to your heart, your right hand to your belly. Press your head, physically
press it into the yoga mat. Lift your chest, draw your
shoulder blades together and down, elbows down. And then, yes Benji, take a deep
breath in and out and relax the weight of your body completely
and fully into the earth. Take a second to observe your
breath and notice how you feel. Lean in, notice if the energetic
body has shifted or changed since before you
started this practice. Feel the warmth on
your skin and notice, notice what it feels
like to be alive today. And when you’re really in tune
with the creative process you don’t take
anything for granted. Not a single breath,
not a single gesture, not a single day. In an honest and rich creative
relationship anything is possible and all
ideas are welcome. Take one more quiet breath here. Feel the warmth of
your hands on your heart space and on your belly. Two deep listening points and
may we all take this creative energy in all
it’s magnificient powers with us off the mat and
into the rest of our day. Keep an open mind. Work to maintain an open heart. And as always,
find what feels good. Gently bring the palms together. Thumbs right up
to the third eye. One last big group breath,
people all around the world. We are one, let’s
take a deep breath in. And we finish today’s
practice by whispering Namaste. (gentle music)


  1. Hi friends! How are you feeling this week? We are celebrating the end of our CREATIVITY month with this awesome free session!

    This practice uses pranayama, mudra, mindful meditation and yoga asana to guide you into your flow.

    The hardest part is showing up.
    So you get on that mat, darling… I’ll meet you there.

    Let me know how you are feeling in the comment section down below!


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