Yoga for Core (and Booty!) – 30 Minute Yoga Practice – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone, welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene. Today we have a home
practice that’s gonna tone the core and the booty. So this is a big request,
having a little fun with it. We’re bringing the
yogic perspective to a video that tones the core
and helps you get dat booty. Let’s have some fun. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) All right my friends. Today we’re gonna start standing in the
middle of your mat. Bring your feet
as wide as the mat, just two parallel lines here. Then we’re gonna bring the hands and we’re gonna
bring them together and we’re just
gonna start rubbing them to create a
little bit of energy, a little bit of heat, a little bit of friction, just something to
really focus our mind here as you begin to let
go of the day thus far. Politely put the
to-do lists away, the future on hold, and arrive here
now in the present. Rub ’em a little faster,
lift your heart, breath. Big inhale in and then exhale, just bring your hands right
to your chest, your pectorals, and lift your heart
up towards your hands and sink a little
weight into your heels. Notice how you feel. Then see if you can
press away from the earth by lifting the kneecaps and just lifting up
from the pelvic floor creating more spaciousness
or just more awareness all the way up
through the crown of the head, up and down the spine. Cool. Then inhale, lift
your heart even more. Exhale, keep the heart lifted
as you release the hands. We’re gonna bring them
to the tops of the thighs and you’re not gonna
collapse here in the heart. So we just established that
so that we have a little bit of a fighting chance to maintain
that as you come forward. Then you’re gonna
just bend the knees here and just bring
your right shoulder in towards the center line and then loop your
left shoulder round and back and open up your left side body. It might feel good to start to straighten the left leg there, got a little Zenned out, or you can keep a soft bend. So we’re finding a
little twist in the spine inhale in, exhale switch, bend the knees, drop the left shoulder
in towards the center and really actively loop the
right shoulder around and back. With each repetition
you can find something new, so you’ll go back and
forth in your own time. Maybe bring the top
hand to the back body. Maybe you start to have more
of awareness in the neck, remembering that the neck is a nice long
extension of the spine. So then really
thinking of the spine as our guiding light here. The body is one moving part, rather than a bunch
of disjointed parts. So today’s practice is for the core and
the booty (laughs), a big request
that I just decided, “You know what,
let’s just fulfill it.” But I want to start
off this practice by saying really the goal is
to create a wholeness, a union of the
breath and the body. But as the body gets stronger,
we wanna cultivate balance. So today’s
practice is gonna do that. Okay, so after a
couple of rounds, we’re gonna come to center. You’re just gonna press the
palms into the tops of the legs and think Cat-Cow here. Inhale, drop the belly. Open the chest. Feel the abdominals,
nice and long. Very flattering post
here to put on YouTube, wonderful. And then exhale,
draw the navel in. Round the spine, think Cat pose. You’re really gonna
use your hands to press and you should
feel the spaciousness in the back body here. Feet are nice and
firmly planted with awareness. Then inhale, bend the knees. Scoop your heart
forward, open the chest, think Cow pose. Open the throat and then exhale, last time, rounding through, chin to chest. Draw the navel
in and up so much. Lovely. Then slowly,
we’ll roll all the way up. Swim the finger
tips behind to interlace. We’re gonna open up
through the chest here, so knuckles draw down and away. You’re gonna inhale in, smile, and then exhale, really bring your
center right underneath you. So for a lot of people,
we might be here. We’re gonna really
lengthen the tailbone down and see if you can
stack up through the spine, so that the center
plumb line or the midline is really bright and
just full of awareness, just has a retention, and we’re gonna
maintain that as we work today. So there’s nothing
wrong with a great work out and yoga’s really a
great tool for strengthening, trimming, toning the body, getting to a healthy balanced
place where you feel good. But for me, it’s not
what be do, but how we do it. So this line in the spine is
gonna really help us today. We’re gonna bump the
hips to the left here and take the crown of
the head to the right. Maybe your
fingertips go to the left. And then from your center,
draw your navel in. Come to center and
take it to the other side. Bump the hips to the right. So this is a test. I’m not collapsing
in the neck here and I’m keeping
equidistant between my ears and shoulders. Okay, navel draws
