Yoga For Change And Drain | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and today
we have an awesome yoga for change and drain. So this practice is
gonna be really great if you’re experiencing some sort of change and it’s
manifesting in the body. This is what happens. Our body is incredibly smart and
whether it’s just a change in schedule or something a
little bigger in your life, change that might be affecting
the way you’re moving or just your energy level this yoga
practice is here to support you. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay pals, welcome. Let’s begin in a
nice cross-legged seat. Come on down to the ground. Move the fleshy part
of the buttocks aside. Whatever it is you’re
coming to the mat with today just come with it fully. If you’re just in
need of a little movement, a little stimulus or
if you’re totally drained, totally tired let’s see
if we can investigate and allow the power tools of yoga and
pranayama to move us in a direction where we feel good. Sit up nice and tall. And we’re going to
begin with the hands together, Anjuli Mudra at the heart. So just take your
time getting there. And just keep the
elbows soft here for now. Let’s ease in. Just kind of allowing, again,
ourself to come as we are, show up with whatever
we have even if it’s very, very little energy.
I got your back. Close your eyes. Make a wish, just kidding. Close your eyes and just allow your mind and body to
land here in the moment. And when you’re ready, gently
draw the chin to the chest, bow your head toward your heart. Just feel that nice release in
the back of the neck, the traps. And make a commitment to stick with your practice
here to the end. See what happens. Hardest part is showing up and you’ve done that
so let’s rock and roll. Here we go. Open the eyes,
take a deep breath in, begin to lift the
chin parallel to the earth. Fingertips are gonna
come down to the ground. We’re gonna start by opening
up the chest a little bit. You’re going to
walk the fingertips back as far as you can go. And this is a
great just check into. Like if you only
make it here, great. Then we’ll just know okay,
I need to open up through the pecs and the chest
in weeks to come. In time you can
work the fingertips back. We’ll just start with
a gentle heart opener. Lifting up through
the armpit chest. Lifting up through the sternum. You’re gonna get a little
lymph massage movement today so breathe deep. Let’s make the most of
our time here together. Take a deep breath in. Send your gaze
up towards the sky. We’re not crunching in
the back of the neck at all. We’re just carving a line
with the nose up towards the ceiling or the clouds. And then on an exhale
draw your navel in and draw your
chin to your chest. Press into your
fingertips wherever they are. Inhale, sliding the
nose all the way up. And exhale, drawing
the chin all the way down. So try to find some nuances
here as you maybe press into the pinky as you lift the nose up. And ground through the thumbs
as you draw the chin down. Do one more on your own. Find your breath. And chin to chest. Fabulous. Slowly release the hands. Right arm’s gonna
go over the left here. Give yourself a big hug. You’re gonna really try to inch
your fingertips in towards the center of your back body
and again just use this as a opportunity to check in. Maybe the upper
back’s pretty tight. And if so, you’re not alone. Inhale in, lift the chin. Exhale. Chin to chest.
Keep the hands where they are. So same movement as before. Inhale, lift the heart. Think Cat-Cow here.
So this is the Cow Pose. Belly nice and long and
then exhale chin to chest. Contact through
the front body, back body, spine nice and long. Great, do one more, inhale. And exhale, chin to chest. Awesome, release.
Send the fingertips out. You’re just gonna go to the
opposite side but this time instead of a hug
we’re gonna to Eagle Arms, left arm on top. Inhale to reach the elbows up. Exhale, chin to chest. We’re stretching all around the
shoulder girdle as we inhale, lift the elbows up. Long Puppy Belly
and then exhale, contract. Navel in. Do one more on your own. And then exhale, chin to chest. Oh yeah. Great, slowly release. Fingertips kiss the earth. Then flip the palms up and
inhale big stretch as you reach fingertips all the way up. And then exhale, palms down. Float fingertips to the earth. Nice and easy,
inhale, reach it up. And exhale, palms down. Press into something. Give some energy to
the fingers, the palms. And one more time,
with the breath. Beautiful. Come forward on
to all fours now. Take your time. Tabletop Position. I have a little blanky here
today padding my knees just because when I feel
kind of tired or achy or like I don’t really want
to get on the mat, I add one element that helps
me feel a little extra comfy. So if you have a blanket or a
towel you might use it today. And then we’ll
ground through the hands. So finding a little
grounding to the earth here as we spread the fingertips. And I invite you to slowly keep
the right knee bent as you lift the right foot, sole of the
right foot up towards the sky. Then nice and slow
we’re gonna draw big circles with the right knee. And best you can, try to keep
your weight evenly distributed through both palms. So we’re finding that
hand to earth connection. That Hasta Banda, that hand to
earth lock here as you draw big circles with the right knee. This is so great especially
if you marry the breath to it because we start
to open up the hip, the low back while also connecting to the muscles
