YOGA FOR BOW LEGS – How To Correct Bow Legs In Adults (2019)

I know, I’m absolutely exaggerating but
do you have bow legs? And do you feel that in your hips, in your knees or even in your
ankles? Then keep watching. I have a short yoga sequence for you, that will definitely
help you feel better. My name is Chi and you’re welcome to Chi’s Yoga! If you have bow legs, then write “bow legs” further below, here in the comment section.
Let me hear from you. It is very, very critical for you to strengthen
the hip adductors, the inner thigh muscles and then stretch the hip abductors, the external
hip rotators. And that is what we’re going to do now.
Make sure you are in a comfortable place, in a comfortable room, in a comfortable space.
You have your mat and a carpet and a few pillows and a big book. So we need a hardcover book,
that is very important. Let’s get started. Please roll unto your back. Have all the props
handy and bend the knees. Turn the palms up and find a comfortable position and settle
in Lengthen the back of the neck, feel the back
of your head on the ground. Perhaps you need a pillow for your head. So, especially if
your neck is overstretched and it feels like this, then you need a pillow for your head
to be a bit more comfortable. Begin to feel the heaviness of your body against
the mat, feel your feet on the ground. All eight corners of the feet, your hips, your
shoulder blades, your arms. The palms are facing up and keep your eyes open.
Keep a soft focus and let the thoughts come and go. Take a few deep breaths. We like to
breathe through the nose. And if you want to know how to breathe properly then please
go to one of my videos on how to breathe properly. I’ll also link in the comment section further
below. As you take deep breaths into the belly, do
exactly that. Keep a smile on the lips and then take the book.
So, place it between the thighs and squeeze this book. So that’s why it needs to be
hardcover, okay? So, you really want to squeeze it and feel
the impact along your inner thigh muscles. Keep your feet on the ground, especially the
big toes on the ground. Lengthen the back of the neck, keep your arms comfortable, and
keep breathing in and out. Keep a smile on the lips and release the breath
into the hips and keep squeezing the book. Breathing in and out, supplying your hips
with oxygen. Letting your forehead soften and spread and really feeling the work of
your inner thigh muscles, your hip abductors. Let’s stay here for three breaths and try
to release the breath into the hips, into the inner thigh muscles. That means you want
to really push the breath downwards, you want to release oxygen into the leg muscles.
With the next exhalation gently dismantle the pose. Move the book to the side, bring
your feet a bit closer together and then separate the legs.
So, we now want to stretch the inner thigh muscles. And feel what this feels like, perhaps
this is super tight and you feel like “Ah, this is really too intense for me.” Then
use the pillows. Use one pillow below to pad your left leg and the right to pad the right
hip. So you really support your legs here. Turning the palms up and getting a good stretch,keeping
your knees within the pain free range, and breathing in and out. Let your forehead soften
and spread, and keep breathing into the hips, making space in the hips. Letting go, feeling
the breath and feeling the mat beneath you. Feel the support of the ground and please
stay here for four breaths. Deep breaths in and out, breathing at your own pace. That
is super important. Noticing the movement of the cavities and then with the next exhalation,
gently and carefully bring the thighs back together.
Move the pillows to the side, stretch out the right leg and pull the left knee towards
the chest. Release your left arm and pull the left knee towards the right shoulder,
with the help of your right hand and your arm muscles.
So, the knee does not just move to the side, to the right side, to the opposite side, but
towards the shoulder. Okay? So this is the diagonal function here. Not just to the side
but diagonal. Keep breathing in and out, activate the right
leg by pulling the toes of your right foot towards your right knee. And breathe in and
out. Perhaps you feel a lengthening here along the buttocks muscles. Please stay here for
three breaths. Keep softening the deep buttocks muscles and
then with the next exhalation dismantle the pose. Bend the right knee and rest the left
ankle on the right thigh. So you get a so-called “figure four”, the left knee points to
the left side. Lift the right foot off the ground, flex the
left foot, pull the toes of your left foot towards the knee, and then grab the right
thigh from behind. Your shoulder blades resting on the ground. Lengthen the back of your neck
and breathe into the leg. If this is easy for you then you can grab
the shin below the knee cap. But if this means that you have to lift your head and overstretch
your neck: Mmhhhhhhhh. Then please go back and just breathe here.
Move the knee, the left knee, away from the hip. Keep breathing, your shoulder blades
on the ground, and stay here for five breaths. Exhaling from the waist into the hips, supplying
your hips with oxygen, flexing the foot. And then with the next exhalation, gently
and carefully dismantle the pose. Stretch out the left leg, activate the leg by pulling
the toes towards the knee. Pull the right knee towards the chest, free your right hand,
pull the right knee towards the left shoulder. Keep breathing in and out, keep a smile on
the lips, and then with the next exhalation gently dismantle the pose. Bend the left knee,
open up the angle of the right knee. Rest your right ankle on the left knee, lift the
left foot off the ground, and then interlock the fingers behind the left thigh.
Keep breathing in and out. And with every exhalation, moving the right knee away from
the hip, keeping the smile on the lips. And if this is easy for you, then please grab
the shin. Lengthen the back of the neck, and get a deep stretch for your deep buttocks
muscles. Let’s stay here for five breaths, keeping
a smile on the lips and softening the jaw. Separating the teeth, letting your forehead
soften and spread. And then with the next exhalation, gently and carefully dismantle
the pose. And then rest your feet on the ground. Keep your knees bent, turn your palms up,
and release a soft sigh. Feel the sensation all over the legs, lengthen
the back of the neck and notice the body. Notice the breath and stay here for a few
moments. Thank you so much for practicing with me.
Remember to practice this sequence regularly. And have a lovely day! If you want customized sequences for your
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