in to lift you back up. Inhale, we sweep the arms
all the way up and overhead. Exhale, bring the feet
right underneath the hips. (exhales loudly) Then inhaling again to reach and then exhale. Soft bend in the knees as
you fold it all the way down. (exhales loudly) And then inhale,
reach for the sky. Back all the way up, (inhales loudly) and then exhale. It’s like painting a wall with
the hands all the way down. (exhales loudly) Inhale all the way up, (inhales loudly) exhale all the way down (exhales loudly) welcoming some
energy to the body. Inhale all the way up, (inhales loudly) and exhale all the way down. (exhales loudly) Nice work this time. Forward Fold, stay here
for a couple of breaths. (inhales loudly) Then from here, we’re gonna walk the
hands all the way forward and the feet all the way back to come into our
first Plank pose. Take your time getting there. You can always lower the knees. Wrap the shoulder blades around, press away from the yoga mat. You want to find
this dundas or this length from the crown to the tail. Then inhale, puff up
through the upper back body. Lift your heart space
up towards the ceiling. Claw the fingertips
and then exhale. Keep the elbows
hugging into the the side body best you can as you
lower all the way down. (exhales loudly) Then tap into that inner smile. Big inhale lifts you
all the way up, press up. Then exhale, slow and in
control, all the way down. (exhales loudly) Inhale lifts you all
the way up, you got this. Exhale all the way down. (exhales loudly) One more. Inhale, strong core. Navel draws up as you press up, (inhales loudly) and exhale all the way down. (exhales loudly) Beautiful. Hug the elbows in. Inhale, Baby Cobra. Exhale, release. Curl the toes under, lift
the kneecaps, tone the quads. Big inhale, lift all the way up, Plank pose. Then exhale,
Downward Facing Dog. Use this opportunity
to find a couple really awesome
cleansing breaths, inhaling deeply through the nose and big exhalations out
through the nose and mouth, just take a couple here. Don’t be shy. (exhales loudly) Take your dog for a little walk and enjoy the
process, the unfolding, as you stretch and move
in a way that feels good. Find a rhythm
that feels good today and focus on the things that
are serving you that feel good. Deep breaths. Try not to focus
on the things that are difficult,
or tight, or stuck. Find softness, (exhales loudly) even though we’re
strengthening today. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Great. Then you’re
going to walk your toes as wide as your yoga mat again. But this time, let
them spill off the yoga mat. So you’re pressing into
the outer edges of the feet. Then we’re gonna
slowly bend the knees. Lift the heels and come
into a Froggy pose variation. So you might have to
make some adjustments, maybe bring the toes
in a little bit more. That was a little wide for me. But the heels,
I left it in this variation. Then tap into that core strength by bringing the palms together. You’re coming
into a really wide, like deep plie here, and we’re gonna
try to bring the tail down to lift the heart up. So opening up through the hips. If bringing the hands
up is too much for you, then keep the fingertips down and you can
actually use the fingertips to play a little here. (exhales loudly) Then one final breath cycle, imagine you’re
leaning back against a wall. If you really wanna
challenge yourself here, give yourself a
little space between your heels and your bum. Lift up a little higher. And, again, we’re working
to create this nice long beautiful line in the
spine so the energy can run fluidly, (exhales loudly) and then release. Great work. To come out of this posture,
be really mindful of the knees. You’re gonna keep
little activity in the toes, gripping the earth as
you walk all the way forward and lift the hips up high. Come back to your
Downward Facing Dog. Turn the toes in
when you get there. Finding that
internal rotation in the hips should feel really good. Then take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Great. Walk the toes in
line with the hips. Doesn’t matter if the heels
are close to the ground or not. You can actually
lift the heels here. Then we’re going to inhale. Draw the navel in a
not and take it over an imaginary hurdle here
coming into our Plank pose. Take a deep breath in here, strong Plank, and then exhale back
to your Downward Dog. (exhales loudly) Again, start this movement with
the belly drawing in and up. We go all the way up and
over that imaginary hurdle and then send it back,
Downward Facing Dog. Claw through the fingertips. Again, navel draws in and up. Slow it down. (exhales loudly) Breathe deep, (inhales loudly) Downward Facing Dog. One more time. Root down through the
index finger and thumb, navel the leads the way, (exhales loudly) and to your Downward Dog. Great work. Deep breath in, (inhales loudly) long breath out.