of the abdominal wall. Creating stability and strength
in the shoulders and the arms. And creating healthy flow of
energy by making sure we’re not clenching in the neck either
way or dropping in the neck but keeping it nice and long. Alright, yoga for change. Notice which direction
you’ve established and then let’s change it up. Take it the other way. And you’re gonna start
to get a little tired here. That’s normal so reconnect to
your foundation and know that you’re building a nice,
strong core here as well. Great, let’s do two more rounds. Mmm and my glutes
are turning on too. Hey-o! Okay, and then release. From here you’re gonna bring the right foot all the
way up and through. Walk the left knee back. Very helpful if you have a
little padding today to walk it back and then front knee over
front ankle here as we stay nice and low in a nice low lunge. Keep it nice and
low to the ground. You might as I am find soft, easy movement
here that feels good. Benji’s totally
Zen’ed out today. Sleepy. And then nice and easy, left
hand’s gonna come to the ground. We’re gonna take the right thumb
to the right hip crease and pull it back and as you do that turn
your right toes out just a bit and let your heart begin to
open and shine maybe towards the front right
corner of your yoga mat. Excellent. For our last breath,
let’s inhale, reach right fingertips up. And then exhale, wiggle the
right fingertips as you walk everything back to
your nice low lunge. Great, inhale to look forward. Exhale to send the
right hip crease back. Again, you can imagine your
right thumb in your right hip crease pulling it back here as you flex your right toes
towards your face. Breathe in. Breathe out and slowly
bring it all the way back to your nice low lunge. Plant the palms,
connect to your core. Oops, sorry buddy. To bring it
all the way back to all fours. Reset, nice neutral spine. Inhale in. Exhale to press away from your
yoga mat and as you’re ready begin to lift the left knee up. So left knee stays bent. You can even start to
feel this in the lower belly, those deep core muscles. Sole of the left
foot to the ground. Careful not to
stack the hips here. We want to turn on the core and
stay connected to the hands by keeping the hips
as level as possible. And then here we go,
big circles with the left knee. The more you can sync up with
your breath here the better. The more I think you’ll
get out of the practice. Once you feel like you
know what you’re doing, you might soften your gaze,
take it down, or even close your eyes
for a couple rounds. Just really focusing
on the sensation. What’s going on
in that left hip? How is it connected
to the whole body? Make sure you’re keeping a
nice soft bend in the elbows. And then acknowledge whatever
way you’ve established here and then let’s change it up. Inevitably moving
in the other direction. Stay firm in your foundation. Fingertips clawing to earth. Top of the right
foot firmly rooting down. Okay, stick with it.
Do two more rounds. You got it. Round. Ooh. And then all the way through
and up into your nice low lunge. My left hip was a
little stickier than my right. Hopefully you noticed what’s
going on in your hips too. Right knee
comes back just a bit. We feel this deep stretch. Root chakra grounding down. Heart chakra moving forward. We got this. Breathing deep. Maybe soft, easy movement
here as you notice how you feel. Okay, and then right hand’s
gonna come to the earth. Left thumb is gonna come to the
left hip crease and you’re gonna use that left thumb as you
pull back to open up left toes. Oh yeah. Towards the
left side of the mat. Breathe here. Let your heart begin to open. Chest spirals up. Perhaps shining heart center or
your sternum towards the front left corner of your mat. And then for our final breath
cycle here we’re gonna inhale, reach the left fingertips up. Ooh, and then on an
exhale bring it back down. We’ll bring everything
back to that nice low lunge. Inhale in, full refreshing
breath in and on an exhale pull the left hip crease back. Keep your left
foot nice and active, flexing towards your face. Big cycle of breath here. Inhaling in. And exhaling out. Begin to take
your center forward. Come back to
that nice low lunge. Plant the palms
and we’ll come back to, ooh, all fours. Fabulous. From here you’re gonna
bring the big toes to touch, the knees as wide
as your yoga mat and you’re gonna
send the hips back. Melt your heart down,
forehead toward the earth, take a rest. Close your eyes again and just enjoy a
quiet moment here low to the ground. Keep a nice active breath here. So the body is still
but the breath keeps moving. Okie doke then
slowly come on through. Bring the knees back
underneath the hip points. We’re gonna bring the hands
underneath the wrists first and then bring the elbows
right where the hands are. So your elbows are right
underneath your shoulders. Spread the hands wide. Fingers wide, excuse me. And nice and easy you’re
gonna curl the toes under and send one leg back. What? She tricked us
and then the other, Forearm Plank. Aw man, but don’t get mad. This is yoga for change. How do we react
to things like this? When we’re challenged, when
we’re seemingly asked to do something we don’t want
to do, what’s your vibe? How can you hang? And if you’re like, “Well really
truly I get the lesson but my “body can’t do that,” then let’s
do Half Forearm Plank for you with the knees down
and the toes up. If you’re breathing
then you’re doing it right. Keep breathing.