(exhales loudly) We’re gonna slowly walk the feet back to the middle of the mat, hands come to meet the toes
after you’ve planted the feet. Forward fold. You’re gonna bring the hands right underneath the feet, toes meeting at the wrists here. Should feel really good, shifting your weight a
little bit forward perhaps or wiggling the toes, feeling that nice
stretch through the forearms and the spaciousness
through the upper back body. If you want more in
the lower back body, bend your knees generously. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Awesome. Release the hands carefully. Press into the feet, root to rise here, reaching for the sky, reaching for the stars. Spread your
fingertips and inhale, we rise up strong, Big full body stretch here. Reach, reach,
reach, reach, reach, reach, and exhale, hands to heart. Awesome work. Okay, let’s keep going. Let’s stay focused here, start to deepen the breath, incorporate the
breath even more. Feet go wide as
the yoga mat again and maybe you may have
to bring it in just a bit depending on the
length of your legs. But you want your heels just a little bit
wider than your hips. All right, toes
are pointing forward, and we have
options for the hands. You can go one hand of
a fist, one hand on top. You can go namaste,
palms pressing together, or you can also send
the fingertips out in front. If you do that,
keep the heart lifted. So every variation,
the heart stays lifted. So here we go. We’re gonna inhale in, exhale. Send the hips back. Knees are gonna try to
stay over the ankles here as we come into a squat
and draw the navel in and up. Then inhale, rise up strong. Find that dunda, crown to tail, and exhale, send it back. (exhales loudly) Inhale, we rise. Exhale, sink deep. (exhales loudly) Start to really sync up with
the sound of your breath. So inhale, exhale. (exhales loudly) Inhale (inhales loudly), exhale, weight is in the heels. (exhales loudly) Inhale (inhales loudly), exhale (exhales loudly), and then keep it going. Listen to the
sound of your breath, (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) then gather that
energy in the belly. Keep going. (exhales loudly) All right. So we’re gonna start to get our
groove on a little bit here, just sync up with your breath. Keep weight in the heels. Keep the heart open and
lifted. (exhales loudly) Inhaling, you sink
down low now perhaps, and exhale, squeeze the
glutes and lift your heart. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Once you feel you can get
into a little bit of a rhythm, you might if it feels good,
pick up the tempo. But stay focused
the quality of movement, rather than the
quantity. (exhales loudly) Keep this
awareness of the spine. One thing yoga
asana is so good about is reminding us that
when we remember to soften and just be available, we actually have so much that
we didn’t know was possible, so much energy,
so much potential. But when we’re
gripping and focusing on the hard, and the fast, and the furious, and the heat, it’s harder to keep up. So stay in a nice groove here, but find ways in
which you can soften. Just a good way of
putting it would be to put a little grace to it all. (exhales loudly) By now you’re probably starting
to cultivate some heat. That’s good. We want to get the heart
rate up a little bit here. Keep it going.
(exhales loudly) Maybe you sink the hips,
the bum down a little lower, for this last little beat (exhales loudly) and maybe squeeze the
glutes as you rise up. (exhales loudly) All right, let’s do one more. And the next time you’re
down low, stay there. We’re here,
lengthen the tailbone down. Open the palms up. I feel like Tevye in the
Fiddler on the Roof here. (laughs) Inhale in, and then exhale, Forward fold. (exhales loudly) So ground the feet, but then shake your head lose and just let go.
(exhales loudly) Awesome work.
(exhales loudly) All right. Bend the knees, reach for the sky,
reach for the stars. Inhale, spread the
fingertips, rise up strong, (inhales loudly) and exhale, hands to heart. (exhales loudly) So we’re gonna go one more round and if you have a
block, you can use it. If you don’t have a block, you’re just gonna
repeat what we just did. It’s super great. So if you have one block, just bring it
underneath one foot. So you have one
foot on the block and one foot off. Again, if you don’t
have a block, no worries. Just do the same thing, you’re gonna get
loads of benefits. So here we go. Find that the upward current of energy through the front body and then the
grounding of the back body. (exhales loudly) Toes are pointing forward,
we inhale, (inhales loudly) and exhale, just to relax the
shoulders. (exhales loudly) Then said the hips back. Take a deep breath in, fingertips go forward or maybe you take a
mudra or something that feels supportive in the hands. Then inhale, lift and squeeze, and if you’re on the block, you might lift that left leg up, squeeze and lift, and then inhale
back all the way down. Exhale, squeeze and lift. And of course the right foot is
really pressing into the block to lift the heart and chest up.
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly) So inhale to lower
now, exhale to lift. Let’s get clear on that.
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) You can hold onto
your focus out in front, but make sure that
you’re not clenching in the forehead or the jaw. Keep it soft and easy.
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Definitely feeling it
in my glutes. (laughs) And the block just really brings
it into that right glute. (moans) Okay, keep the
hip points lifting up, not moving forward. Excuse me, not moving
to side if you’re on the block. Try to keep this
idea of them lifting up. It’s hard for me
to talk and do this. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift (exhales loudly). (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Throat open. Heart lifted.
(exhales loudly) Great. Release. If you’re on the block, just bring it to the
other side very quickly. Everyone else is just
taking a little breather, a little break. Last round, here we go. Find what feels good. Lift the corners of the
mouth a little bit here. Inhale (inhales loudly), exhale to relax the
shoulders (exhales loudly), and inhale to lower. So think about
sending the hips back to bend the knees and then we squeeze and lift up. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Let’s sync up with our breath.
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly) If you’re
getting a little overheated, exhale out through the mouth. Let some of that heat go. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Squeezing the glutes
at the top. (exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
Keep it cool. Stay calm. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
Awesome. Now we’re gonna do one more. The next time you’re down there, if you’re on the block, just kick it to the side and we’ll all meet up. We are one. Now coming into this
last squat, (exhales loudly) and then find a
mudra that feels good. It can be Wu-Tang, it could be Thriller, it could be Lotus. We’re just gonna sink a
little deeper. (exhales loudly) And inhale, lift your heart
and lift your toes. Then exhale, sink a
little deeper. (exhales loudly) And then just one
more time, you got this. Inhale, exhale, sink a little deeper, and then let everything go, Forward fold. Awesome work everyone. Sway gently, side to side. Shake the head, a
little yes, a little no. Take a deep breath in,
(inhales loudly) and exhale everyone, out through the mouth.
(exhales loudly) Then as you’re ready, open the eyes if they’re closed and bring the
fingertips out in front. This isn’t a very (laughs) anti-transition here. We’re just gonna
slowly come to all fours. So walk the toes
back and guide yourself to Tabletop Position. The block can go away for a bit. We come to this
nice neutral spine. And if you need a
moment to just bump the hips a little left to right or do something figure eights, listen to your body. Find what feels good. Then press away from the yoga
mat and when you’re ready, keep the left foot
pressing to the ground and you’re just gonna lift
the right toes towards the sky and just baby pulses here as you press away from your yoga mat. And then make sure
to engage your core by drawing the navel in and up. Baby pulses. Neck is nice and long. Keep it going. Then we’ll take a
deep breath in and exhale, knee to nose, round it through. Then inhale, right toes
all the way towards the sky. Exhale, knee to nose,
round it through. Inhale,
right toes towards the sky. Last one. Exhale, knee to nose.
(exhales loudly) Inhale, right leg
toward the sky, and then we’re
gonna release and switch. Baby pulses with the left leg, left toe’s up. Here we go. So keep that line of
the spine nice and long, lots of awareness of the navel, the core drawing in and up.