You’ve got it. Three, two, everyone slowly
lower to the belly on the one. Okay, keep the
elbows where they are. Draw the shoulders away
from the ears, Spinx Pose. So you’re gonna press
pubic bone into earth. Press the tops of the feet down
and inhale, open the chest. Grounding, grounding, grounding. Neck nice and long. We’re not crunching here or dropping the head but a nice balance, a nice
awareness in the neck. Nice and long.
Breathing, breathing, breathing. Mmmm, gorgeous
and then here we go. One more curl the toes under. Inhale in, exhale,
hug the low ribs in, draw your navel to your spine, reach the heels back
for Forearm Plank. Breathing deep, you got it. Alright, here we go,
check it out. You’re gonna turn on to the
outer edge of your left foot, inner arch of your right foot. Inhale, reach right fingertips
all the way up towards the sky. And then exhale,
come on through. Forearm Plank. Only doing this once on
each side, you got it. Then turning to the
opposite side, here we go. Right elbow’s right
underneath my right shoulder. I got this as I inhale,
reach up and then exhale, come all the way back down.
Amazing work. Bring the knees to the ground,
keep the elbows where they are. Anahatasan, Puppy Posture. We’re chillin’ out from here
on to the end of this practice. You’re doing great. Hips up high. Forehead toward the earth. Heart melts down as we open the
shoulders and get a good wash. So breathe deep. Massaging the
internal organs here. Keeping firmly rooted
through your hands and just noticing how you feel. If you need a little more today,
you can now transition from Puppy Posture to Downward Dog. But if you’re still
feeling a little drained, a little tired stay in
Anahatasan, Puppy Posture. I’ll stay here with you. We’ll do three to
five more breaths. When you’re ready, slowly
begin to make your way back up. Take your time. Nice and slow.
Nice and slow. We’re gonna come to a
seat in Cobbler’s Pose. So you can use your blanket to sit up on a little
bit if you like. And as you bring your head over
your heart and your heart over your pelvis here just feel
this kind of flush of energy. Hopefully a good sensation kind
of melt from the ears down the neckline to the
traps and the shoulders. And I like to sit
up on the blanket or towel from time to time. Sorry, I’m working around my
dog today which is part of the at-home yoga experience
as many of you know. But I love to lift
the hips so I can just find a little more in the posture. It may not always
feel necessary but again, particularly on days where you
just need a little extra love, a little push out of sedentary,
it’s nice to bring some props. And it’s also nice to
do a little self massage. So as you come into
your Cobbler’s Pose, bring the heels out wide enough
so that you can take your thumbs to the arches of your feet
and that’s where we’re gonna begin a little massage. You can send your gaze down
at your feet and just pull, pull, pull back from
the arches a little bit. And then I’m gonna quiet down
a little bit but I would like for you to take the next
couple cycles of breath to explore your feet. Whatever that means to you.
Give yourself a little massage. You can stay on your arches or
you can start to work towards the heels, the toes, the ankles. And again, I’m just
gonna stay out of your business for a second. Let you send your attention
down towards your feet. Breathing lots of love in. And lots of love out. Don’t decide where it ends. Alright, keep going. Getting a nice
opening in the hips as well. Alright and then
last little bit here, little, um, wacky but a fun little wake up. A little stimulus
to help you get along on your merry way and not only rock and roll with
the waves of change but find the energy you need to hopefully
make positive change in your life. (chuckles) You’re gonna
bring the knees together. Get my blanket back. And you’re gonna
come to a seat with your feet right out in front. So bring the legs together.
Come on back. You can use your
hands behind you. This is a little ditty that I
used to do in kids yoga but I’ve definitely done it at least 50
adult yoga classes now so this is one for all the ages. You’re gonna
lift your front body, ground down
through the shoulders, take a deep breath in. Lift your legs and then as
you exhale we’re gonna start to bring the soles of the feet to
the ground and just create a little slapping
effect on the ground. And you can do it as
light or as hard as you like. It’s fun when we do
this with a group of people. It sounds like the
sound of rain pitter-patting. And we’re just waking up. Sorry buddy. We’re waking up
the soles of the feet. All that energy is translating
up through the ankles. Keep going.
Up through the shins, the knees. Sorry Benji. (chuckles)
The thighs. Waking up all the
pets in the house too. Keep it going. Anything that’s not serving you
maybe we just stamp it out now. We don’t need it. Keep it going
for three, two, one. Cross the ankles, sit up tall. Flip the palms up, Sukhasana. Back to that cross-legged seat. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale,
relax your shoulders and notice how you feel. Nice work. Let’s bring the palms
together back at Anjuli Mudra, at the heart. And just take a little moment
here to give thanks for yourself for choosing this practice. For listening to
your inner wisdom when it whispered move. Find what feels good. Love you so much. Thanks for sharing your practice
with me and all of the amazing people practicing
right now around the world. Let us know how you’re feeling
in the comment section down below and I’ll
see you next time. Namaste. (gentle music)


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