(exhales loudly) Press away from
your yoga mat here, shoulders away from the ears,
pulsing. (exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Nice work, everyone.
Keep it going. We’re almost done. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Sweet, and then here we go. Inhale in,
exhale, knee to nose. Round it through,
squeeze and lift. Inhale, left toes
towards the sky. Open the chest. Exhale, squeeze and lift, knee to nose. Last one.
Inhale, reach. Exhale, knee to nose.
(exhales loudly) Inhale, left toes
towards the sky, and exhale, release. Walk the knees up
towards the wrists. Swing the legs to one side and come to a seat. You’re gonna send
the legs out in front, Dandasana. Just take a moment
here to catch your breath. (exhales loudly) Appreciate your body and remember that we really can totally
focus on core and booty. But we need to remember why, why we’re doing it. So I wanted to
come to Dandasana today to just remember
(groans) what are all the ways in which
a healthy core supports me that aren’t toxic, that make me feel good, that help me sit
up nice and tall, that help me improve my posture, keep me free from back pain. I was made to be mobile, move through life with
more ease and fluidity. All right, then
press into your hands. Lift the hips, come all the way
forward with the booty. Then we’ll slowly
roll down to the back, nice and slow.
Take your time. When you get there, get centered on your yoga mat and you’re gonna just hug
both knees into the chest. You’re gonna take
them over to the left side. You might even use your toes to bring your hips
more towards the right. So we’re in a Reclined
Twist here just to start. You can even turn your
gaze towards your right hand. It feels good. And we’re here, either staying in the
twist for restorative, or we’ll bring the
fingertips to the temples, soft fingers here. Inhale, in. Exhale, lift. Careful not to crunch
the back of the neck. So keep your chin, your throat nice
and open and lifted. Inhale to find length and exhale to
draw everything in. Keep the neck nice and long. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) So you can really use
that exhale to squeeze. (exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Mindfully toning the muscle and keeping a strong
awareness in the spine, the neck, keeping the face nice and calm. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) All right, nice work. We’re gonna release this. Release the hands. Go right into the other side. So start with the twist, knees fall to the right. Again you can move your
hips to the center of the mat if that feels good. You could always opt
out of the oblique work and just stay in
the Reclined Twist. Otherwise, we’ll bring
the fingertips to the temples. Inhale in and exhale, lift. Keep your gaze up
towards the ceiling or even up
towards your third eye. Inhale, lower.
Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower.
Exhale, lift. Fingertips can
come behind the head. Try to keep the
elbows nice and wide. (exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Find a rhythm. Listen to your breath. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
As you exhale and lift, the navel contracts in. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Focus on the quality, the sensation of the movement, rather than the quantity. So you don’t need to
jerk yourself around here. You don’t need to create any tension in the
neck or the shoulders. Work it out. (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) (inhales loudly)
(exhales loudly) Awesome, do one more, and then release everything. Awesome work. Bring the feet
together, knees wide. Reclined Cobblers Pose. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath the heart space, hands come to the belly, and we start to soften it out. Let the breath just
return to a natural rhythm. Close your eyes.
(exhales loudly) And find stillness here and
just start to cool off a bit. Give thanks for your
body and for your breath. You can stay here. If time allows, you can stay
here a little bit longer. Or if you’re ready, we’ll begin to
slowly make our way to Shavasana by extending
one leg out then the other. Maybe you take a moment to windshield wiper
the toes back and forth. Take one arm out
and then the other. Then take a deep,
loving inhale in. Really go for the gold here. Breathe in deep.
(inhales loudly) And as you exhale,
let everything go, softening relaxing
the weight of the body completely into the earth. Close your eyes. Relax your tongue. Let go. Awesome work today, my friends. Slowly draw the palms together, bring ’em up to the third eye. The awesome in me
bows to the awesome in you. Way to work with integrity and to stay
present with your breath as we step into our best
and most beautiful selves in both body, mind, and heart. Have an awesome day. Namaste. (exhales loudly) (upbeat music)


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